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June 27, 2011
By fallenangelhiddenindarkness SILVER, Bay City, Michigan
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fallenangelhiddenindarkness SILVER, Bay City, Michigan
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Move on. Its just a chapter in the past. But don't close the book just turn the page.

Author's note: Well I tend to seek out the paranormal. So this came to mind as I was writing this book that I started as a way to escape the abuse I dealt with a daily basis.

I am standing in a place that seems familiar. I can’t place where I know it. I look around and then fear takes hold of me. My eyes widen and I start to shake. I hear a man laugh and say,

“Jade, you know you cannot escape me. Come here now! Then maybe your punishment won’t be so bad.” I scream in sheer terror as he steps closer. Then next thing I know I am sitting upright in my bed. A light turns on and my roommate asks in groggy voice,

“Jade, what’s wrong?” I just sit there shaking and she comes over to my bed. I feel here hug me and she moves the hair away from my face. She asks again,

“What happened?” I answer with my voice shaking,

“Just bad a dream that’s all Sheila.” I feel a little uncomfortable with her being so close. Sheila and I have only been roommates at the shelter for a week. I just got put here. This shelter is for kids and teens that don’t have homes or were taken from their parents. Sheila has been here for two years. She was taken from her home when her mother killed her father. That was when she was four now Sheila is seventeen and has been in and out of foster homes. I am fifteen and was taken from my home a week ago. My mother was killed in a car crash when I was really young. My father would beat on me and I feared him. Then I hear Sheila say,

“Aw you’re crying its ok.” I hadn’t realized I started to cry. I quickly wipe my eyes saying,

“No I’m not I don’t cry.” Sheila sighed which meant she knew I wouldn’t admit she was right. I always held in my emotions. Then I felt her eyes leave my face, I looked at her. I envied her looks she was tall and beautiful with her long wavy blonde hair and bright dazzling blue-green eyes. Then she asks,

“What happened to your wrist?” There was an edge of suspicion in her voice. I played stupid and asked,

“What are you talking about?” Sheila lightly grabbed my wrists and lifted them so we could see them and asked,

“What are those from?” I looked and saw she was talking about the pale lines on my wrists. They went all the way down my arm. I gulped and said,

“Oh those um I’m not sure.” Sheila shook her head and sighed,

“You cut don’t you.” I looked away and Sheila begged,

“Please, don’t do that. Try other things.” I nodded and Sheila smiled. Then she got up and went back to bed turning off the light. I laid down and soon fell in to a dreamless sleep.

The next morning I heard the shower running and forced myself up.

‘Hm Sheila must be in the shower’, I thought to myself. So I got up and dressed in my jeans, old sneakers, a low cut top, and my black sweatshirt with a skull on it. Like always I just brushed my dark brown shoulder length hair and called it good. I sat cross-legged on my bed waiting for Sheila.

When she came out she was smiling like always. I got up and walked toward the bathroom. When I came out of the bathroom Sheila was still there doing her hair. I was about to leave the room when Sheila said,

“Jade, don’t worry I promise I wont tell anyone.” I knew she was talking about me cutting. I just said,

“Okay thanks.” Then I left the room.

I walked down the hall. Most of the teens were heading for breakfast. I went the way they were going. But I didn’t go to the café, instead I went out the doors to the side. The morning air was cool and crisp. I went and sat under the big oak tree. Almost everyday I did this until people came outside.

After about an hour people were starting to come outside. So I got up and started to walk. What I liked about this place was it was in the country. So there were a lot of places to go. I headed toward the woods. When I got to the steam I put a log across it and easily went across. After a short hike I came to a dark quiet clearing. There was a big white stone in the middle of the clearing and like everyday I went and sat on top of it.

After awhile I started to doze off then I snapped awake and up right when I heard footsteps coming toward me. It was more then one person at least four of them. Then I hear laughing coming from a group of guys. I stiffened and looked for my sweatshirt that I took off. But it was too late a group of five guys, all looking about seventeen or eighteen-years-old, stepped in to the clearing. I gulped and sat frozen on the stone. Then the guys stopped and saw me. My eyes darted among the guys. I glanced down at my tight skinny jeans and low cut black top then gulped. The head guy started smirking and said,

“Well boys look what we found, the new girl.” Fear ran through me and the guy asked,

“So cutie what’s your name?” I made myself look calm and sound calm as I answered,

“Jade.” The guy nodded then said,

“Okay Jade I am Zach. This is Collion, Chris, and Kyle. But everyone calls me Snake. Chris is Crispy and Collion is Knuckles. Kyle is the Morbid Cowboy.” I saw Zach was tall with sort of tan skin and blonde hair and deep blue eyes. Collion was short with pale skin and brown hair and pale green eyes. Chris was tall and tan skinned with deep soulful dark brown eyes and a shaved head. Kyle was tall with long brown hair pulled back in a ponytail with emerald green eyes and sort of tan skin. All of these guys were muscular. I nodded to each of them and Zach asked,

“Do you have a nickname?” Still calm with my icy blue eyes locked on them I answered coolly,

“No I don’t.” He seemed to be thinking then said,

“We’ll call you Frosti.” I just shrugged,

“Okay sure.” Zach then said,

“Come hang with us. No one will mess with you if you’re with us.” Normally I would have said no but I figured it was worth a shot so I said,

“Okay sure let me grab my sweatshirt.” I looked around for and saw it on the ground. So I climbed off the rock and grabbed it. Zach and the group stood there waiting for me. I put my sweatshirt on and said,

“Okay I am ready to go.” Zach nodded and we started the hike back to the stream. As we walked Collion and Zach talked and Chris stayed quiet. I looked over and saw Kyle next to me. I seemed short next to the guys but really I wasn’t based on my age I was tall for my age. I mean I am a fifteen-year-old girl and these were seventeen and eighteen-year-old guys. Being five foot six and a half wasn’t bad. The guys were around six foot two but Collion was five foot seven. After a few minutes Kyle said,

“Well you don’t talk much. Most girls never shut up.” I shrugged and said,

“I don’t talk unless I have something to say.” Kyle chuckled slightly,

“Yeah, well may I ask why you got stuck here?” I know I got a dark look in my eyes and Kyle quickly said,

“Its okay I understand if it’s too soon to talk about it.” I just nodded,

“Yeah so what’s with Chris? I haven’t heard a word from him.” Kyle answered,

“He had a rougher life then the rest of us. So he hardly talks.” I didn’t see anything wrong with that so I just nodded. I looked and saw the stream. Zach was about to start crossing and something flashed before my eyes. I thought,

‘Oh no not again I thought I got rid of that but I got to do this.’ I jumped and pushed Zach out of the way. He fell to the ground and looked mad. Zach got up and yelled,

“Frosti! What the hell are you doing?!” I refused to flinch and said calmly,

“Look at the log.” As they looked I tossed a stone on the log. Just as the stone landed a snake shot and attacked the stone. Then it shot back in its hole. Zach’s eyes widen and he said,

“You saved me that was a rattlesnake.” I nodded and all the guys but Chris were saying,

“That was gutsy but good.” I shrugged,

“It was nothing really.” Zach asked,

“How did you know about the snake?” I was hoping they wouldn’t ask but I remained calm and emotionless as I answered,

“I just had a feeling. Also it’s not the first time there have been snakes here.” That seemed to be an answer they accepted. Then Zach said,

“Now we got to find another way around.” We looked around but couldn’t find any logs long enough so we ended up walking through the stream. The water was ice cold and went up to my waist. I was the last one to reach the other side and all the guys were waiting to help me. Zach held out his hand,

“Grab my hand I will pull you up.” But me being stubborn, I said while pulling myself out of the stream,

“No I got it.” All the guys looked surprised that I could handle myself like that. When I pulled myself out I looked down and saw I was wet and covered in mud. The guys looked the same. Zach sighed,

“Well we might have to talk to Ms. Luna.” Zach led the way back to the house. I couldn’t believe I was hanging out with these guys.

Back at the house we did have to talk to Ms. Luna. When it came my time to explain what happened I couldn’t believe what I said. Ms. Luna asked,

“Jade, what happened out there?” I said,

“I went for a walk alone by the stream. I slipped and fell in the stream. Zach and the others came along and helped me out.” Ms. Luna’s eyes widened slightly and said,

“The guys said something a lot different.” I nodded,

“I know they were just trying to keep me from getting in trouble.” Ms. Luna scribbled something on a piece of paper then said,

“Well you are not in trouble. Just be more careful.” I nodded,

“Okay Ms. Luna I will.” I left her office and saw the guys waiting for me. Zach stepped forward and said,

“Frosti, we heard what you said. You covered our a-um I mean our butts, but why?” I looked him in the eye and said,

“Because I didn’t want your group to get in trouble.” Zach nodded then said,

“You mean our group. You are one of us now. The first and only girl in the group. Come on we will take you to meet the others.” I nodded and followed them with Kyle following beside me. Kyle said,

“It’s great that Snake let you join the gang.” I just shrugged,

“I guess.” I followed Zack and others to the café. I looked and saw about fifteen to twenty guys all looking about seventeen or eighteen gathered around. I remained calm but inside I was scared. Zach barked,

“Listen up!” All the guys fell quiet and looked toward Zach. Zach said with some emotion I couldn’t think of in his voice,

“Guys of the Wolf Gang! We have a new member. I know normally the Wolf Gang is nothing but male wolves but for the first time ever there is a she-wolf!” All of the guys seemed confused and Zach continued,

“I want you all to meet Jade. She is to be called Frosti. Frosti step forward.” I stepped forward to stand next to Zach and looked calm and emotionless. The guys started chanting,

“Frosti! Frosti!” Then the guys howled sounding like a real pack of wolves. After that all the guys went back to what they were doing and Zach, Chris, and Collion went to join the others. Kyle came over to me,

“If you need anything look for or Snake.” I nodded and he left me standing there. A tall dark haired guy came up to me and said sounding a bit drunk,

“Hey Frosti. You look hot as hell.” I stayed calm and turned my back on him. But he grabbed me and turned me around saying,

“Come on hot stuff. Let’s go have some fun.” I went to smack him and he grabbed my hand smirking. Then out of nowhere I hear Kyle bark,

“Hey Zeek! Back off of her!” The guy, I’m guessing he’s Zeek, turned to see Kyle coming over. Zeek sneered,

“Why should I, Morbid Cowboy?” Kyle glared,

“Because it’s easy to tell Frosti doesn’t want anything to do with you.” Zeek laughed and tightened his grip on my hand and arm. I gritted my teeth and tried to keep from showing fear. I hissed through my teeth,

“Let go of me now!” Zeek just laughed and tightened his grip even more. Kyle leaped at Zeek and grabbed him by the throat. Zeek let go of me and I backed up. Kyle threw Zeek to the ground. Zach came over and picked Zeek then smacked him, hard. Zach growled,

“Zeek, you pull that again and I’ll skin you alive got it!” Zeek nodded and slunk away. Zach turned to me and asked,

“You okay, Frosti?” I acted like it was nothing saying,

“Yeah no big deal.” Zach nodded and walked away. I turned to Kyle,

“Thank you for getting him to let go.” Kyle looked down at me,

“It was a big deal. Jade, I saw the pain and fear in your eyes.” I stayed calm replying,

“Kyle, I don’t feel fear or pain.” It was clear Kyle didn’t believe me but he didn’t press the issue.
Later on that night after dinner I was on my way to my room. I passed Zeek but didn’t even flinch. As soon as I got in my room I knew Sheila hadn’t been here since that morning. So I grabbed my nightclothes and went to shower.

After my shower I came out of the bathroom to see Sheila sitting there. She smiled at me and went back to painting her toenails. I sat on my bed and looked up at the ceiling. I heard Sheila say,

“So I heard you are now part of the Wolf Gang.” I reply coolly,

“Yeah I guess.” Sheila looked at me smiling brightly,

“Well that’s good. It’s better to have friends and people to watch your back.” I shrugged,

“I guess.” Seeing right through me,

“There is something you aren’t comfortable with isn’t there?” Not looking at her I flatly said,

“No.” Sheila sighed and shook her head. I know Sheila has said before that I could always talk to her. But I can’t admit that something is wrong. I laid down and fell asleep.

I look around and see I am in that place again. I then see that man again and back as he comes closer. I whisper,

“No, please Shadow don’t please.” Shadow laughs saying,

“Jade, daddy is going to get you.” He reaches out to grab me and I scream. I jolt awake breathing hard and see its morning. Sheila comes out of the bathroom and asks,

“Are you okay?” I nod and get up to change.

Once I finished changing I looked and see something by the door on the floor. I pick it up and see my name on it. It’s a piece of paper I read it to myself,

‘Dear Frosti, First of all welcome to the Wolf Gang and second the gang will be meeting in the café tonight at 10pm. You must come so see you there, Collion.’

‘Hm I wonder what this is about’, I thought to myself. I stick the paper in my pocket and leave.

I look at the sky while lying on my back on the stone in the clearing. I pull my knife out of its hiding place and flick open the blade. I take off my sweatshirt exposing my scar-covered arms. I put the blade against my wrist and quickly run it across my wrist.

After about 2 minutes the bleeding stops and I get up and go rinse my knife in the stream and splash some water on the cut to clean it. Then I walk back to the clearing and the hide the knife under a crack in the stone. I look and see blood droplets on the leaves and ground. I go back up on the stone and see blood on the stone. Then as I go back to laying on my back staring at the sky I hear something, but I ignore it. I hear someone say,

“I thought you’d be here.” I recognized the voice of Kyle and replied,

“Yeah I am always here so what do you want?” I hear him come closer and I sit up. He asks,

“Can I ask why you come all way out here?” I shrugged,

“I like it here.” Thinking to myself,

‘Cause it’s easy to cut and not get caught.’ I then remember my wrist and looked for my sweatshirt. Kyle had it and I asked,

“Can you throw me my hoodie?” Kyle asked sounding suspicious,

“Why are you going to put it on? It’s hot out here.” I lied,

“Oh I’m kind of cold.” Kyle walked over to the stone and climbed up next to me. I crossed my arms to hide my wrist. Kyle looked at me,

“Are you hiding something?”

“No and why would you care?” Kyle got a bit red in the face and answered,

“Cause Frosti, I care about you, a lot.” I knew I looked as shocked as I felt. Kyle looked down and muttered,

“Um I am sorry I said that, so bluntly.” An emotion I haven’t felt before welled inside me I said,

“It’s okay. Kyle I-I am I mean I think I care about you in the same way.” Then Kyle hugs me and I look up at him with a smile. His eyes light up,

“Hey, you do smile.” Still smiling I reply,

“Yeah, just not that much. You asked before how I got stuck here. It’s because I was taken from my home because my father would beat on me.” Kyle hugs me tightly saying,

“Aw Jade I am so sorry to hear that.” I feel tears creeping up on me and I choked out,

“He haunts my dreams. That’s why I was scared of Zeek yesterday.” I move my arm slightly and Kyle grabbed it. I gulped as he stared at my wrist. Kyle said,

“You just did this before I got here.” I looked away ashamed and Kyle pulled me in to him. In a quiet gentle voice that no guy has ever talked to me in he said,

“Jade, I don’t care if you do that. But I wish you wouldn’t do that.” I try to pull away saying,

“It’s not like anyone cares. No one cares about me.” Kyle replies,

“I care about you. I don’t want anything to happen to you.” At that the tears that had formed in my eyes started to fall. Kyle saw this and pulled me closer to him. For once I didn’t feel ashamed to stop the tough girl act. I pressed close to Kyle with my face buried in his chest crying. He rubbed my back whispering in my ear,

“It’s okay Jade. I’m here and I won’t let anyone hurt you.” We sat there like that for about twenty minutes. I had stopped crying about fifteen minutes ago. Then I feel Kyle stiffen and I look up at him. I ask,

“Is something wrong?” Kyle answers,

“Yes someone is coming.” I sit up and look over to where the footsteps are coming from. Some guys step in the clearing and I hear Kyle whisper,

“Oh crap.” Now I am worried. The guys circle around us on the rock. There were five of them and they all had evil grins. Kyle stands up and looks at the guy that looks like the leader. He was tall and had a shaved head and scar going down his face. Kyle growls,

“Viper! What are you doing here? This is wolf territory.” The guy that must be Viper answered,

“Well Morbid Cowboy the warriors are taking this place.” Kyle asked,

“What do you warriors want with shelter woods?” Viper smirked,

“Nothing just so you wolves can’t have them.” Kyle growls,

“We won’t give up the woods without a fight.” Viper laughed saying,

“Morbid Cowboy, would you really fight me again after what happened the last time?” I looked at Kyle confused. Then Viper seemed to see I was there. He grinned evilly at me and said,

“Well this must be Frosti, the first and only she-wolf. You aren’t anything like I thought you’d be. In fact you are hot. Why don’t you come with me and be a warrior then we can have some fun.” I stood up and growled,

“No I’m a wolf through and through.” Viper chuckled,

“Stubborn and mouthy, just what I like.” I glare at him and snarl,

“You come near me and I will show you stubborn and mouthy.” Viper laughed and I leaped at him. I heard Kyle yell,

“No Frosti!!” But I had already landed on Viper. I was punching and clawing him. Viper howled in pain and managed to grab my neck. My eyes widened and Viper threw me to the ground. Viper hissed,

“You stupid little witch!” Viper then kicked me in the ribs and I screeched in pain. Kyle jumped off the rock and attacked Viper. I managed to get up and Kyle called to me,

“Frosti! Call the pack!” I howled like a wolf as loud and long as I could. Then Viper grabbed me again. I saw Kyle dealing with two other guys, both as big as him. Viper smacked me and I bit his hand. I smirked at the taste of his blood. He threw me to the ground and started kicking me in the ribs and head. Then I heard howling and thought,

‘The pack they heard me.’ I was biting Viper’s leg and foot as he kicked me. Then Viper picked me up and threw me against a tree. I fought to keep from blacking out as the wolves fought the warriors. Then I heard someone yell,

“We won! We beat the warriors!” My head was spinning and my whole body ached. I heard Zach ask Kyle,

“Where is Frosti?” Then I hear Kyle gasp,

“Oh god she’s laying under the tree.” I hear them run over to me but I can’t see clearly. I hear someone kneel next to me and Zach asks,

“Frosti? Are you still with us?” I manage to choke out,

“Y-yeah.” I hear Kyle sigh with relief and Zach says,

“Okay come on we will help you up.” Kyle and Zach grab my arms and carefully pull me to my feet. I stumble a bit then regain my balance and my vision clears. I see Kyle looking worried and saying,

“Are you okay? There is a lot of blood on you and around you.” I look and see he is right. I say,

“Yeah some is from me. Most is from Viper I was biting him.” Zach’s eyes widened,

“You took on Viper?” I nodded,

“Yeah so?” Zach said,

“I am the only one who has taken on Viper in a territory battle. That’s when he is his most vicious.” I winced as I breathed,

“I noticed.” Zach barked at the pack,

“Okay boys lets head back. Keep a look out in case those warriors are still in the woods.” Zach led the pack out of the woods. I limped along with Kyle carrying my sweatshirt.

When we got back to shelter we went to our rooms. Kyle insisted that he take me back to my room. I prayed Sheila wouldn’t be there. I was in luck when I opened the door Sheila wasn’t there. Kyle helped me to my bed. Then he said,

“Now let me take a look at your injuries.” I rolled my eyes saying,

“I’m fine.” Kyle shook his head and gently grabbed my hand and looked at my wrist. The cut was ripped open and full of dirt. Kyle went to the bathroom and came back with some stuff, I wasn’t really sure what the stuff was other then it was medical stuff. He opened a brown bottle and poured whatever it was in it on a rag. Kyle held my hand firmly and wiped the cut with the rag. My eyes widened and I tired to pull my hand away saying,

“Ouch! That stings.” Kyle said gently still wiping the cut,

“I know I know just a bit more baby girl.” I gritted my teeth waiting for him to finish. When he stopped he pulled out some gauze and carefully put it on the cut. Then he took out a bandage wrap and wrapped up my wrist. I looked at him and he said,

“Now that that’s done, let me check your head.” Kyle moved my hair and looked for cuts. When he found none he said,

“Now lift up your shirt so I can check your sides.” I looked unsure about that one but lifted up my shirt. Kyle looked over my sides and pressed lightly on some spots. When he touched one spot I yelped,

“Ouch!” Kyle whispered,

“Sorry baby girl.” He pulled out more wraps and said,

“Sit up.” I sat up and he pulled off my shirt. I got a bit red and was thankful for my bra. As he wrapped my sides I whimpered,
“Ow that hurts Kyle.” Kyle kept whispering,

“I know baby girl but I’m almost done.” Just as he finished Sheila came in. She saw my shirt on the floor and asked,

“What is going on?” Kyle turned around and said,

“Jade got hurt today and I was helping her, like a good boyfriend does.” He then turned to me, kissed me on the forehead, and left. Sheila looked at me and asked,

“What in the world happened?” I sighed and explained to her about the fight and everything. I left out the part about me cutting and crying. When I finished she looked at me with wide eyes. I just said to her,

“I’m going to sleep.” I winced as I rolled over and fell asleep.

I felt a gentle shaking and groaned. The shaking continued and I groggily groaned,

“What?” I hear a voice say gently,

“You need to get up. Kyle is here for you.” I force myself awake and look at Sheila. I yawn and say,

“Let him in.” Sheila smiled, I never knew how she could be so cheerful in the morning, and opened the door. Kyle stepped in the room with a soft smile. I smile at him and Sheila squealed,

“Oh my god! That’s the first time I’ve seen her smile.” Kyle burst out laughing and Sheila glared at him. I threw my pillow at him and hit him right in the mouth. Sheila and I started laughing. Kyle rolled his eyes and said,

“You are lucky you are still sore from yesterday.” I laughed even harder and fell over on the bed. Sheila leaned against the wall and slid to the floor laughing. I managed to say,

“Yeah right I’m not scared of you.” We stopped laughing and I sat up to look at Kyle. As I was smirking Kyle said,

“Oh just go get your cute little butt dressed. Zach wants us in the clearing as soon as we can get there.” I nodded in understanding and got up. I grabbed my black skinny jeans, black tank top, and sweatshirt. I put on my bike chain bracelet and a hair tie around my wrist. I came out of the bathroom and said,

“Okay I’m ready to go.” Kyle nodded saying,

“Okay let’s go. See ya Sheila. Wow try saying that three times fast.” I smacked him and looked at Sheila,

“Don’t mind him. See ya later.” Sheila nodded and went back in the room. Kyle put his arm around me and we walked down the hall.

When we stepped in the clearing the whole gang was there. Zach was on the stone waiting for us to get there. When Zach saw us he stood up and called,

“Wolf Gang! Quiet!” The gang fell silent and Zach continued,

“I know normally we have tests for new wolves but Frosti has proved herself already. She saved my life and she took on Viper.” The guys seemed shocked and looked at me. I stood tall and tried not to wince when I breathed. Zach continued,

“So we welcome Frosti as a full member of the Wolf Gang!” The gang cheered and howled. I looked around and realized for the first time that I was accepted. Then a dark thought crossed my mind. What if they fine out about my past and what I do? Will they accept me then?

‘No,’ I thought, ‘they can’t find out’. I snapped out of my thoughts and smiled at Zach. Zach just nodded and seemed sure he made the right choice. Kyle put his arm around me and I smiled up at him. He smiled looking gentle, sweet, and his emerald green eyes glowed. Kyle and I walked around and talked to the other guys. The whole time I was thinking of when I saved Zach. I looked down at the bandaged wrist and sighed. Kyle caught the sigh and asked,

“What’s wrong?” I answered,

“I um I am just a bit sore.” Kyle asked seeming a bit worried,

“Do you want to go?” I nodded,

“If it’s not too much trouble yes I would.” Kyle smiled and said in a gentle voice,

“It’s no trouble at all. Let me tell Zach we are going.” I stood there as Kyle walked over to Zach. They exchanged words, Zach nodded, and Kyle came back over to me. He wrapped his arm around me and we walked out of the clearing.

As we walked I got a weird feeling. Then I hear a voice whisper,

“You’re a demon and a witch!” My icy blue eyes widen slightly and I tried to ignore it. I just thought to myself,

‘I’m hearing things I’m tired and sore.’ But I knew I wasn’t hearing things. I knew my past was coming back to haunt me. I tried to stay calm and Kyle noticed something. But he didn’t ask and then I stopped walking. To Kyle it looked like I was staring at nothing but, I was really seeing a vision. When I snapped out of it I jumped at Kyle saying quickly,

“Get down!” I landed on Kyle knocking him to the ground. Just then we hear a loud cracking sound. A tree fell only inches away from us. I looked at the tree, shaking and Kyle got up. He pulled me up and held me tightly. Kyle asked quietly,

“Are you okay?” I nodded and he turned us around and started to walk away.

When we got back to the shelter it was dinnertime. The halls were full of teens going to the café, coming from the café, and eating. At one point we stopped and Kyle said,

“Wait here.” I just nodded and watched as Kyle disappeared in to the café. I stood there thinking and wondering. I had to do something, I had to tell him but yet I can’t. Then I feel a hand on my shoulder and jump. I turn to see Kyle and he says,

“Oh sorry I didn’t mean to scare you. I grabbed us some food to go.” I saw he had a bag and I looked at him saying,

“It’s okay. So where are we going to eat?”

“Well I thought we would go eat in my room. I don’t have a roommate anymore because he went to a foster home.”

“Okay fine by me.” I walked next to Kyle as we headed to his room.

Kyle stopped in front of a door. I took bag from as he dug in his pocket for the key. After a few seconds he pulled out a key and unlocked the door. Kyle opened the door and gestured for me to go in saying,

“Ladies first my dear.” I smile and walk in. I look around the room. I see a single bed with blue sheets and gray pillows, a couch most likely a fold out, a door I’m guessing a closet, the bathroom, a trash can, a small night stand with a lamp and alarm clock on it, a small coffee table, and medium sized dresser. It was a clean room, which was a bit of surprise.

Kyle closed the door and walked over to the couch. He puts the bag on table, sits down, and pats the seat next to him. I go and sit next to him. I watch as Kyle pulls food out of the bag. I see two sandwiches philly steak and cheese, a twenty-ounce of rootbeer, and small personal sized tub of ice cream.

‘Hm the couples special’ I thought to myself. Kyle hands me a sandwich and we start eating. I went to grab a drink and Kyle grabbed it first. He then held it up to my lips, I smile and take a drink. Dinner continued like this. When we finished I said,

“You know Kyle for the first time in my life I feel accepted like I belong.” Kyle put an arm around me and pulled me close saying,

“Good because you are accepted here.” Kyle then laid down on the couch and pulled me on top of him. I lay there and he wrapped his arms around me as I lay my head on his chest.

I look around and see I’m in that place again. Only now I remember it was my old home. Icy claws of fear grip me as I see Shadow, my father. Shadow appears and steps toward me. I look around and realize I am cornered. Shadow comes closer. Shadow then grabs me throat and lifts me off the ground pinning me to the wall. I put my hands on his arms digging my nails in his arms. Shadow tightens his grip and I choke out,

“I’m not scared of you.” Shadow laughs loudly and tightens his grip even more. My eyes widen it feels like he is crashing my neck. I struggle to breathe and panic starts to over take me.

Then I wake up shaking and sweating. I look around and realize I’m laying on the couch with Kyle nowhere to be seen. I take deep calming breaths. After awhile I get up on shaky legs. As I look around I see a note on the nightstand.

‘Hm that wasn’t there last night.’ I thought to myself. So I pick up the note and read it.

‘Baby, I had to go to work and didn’t want to wake you. I will come find you after work, Love Kyle.’ I smile and put the note in my pocket. Trying to figure out why that dream seemed so real I headed to the clearing.

When I got there I had a weird feeling but ignore it. As I sat on the cold stone in the middle of the clearing a feeling of calmness washed over. I lay down on my back and stare at the sky with chills going through me from the coldness of the stone.

I pull out my knife like always. A stinging goes through me as I run the blade across my arm five times. Flicking the blade back in its hiding place I lay there staring at the endless blue sky. I felt the blood trickling down my arm and I felt like I was about to doze off. I close my eyes and doze off into a numb dreamless sleep.

I hear sounds like footsteps around me but I don’t want to open my eyes. After a few minutes I hear soft talking so I groan and open my eyes. I see an endless star filled night sky.

‘Oh crap I fell asleep.’ I thought to myself and sat up right. As my eyes adjust to the darkness I look around. At first I don’t see anyone so I ask,

“Is someone there?” Silence grips the clearing then I hear something behind me and whip around. I call out,

“Whoever is there show yourself!” Still no one appears but I hear breathing so I wave my hand and mutter softly,

“Light.” A light fills the area around me then I hear a deep rumbling laugh. The icy claws of fear grip me and out of the shadows steps a muscular, tall man with dark brown eyes short black hair and an evil grin. As he steps in to the light I see he is wearing nothing but some ripped jeans. His chest, face, arms, and stomach are full of scars. My eyes widen and I sit in silence looking at him. The man says in a deep voice,

“Well I see you still cut and use witchcraft.” With my voice shaking,

“S-shadow w-what are you doing here?”

“I came to take back what is mine.” Shadow laughed evilly and I jumped up. As I jump up I fall off the rock and hear Shadow laugh. I scramble to my feet and see Shadow coming toward me. Every part of me screams to use witchcraft but I refuse to so I turn and run. I run blindly through the woods hearing Shadow behind me. Blood roared in my ears and fear pulsed through me. As I run I hear Shadow call out,

“Jade! I will get you! One way or another!” I just keep running hoping I don’t trip. Then I hear the soft whispering gurgle of the stream.

‘The stream,’ I thought to myself, ‘I am almost there almost home!’ I slow down, as the sound of the stream gets louder. I felt the ground start to give way under my feet and jump back. I hear a couple of splashes as the side of the bank fell in to the stream. Trying to think quickly I realized I wouldn’t be able to find the log to cross. My only options were to face Shadow or jump in the stream and hope I make it to the other side.

As I hear Shadow getting closer I chose which option. I turned around and started to walk toward where Shadow was coming from. Once I got ten feet away from the stream I turned around. I ran at top speed toward the stream and leaped hoping to get close to the other side. I splash down in to the icy black unforgiving water. I realize too late that I jumped in the deep end of the stream. The water rushed over my head pulling me under. As I struggle to get air I am struggling to reach the other side. I hear Shadow call out,

“Jade! You fool you aren’t strong enough to get out of there! If you beg for my forgiveness I will get you out!” I feel my hand hit the bank and grab on to it. Holding on for dear life I start to pull myself out of the stream. Staying latched on to the bank I pulled myself out of the water. As I drag myself out of the water and flop down on the bank Shadow calls out once more,

“Well done Jade. You have gotten stronger since we last met. But I will be out here waiting for you.” At that I heard him turn and walk in the woods. Quickly I pull myself to my feet and ran blindly through the blackness of the night to the shelter.

Walking down the hall dripping wet and tired. Before I realized it I was at Kyle’s door. I didn’t care where I went I just needed Kyle. I leaned against the doorframe and weakly tapped on the door, praying Kyle heard me. At first no one answered so I knocked on the door again. Then the door opened.

In the door way stood Kyle with only a towel wrapped around his waist. His eyes widened when he saw me standing there covered in mud, blood, dripping wet, and half passed out. Kyle picked me up and carried me in his room. He laid me gently on the couch, which had two towels on it. I saw him run in the bathroom then everything went black.

When I woke up I realized I was in Kyle’s room still. Kyle comes out of the bathroom and sees I am awake. He runs over to the couch running his fingers through my hair he asked,

“Are you okay?” In a rasping voice I answer,

“Yes.” I struggle to sit up and realize I am covered in dry mud. I look at Kyle and say,

“Man, I need to shower. Can you go get me some clothes from Sheila?” Kyle smirked but still looked gentle saying,

“Way ahead of you. You go shower I’ll go grab your clothes from the closet.” As I get up I find out it hurts a bit to move. But I ignored it and went to the bathroom. Slowly and carefully I peeled off the dirt-covered clothes. I toss my clothes on the floor and turn on the shower then hop in the streaming hot shower. Singing softly as I cleaned up I didn’t hear Kyle come in the bathroom. Once I cut off the water I grabbed a towel and stepped out of the shower. I looked and saw my clothes on the counter. Quickly changing I call out,

“Kyle, I feel ten times better.” He called back,

“That’s great to hear.” Next thing I know Kyle is leaning against the doorway. I jump when I see him,

“Kyle, are you trying to give me a heart attack and you are lucky I finished changing.” Kyle laughs,

“Okay if you say so.” I glare at him and he walks over to me. Still glaring at him he wraps his arms around me. At that my hard icy heart thawed and softened. I looked at him with a gentle look in my eyes saying I needed him. I could tell he understood that and held me closer. After a long silence Kyle asked,

“Now what happened last night?” I sighed,

“Let’s go sit down and I’ll tell you.” We went in the bedroom and sat on the couch, which Kyle cleaned while I was in the shower. Then I told him the story of my meeting with Shadow. Kyle asked,

“So wait, you’re a demon witch?” I gulped and answered,

“Yes, it’s in my blood I used to practice witchcraft. But I don’t any more I want to live a normal life.” Kyle smiled and said,

“I think it’s cool that you’re a demon witch. It saved my life and Zach’s.” With a jolt I realized he was right and said,

“Wow, you’re right. It could be helpful.” Kyle smiled and hugged me then asked,

“So what is a demon witch? I know what a demon is and what a witch is, but I have never heard of a demon witch.” I think of how to explain it then answer,

“A demon witch is a demon that uses magic and practices witchcraft. I have been a full blood demon for only a short time but, I learned and practiced witchcraft all my life well until now.” Seeming to understand Kyle says,

“Okay I get it and it’s still cool.” I smile and Kyle smiles back then said,

“Jade, I have to tell you something.” I looked at him wondering and he continued,

“The Warriors have challenged the Wolves to a territory battle over Shelter Woods.” Shocked I yell,

“What?!” Kyle nodded,

“We are all going to fight them to keep the woods. But the rules are clear no weapons other then your hands and feet.” I asked,

“You mean Zach wants me to fight?” Kyle nodded once more,

“He wants all of us to fight. Fight for what is ours.” I sat there shocked not knowing what to do. Kyle hugged me and whispered gently,

“It will be okay.” I nodded trying to figure out what to do. I couldn’t go back to the woods. Shadow was waiting there for me but the gang needed me. I couldn’t let Shadow rule my life again. I sat up straight and muttered,

“I will not be scared of Shadow any longer. I will fight with the gang. Mark my words Shadow next time we meet I will not be scared of you and it will be the last time we meet.” Kyle looked at me puzzled but didn’t say anything. That’s when I remembered something I wanted to ask. So I asked,

“What did Viper mean when he said, ‘After what happen last time’?” Kyle stiffened slightly and quickly said,

“It’s nothing and not important.” I thought it seemed weird but I didn’t question him. I yawned and Kyle asked,

“You tired?” Nodding I leaned against him and he smiled saying,

“Well you go lay down. I’m going to go let Sheila know your okay.” I smiled and kissed him on cheek. Then I went and laid down. Closing my eyes I heard Kyle leave the room.

Feeling something moving next to me and on top of me, I blink my eyes open and look at the ceiling. I glance over and see Kyle sleeping next to me with his arm over me. Then I go back to looking at the ceiling and hear Kyle breathing. The sound is soothing and I start doze off.

I feel movement but I try to ignore it. Then I feel a hand go threw my hair and Kyle whispers in my ear,

“Come on baby, it’s time to wake up.” I groan in protest and hear Kyle laugh softly then whispers again,

“Baby, come on now. You need to get up.” I groan again as Kyle moves me around. I hear him sigh,

“Now, come on Jade its time to wake up.” Once more I groan in protest and try to curl up in a ball. Kyle sighs again and pulls me in to his arms. I open one eye and Kyle pets my head. Sighing I open my other eye and mutter,

“Okay okay I’m up.” Chuckling Kyle says,

“Well it’s about time sleepy head.” I glare up at him playfully and ask,

“What time is it?” Kyle looks at the clock and answered,

“Its one o’ clock.” My eyes widen and Kyle says,

“Yeah that’s why I woke you up.” I just shrug and he sits up pulling me up with him. I press close to him and say quietly,

“I’m worried about the territory battle.” Kyle gives me a light squeeze and says soothingly,

“Don’t worry it will be okay.” I pressed close to him thinking,

‘I hope your right.’

Kyle left for work and I sat in his room. A few days have passed since I found out about the battle. Tension seemed to cling in the air of the shelter. Today is the day of the battle but something wasn’t right. I couldn’t place what was wrong.

It’s early in the morning and the battle isn’t for a few hours. I go to splash some water on my face. When I look at the water I get thrown in to a vision.

I look around and see I’m in the clearing. Fighting is all around me then I hear the voice of Viper yell,

“Now!” Then gunshots ring out and there are screams. I look around wildly and see bodies drop. I search for Kyle and see Viper pointing two guns. One is aimed at Zach the other at Kyle. I hear Viper hiss,

“Now you both will carry our little secret to your graves.” Two shots ring out and I see both guys drop to the ground. I scream and the vision disappears.

I see I’m back in the bathroom and I sink to the floor shaking. I had to do something but I didn’t know what. Then it hit me, I knew who could help me. I jump to my feet and race out of the room.

I burst through the door to Sheila and mine’s room. I call out,

“Sheila! Are you here?” Sheila came out from the bathroom and asked,

“What is going on?” She came over to me and I started explaining,

“Look I’m a demon witch. So I see visions and you know I’m part of the wolf gang. Well the wolves and the warriors are going to get in a territory battle over shelter woods tonight. I had a vision that the warriors cheat and bring guns and shoot everyone! What do I do?” Sheila looked taken back then seemed to be thinking. Then she said,

“Well I think you need to use your witchcraft to stop the battle.” I gulped I didn’t want to use witchcraft. Also how could I save everyone else when I can’t even save myself? But I knew that I had to try no matter what the cost. I hug Sheila saying,

“Thanks.” With that I ran out of the room and down the hall.

Once I got outside I started walking down the road. I knew where I was going but I couldn’t believe I was going there.

‘My past,’ I thought, ‘I knew it would come back to haunt me.’

After a few minutes I saw a trail and turned down it. I followed the trail until I came to a shack. I prayed that she would be there. I knocked on the door and waited. A minute later a girl opened the door. She was tall with long straight black hair and the brightest deep most dazzling blue eyes. She smiled when she saw me and said in a sweet smooth voice,

“Well if it isn’t Nightwhisper. It’s been awhile.” I nodded,

“Yes it has Lauki. I need your help.” Lauki waved me in and closed the door. Lauki’s name meant moon because of her beauty. I saw a big tall man with long brown hair and dark brown eyes. Lauki said,

“Nightwhisper this is Lamya. His name means darkness beauty.” I nodded to him and he got up and bowed saying,

“Nice to meet you Miss.” I dipped my head and replied,

“Nice to meet you sir.” I looked back to Lauki,

“I really need your help.” She sat down and said,

“Well you haven’t been here in awhile. I thought you abandoned magic.” I sighed,

“I tried to but I realize now that I can’t. Also it might be the only thing that can save the man I live.” Lauki nodded and said,

“You are in a gang and they are having a battle soon. The other gang is going to bring guns.” I wasn’t surprised she already knew. Lauki got up and told me,

“Follow me dear little sister.” I followed her, my long lost big sister, and Lamya followed us. We entered a room full of candles, incenses, herbs, and powders. I saw a big book on a table. I thought,

‘The book of spells.’ I had not been here in a long time. I breathed in deeply taking in the familiar smells of the spell room. I looked at Lauki as she pulled out some herbs and I realized what they were for so I asked,

“Why are you taking out herbs for a transformation spell?” Lamya seemed impressed and Lauki said,

“Well done I’m surprised you remembered what these are for. Anyway I grabbed these because we going to use the transformation spell to change form. Remember when we transform we can still use our magic also we can travel faster.” What she said made sense so I stayed quiet and watched as she got the stuff out. Then Lauki said,

“Watch to see what Lamya looks like when he transforms.” I watched as they performed the spell. Lamya transformed in to a red wolf with long brown hair, a necklace, two earrings on one ear, gold bracelets on his front ankles, golden eyes, three reddish purple lines on his face, and a reddish purple symbol like mark on his right lower thigh. Lauki looked at me and said,

“Pretty amazing huh.” I nodded and she said,

“Okay your turn.” She performed the spell on me. I transformed into a black wolf with a pale blueish white crescent moon on my upper right thigh, a small blueish white star on my right shoulder blade, a pale blueish white crescent moon going through my right eye, a crystal blue gem on my forehead, a crescent moon charm on a chain around my back right ankle and my neck, and icy blue eyes.

Lamya and I watched my sister turn in to a white wolf. She had a pale blueish white crescent moon on her upper right thigh, a small blueish white star on her right shoulder blade, a pale blueish white crescent moon going through her right eye, a crystal blue gem on her forehead, a crescent moon charm on a chain around her back right ankle and her neck, and bright blue eyes. Lauki looked just like me only with white fur instead of black and brighter eyes. Lamya’s eyes widened and he said,

“Holy crap.” Lauki and I looked at each other and I asked,

“What?” Lamya answered,

“You two look almost the same.” We growled with amusement and Lauki said,

“Of course we are sisters.” I looked at the time and barked to them,

“We need to go now.” They nodded and ran out of the shack. Once outside we ran through the woods toward the shelter and the clearing.

As we ran through the woods I noticed the sun was setting turning the stream scarlet making it look like blood. I called out as we ran,

“We need to hurry! The battle has already started!” We ran faster and soon we heard voices along with the sound of fighting. We came to a rise that over looks the clearing. My eyes widen as I see at least forty people fighting. I look at Lauki and she says,

“Its time and we must hurry.” I nod and plunge down the slope and hear Lauki following me. Once we hit the clearing Lamya howls and comes down. We go to the center of the clearing, no one seems to notice us. I nod to Lauki and Lamya, we planned that they would perform the spell to take away all the guns but two.

I run to find Kyle, Zach, and Viper. I see them on the rise at the back of the clearing and run to them. I hear Viper yell,

“Now!” I keep running but do not hear any gunshots.

‘They did it!’ I thought to myself. I hear Viper say,

“Now you both will take the secret of us being brothers to your graves.” My eyes widen and I leap at him. Caught off guard the gun fires in the air as I land on top of Viper changing back in to human. I hear gasps from Kyle and Zach. I snarl at Viper,

“You will never hurt them! Not as long as I’m breathing.” I hear Lauki call out,

“Nightwhisper! Hurry we must go!” I grab the gun and run off to Lauki and Lamya. I see they changed back to normal and we ran out of the clearing.

Then a little ways from the clearing we hear laughing. I freeze in my tracks and Lauki and Lamya turned to look at me. Lauki asks,

“Is it him?” I nod and Lauki comes over to me. Lamya seems confused but comes over and out of the shadows steps Shadow. Shadow says,

“Well I see you found your sister.” I hear Lauki growl and say under her breath,

“Drop dead you loser.” Shadow steps forward threateningly and barks,

“Watch it little girl.” Lauki growls again and Shadow tries to smack her. At that I snapped and grabbed his hand. I could tell he was taken by surprise so I step in front of Lauki gripping Shadow’s hand tightly. I growl,

“You leave her alone! I will not fear you anymore! I will not cower in the corner like a dog that’s been beat when you’re around.” Shadow smacks me with his free hand and I hardly flinch. I shove Shadow so hard he falls to the ground. Normally the look he had would make me back down but I had come too far to back down now. I step over him and growl,

“Now get out of here and I better not see you again.” Shadow glares and sneers,

“Why should I?” Then I hear the voice of Kyle call out,

“Because if you don’t you have to deal with us!” I turn to see the whole gang. Shadow’s eyes widened and he threw me off. He growls,

“This isn’t over Jade.” Then he runs off in to the woods. Zach nodded at the gang behind him and they howled smiling Lauki, Lamya, and I joined in, beautiful howling filled the shelter woods as we let the fleeing warriors and Shadow know this was our territory.

Once we finished the howl the gang headed back to the shelter after thanking Lauki and Lamya. Kyle and I stayed behind to talk to them. Kyle asked,

“So Jade who are these two and what happened out there? Why did I see a wolf turn in to you?” I chuckled and explained,

“I told you I’m a demon witch. What you saw was a transformation spell. Lauki is my older sister but her real name is Marissa. Lamya is her boyfriend but I don’t know his real name.” Lauki smiled,

“Yes dear Kyle boyfriend of my little sister Nightwhisper what she says is true. Lamya’s real name is Jacob.” Kyle looked confused so I said,

“Lauki, Lamya, and Nightwhisper those are our witch or warlock, in Lamya’s case, names. We are from what was WolfClan which is why we transform in to wolves.” Kyle just said,

“Wow.” Lauki went over to Kyle and did some hand movements while muttering then said,

“You have warlock blood.” My eyes widened in surprise and Kyle said,

“I know it’s from my father’s side. I just never thought anything of it I thought it was all a bunch of nonsense until now.” Lauki closed her eyes then breathed,

“You warlock name is Duskpelt you are of the WolfClan.” I smiled at Kyle and pressed close to him. He wrapped his arm around my shoulder then said,

“Well Lauki Lamya we should be heading back Nightwhisper here looks like she is about to pass out.” Lauki nodded,

“Yes, well I hope to see both of you soon. Until next time blessed be both of you.” I hugged Lauki and said the words I have not said in along time,

“Blessed be you and Lamya as well my dear elder sister. I hope we shall run together again soon.” Smiling Lauki patted my head and whispered,

“We shall run again very soon dear little sister, I promise you. Also I promise you on my soul that I will always be here for you and protect you.” With that Lauki and Lamya walked in to the woods.

Kyle and I went to the café when we got back to the shelter. When we walked in to the café the gang started to clap and cheer. I was confused and Zach stepped forward saying,

“Frosti, Jade we owe you a lot. You saved all our lives today.” I dipped my head to him and said,

“I did what I had to do.” Zach nodded and Kyle held me as the gang clapped and cheered. Then I said,

“I know about you, Kyle, and Viper.” Kyle’s eyes widened and Zach sighed. Kyle said,

“Yeah Viper was my brother and Zach’s half brother.” I was confused,

“What do you mean was?” Zach and Kyle exchanged looks then Kyle gently said,

“Viper shot himself the gun had a silencer that’s why you didn’t hear it.” I was surprised but I figured it was a good thing. I asked,

“So what is going to happen to the warriors?” Zach answered,

“They will bury Viper and appoint a new leader.” That wasn’t surprising and I asked,

“So which of you is older?” Zach replied,

“I am believe it or not twenty almost twenty-one.” Kyle added,
“Yeah and I am seventeen almost eighteen.” I was a bit surprised and Zach said,

“Now I must address the whole gang.” I was a little confused yet again and looked at Kyle who just shrugged. Zach’s voice rang out,

“Wolf gang quiet!” Everyone fell silent and Zach went on,

“Now we all know once you reach twenty-one you must leave the shelter. As we all know I am almost twenty-one. So we have two choices. One is that I leave and we appoint a new leader or two is we leave the shelter and find a new place. So choose now if you want to stay here or leave.” Everyone looked at each other and a few looked at me. Kyle whispered,

“They think you know which is better.” I was a bit surprised but I stepped forward and with my voice loud, clear and strong,

“Zach you and the gang have accepted me despite everything. You have shown me I can’t always be alone and I don’t have to be. I think no, I know I speak for everyone when I say you are our leader and we will stick by your side no matter what or where we go.” Everyone nodded in agreement and Kyle held me close to him. Zach said,

“Well thank you Frosti, so it is agreed we will leave. I will be looking for a place big enough for all of us.” With that Zach left the café and everyone started talking. I asked Kyle,

“How is he going to find a place big enough?” Kyle shrugged,

“I don’t know.” Then it hit me and I grabbed Kyle’s arm. Starting to pull Kyle I said,

“Come with me I know how we can help Zach.” Kyle followed me and we walked out of the shelter and toward the road. Kyle asked,

“Where are we going?” Still pulling him I just say,

“Just follow me.” Still being a pain Kyle said,

“I want to know where we are going.” I sigh and say,

“Just follow me.” Kyle grumbled and kept walking.

After a little bit I turned down a trail and said,

“This way.” Kyle followed me and stayed quiet. Soon we saw a shack and I smiled,

“We are here.” Kyle looked confused and asked,

“Where is here?” I answered,

“This is where Lauki and Lamya live.” Kyle still seemed confused as he asked,

“Oh okay but how will they help us?” I smirked,

“Just wait and see.” We go up to the door and I knock. Lauki opened the door and smiled,

“Well it’s nice to see you two again so soon. Please come in.” Kyle and I walk in and Kyle looks around in awe. I say to Lauki,

“I need your help again. The gang needs a home but I think we want to stay in the woods.” Lauki seemed to be thinking then said,

“I have an idea and it will bring the gang together.” Kyle seemed confused and Lauki said,

“Follow me.” We followed Lauki outside behind the shack, and in to the woods. Kyle grumbles,

“I’m tired of girls telling me to follow them in to the woods at night without telling me where we are going. For all I know you could be leading me to my death.” I looked at Kyle and teased,

“Oh yeah Kyle we are going to kill you in the middle of the woods. You have been watching too many horror movies.” Kyle mutters,

“Easy for you to say it has been you and your sister leading me places.” I just shake my head and Lauki giggles while Lamya chuckles.

After a few minutes we came to the edge of the woods. We stepped in to a big grassy clearing. This was big enough to fit two shelters in to and still have a yard. Kyle’s jaw almost hit the ground and Lauki explained her idea,

“We could get wood and nails and whatever else you might need. So you could build a house here. It would bring the gang together because they will have to work together for awhile to build it.” Kyle said,

“That is an awesome idea.” I nodded,

“Thank you Lauki e must go to tell the others.” Lauki nodded saying,

“Okay travel safe dear Night and Dusk.” With that Kyle and I ran to the shelter.

When we got to the shelter we told Zach our idea and he was thrilled and said,

“This is great the gang will love this idea Jade you are the best.” With that he ran off. I was smiling and said,

“Kyle I’m going to see if Sheila, Lauki, and Lamya will come with us.” Kyle nodded,

“I understand and Zach will not mind.” I hugged Kyle and yawned. Kyle said softly,

“Come on baby lets go to bed.” Tiredly I said,

“Okay.” I followed Kyle back to his room. I had to talk to Sheila tomorrow.

When we got to Kyle’s room I laid down and passed out without changing. I felt Kyle pull my shoes off then hear a jingling meaning he was changing his pants. I felt him lay next to me and pull me close to him. I sigh happily and fall in to a dreamless sleep.

When I awake the next morning I see Kyle is already awake and I rasp,

“Good morning.” He looks down with a soft smile,

“Well good morning.” I get up and head to the bathroom grabbing my clean jeans on the way. Kyle called,

“Zach stopped by earlier. He wants all of us in the café at two o’ clock.” I walk out of the bathroom in my jeans and bra saying,

“Okay well I have to talk to Sheila today.” Kyle whistles then comes over and kisses me saying,

“I know.” I smile at him and grab a clean shirt slipping it on. Kyle wraps his arms around me as I press close to him. Then I say,

“Let’s go because I need to talk to Sheila.” Kyle says,

“Okay baby.” With that we headed to Sheila’s room.

I know on Sheila’s door and Sheila opens the door a bit surprised to see me. I said,

“I know I have not been around much lately. I am so sorry and I really need to talk to you.” Sheila motioned for us to come in and closed the door behind us. Then I hugged Sheila and I sensed her surprised. I blurted out,

“Sheila you’re like a sister to me and I want you to come with us.” Confused Sheila asked,

“What do you mean?” Kyle explained,

“The gang is leaving because our leader Snake has to leave when he turns twenty-one in a few months. We are going to build a house in a clearing not too far from here. Jade wants you to come with us.” Sheila looked at me and hugged me saying,

“Oh Jade of course I’ll come with you.” I hugged her back,

“Thank you.” We looked at the time and I quickly said,

“Well come with us we are having a meeting.” Sheila looked unsure but said,

“Okay.” We headed to the café.

When we got the café there was a lot of people. The gang brought their girlfriends. But only six of them had girlfriends. I saw one of the girls was someone who I fought with my first day here. She saw me and waved her hands at the other girls. They started my way. The girls surrounded me and I did not flinch. The one said in a snotty way,

“Well I don’t know why you are here but you better leave.” I growl at them and Zach calls out,

“Gang! Quiet!” Everyone got quiet and I kept glaring at the girls. Then Zach called out,

“Frosti will explain what we will do for a home. Jade get up here.” I pushed my way out of the girls. As I did so the one that talked to me punched me. I whipped around and punched her in the face then growled,

“Don’t you ever touch me.” Kyle came over but before he got to us the girl leaped at me. We fought viciously as we clawed, pulled hair, kicked, punched, and bit each other. I heard Kyle say,

“Zach your girlfriend and mine are going at it!” Zach yells,

“God damn it! Kayla!” The girl, Kayla, kept fighting. I felt Kyle trying to pull me off but I would not let go of Kayla.

Finally we were pulled apart by Kyle and Zach. Kyle held on to me tightly but Zach hardly had Kayla because she wasn’t trying to come near me. In fact she looked like she wanted to run. Zach said,

“Kayla I told you to quit starting fights. No one is going to steal me from you. That is Jade she is with my brother.” She looked down,

“Oh.” I growled at her and Kyle tightened his grip ready in case I tried to attack her again. Zach said,

“Now Jade explain the house.” I explained with Kyle still holding me,

“There is a place where we can build a house for us to live in.” Everyone murmured in agreement and Zach called,

“Okay we will start building tomorrow.” With that the gang broke apart. Zach had already let go of Kayla and she spat,

“You are lucky your man is holding you.” At that I tried to break free from Kyle’s grip growling,

“Oh yeah come here and say that to my face!” Zach barked at Kayla,

“Kayla! Quit that right now. Go back to our room now.” Kayla glared at me and left the room. Kyle still held me and Zach said,

“I am sorry about Kayla.” I growled slightly,

“Well she better watch it.” Zach nodded and left the café. Kyle started to gently pull me,

“Come on lets go get you checked out.” I went along with Kyle still hot with anger. Then I remembered about Sheila and asked,

“Where is Sheila?” Kyle answered,

“She took off awhile ago she said she had to work.” I just shrugged and kept walking.

When we got back to Kyle’s room I had calmed down and started feeling my injuries. Once we were in the room Kyle ordered,

“Sit on the couch and let me check you over.” I rolled my eyes and sat on the couch. We saw my arms and hands were covered in scratches and bites. My face was also clawed up in some spots and I had a few small clumps of hair hanging. Kyle seemed surprised and said,

“Dang you did more damage to her and Kayla is nineteen too.” I just shrugged,

“Well that is just the way I am and she better stay away from me.” Kyle just sighed and went in to the bathroom. He came out with stuff to put on the scratches and bites. Each bite and scratch he treated made me hiss or whimper because it stung or burned.

Once he was done I was hungry and just realized I had not eaten in two days. Kyle noticed something was bugging me so he said,

“Wait here I’ll go get us some lunch.” I nodded,

“Okay.” I sat there thinking once Kyle left.

So much has changed so quickly. In the past two weeks I had been taken from my home, moved in to a shelter, made friends, joined a gang, got in fights, got to see my sister, over came my fear, soon I will be building a house, and most of all I met the love of my life. Also I was happy for the first time.

When I first came to the shelter I thought things were going to be worse. But I found out things are good for once in my life. I sighed and sank back in to the couch. Then I hear a voice laugh and say,

“You know that is kind of cute.” Startled I jump off the couch and look toward the door. I saw what looked like Shadow standing by the door. I growl,

“Shadow! What are you doing here?” The man shook his head and said,

“I am not Shadow. You met me once before. I am your uncle Jesse Shadow’s older brother.” Then I remembered him. Jesse and I weren’t a lot alike but I still did not trust him. Jesse gave me a warm smile and I growled under my breath. Jesse just sighed,

“I understand you have been through a lot. But I want to get to know you. I have been living with Lauki but I was out of town on business for the past week.” I thought about it carefully and did remember Lauki saying something about Jesse. I said,

“I still do not trust you.” He looked sad and muttered,

“What has my brother done?” I just growl. Then Jesse jumps out of the way as the door opens. Kyle steps in and closes the door with his foot because he has bags in his hands. Walking over to the table he said as he put the bags on the table,

“Well you look like a deer in headlights.” I playfully shove him and Kyle teases,

“Watch it shortie I can easily pin you.” Jesses seemed surprised that I did not kill Kyle. So Jesse piped up,

“Well who is this?” Kyle whips around and sees Jesse. Kyle wrapped his arms around me protectively. I said,

“Kyle this is Jesse Shadow’s older brother.” Kyle glared and Jesse pleaded,

“Please I am not like my brother. I only want to get to know Jade.” Kyle sighed,

“Call me crazy baby but I believe him.” I sigh,

“Fine I’ll believe you Jesse only because Kyle does.” Jesse smiles,

“Thank you.” I hissed,

“Don’t think it means I trust you.” Jesse nodded,

“I understand.” Kyle let go of me and walked over to Jesse. They shook hands and Kyle said,

“My name is Kyle. Jade is my girl.” Jesse replied,

“Well you seem like a great guy for her.” I come up and stand behind Kyle. Jesse smiles at me and I just growl. Then Jesse said,

“Well I will go now. I have things to do. Take care and Jade I hope you learn to trust me in time.” With that Jesse dipped his head and left. Kyle grabbed me and lifted me in his arms. I scream softly in surprise and Kyle smirks,

“Did I scare you?” I glare playfully at him as I answer,

“No just surprised me.” Kyle acts like he is pouting a little,

“Aw oh well come on cutie let’s get something in your stomach.” Kyle carried me to the couch and gently set me on the couch. He sat next to me and pulled some food from the bags. There were six sandwiches, three pops (he got an extra for some reason), a bag of chips, and two candy bars. At the sight of the food my stomach growled and Kyle chuckled,

“Well somebody is hungry.” I push him,

“Oh shut it.” He just laughs and tosses me a sandwich saying,

“Maybe this will keep your cute little mouth shut.” I smirk,

“Maybe you should do the same with your big mouth.” Laughing he said,

“Maybe I will.” I laughed and we started eating our meal.

After we finished eating we had to clean up because I started a food fight. There were chips and sandwich pieces everywhere. As Kyle cleaned the couch I was pulling stuff out of my hair and I reached in to my shirt pulling out chips and I heard Kyle laughing,

“Saving some for me for later?” I smirked,

“Not a chance.” Kyle acted like he was pouting again and I just laughed. I looked over at the door as an envelope was slid under the door. Kyle got up and grabbed it. Walking over to Kyle I asked,

“Who is it from?” Kyle answered,

“Zach it is about the house. He wants us all to meet in the café tomorrow so we can go start building.” I asked,

“Would Sheila have gotten one?” Kyle nodded and we finished cleaning.

Once we finished we went to go relax outside. Kyle sat under the tree and pulled me down to sit between his legs as he wrapped his arms around me. We sat like that for a while until I dozed off in his arms.

I am standing in a pitch-black area with no one else around. Then images start swirling around me. Some I know other I do not know. A memory of my mom and I went past. That almost put me in tears and more went by some of the battle and one of the clearing. I was confused then some went by out the gang building the house. Then I realized my demon witch blood is causing this. Then I an odd image, it was me but a few years older and I was pregnant. I saw a ring on my finger and wanted to see who I was with but then I woke up.

I looked up at Kyle and he smiled,

“Well we better go get some sleep.” I nodded and we got up and headed back inside. As soon as we got in the room we both passed out in bed cuddled close together.

The next morning I was up before Kyle. Being careful not to wake him I slipped out from under his arm and tip toed to the bathroom.

As I turned on the water in the shower I thought I heard something. Ignoring it I jumped in the shower letting the soothing steaming hot water rush over me, relaxing every part of my being and warming me to the core. I jump with a scream when I hear,

“You’re up early.” I peek my dripping wet head out of the shower and hiss,

“Kyle! Are you trying to scare me to death?!” Kyle chuckles,

“No.” I glare and put my head back in the shower saying.

“Get out of here until I am done in here.” I hear him walk slowly out of the bathroom. I finish my shower and head to the bathroom. Kyle said,

“We need to go baby.” I remembered about the house building today and quickly finished getting ready.

When we got the café the whole gang, all the girlfriends, and Sheila was there. Over sixty people were in the café waiting to go start building a house. Zach saw us and called out,

“Quiet!” Everyone shut up and looked at him. Zach explained,

“Now we are going to start building our home today. Frosti will lead the way.” Everyone looked at me and I refused to be nervous. I turned and headed out of the café, down the hall, out the door, across the yard, and down the road. No one complained about following me, which I liked. Then we turned down the trail and stopped. Kyle asked,

“Is something wrong?” Closing my eyes I sent my thoughts to Lauki,

‘We are on our way to the clearing.’ Then I looked at Kyle, smiled, and kept walking.

Once we got the clearing the gang was stunned. I saw tons of lumber, nails, screws, hammers, and many other tools. I saw Lauki, Lamya, and Jesse waiting for us. Every part of me screamed to get away from Jesse. But I just did not look at him. Zach looked at some blue-prints he made then ordered some people here, some over there, and these people here.

Soon the clearing was filled with activity. People were everywhere doing whatever they could. I carried lumber here and there along with helping the girls that did not know what they were doing. Kayla was one of those girls and she said,

“Look I am sorry about last night I hope we are cool.” Smiling I nodded and showed her how to use the hammer without crushing her fingers. I was just running all over.

We started at noon and now it was five o’ clock and I am exhausted. Kyle noticed it and stopped to say,

“Take a break baby everyone else has taken a break at least once.” I just kept going but he did not notice.

Then at six o’ clock I ran over to Lauki and helped her pass out dinners. Most of the gang took a break to eat, some ate while they worked, and I just kept helping. Jesse saw this and came over to me. I tried to go past him but he grabbed my arm gently but sternly saying,

“Jade you need to rest.” I tried to pull my arm free as I sighed,

“I am fine now let go.” Jesse firmly held me saying,

“No you are my niece more like a daughter. I will not let you work until you pass out. I care about you.” I looked at him and some part of me could tell he was telling the truth. I sighed and in a tired voice said,

“Okay, I’ll take a break.” Jesse smiled and let go of me. I walked over to where Lauki was resting and sat on the ground next to her. She looked at the people working and said,

“You know Jesse really wants a daughter. After his wife was killed in that car crash while she was pregnant he has wanted someone close to that daughter he never met.” In a dark guarded voice I said,

“Well my head says don’t trust him or Kyle. But I listened to my heart about trusting Kyle. I am not sure about trusting my heart about trusting by trusting Jesse.” In a wise been there done that voice she replied,

“The head maybe where your brain is but sometimes the heart knows more. The head is not right about anything other then logical matters. If you trust your heart then you will know who you are.” I sat there and thought about what she said.

Around eight o’ clock we headed back to the shelter. Everyone went to his or her room. I changed and laid in bed thinking as Kyle showered. Kyle came out of the bathroom and sat next to me. He ran his fingers through my hair and asked,

“What is wrong?” I sigh,

“Just confused and trying to figure out something.” Kyle seemed to understand and gently, softly said,

“Well go to sleep baby. It is going to be along day tomorrow.” I nodded and let myself drift asleep.

Images whirled through the blackness around me. I see the memory of my mother, one of Shadow, and the one of me in the future. Again I could not see my husband and it all disappeared in the blackness.

When I woke up the next morning we headed out to continue building. Most of the gang was already there and we got right to work. It was another day of non-stop working. Then I hear laughing by the trees. So I walk over and say,

“Whoever is in there get out here and get to work.” I hear the laughing again and someone grabs me and pulls me in to the trees. I am so caught off guard I can not scream. I see I am looking in to the face of Shadow. He laughs again,

“Wow you are stupid.” I go to scream and he puts a hand over my mouth. Then he whispers,

“Now you have been more trouble then your worth.” Pulling out some rope he ties me up and puts tape over my mouth. Shadow then kicks me in the ribs making me move about three feet. Then he grabs me by the hair and slams my head in to a tree making me feel dizzy. Shadow kicks me again and tears of pain well up in my eyes as he picks me up by my hair. I then hear,

“Shadow! Leave her alone!” Shadow drops me and I feel something slice in to the side I land on. Shadow laughs,

“Well if it isn’t my big brother Jesse.” I hear a click and Shadow taunts Jesse saying,

“You won’t do it. You do not have the guts. You are a coward!” A gunshot rang through the air and Shadow drops to the ground next to me. I look over and see blood pooling around him moving toward me. I can see a bullet hole in Shadow’s head and my eyes widen as I try to scream. The gun hits the ground and Jesse runs over to me jumping over Shadow’s body. I can hear Zach barking,

“Everyone stay where you are until we figure out where the shot came from.” I hear Kyle shout,

“Jade where are you?!” Jesse kneels next to me and pulls out a knife. I close my eyes and he cuts the ropes. Gently Jesse pulls the tape off my mouth. I choke out,

“S-something is..is in my side.” Carefully and gently he picks me up in his arms whispering,

“Shh don’t talk I’ll take you to Kyle.” Jesse carries me in his arms to the clearing. Kyle screams,

“Jade!” I see Kyle run over and Jesse explains,
“Shadow attacked her. I…I shot him.” Kyle took me from Jesse saying,

“Thank you thank you so much Jesse. You saved my love’s life.” Zach came over and whispered something to Kyle then barked,

“Everyone come on back to work.” Everyone started working again as Kyle followed Lauki back to the shack.

Once at the shack Kyle laid me on a bed and Lauki looked up a healing spell. When she found it she grabbed some herbs, candles, and powders. She placed her hands on my sides and found what sliced in to my side and pulled it out. It was a very large piece of glass. Then she placed her hands on my head saying some words that could not be understood.

After that she mixed some herbs and powders together with some liquid. Lauki handed it to me and ordered,
“Drink it that will give you strength.” I drank what she gave me. It tasted sweet with a slightly bitter after taste. I fell asleep hearing Lauki say,

“Go back to work Dusk I will look after Night.” Kyle muttered something to her and left.

A few months later the house was finished. It was huge with over seventy-five rooms, two huge kitchens, fifty closets, a giant basement, four floors, and good-sized yard with a garden. We moved in slowly and pooled our money together for different things. It was great and everyone was happy. I had recovered from my injuries and learning to trust my heart, leave the past in the past not letting it effect the present, and choose love over protection.

The years have past and I am now twenty-four. Kyle is twenty-six and Zach is now twenty-nine. Most of the gang is married and we all still live the house. There are a few kids running around the house. Kyle and I have been married for a year now and I am about to give birth to our first child.

As I walk around the garden I think of how glad I am to have Kyle’s child and that Shadow is no longer around. I know it seems bad to say that about Shadow after all he was my father but after how he treated me I think it was best that Jesse did what he did. I hear Kyle call,

“Jade! Where are you?” I call back,

“I am over here.” Kyle ran to me saying,

“You should be resting.” I sigh he has been like this
for the past almost nine months, but I know it is just because he loves me. I let Kyle lead me toward the house.

Most of us have paying jobs so we split the bills and we all have cars. Kyle has been keeping his car near the house because of me. As soon as we get to the door I stop and turn to Kyle,

“It’s time!” Kyle quickly calls,

“Jesse! It’s time! Tell Zach and meet us at the hospital.” Once I was in the car Kyle got in and drove to the hospital as fast as he could.

A twenty minute drive and eight hours of labor later I was holding my new sweet baby girl. Kyle softly said,
“She is beautiful.” I smile tiredly and ask,

“What are we going to name her?” Looking at her and seeing that one eye was a bright blue and the other was an icy gray-blue I say,

“How about Gypsy?” Kyle smiled and kissed me,

“I love it.” Looking at Gypsy he quietly says,

“Welcome to the family Gypsy.”

A few days later I arrived home with baby Gypsy. I put Gypsy in her crib looking down at her. My life changed so much but all for the better.

I had stopped cutting long ago when Kyle and I first planned to try for a baby. I made Kyle a demon warlock the night we got married. When the time comes I will tell Gypsy what she is and teach her the ways of our kind. I would do anything to protect her but I will tell her the truth of what we are which can be dangerous.

Even with that fact I could not say that I want anything to change. I have a home, a family, my husband, my baby girl, no Shadow following me, and a good life. I am no longer trying to run from what I am as well. I could not ask for anything more in my life. I turned off the light and walked out of the room.

I know now for sure that my terrible past was behind me and it will never haunt me again. At least I hope it won’t…

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