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a spys life: i could tell you but then i would have to kill you

July 6, 2011
By dark-angel BRONZE, allanson collie, Other
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dark-angel BRONZE, Allanson Collie, Other
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Cassandra ‘Cassie’ Johnson stood on the outside of Timberlake high school. Her glossy long black was pulled neatly back in a long plat that reached the ground. Her dark blue dress fitted her so perfectly you could see ever curve of her body. Cassie started to walk up the stairs to go inside. As she reached the doors they opened and boy came rushing out knocking her to the ground. The boy stopped realizing what he had done.

“Hi sorry about that I didn't see you there” the boy apologized to Cassie as he lent down to help her up “my name's Sam by the way what yours?”
“My names Cassandra but ever one I know call me Cassie” Cassie said quietly before grabbing Sam's hand and letting him help her up.
“So what year are you in” Sam asked trying to be nice
“Oh I'm in my senior year this year how about you” Cassie answered looking at her feet knowing she looked too young to be senior this year Sam didn't seem to notice Cassie's stalling in answering the question.
“Well this is my senior year this year” Sam said hoping to make it sound like it was something he was proud of. When he really wasn't he did not want to leave here when he left school to go to college. “Do you have any ideas were you are going to college next year?”
“Well I was thinking about Juilliard but I don't if I should or I shouldn't” Cassie said with the joy she was feeling about the subject he had chosen to ask her about. “What about you were are you going to go?”
“Well my parents want me to go to Vanderbilt next year so that's where I'll more than likely go” Sam replied not showing the hatred he felt for his parents.
“Come on you can show me to the office I need to get my time table” Cassie called as she started to walk into the building.
“Wait up” Sam called running after her.

They walked slowly to the office in silence. Not knowing what to say to each other now but every now and then they would each take a look at the other trying to work out what was on the others mind at that point in time. Sam opened the door of the office to let Cassie enter the office first.

“Hi I'm Cassandra Johnson I was just wondering if I could get my timetable please” Cassie said to the lady behind the desk with a smile.
“sure my dear let me just find it for you and I see you meet the schools trouble maker already don't let him get you in here and drag you down with him this year” the lady told Cassie as she stood up and went to the filing cabinet “ and call me Mrs. Henderson I'm Sam mum ain't I Sam”
“Yes mum” Sam said speaking for the first time since they came in to the school.
“Sam show this young lady around the school before you go have to go to class oh and you’re in the same classes” said Mrs. Henderson smiling at her son “oh and Cassandra you will miss out on third period each Monday, Wednesday and Friday to go for privet lessons with my husband Mr. Henderson”
“Thank you Mrs. Henderson” said Cassie as she turned to leave the office and had just reached the door when.
“Oh and one more thing Cassandra the headmistress wants to see you after school” Mrs. Henderson said as Cassie followed Sam thought the door.
“Come we head strait to class as it will take the full time we have before class to get there” Sam stated as they got out into the crowed hallways of the main school.

Sam took lead as they walk towards the right wing of the large school which had once been a large house. Cassie looked around trying to find something to tell her that the name of the family that had once lived here had gone so she would never have to look at the name again. It seemed like ages had past when they finally reach their first class of the day. Sam looked at Cassie before taking a seat at the back of the classroom hoping she would sit next to him.

Cassie had once thought of this place as home. It was the place where her dad had left to go to work and never returned to like he promised he would. It was the place where her mom had died three hours after giving birth to her. It was the place she had spent the first six happy years of her life with Mat as her legal caregiver from the age of two till the day he and Sammy had been killed in the Amazon. That was the day Joe had decided he was going to asks Sammy to marry him but never got the chance because she and Mat had gone to try and see if there was a anyone looking for them or not. When they had not returned by midday Joe had given Cassie his spear gun and he had left to go looking for them only to find their bodies behead to this day Cassie still didn’t know the full story. Three days after Mat and Sammy deaths Mike masters had found them and brought them back home.

But the room she was in brought back the memories of what had happen here so many years ago. Think back on those days hurt Cassie. She could hardly believe she was back in the place that had caused her so much pain in the past. A past she wished she could fully forget and never look back on.

“You okay Cassie? You seemed to have spaced out” Sam asked seeing the pain in Cassie's eyes knowing it could not be good.
“Oh yeah I'm fine I was just thinking about something” Cassie replied being ripped away from the memories she was reliving in her head.

The morning past quickly when lunch came Cassie decided to check her IPhone to see if Joe had called why she was in class. Cassie was surprised to see three missed calls from Joe all in the last two hours. After seeing who called she had missed calls from she check to see if he had text her. Seeing the text from Joe, that said call me as soon as you get out for lunch need to tell you some news. Dialling Joe's phone number Cassie walked out the front doors of the school waiting for Joe to answer his mobile.

“Hello Cassie” was the first thing Joe said after answering the phone.
“Hey Joe what's wrong”
“Oh nothing just wanted to know if you took your house key to school”
“Of cause I did because you told me to bring it in case you weren't home when I got home”
“Well I have to go out of town for a couple of days for work so Joy is going to come and stay at the house with you okay”
“Sure Joe”
“Bye Cassie I’ll call you as soon as I can”
“Bye Joe”

Cassie turned around after hanging up the phone and hearing someone walking up behind her. Turning around Cassie saw a girl with bleach blond hair, hazel eyes the girl was a few inches taller than Cassie. Cassie didn't trust this girl there was just something about her.

“I hear you have been hanging out with Sam Henderson” said the girl meanly.
“What’s it to you if I am” Cassie said getting an attitude about the way this girl was talking to her.
“Stay away from him you hear me he's too good for you” the girl spat at Cassie before turning and making her way back into the school.

Cassie just stared at the girls back who did she think she was did she know she was talking to the girl who's family owned the school that they went to Cassie thought to herself as she walked back in to the school. Cassie made her way to the library to see if she could find the book on the school’s history. Cassie heard someone call her name after she walked in the library she turned to see Sam making his way over to her.

“Hey I see you met Missy outside the school” Sam whispered as they walked towards the many shelves of books that filled the library.
“Oh so that’s the girls name, I don’t think we’re going to be friends any time soon because if I find the book I want to get out she might get a surprise about who I’m” Cassie whispered back to Sam as she looked around for the books on history.
“Missy the second cousin of the owner of the school there is not much you can do to her that won’t get you in trouble” Sam whispered back fast
“ Well we will just see how she takes to me showing her my family tree which might mean she learns to respected people who can have her thrown out of the school for talking down to them” Cassie whispered to Sam as she headed to the shelf that had HISTORY written in capital letters.
“But you can’t because you’re not the Daughter of the person who use to live here” Sam whispered not seeing the look on anger on Cassie’s face.

Cassie just kept walking towards the shelf she was making her way to ignoring Sam as she went hoping he would go away. When she turned to see if he had walked away she notice he was still standing next to her. Cassie started to look up and down the shelf trying to find the book she knew the school would not get rid of.

“Can I help you my dear” said the librarian making her way to the shelf Cassie was looking at.
“Yes please I’m look for a book on the history of the school I know where it’s meant to be but it doesn’t seem to be there” Cassie said turning to look at the librarian. The librarian looked as though she had seen a ghost when Cassie turned to look at her.
“My dear you look so much like the lady who lived over sixteen years ago and died giving birth to her youngest daughter” the librarian said to Cassie before she turned to look for the book Cassie had asked about.

Cassie looked to see Sam had walked to a table where he was reading a book the need to read for English. So she turned back to looking for the book wither librarian. She looked to were the librarian had moved down the shelf slowly making her way down there herself. The librarian pasted the book she had been looking for.

“There you go my dear” the librarian said before making her way to her desk near the library doors.
“Thank you” Cassie said turning to head to the table were Sam was sitting by himself.

“Hey sorry about before” Sam whispered to Cassie as she sat down next to him.
“Hey it okay I get what you were saying I can't go after her because she is too powerful for me to try anything to get back at her, I can see that” Cassie whispered apologetic to Sam.
“So what do you think the headmistress wants to see you about” Sam whispered to Cassie as she opened the book she was holding.
“it's probably about Joe” Cassie whispered to Sam “because he's out of the state a lot so there are going to be a lot of different people around all the time, my older sister Joy is training to be a cop, why my older sisters Anastasia and Kelly are medical students at the moment. My older brother Joe is a US marshal, my older brother Josh is a college student at the moment so he's never home their all my adopted family”
“Wow you were adopted by Joe and yet you still refer to him as your brother that's strange most people call their adoptive parents mom and dad but to you he's just another brother” Sam whispered to Cassie.
“I know people think it wired but I've known Joe since I was two years old and he's thirty-three years old he was eighteen when I first met him, Joy's twenty-eight, Anastasia's twenty-six, Kelly's twenty-four and Josh's nineteen” Cassie whispered to Sam.

Just then the bell rang signalling the end of lunch and the start of afternoon classes. Cassie and Sam made their way to the art room. As they walked in Cassie could fell eyes on her turning to look Cassie spotted Missy looking very mad in her direction instead of having a go at her Cassie just sat down in the seat Sam indelicate for her to take.

“Cassie what's wrong?” Sam asked Cassie as the teacher walked into the classroom.
“Missy keeps staring at me and I don't like it at all because it's not right” Cassie told Sam as they began to work on the project Mr. Thompson had told them to work on.
“Mr. Thompson heading our way I don't know what we have done but he coming to talk to us” Sam said to Cassie looking over his shoulder.
“Mr. Henderson, Miss Johnson what are you to talking about? Mr. Henderson you know you’re not allowed to talk in class.” Mr. Thompson told Cassie and Sam.
“We were talking about the art projected that you gave us to complete because she only started here today and she has no idea of what we are doing” replied Sam to Mr. Thompson.
“That right sir Sam was telling what I had to do” put in Cassie looking at Mr. Thompson.
“Aright then carry on with that” Mr. Thompson said walking away to talk with Missy who looked pissed off at the fact we had not been told off and I had not been moved.

Cassie and Sam turned to the pictures they were sketching. Cassie looked over at Sam’s picture. She could not believe her eyes he was good really good there was only one person Cassie ever knew who was that good before
“No Cassie, don’t let yourself think of her it hurts too much” Cassie thought to herself.
“Cassie what’s wrong you seem upset” Sam whispered looking over at Cassie.
“Oh it’s nothing I just saw your picture and it made me remember the day my real sister and brother were killed” Cassie whispered to Sam.
“Were they both good at art is that why my picture took you back to that day” Sam asked in a whisper to Cassie.
“No Sammy was thought Mat well he could not draw to save his live” Cassie replied in a whisper to Sam. Cassie knew she should not be talking about this but she just did talk about it.
“So what are you drawing it’s meant to be a building or place outside you have been, that looks like the Amazon rainforest you can’t have been there no one right mind would let you go there” Sam asked Cassie in a whisper.
“Yeah well I have been there I went with Mat and Sammy when I was seven it was the same year they were killed and Joe was asked by Mat to take care of me ” Whispered Cassie just as the bell rang signalling the end of class.
“What do we have next” Sam asked Cassie as he packed up his pencil case and stood up.
“History why” Cassie asked Sam sanding up too.
“Do you really want to go to history or do you want to skip it with me” Sam said dropping his voice down to a whisper Cassie could hardly hear.
“Sure” Cassie replied as she and Sam walked out of the classroom.
“go to the lady’s room and stay in there till you can’t hear anyone talking in there the last person to leave will be Missy because she knows I don’t go to history if I can help it so she’ll be trying to get me to spend time with her, some girls don’t know when I guys says no they mean no, and she one of them” Sam whispered to Cassie as they walked.

Then he turned and walked off towards the men rooms where he was going to wait out the time. Till he and Cassie could leave for the last two periods before her meeting with the headmistress. Time past quickly Sam could no longer hear anyone in the halls so he walked out of the boys’ bathroom and walked to walked towards the girls one to wait for Cassie to come out as he got the Cassie stuck out her head to see if he was waiting outside the door yet or not. Seeing him there Cassie walked out.

“What are we going to do?” Cassie asked Sam as he turned to look at her.
“First of all we try and get my car keys from my mom because I’m guessing you don’t own a car” Sam said to Cassie.
“Well that’s where you’re wrong because I do own a car and it’s at school this very moment because I point blankly refuse to ride the bus since I got my licence last year” Cassie said to Sam look highly offended that he thought she didn’t own a car when in fact she owned a car most people would kill for.
“Okay then do you have your car keys?” Sam asked Cassie looking at her and smiling
“of cause I do what do you think I did handed them into the office this car is my pride and joy tell me if you had a mustang would you hand in the keys to it” Cassie said glaring at him
“Wow you own a mustang that’s really cool I heard one of the boys say someone must have got one because no one in the school have ever brought one to school before, I would be careful of whose girlfriend you piss off because most of the guys are going to start talking to you more and more because of the car you own” Sam said to Cassie as they walked out to the car park.
“Come on before we waste all of the time we have I know after history we have a free period anyway but that not the point” Cassie said to Sam as they walked through the front doors of the high school.
“So where’s this elusive mustang I keep hearing about” Sam asked when they got out to the car park.
“Come this way I got special permission from the headmistress to park it were no one is meant to park because of whose spot it is” Cassie said as she lead the way to where her car was parked.
“Wow this is cool where did you get it from?” Sam asked Cassie as she walked towards a black mustang parked in the teachers’ parking lot.
“I know right it was a sixteenth birthday gift from a friend because my a family’s all gone and died on me well all except my father but no one seen or heard him in over fourteen years now so we don’t know what happened to him” Cassie said trying not to cry this car had once been Sammy’s Joe had brought it for her so she could drive Cassie around when Mat was out of town for work. Joe had kept the car after Sammy’s death so that he could give it to Cassie so she would always have something to remember Sammy by.
“Oh” said Sam.
“Come on lets go before we get court by somebody” said Cassie as she unlocked the driver’s door.
“How come you’re only unlocking the driver’s door” Sam asked as Cassie rolled her eyes.
“Can’t you see the doors unlocked already” Cassie said rolling for the second time.
“Oh” said Sam before opening the passenger’s door and climbing in.
“Where are we going to?” Cassie asked as she started the engine of her car.
“We could go to the beach for a little while it’s a ten minute drive from here to get there” replied Sam.

Cassie put the car in to gear and pulled carefully out of the car park and on to the road. Carefully speeding up to the roads speed limit and head towards the beach which was a ten minute drive from the school. She spotted the turning to drive down to get to the beach car park and turned down it. She easily found a parking spot.

“Let’s go sit on the big log near the water’s edge for a little while” Sam said pointing towards a log sitting next to the water.
“sure lets go sit down there” said Cassie walking down towards the log that Sam had pointed out to her when they had first arrived at the beach.

Sam let Cassie walk almost to the log before he ran after her reaching the log at the same time as Cassie reached it. Sam laughed at the look on Cassie's face at seeing him reaching the log at the same time as her. Cassie and Sam sat down laughing about nothing at all. They looked out across the water not saying a single word to each other.

This brought back memories to Cassie of a time when she had her siblings with her to take care of her. Back then she never new when the would come when she had to say goodbye. But the day had come to soon for Cassie's liking but now she was back at the place where her life had began and back to the lies she must tell to all of the people that she cares about as it is her duty to her country to defend till the day she dies. She knew Sam's father was one of the few people who knew the real reason she was back now.

“so what do you think the morons are doing it history now” Sam asked breaking the silences that had formed around them while they had been sitting on the log.
“I would have no idea what they are doing in history because it is only my first day at this school” Cassie replied to Sam's Question turning on the log to face Sam where he was sitting next to her.
“We should really get back to school because of your meeting with the headmistress in twenty mints as we don't want to be late” Sam said hopping up off the log and giving his hand to Cassie to help her up of the log.
“yeah we should and thanks for the hand up” said Cassie starting to walk towards her car and hopped in.

Sam opened his door and hopped into the car closing the door after him. He wait while Cassie started the car and pulled out of the parking lot and on to the highway before sticking his arm out the open window. Sam turned on the radio while they drove back to the school.

Cassie turned in to the school car park. She turned off the engine and hoped out of the car.

cassie ran as fast as she could to reach the office. She opened the door to the office and ran up to the desk were Mrs Henderson was sitting typing on the laptop that sat on the desk. Mrs Henderson wasn\'t paying attention to who had walked into the office.

Cassie was about to speak when Mrs Henderson looked up at her and smiled a warm smile at her before saying.\"Go in my dear she waiting for you\" then looking back down on to her sceen.
\"thanks mrs henderson\" said Cassie. before she walked over to the headmistress\' office door and nocked on the door and waited for an answer.
\"come in please\" said a vocie from behind the door. cassie slowly opened the door and walked in to the office.

\"take a seat please miss Johnson\" said the headmistress as cassie walked in to the office.
\"ok\" said Cassie as she took the seat a cross from the headmistress.
\"i know your wondering why i asked to talk to you this afternoon\"
\"yes miss\"
\"i asked you here because i noticed that at your old school you were in a level class but here you are in B level class can you tell me why you droped a level\"
\"why of couse miss i can tell you\"
\"then please go on\"
\"sure well i was in A levels because of the typ of school i was in at the time but when i moved here i dropped back to B levels\"
\"ok then well thats all i want to know about you are free to go now\"
\"thank you miss\"

cassie stood and walked out of the headmistress\' office. as she walked out of the main office she all most took out sam who was walking into the office.
\"watch were your going blackie you almost took me out then\"
\"where did you get the nickname from Sammy\"
\"you started this with the nicknames not me\"
\"fine but whyed you call me it in front of my mum\"
\"sorry forgot so what you doing up here anyway\"
\"i have to come and get my car keys from my mum so i can drive my car home\"
\"oh ok what are you doing now\"
\"just go home and put some music on then going out with a few of the boys from the football team around six why\"
\"just wondering if you wanted to hang out to night\"
\"how about i get my keys and then you follow me to my house so i can drop my car off and get changed then we can go to your place so you go and get changed in to something to go out in\"
Mrs Henderson walked out from behind
\"here you go your car keys be home by twelve to night please you have school tomorrow\"
\"bye mum\"
\"bye mrs henderson\"
\"bye sam, Cassie\"

cassie and sam walked out of the office and toward the car park to get their cars.

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