June 11, 2018
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Rimetassas BRONZE, Mohammedia, Other
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Every cloud has a silver lining

Author's note:

This is my first novel. I know it's cringy but I'm doing my best .

It has been three years since I was dygnosed with lung cancer. They say that cancer patients can't live more than one year, but somehow I'm still alive. Actually, I'd rather die than live in such a fuss. My life is only a big mistake, I have never been in a relationship, I have no friends either. I thought I could make some of them at middle school but I was wrong. I moved to the countryside, to live in a place where there is pure air, like mom said, but it's so boring: lying in bed at the hospital all day .
One day, I think it was a Monday or Thursday, the president of my class came with flowers, the same serious facial features.

-"How are you feeling today? I wish you get over it soon" She said.

-"Thank you for coming all the way to see me. You wouldn't have bothered yourself " I said.

After a short discussion she left. "It's 9pm already, I am hungry, I think I will go down to the cafeteria to buy some food" Talking to myself , I went using the elevator where I met the woman who changed my life, the thing I have never thought It'd happen.

The woman's direction was the morgue. She didn't notice that I was following her,the morgue was dark and empty. She opened a fridge and took a baby, she was trying to wake him up but in vain. After that, she put him in a coffin and went out of the hospital, we walked for two hours to finally arrive to a graveyard where she buried her child. She was hopeless and pitiful but tried her best to look after her dead baby. I kept thinking all night about the meaning of life, what's more,am I really supposed to die?

Up until now, I've been thinking that my life is meaningless, but I have never thought about how meaningful it was for my family , my beloved ones. I felt guilty about all the time I closed my doors in front of the others.
After two days, I made my decision and called my mother to tell her : " I'm going to live the rest of my life to the fullest, I finally found the last piece of the game. Starting tomorrow, I'll go face the challenges. I don't want to die in such a place ".

My mom was speechless furthermore astonished because of my insane decision.

The next day, I packed my stuff and went out of the hospital to the first trip of my life. Words are insufficient to express what my feelings were like then. I found the answers to all my questions.

I opened my eyes. It was dark. where am I.

I tried to move but then realised that my arms were above my head chained to a wall. I was abducted  !!

It was such a terrifying ordeal that it sent shivers down my spine. I couldn't remember what happened. How'd I get there. The last thing I can remember was someone breaking into my tent and forcing me to sniff a tissue to fall after that unconscious.

My heart pounded in my chest as I tried to scream but I couldn't, I had tape over my mouth.

I heard steps moving across forward me . Fear ran through my body that I broke out in cold sweat . Then , the light turned up . And the steps became closer and closer. A man wearing a black suit and a tie appeared in front of me. He looked at my eyes - that showed my fear - and chuckled . He apparently enjoyed my pain .

We were in kinda cave , it was like a surgery room , there was a metallic table on wich there was plenty of tools.

He took off his tie and wore a green apron ,covered  his mouth with a mask , put on gloves , looked at me and talked for the first time after a long term of absolute silence :

-" what are you afraid of? " With a devil smile.

-" ev..everything including you . Don't you think that i'm stupid. I know that you are looking for my organ to buy it ." I responded

-" hhhhhh...why do you think that??"

-" you're preparing for a surgery , and we are the only ones here..." with a shaking voice.

-" you're really a thing ... that's right I'm preparing for your surgery ... but it's for your own sake. "

-" How??? ...for my sake ... how can this be true .."

-" I am a doctor and I found out an operation that cures your cancer, actually, I  was studying the development of your lung cancer . The other day, I went to the hospital to examine you ,but you have had already gone , thus , I followed you to turn up at the forest " he said.

-" However  , you should've talked to me properly. Why did you use such a hurtful way " relieved.

-" this is the best way to capture you , moreover, I wanted to see your reaction..."

-"this's not funny though...you scared the hell out of me." I yelled at him.

" The surgery was as successful as expected ". He said.

Usually, it's good news , however , at that time it wasn't....

After the operation i had to get the CT scan ( computer tomography scan ) to see if the cancer was cured totally or not.

The tumour that was in my lungs has disappeared...what a relief.

Hurry -the doctor - walked with a weird behaviour towards me .

"Hey..Hurry . Thank you for all the help and support that you gave me "

" hi carla...I haven't done anything important , I just did my job..... Most important...I have really bad news for you,yet I am not sure if you are ready to hear it ...it's just. .." he broke down in tears.

"Just say it, I've faced the most awful experience that an ordinary person can't stand." I replied.

" ok , so the thing is that your cancer have spread to your stomach before the operation. "

I was shocked ,hence,I couldn't hear anything, I couldn't speak either.

All the hope that I've gained along this period fell apart in an instant.

My mom came quickly and took me to our home.

It was clean as usual, nothing has changed. I went to my room , then laid on my soft bed and started my dark thoughts.

I fell asleep though.

I heard a voice trying to wake me up :

" sweetheart, wake up it's your first day at school you don't want to be late, right ??"

" mom, I'm super duper exhausted. Let me have some more sleep. "

" if you won't get up in five minutes ,i'll punish you."


Afterwards, i went to the kitchen to eat breakfast ,and then got ready for scool.

"Sweetie, the scool bus is waiting for you "

"Hey freak."

I turned around to see who's calling me. It was the most popular guy in the school .

Actually, he was bullying me since we were like ten . He's like a cancer that have no cure.

We met for the first time at the elementary school ,we were in the same class . He was transferred to my school at the middle of the year . At that time ,I had a good reputation and I was quite popular too . However, when he came he changed my life , he spread a lot of rumours about me only because I looked like a vampire as he said. (I had a white skin , black hair and also red lips .) My classmates, my friends , all the students in my school and even the teachers were afraid of me .

After that, my life went downhill dramatically.

I just ignored him and continued walking .

"Are you ignoring me now? Who do you think you are. You're just an ugly and terrifying vampire. You'll see what can I do. "

I knew that he would do something stupid again in order to seeing me cry.

The next day, while I was passing by ,the students were staring at me and giggling .

I was wondering about the reason behind those laughs. I was used to the disgusted faces but now they are laughing !

I found out that my desk was destroyed and some hate notes were sticked on it .

It was written down " make us a favour and leave forever ", and "ugly and disgusting pigs have to die " .

I broke down in tears and ran away. I returned immediately to home and locked up on me in my room . My mom tried to persuading  me to get out but in vain. I couldn't go to school anymore, it was like a nightmare even worse than the one that I had before. I wish I could wake up someday.

"You can change school if you want to, eat some food first and we'll discuss later " said mom .

I moved to another school. I finally could live in peace far away from my bully....... Or as I thought.....

Someone was knocking on the door . My mom opened it.

" It's our new neighbour , come and say hello "

"I'm coming. ...hey my name is. .."

I was shocked when I saw who was sitting next to my mom.

Our new neighbour was my worst enemy. As a result , to avoid conflict I moved to another apartment far away from my family's to live in alone . It was a lovely place .

Time passed by , as I lived a normal life.

One night, at one o'clock in the morning, while I was studying for the huge test that I  had the next day, the lights went out in my apartment room. I grabbed a flashlight and headed over to my neighbor's room. Then, I knocked. No answer. I knocked again. Still nobody answered. They were probably sleeping .

I walked down the hallway to the elevator and pressed the down button . While I was waiting there , I heard footsteps coming towards me.

I pointed my flashlight toward the end of the hallway.  Nothing was there . So I turned it off to save battery . After that, I looked back at the end of the hallway.... . And saw..... red..... glowing..... eyes . I turned my flashlight back to that spot ,nothing was there .

The elevator door finally opened  . I walked in , and pressed the button to the third floor. The door closed, and I was shaking. I was coming from the tenth floor, and the elevator was really slow.

As I saw the lights change from five to four , they suddenly turned off . I turned on my flashlight again, only to see the two red eyes I saw at the end of the hallway . I screamed and turned it towards the floating red eyes . Nothing. I thought, maybe  I was just paranoid. The elevator lights started to flicker on and off . I felt like I was living a horror movie .

I finally reached the third floor. The elevator doors slowly opened . The third floor looked like a hurricane had recently passed by . Everything looked destroyed. I walked over to my friend's apartment and knocked,but that was in vain . As I knocked for the third time a red liquid started spilling over the top of the door . I tried to move my hands but I got rejected. I couldn't move a muscle in my body . However, I tried to turn away ,when something grabbed my arm , and it instantly started bleeding.

With all the blood coming out of my wrist ,I fell to the floor ,looking at my hand . It was pale . I  was blinking very heavily, thus , I  couldn't open my eyes. I heard a man's voice ."Good night. Never wake up again.". And then , I fell into an infinite darkness.

My eyes shot open,  I was in my apartment room . Everything was normal. There was a book in my hand . It had a black cover with red eyes . It looked like I was just finishing up the story ,where the heroine was dying and was devoured by gloomy obscurity. It was just a bad dream . It was the most frightening nightmare ever .

Why am I supposed to live in fear ? Why do I always have those kind of dreams while other people dream about their experiences and their hopes?

I graduated from highschool, I'm studying in harvard university.

I definitely made many changes in my studying habits transitioning from high school to college.

 In high school all I needed to do was read over my notes real quick and after a half hour of "studying" I was ready to take the test. 

On top of this, I got good grades! But once I came to college, my studying habits came crashing down.

 It takes a while to find what method of studying works best for you, but I have found that making study sheets has come in handy.

 By re-writing all of my notes I am not only going over each concept but ingraining it in my mind for the test. Repetition is key!

I'm now a senior about to graduate this December with majors in Psychology and Sociology with a Criminology emphasis. 

As a result of internships and other experiences these last three years, I have decided I want to work in crimes with Federal Law Enforcement.

After graduation , I achieved my dream and began working with the FBI.

what's coming is my daily life as a profiler .

Standing in front of the federal bureau of investigation I sighed . After recuperating my bravery  I went in .

I met the team assistant and she introduced me to the team with whom I'll be working from now on .

"Listen everyone , this is Carla our new mate ."

"welcome carla " replied the group ."

"Nice to meet you ,I hope we can get in terms with each other ."

Our team is composed of eight members :

- Amber : the assistant is  kind and sweet ,on top of that she's  careful and thoughtful;

-Chris: the team leader and a profiler who has published a book on criminology. Despite his aloof and expressionless exterior he cares deeply for his team, whom he considers to be his second family. 

-Layla : a behavior analyst, her gruff demeanor and exacting mannerisms cause some friction between her and Leo. She tends to follow protocol and goes by the book , in contrast to Leo.

-Leo :A second-generation police officer, he joined the FBI at the recommendation of Chris. he quickly proves his worth with his attention to detail, sharp instincts and accurate profiling skills.

-Pearl : She is the FBI's bubbly technical analyst who provides support from her computer.

-Tinsley : She is the FBI's media liaison officer and handles press conferences.

-Alden : The resident genius and holder of two doctorate degrees, he is a profiler who often follows the team to the field to analyze the crime scene or the suspect's house for further clues. He is socially awkward and has a tendency to spout encyclopedic facts at the wrong time.

-And finally me : psychologist and sociologist .

Amber came towards us ,"Guys , we have a new case "

"Let's get profiling " announced Chris.

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