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Performance of the night

October 18, 2018
By NoahTheDoor, Pewaukee, Wisconsin
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NoahTheDoor, Pewaukee, Wisconsin
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Authors Note-I wrote this story based off my own experience being in the play high school musical for my school. I want the reader to feel like fear only slows you down from what you truly can become, and once you let go from fear and do what you need to do you will change as a person.

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I sit there backstage; ready in the males dressing room. Rehearsing the little number of lines I have, but at the same time rushing to apply the makeup I dearly needed. My fellow cast members also rushing to get everything they possibly can get done. Making sure the makeup matched with my mic but didn't overwhelm my face. It didn't matter anyway I was too worried about what a certain line was or what I would do If I messed up. What my directors would do If I didn't fix my potential mistake. I was especially terrified of the goth looking one. Personally, I do not believe she enjoyed my presence in her class.

Although I could not act for the life of me, my voice wasn't bad ---at least most of the time. Too focused on my thoughts my director's approach a group of us rehearsing.

"5 minutes til production." They both yell almost in unison.

Everyone instantly starts to panic, running around trying desperately to get to their characters starting position. Running like an accelerated clock, or like a colony of ants running from something bigger than them.

As I look around the dark corridor behind the stage I see some of the cast calm, ready, enthusiastic. There was also the people who can't believe what they have gotten themselves into. I, on the other hand, was feeling both fear and excitement.

The music which qued the start of the show came on. Lights flickered around the stage, like thousands of fireflies suddenly turning on. Everyone got into position as the first few people went out onto the stage as cheerleaders. As my character was playing a jock I was next, I and another group of kids walked out. Saying each of our lines or at least of their lines. Thankfully I didn't have to do anything in that situation except sit there and look happy, although in reality my stomach was quenched up and I wanted to vomit. But if I did, I would have made a bigger fool of myself as if I hadn't.

A quarter into the show it was my turn to show my skills, while the rest of the cast were on stage I sat behind the curtain waiting for my song to start. The music goes off, and I emerge from the backdrop of the stage. Say my few lines and sing my heart off until my part was almost finished. Relatively I was waiting for my next part. I disappear to the shadows and emerge with a multi-layered coconut cake. The girl who played Sharpay looked in fear as she saw the cake approach, as she knew what was about to happen. I run over to her to give her the cake purposely tripping myself as the whipped cream on the top the cake hits her directly in her face; covering her and the area around her with frightening ferocity.

"ahhhhh!" She screamed like a banshees call, deafening the area around her and the entire auditorium. As the lights turned dark everyone rushed back to the darkness.  The rest of the performance went fine until we were in the final moments, I was seconds late for my part. The rest of the cast confused and wondering where I was. I started to freak out, to improvise, to think of anything I could do to save myself in this situation.

As I looked through one of the curtains I see the goth director glowing in the sound booth, with a devilish face staring at me I stepped back into the darkness. But before completely hidden I feel a new found exposition and walked back onto the stage, knowing the consequences would be worse if I never went on instead of going on late.

As the play begins its final song, time seems to slow as I seem to forget about my potential mistake.

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