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Underneath the Maple Tree

February 5, 2019
By katie-dubs BRONZE, Chesterfield, Missouri
katie-dubs BRONZE, Chesterfield, Missouri
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Favorite Quote:
"Today is a good day for a good day."


This story is romance melded with realistic fiction, all told from three different perspectives. There's the jock, the popular kid, and the quiet, brilliant kid. All of these characters and their personalities go much deeper then their lables, but they're afraid to show their true colors. Events bring out the good and the bad in people, and you'll just have to read this story to see what the events in this story bring out in these characters.

Katie W.

Underneath the Maple Tree

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emi-ly BRONZE said...
on Feb. 14 2019 at 9:41 am
emi-ly BRONZE, Chesterfield, Missouri
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Favorite Quote:
'No rain, No flowers"

@katie-dubs I love this book!