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Mystic Moon: Time's Tale's

January 28, 2011
By MoniqueT, lancaster, South Carolina
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MoniqueT, Lancaster, South Carolina
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Favorite Quote:
"Dreams only come true if you believe in broken ones." --Mystic

Author's note: I love writing, and Time's Tale's is one of my favorite written books. I love the Mystic Moon series and I am happy to have started it, because it combines Romance, Action, Adventure, and in this special piece, Teen Love and Life. I love writing and I love to encourage others my age to read and write and to not be afraid what others think of their work, because if you think its beautiful, then it is, and others will respect that.

Alicia sat in bed, reading a new book she got. Timeless, was the book’s name. One of the many by Chloe Withers, Alicia’s favorite author. Her teenage daughter, Amy, enjoys reading her too, but Kyle would rather stay in his own world, reading science books, or history. Not romance novels or horror novels. And Beau, Alicia’s husband, rather just keep himself busy working on his job. Mystic and Celeste now have their foal, Caramel. Kyle and Amy named her when they were little. But things have changed since then. Joey, the Bink, still hops around every now and then, and eats the bugs in the garden. But Mystic has been feeling funny again, feeling like something is going to happen again, like when Tyran arrived. Only, Tyran pledged to be good, about ten years ago when he first met Courie…

Tyran was running along, nervous about what Marinca had said. He must find a wife before tomorrow, he has already wasted two days. He suddenly stopped, and looked at a beautiful female Drafox down by the lake. She was drinking water, and splashed some on herself. A pink and yellow delight, but when she turned to see Tyran, she fainted to a dark blue with light blue spots. She came up to him and asked,
“Who are you?”
“I’m Tyran.” he said shaking.
“I’m Courie.” they both smiled, and have been together ever since. Marinca, queen of the Drafoxes, died in shock after seeing Tyran coming into the palace with Courie by his side. He still hasn’t married her, but plans to.

But not everything was okay now. Just a few blocks off from Alicia’s house was Chloe Withers house. From outside you could hear her and her husband fighting, he came to the window to close the shades. Miles off you could hear a smash, a scream, and a single gunshot.

Alicia awoke to the horrible sound. Beau got up and looked around.
“Did you hear that?” he asked.
“Yes, it sounded like a murder was just committed!” Alicia said. Cameron came running in, his sister Yasmin was right behind him.
“Mom, we heard a gunshot.” Cameron said gasping as he spoke. Yasmin agreed as she nodded her head. Beau grabbed his cell phone and dialed 911.

The cops surrounded the area. Blood was on the floor, and a gun was left behind, but there was no sign of the murder victim.
“Who leaves behind all the evidence yet doesn’t leave the body?” a cop asked from behind. Beau walked onto the scene, after all, he is a cop. He searched the room for evidence, with another cop behind him.
“What happened?” Beau asked her.
“Well, apparently, this is the home of some famous writer. Chloe Withers. According to a woman walking her dog, her and her husband were fighting. She continued walking, heard a bang, a slam, a scream and finally, a gunshot. She turned around and the door was wide open. We think that whoever murdered her must have gotten rid of her before anyone saw.” the cop said.
“Isn’t it obvious? Her husband killed her.” Beau said.
“Not everyone thinks so. Why would he bang down the door first, slam it, then open it again once the murder was over?” the cop suggested.
“Maybe to create the illusion that somebody came in and did it.” Beau suggested.
“Look, we have the gun, we have her husband, we’re going to see if he really did kill her.” the cop said. Beau went over to the gun used to kill her.
“Hold it, this gun doesn’t have any bullets in it, yet only a single shot was heard. Our killer is messing with us.” Beau said.
“No one is messing with anything, now put the gun down. You’re going to get the fingerprints messed up.” the cop demanded. Beau gently put the gun down, he hoped he didn’t ruin anything. Beau looked to the side where the blood pile was.
“Aren’t you going to clean that up?” Beau asked.
“We are going to take test samples.” the cop said. Beau looked over to some footprints leading to the bedroom.
“Did you guys notice those footprints?” Beau continued asking.
“What foot, you mean the shoe prints? They were left by one of our cops, he had to go to the bathroom. Now could you please leave so that we could do our job?” the cop asked. Beau flipped his hands back and walked out of the room. But he was still suspicious about those footprints…

“So, some nutty killer bangs down the door just as Chloe and her husband are fighting? Sounds unreal to me.” Amy said as she went over to grab her coffee.
“I don’t know, dad found a lot of extra evidence.” Kyle said reaching for his coffee. Amy put her cup down as she quickly took a sip.
“She’s not dead.” Amy said with her mouth wide open.
“What?” Kyle said as he choked trying to drink.
“Maybe, she wanted to make it look like she died, so she faked her own death!” Amy said getting out of her seat and walking around the table.
“Your nuts. I surely feel bad for what ever guy lands up with you.” Kyle joked. Amy began remembering the old times, she was a prissy little princess, always worried about getting the cutest outfits or the cutest new toys, and Kyle was such a weirdo, into dragons and fire and boy stuff. Now Kyle is an A+ student, and Amy had rather hang out with the guys. Not much has changed, right?
“I think you’re nuts.” she said hitting him on the back. Kyle was just about to take a sip of his coffee, and it went right into his nose.
“MOOOOM!” he tried to scream as the burning coffee drained through his nasal passages. Amy began laughing as hard as she could, she couldn’t wait to tell all her buddies at school what she did to her poor brother.
“Amy, stop teasing your brother. He has enough trouble getting friends at school.” Alicia said grabbing Amy’s backpack. It had a green dragon fighting a tiger on it. Kyle’s was just a plain blue backpack. Amy ran out the door, as Kyle grabbed a tissue for his nose.
“Coffee up the nose?” Alicia asked his as he ran out the door. He nodded yes as he ran down the stairs outside.
“That’s the third time this week, I wish he would just stop drinking it.” Alicia said with a sigh.

As Beau was getting ready for work, his phone suddenly rang.
“We have a problem, Beau.” the lady cop from last night said.
“What happened?” Beau asked getting his shirt.
“The blood on the floor was fake.” she said. Beau dropped his shirt to the floor.
“What? Was there any real blood at all?” Beau asked.
“Nope, its all cheap blood, probably bought at a joke store.” she said.
“Are we going to investigate?” Beau asked excited.
“We? You are going to the joke store. You are the best with asking questions. They‘re sending you out with Abbey.” she said. Beau dropped his shirt again.
“Not Abbey! Last time you sent me out with her to investigate she asked the guy for his phone number!” Beau yelled. He wouldn’t say he hated Abbey, but she isn’t the kind of person you’d want to be around, ever.
“Sorry, but everyone else already has a case they’re working on.” she said as she hung up. Why couldn’t Alicia have been a cop? Though she was, but that’s history by itself.

“Courie! I told you to quit hiding on me!” Tyran yelled as Courie disappeared from his sight. Every time he says something she runs off, like she’s shy or something. Tyran searched for her in some nearby bushes.
“Courie, where are you?” he whispered. Suddenly, something came walking up from behind him. He turned around quick as he could.
“Courie?” he said looking. The creature came around to his back.
“Boo!” it yelled. Tyran jumped up and ran off.
“Come on, Tyran! You never want to have fun!” Courie yelled. Tyran was long gone by now. She heard a yelping sound, and a car horn, a crash and a screech. Courie got worried, her and Tyran always played near roads, and now they’ve paid for it.
“Tyran!” Courie yelled running towards him. She stopped as a man walked out of his car. Tyran laid on the ground next to his car. Courie gasped, just a moment they were playing and wrestling in the woods, and now her boyfriend is lying in the middle of the road!
“Tyran!” Courie yelled. The man sat down next to Tyran, and picked up his phone and dialed. Courie stayed back, just trying to get a closer look. It sounded like the man was calling for someone to come pick up Tyran. What was poor Courie to do?

Caramel was roaming around, chasing Pepper, the family dog. After almost being killed by Tyran, she has made a good recovery. She only had a broken paw, but still, that was a long time ago, and she’s an old dog now. If she isn’t careful then her next injury she may not recover from. Mystic looked out the window of the stall, picturing himself as a little foal again. Running around, chasing bugs and eating flowers. Its wonderful being a horse. Though Celeste had rather just hang out and do older horse things, Mystic loved running, feeling wind flying in your mane and tail as you pick up speed every five seconds, and then slow down every four seconds. Then falling in the soft grass and rolling around in it, then rolling over on your belly and sneezing and sighing. Its great to be a horse.

Amy sat in class looking over at her dorky brother, Kyle. He was sitting like a perfect little boy, paying attention to the teacher and listening, what kid listens to every word that the teacher says? Amy grabbed her Dragon notebook and licked her finger, and placed it on some paper in the notebook. Its always easier to tare paper when its wet, its quieter too. She began tearing the slobber covered paper. She wrote a message on it and passed it to Jason, her friend.
Isn’t my brother a dork?
She wrote. She left some space for him to add a reply.
What a teachers pet. If he was any more like a obedient dog we’d have to lock him up.
Jason wrote. He looked around the room, and then passed it back to her.
Do you want to do something after school?
She wrote. She looked around too before passing it back. Can’t be too careful, some dumb kid may raise their hand and shout that she’s passing notes.
Like what?
He quickly added.
Maybe the movies?
She quickly wrote.
Nah, I was thinking…
He stopped and gasped as the teacher crossed her arms in front of him.
“Passing notes in class, Mr. Cardelias?” the teacher said with a angry grin on her face.
“But I wasn’t…”
“I’ll see you after school, Mr. Cardelias.” the teacher stopped him before he could finish. Amy felt bad, and Jason was super mad at her.
“Thanks a lot.” he whispered.
“You want to get in trouble for talking now? Shut up!” she said peeping over to him.
“Ms. Shade?” the teacher said looking over to her.
“Now we are both in trouble, you blabber mouth!” Amy whispered back to him. Jason gave a grin, all he wanted was for her to be in trouble too. Amy and Jason have been friends since they were just little kids.

“Now listen, you kids have been getting into trouble a lot lately. Jason, you pulled the emergency alarm, with there was no emergency, you splattered paint and glue over a random kids locker, you brought a parrot to school and made it say “Big Butt” to your science teacher, you put lizards in my desk, and you gave me an apple with a fake rat hand hanging out of it. Amy, you stuffed a kid in a trashcan, stuffed two kids in a locker, you went into the girls shower room and took their clothes, you have done many things beyond to be mentioned. I see a pattern here.” the teacher said looking to Amy and Jason as she mentioned the things they’ve done.
“If you think we’re dating, then we aren’t.” Amy said. Jason was about to say something before her, but quickly became quiet.
“Well, I do hope you stop competing for worst teen of the year.” the teacher said.
“We aren’t competing, we’re just bored.” Amy said before Jason could say anything.
“Well, all I can say is, I hope you two start dating, because you are really causing a ruckus in the school when you aren’t together.” the teacher said getting out of her chair.

Meanwhile, Kyle was waiting for Amy to come out. He waited and waited and waited. Did she ever come out? Well, he’s still waiting. Suddenly, Amy came running out.
“Amy! I thought you wanted me to walk you home?” Kyle yelled as Jason ran out following her.
“Jason is walking me home!” she yelled running out the door.
“Jason is, what?” he yelled as he followed her. Jason finally caught up to Amy. Amy turned around to look at Kyle running after her.
“Just wait until everyone thinks we’re dating!” she whispered to him. He started laughing. They loved playing jokes on people, this by far has to be their worst yet.
“What happened to my sister?” Kyle said as he watched the two walk off.

Meanwhile, Beau was off to find out what the heck happened last night. He scattered the house, looking for an answer.
“This is so weird. Fake blood on the floor, a famous, rich writer gets shot, yet her body is no where to be found. The main suspect has an alibi, so it isn’t him, what the heck happened?” he kept asking himself. Suddenly, his phone rang.
“Yes, son?” he answered looking around the house.
“Dad, your daughter is dating.” Kyle said. Beau dropped his notebook.
“I hope you mean Amy and not Yasmin.” he said.
“Yes, its Amy. Your tomboy little girl is dating.” Kyle said disappointed.
“Oh, well that’s fine. Its about time she took an interest in boys.” he said picking up his notebook.
“Dad! She is not dating any normal boy, she is dating Jason Cardelias!” Kyle yelled. Beau shook his head.
“Not that punk who put lizards in the teachers desk?” Beau asked.
“Yes. He also poured glue and paint in and on my locker.” Kyle pointed out.
“Lets hope she doesn’t marry him.” Beau said as Kyle was about to hang up.
“Oh and one more thing, I overheard them talking about coming over for dinner tonight.” Kyle added.
“That’s your moms problem for now.” Beau said hanging up. Kyle put his phone in his pocket as he watched Amy and Jason walking on home. Kyle was very protective of his sister, nobody goes near her without talking to him first.
“Well, Mr. Cardelias, you want to date my sister, your going to have to go through me first.” Kyle said continuing walking behind them.

Alicia was preparing dinner when Amy walked in.
“Mom, there’s someone I want you to meet!” Amy said running in. Alicia was surprised to hear Amy’s girly accent, but her eyes dropped when she saw Jason walk in.
“Mom, this is Jason!” she said.
“Hi.” Jason said shyly.
“Uh, hi.” Alicia said grabbing Amy’s arm and walking her into the kitchen.
“Please tell me this boy is just your friend.” Alicia whispered.
“Mom, he is the cutest, sweetest boy in the whole school!” Amy said jumping up and down like a little girl who just won a pony.
“I knew that you’d find some boy some day.” Alicia said walking back to cook. Amy was a little confused that her mom didn’t put up more of a fuss then that.
“Me and Jason are going upstairs to study!” Amy yelled walking upstairs just to trigger her mom’s ‘Oh No You’re Not!’ gland.
“Very well.” she said cooking. Amy’s eyes grew wide, her mom was completely fine with all that?
“Your ma ain’t buying it!” Jason whispered to Amy.
“I know, what can we do to make her get mad?” Amy asked. Jason turned away.
“I’m not kissing you.” he said.
“Why not?” Amy asked.
“You are the biggest tomboy in school, it would be weird.” he said turning back to her.
“What if I go put on my moms makeup?” Amy asked loud enough so her mom could hear.
“Oh no you’re not!” She yelled from the kitchen.
“Fine, when dad comes home then?” Amy asked him again.
“Nope.” He said turning away. Amy grabbed his arm and hugged it like a teddy bear.
“I’ll start calling you dorky pet names at school!” She tried to convince him with a little girly voice.
“Fine then. When your dad comes home we’ll freak him out.” He said turning to her. She sneaked a quick kiss on his cheek, he made a weird face as he rubbed it off.
“You love it.” she said cuddling him. Kyle came rushing in.
“Oh no! You too already killed mom!” Kyle yelled running into the kitchen.
“What is wrong with your brother?” Jason asked her.
“I don’t know.” Amy said walking over to her skateboard.
“YES!!!” Jason yelled running outside. There is nothing he loved more then skateboarding. Amy loved it too. She loved it when her dog Pepper would start a race with her. But right now Pepper is too busy thinking about Jason, that dreamy boy Amy dragged home. She watched as Jason threw Amy off her skateboard just so he could have a turn. Pepper just starred and dreamed. She finally jumped out of her cozy bed outside and rushed over to her. Jason turned around as Pepper followed him.
“Hey, that’s a pretty dog!” Jason said as he got off to greet Pepper.
“Her name is Pepper.” Amy said, getting a little jealous of her dog. Jason knelt down and rubbed Pepper’s belly. Amy tried several attempts to focus Jason’s attention more on her and not her dog. Finally she looked over and saw her dads car driving in.
“Jason! My dad!” she yelled as Jason moved out of the way. Pepper followed him closely behind.
“We were suppose to kiss remember?” Amy asked him looking into his eyes. What if this was more then just a simple joke? What if she was falling for the bad boy in school?
“Can’t we still skateboard a little?” he asked with a puppy dog pout. Amy walked inside as Beau got out of his car.
“My dad is a cop, have fun!” she yelled walking inside. Beau took a deep breath as he walked up to Jason.
“You must be Jason. Glad to meet you.” Beau said walking in. Jason looked over to the road, a school bus was pulling up. Cameron and Yasmin came running out.
“Who’s that guy?” Yasmin asked.
“Must be Amy’s new friend.” Cameron said. The two continued running in. Jason followed.
“What’s for dinner, dear?” Beau asked.
“Mashed potatoes and lasagna!” Alicia yelled. The family gathered up by the dinner table. Yasmin and Cameron sat in the same seat to save room for Jason. Jason sat down on a chair next to Amy, and Beau and Kyle just starred at them, Alicia began serving everyone.
“Mommy, is Amy going to marry that guy she’s sitting next to?” Yasmin asked pointing to Jason.
“If she does I hope its not tomorrow.” Alicia said. Beau began eating a little, then stopped to ask Jason a question.
“So, Jason. Do you plan on marrying Amy?” he said leaning on the table. Alicia smacked him as she poured gravy on her mashed potatoes.
“Uh, I’m only seventeen, sir.” Jason said taking a sip of Amy’s water. Amy turned away, this was not going the way she planned.
“When are we going to kiss and freak them out?” Amy whispered to Jason.
“When I’m ready and your dad isn’t out to kill me.” he whispered back. Amy grabbed his hand and rushed outside. On the porch, Amy closed the door and held Jason’s hands.
“I think we made a mistake.” Amy said looking into his eyes.
“What do you mean?” he asked.
“I think I’m in…”
‘BANG!!!’ a gunshot was heard just miles away. Amy rushed to Jason’s side. He held her close, trying to protect her.
“What was that?” Alicia yelled running out. Beau looked over to Amy, she was shaking in Jason’s arms. It reminded him of Alicia and him when they were younger. Time flew by, and time would fly by for them too. They’d get married, start a family. And he’d would volunteer to baby-sit whenever they want to go out.

A few moments earlier, Courie was running through the forest. Tyran had transformed into a lion, and killed the man who was about to shoot him down. When cops arrived, Tyran was no where to be seen, and poor Courie was left to fend for herself. She ran through the forests, and jumped logs and rivers, until out of nowhere,
‘BANG!!!’ Courie was shot down. Some vets took her, and now here she lay in a cold cage.
“A pink fox? Impossible. She was food dyed.” a lady vet said looking in on her.
“Nope, that’s her real fur. We tried washing her five times, it didn’t come off. We even tried DNA testing, she’s really a pink fox.” a doctor said coming in with a clipboard. Courie gazed in and out as people walked around holding cats and dogs. She had no idea where she was or how she got here, and where was Tyran?
“Maybe she was part of some mad science experiment, maybe there’s more of her.” a vet said still looking at her. Courie shook her loopy head and looked around.
“Well, she’s healthy.” a doctor said. Courie looked over at her back, she had white wraps all around her. What happened to her?
“Mmm, where am I?” she asked herself. All the vets heard was yelping.
“I’ll look around the place she was shot later on today to see if she had any tags.” the doctor said going out of the room. The lady vet kept starring at Courie.
“Are you truly a pink fox?” she asked her. Courie shook her head.
“You moron! Of course I’m pink! Don’t you know anything about Drafoxes? Females are naturally lilac, red, blue or pink!” Courie continued barking.
“You have quite the temper, Fluffy.” the lady vet named her.
“FLUFFY??? You dare call me Fluffy once more and I will rip your eyes out!” Courie yelled. The lady vet shook her head and went to turn out the light. Courie kept on barking as she left the room, leaving her all alone. She soon began howling, and all the dogs followed. She missed her wide open land of Drafoxinia, chasing bunnies and running the roads with Tyran. It was always so wonderful. Now she finds herself abandoned in a cold cage on top of a dog and below a cat. She felt middle ranked, but none of this was about ranking, she had to find her Tyran and get out of here, soon…

Amy was riding Celeste, with Jason by her side on Mystic. They rode to a nearby lake, where Beau proposed to Alicia. Jason gathered up his courage and got off Mystic. Amy jumped off Celeste like she was nothing but a mini horse.
“They found out that a fox was shot earlier today.” she said starring at him. Jason sat on the ground as Amy followed.
“Is the fox okay?” he asked looking back to her.
“They think so. The fox is pink, they claimed it must have been food dyed, or tested on.” she said.
“I thought they tested on mice.” Jason said.
“No one knows anymore. All that matters is that we have each other, right?” Amy asked grabbing his hand. For once Jason didn’t mind, and leaned in to kiss her for the first time. Mystic stuck up behind them just as they were about to kiss, and licked Amy’s hat off.
“Mystic! Go tease somebody else!” Amy yelled, mad that her horse would interrupt her and her new boyfriend.
“I don’t think we should take this as a joke anymore.” Amy said. Jason looked over.
“I can tell, you won’t stop begging me to kiss you. Its weird.” he said starring into her beautiful eyes. Her heart skipped a beat as she leaned in more to him. This all started out as a joke, and now they are about to really kiss.
“Jason,” Amy whispered, “I think I’m falling in love with you.”
Jason’s eyes grew wide with joy, maybe they would start a family some day.
“And after all this time, you…”
“Shut up!” Amy interrupted as she smacked his hand and kissed him.
“I want to go cause trouble.” Amy said getting up.
“Where?” Jason asked.
“Maybe by the police station?” Amy said walking over to it.

“I don’t like it. I don’t like it at all.” Beau said looking out the window waiting for Amy to come home.
“She’s only been gone ten minutes, dear.” Alicia said cleaning the dishes.
“That boy took her, and now they are who knows where doing who knows what.” Beau said grabbing some binoculars.
“She is a seventeen year old girl, she is going to get in trouble with boys.” Alicia said. Beau turned to her with a surprised look.
“Well, not that kind of trouble! She’s probably knocking over trashcans or painting a face on a cats butt.” Alicia said walking over to him.
“Well, she, um. That’s probably what she’s doing.” Beau said worried about his daughter.
“You have nothing to worry about. She is a tomboy, she likes boys as friends not as boyfriends.” Alicia said going upstairs.
“Why two girls? Why?” Beau asked himself shaking his head.

Meanwhile, Mystic was still starring at Amy and Jason as they cuddled up to each other, starring at the stars, telling each other how much they love each other.
“Sort of sweet, isn’t it dear?” Celeste asked Mystic as he chewed on some grass.
“I’d leave and go back to the farm but then they’d both have to ride back on you.” Mystic said disappointed in Amy.
“Oh, so what if she is in love with the boy who gets into nothing but trouble at school? At least it isn’t like our first date.” Celeste said starring back at them.
“I remember our first, wait… eleven months after our first date we had Caramel.” Mystic said going back down to graze.
“Isn’t that how our first date began, dear?” Celeste asked. Mystic’s eyes grew wide. He walked over to the young couple, and started stomping in front of them.
“We aren’t going home, Mystic.” Amy said as Jason closed his eyes. Mystic stomped three more times.
“Yes we are.” Mystic said to himself angry. Because Amy wasn’t a child anymore, she couldn’t hear what Mystic said.
“Go away!” Amy yelled. Mystic trotted off. Celeste looked over to him as he began running off in the direction of the farmhouse. Celeste followed, just to give the two some privacy…

“That is final! If that girl is not home by twelve, she is never to see him again!” Beau yelled marching around the house. Kyle crossed his arms looking at the clock. Alicia just continued her reading, she was sure her little girl would be home soon. Cameron came running downstairs holding his teddy bear.
“Mom, is Amy going to have a baby?” he asked.
“We hope not.” Kyle said still crossing his arms. Alicia hit him with her bookmark.
“Good, because Yasmin was just reading a book and…”
“Okay, time for bed.” Beau said rushing up to Cameron. He turned to Alicia.
“Why did you leave that book out where Yasmin could find it?” Beau asked. Alicia shrugged as she continued reading.

Morning came, and everyone was still up wondering where Amy was. Beau was worried sick, he started a search party for her. Why would she run off in the middle of the night when a unknown killer is running lose?

The two were still in the same spot they were last night. Amy slowly awoke to see the beautiful sun over the clear lake. Birds were singing, ducks were waddling. Cranes were waiting for fish to swim by. And Amy was still cuddled up to Jason. Though she couldn’t find her hat, she had it on all day, and then Mystic licked it off. It pretty much disappeared after that. Amy looked over to Jason, with his blue eyes hiding behind his eyelids. Amy leaned in to kiss him.
“Good morning, sweetie.” she whispered. Jason got up and stretched out.
“Good morning to you too. Your parents are probably super mad.” Jason said leaning in to kiss Amy’s cheek.
“It doesn’t matter, I’m an adult now. I’m seventeen, they can’t do a thing about it.” Amy said looking over at the scenery.
“So, you’re saying you want to run away?” Jason asked her as she sat up straight.
“Not run away. I’d miss them, I just wish they would quit treating me like I’m still six.” Amy said looking up at the sunrise.
“If I asked you if you’d marry me what would you say?” Jason asked her, looking up at the sky.
“Depends, how old am I when you ask me?” Amy asked him whispering.
“A year or so from now.” he said.
“Then yes.” she answered.
“What do you think your parents are thinking?” Jason asked.
“They’re thinking I’m nuts.” Amy said to him.
“You don’t look anything like your mom or dad, you know that right?” Jason asked her looking over to her.
“I was adopted.” Amy said stroking his hand.
“I still can’t believe this was a joke. And now here we are now.” Jason told her still looking up at the pale morning sky.
“Well do you like where we are now?” Amy asked him.
“Yes.” he replied.
“Then quit your complaining.” Amy joked as she leaned in to hug him. Finally some cops from the search party spotted them. Beau was right behind them.
“They’re right there!” a lady cop yelled. Amy jumped up as soon as she heard her say that.
“Its my dad.” Amy said starring. Beau looked over at her and marched right down the hill…

“I can’t believe you and that boy, eeyuk!” Kyle said squinting.
“Shut up!” Amy yelled. Jason was sitting down on the couch while Amy walked outside with her father.
“I cannot believe how late you two were out! You had me and your mother worried sick! She read three books in two hours!” Beau yelled.
“Me and Jason were fine. We were just kissing.” Amy said crossing her arms.
“I do not care! You are to never see that boy again!” Beau yelled pointing.
“You can’t do that, I’m not a teenager anymore!” Amy yelled uncrossing her arms and throwing them back.
“You are too! You have two years to go before you’re of on your own, but as for now you are to never see him again. You are grounded.” Beau yelled as he began walking back inside.
“I’m seventeen! Girls who are four years younger then me already have husbands and families! Why can’t I at least spend a Saturday night with my boyfriend?” Amy yelled.
“If you think you are so mature then move out!” Beau yelled.
“Fine! I will! I’ll move in with Jason!” Amy yelled. Beau ignored her and walked back inside.
“Shoot her.” he said wiping his face down.
“What was that about Amy moving in with Jason?” Alicia asked him.
“If she wants to move out then fine, I’m not dealing with her anymore. Jason, take your girlfriend home.” Beau yelled as he went upstairs. Amy came barging in and ran upstairs too.
“Amy, where are you going?” Alicia asked as Amy slammed her door. Jason went outside and climbed up the balcony to her room.
“Amy, what are you doing?” Jason asked climbing in her window.
“I’m moving in with you.” she said coming over to him. Jason turned away.
“You can’t move in with me.” Jason told her looking away.
“Why not?” Amy asked holding his shoulders.
“I got a call from my parents a few moments ago, they’re kicking me out.” he said sitting on her bed.
“Why? How did they even find out what happened?” Amy said coming over to him.
“Your dad told them everything.” Jason said.
“Amy, we decided to, AMY!!!” Alicia yelled.
“What?” Amy asked.
“I don’t even want to know your excuse, you are moving out.” Alicia yelled.
“What? Why?” Amy asked surprised.
“You are moving out, but I want you and Jason married first.” Alicia yelled crossing her arms.
“Fine. Jason, will you marry me?” Amy asked. Jason had no idea what was going on.
“Mrs. Shade, I think…”
“No, you don’t think. If you thought for one second that I would even let you step foot in this house again, then you clearly aren’t thinking at all. I want you two out, I don’t care if I even have to pay for the house, I want you out by tomorrow.” Alicia yelled slamming the door. Amy got up and began packing, what has she gotten herself into?

There she was, sitting in a cold dark cage. Dogs and cats barking and meowing, Courie was so depressed. Those vet people came in, they had another animal. The lady vet opened the little door to the carry cage and pulled out a purple fox! It was Tyran! Courie jumped up as soon as she saw him, and began doing little Chihuahua barks. Tyran was asleep though, and so limp, was he alive? Clearly he had to have been if he was being put in a cage next to her. Finally, Courie wasn’t alone.
“Tyran!” she yelped. He couldn’t hear her, he just stayed limp. She kept yelping but got no answer. Her beloved Tyran wasn’t responding to anything.
“I don’t know where we are getting all these foxes from.” the lady vet said as the doctor went out.

Alicia and Beau came to a conclusion that Amy and Jason are welcomed to stay, but they are both grounded. And so, they can only watch the family’s annual Domino Game.

Yasmin was on her mom’s team, and Cameron was on his dad’s. Jason and Amy were just standing in the back watching.
“Who has the double six?” Beau asked. Cameron slammed it down so hard he almost cracked the table.
“Careful Cameron.” Alicia scolded him. It was now Yasmin’s turn. She put down a six five.
“Dad’s turn.” she said poking him. Beau covered up his dominos. He picked one up and began to tap it,
“Six two.” he said as he placed it down gently. Alicia’s turn. Three zero. Cameron again.
“Oops.” he whispered to himself.
“You don’t pass, do you?” Beau asked leaning over to his side of the table.
“All I have is double fives!” Cameron said as Yasmin giggled.
“She’s cheating!” Cameron said pointing to her.
“Yasmin, did you mix up your brother’s dominos with other dominos so they’d be all fives?” Alicia asked her.
“Double fives.” Yasmin said.
“You know the rules, Yasmin. Cheaters out, Amy, you come in and play.” Beau said pulling Yasmin’s chair out.
“I thought I was grounded?” Amy asked.
“This is family dominos and you’re family.” Alicia said grabbing the other domino sets and placing them back to normal. Amy came over and sat down.
“Okay then, lets win this.” Amy said grabbing some dominos.

Everyone was down to their last domino, except Cameron, who still had three. It was Alicia’s turn.
“Three or zero? Shoot.” Alicia said to herself. She had a double five, it was dumb not to have placed it when a five was still open. Yasmin came up to Amy as she concentrated on Cameron’s next move.
“How come we never play with the double eight dominos? I like double eight dominos, I win better.” Cameron said shrugging his shoulders.
“Cameron, you have to have either a three or zero.” Beau said rubbing his face.
“All I have is this.” Cameron said picking up a domino and showing it to everyone. It was a three zero, just what he needed.
“Cameron! You know how to play, put it down!” Beau yelled as he began laughing.
“I can’t figure out where to put it.” Cameron said to himself.
“Doesn’t matter, you aren’t winning.” Amy said getting ready to place her domino.
“I’ll put it right here, on the zero.” Cameron said placing it. Amy looked down at her piece, and slammed it down in a pass. Double zero, she should have let Cameron think first. Beau looked down at his, zero five, he tapped it in a pass and looked over to Alicia.
“I can’t go.” Alicia said. Cameron slammed down a three five. Amy tapped, and Beau slammed down his and went to high-five Cameron.
“We won! Because of your dumb moves we won!” Beau exclaimed.
“Jason, do you want to play?” Amy asked him. Alicia wasn’t too sure about that.
“Sure, he can play in my place.” Beau said going to get a drink.
“Have you ever played before?” Alicia asked shuffling the dominos.
“Yeah, it’s a family tradition. Each year my grandparents fly in from New York to play a three hundred round game. Sometimes it lasts for days. We play with more dominos though. Sometimes three sets at a time. I got to play a few times.” Jason explained.
“You must know it well, then.” Alicia said. Cameron gave Jason a evil look.
“You’re going down!” he shouted.
“He’s on your team Cameron.” Amy said picking hers.
“Seven each, right?” Jason asked.
“Yes.” Alicia said nodding her head. Jason placed the double six. When was a girl going to do that?
“Do we keep track?” Jason asked.
“No, we play for fun, until one of us passes out.” Alicia joked.
“Mom, your turn.” Amy said getting a little mad that her mom was getting along with her boyfriend.
“Okay then.” Alicia said putting down a six five.
“Wow, you get rid of the big numbers first, that’s for sure.” Jason said laughing. Amy slapped his arm.
“Me, right?” Cameron asked. Everyone nodded. Cameron put down a six eight. Alicia knew that wasn’t right.
“Cameron?” Alicia looked over to him. He was playing with double eights!
“I know, I know, cheaters out.” Cameron said getting off his chair. Beau rushed out of the kitchen and into his room.
“You have got to be joking, you think he’s telling the truth?” Beau said rushing off. Alicia followed him to see what was wrong.
“What happened?” Amy asked.
“They don’t think Chloe Withers was murdered.” Beau said grabbing his work clothes.
“Chloe Withers? The one who writes all those great romance novels? Jason asked getting up.
“What do they think happened to her?” Alicia asked.
“They think she’s still alive.” Beau said getting dressed.
“So she is still alive? She’s still alive? I was right!” Amy jumped up and screamed.
“Who said she died?” Jason asked.
“She was murdered.” Amy said.
“If you want you can all come down to the police station.” Beau said as Kyle came running down.
“Mom, I can not concentrate on my reading with all you people yelling!” Kyle said holding a book.
“That is not Timeless, is it?” Jason asked looking over at the book with a rose on the front and Chloe Withers’ name on the front.
“Yes, I borrowed it from my mom.” Kyle said holding it up.
“I have been wanting that book for so long!” Jason yelled trying to grab it.
“Dude, it’s a romance novel!” Kyle said hugging the book.
“I’m not the one hugging it.” Jason pointed out.
“Guys! While you were having your little discussion, my parents and my sister and brother left us alone.” Amy pointed out.
“Want to watch a movie?” Jason asked.
“No.” Kyle said walking back upstairs.
“Fine then. Me and Jason will!” Amy yelled. Kyle came running down.
“May I suggest an action flick?” Kyle asked.
“Who says ‘flick’ anymore?” Jason asked.
“Pretty much only my brother.” Amy said walking into the living room.
“Do you have any gory movies? Like Death Cry?” Jason asked leaning on the wall.
“That movie is rated R, as in, we are not eighteen so we can not see it.” Kyle said.
“I said do you have it?” Jason asked again.
“Yes we do, and we are going to watch it.” Amy said walking to the couch.
“Fine. But I’m not watching it.” Kyle said walking off.
“Your brother acts like a girl.” Jason said watching him walk off.
“Don’t remind me. When he was two he put on my mom’s makeup.” Amy said getting the DVD.
“We’re actually going to watch it?” Jason asked looking over to her.
“If my brother doesn’t hear scary music in five seconds he will come down and say that he doesn’t hear the movie.” Amy said putting the DVD in the player. Kyle walked down and went over to the couch.
“Go away, Kyle.” Amy said pushing him off.
“I believe this seat is not taken.” Kyle said about to sit down. Amy put her legs up right where he was about to sit.
“Fine then.” Kyle said sitting down in the other chair.
“Have you guys seen The Red Eyes yet?” Jason asked cuddling up to Amy.
“You mean the one about the disease that turns your eyes red with blood and kills you within seconds?” Kyle asked.
“Yep, my brother screamed at the part where that little girl came up to her mom and blood gushed from her eyes!” Jason laughed.
“I didn’t find it funny.” Kyle said sitting up.
“I didn’t say it was funny.” Jason said getting serious.
“I wish you’d go back to where you came from.” Kyle said looking away.
“Well I wish you weren’t such a jerk.” Jason said as Amy got up.
“You guys have got to stop it.” Amy said putting her hands out. Jason got up.
“Amy, your brother has ruined every minute of my patience.” Jason said looking down at her.
“If you two want to fight do it outside.” Amy said being cross. Kyle got up and walked over to the door. Jason walked over and opened it.
“Ladies first.” Jason said letting Kyle go through.
“Jerks first.” Kyle said grabbing the handle. Amy got up and went outside to talk to Jason.
“Don’t do this.” she said to him.
“He is acting like a two year old. I’ve never done anything to him, why does he treat me like this? Heck, I tried being his friend.” Jason explained.
“He just doesn’t like you because we’re dating. He wants to look out for his sister. In time you two will be playing dominos together, trust me.” she said grabbing his shirt gently. She laid her head on his shoulder as he hugged her. Kyle was watching from behind. He began walking over once Jason loosened his grip on Amy’s back.
“I’m sorry I was making fun of you. You seem like you really love my sister so, I trust you’ll take good care of her someday.” Kyle said crossing his arms.
“I told you so.” Amy said to Jason.
“I accept your apology and I’m sorry too.” Jason said.
“Okay, we’re all friends again, why don’t we find out where everyone is sleeping tonight?” Amy said hugging on to Jason’s side.
“I suppose everyone could sleep where they usually do and I could sleep on the sofa.” Jason said.
“Okay.” Kyle said simple and quick. Amy smiled, maybe everything would turn out fine after all.

The four sat at the police station. They couldn’t believe that it was all a hoax. No one died, and Chloe Withers herself showed up to tell the story. She came out to talk to Beau. Alicia started waving herself down, she was in the presence of her favorite author!
“You must be Beau.” Chloe said shaking his hand, she spoke with such a strong British accent. She looked down to notice that Alicia was reading her book Dawn on the Dock.
“I see you read my books.” Chloe said.
“I am such a fan!” Alicia said shaking.
“Anyhow, we need to know why you tried to make us believe that you…”
“I have read each and every one of your books! My favorite is Shadow Keepers!” Alicia interrupted.
“Anyhow, we need to know why…”
“Would you sign my book?” Alicia asked handing her book over.
“Dear.” Beau said looking over to Alicia.
“I know, go sit outside. Come on kids.” Alicia said grabbing Cameron’s hand.
“Mrs. Withers…”
“Please, call me Chloe. It isn’t good luck to say Misses. It causes writers block.” Chloe said.
Please, please do not leave me with a nut. Beau thought to himself.
“Chloe. We need to find out why you tried convincing the world that you were dead and that your husband killed you.” Beau said as he tried to be specific. Everyone knew Chloe was a little odd.
“Are you a writer?” Chloe asked him.
“Um, no.” he answered.
“I do not converse personal information with non-writers.” Chloe said looking away.
“You must be kidding.” Beau said looking to the ceiling.
“I kid not, non-writers do not make good use of their knowledge. They try to know everything, but what good is it? None if you do not put it in a book. The more knowledge you pick up the more you understand if you allow others to understand.” Chloe clearly refused to share any info.
“Mrs. Withers…”
“Chloe.” she corrected.
“Chloe! You are the only person who knew exactly what happened the other day!” Beau yelled. Chloe looked away.
“Antsy Redgabrook.” Chloe said. Beau got up and started walking out.

“Antsy Redgabrook?” Alicia asked herself as Beau explained what happened on their way home.
“Yeah, and she said she doesn’t share personal info with non-writers. What a weirdo.” Beau said.
“Maybe its some sort of code, like maybe it means Ants eat red brooks.” Cameron said. Yasmin looked to the side of the car.
“An-Sy-Red-a-Brook. Ant-See-Read-A-Book. Maybe it means your Aunt see’s a Book and she read it.” Yasmin suggested.
“I’ll tell Amy about it, she’s good with figuring stuff like that out.” Beau said as he kept driving. Suddenly, the car broke down.

A few hours ago, Amy got a call from her parents. Their car broke down and they wouldn’t be home until day. So the house sleeping arrangements changed a bit. Kyle slept in his bed, Amy slept in hers, and Jason slept in Cameron’s.

Amy laid in bed, looking up at the ceiling. She wished she had someone to talk to, and Kyle would never help. She wanted to be with Jason, she can’t separate from him for two seconds. Its sad. She wanted to marry him, but she wasn’t old enough yet. She sighed every time she thought of him.
“Kyle?” she whispered, but he was fast asleep. She got up and opened the door as quietly as she could. She tip toed over to Jason’s bed, and shook him to wake him up.
“What is it?” he asked turning over.
“I can’t sleep.” she said.
“I’m in enough trouble with your parents. Go back to your room.” he whispered. Amy gave him a puppy dog pout.
“No.” he said firmly.
“I can sleep where I want, its my house.” she said walking over to Yasmin’s bed. Kyle awoke in the other room.
“Amy? AMY!” he yelled looking over at her empty bed. He marched over to Cameron and Yasmin’s room. He slammed the door open.
“What?” Amy yelled. Kyle closed the door.
“Darn it. I thought for sure I‘d get her.” Kyle said to himself as he walked back to his room. He slammed the door, he was so mad that he’d get out of bed thinking he could call up his parents and tell them what Amy and Jason are doing, but he can’t do it since they were actually being good.
Amy looked over to Jason.
“Did you take me seriously when I asked if you’d marry me?” she asked him.
“Not really.” he whispered trying to fall back asleep.
“Well, I was serious.” she said looking over to him. He looked over at her.
“You’re proposing to me?” he asked.
“Say yes, please.” she begged with a whimper.
“I suppose.” She gave him a smile, she couldn’t believe she was engaged. She felt like flying away, flying away from this time in life and skipping forward to her wedding day. She never felt so girly.

In the morning, Beau and Alicia arrived back home. Carmen and Yasmin were exhausted. Amy had stayed up all night waiting for them to come home, and now they’re home, how is she going to tell them?
Beau went strait to bed, and Yasmin and Cameron went to their beds. Jason was forced to get up, or Cameron would throw a fit. There’s nothing worse then a unhappy Cameron. Alicia decided to stay up and put some groceries away that they picked up on the way home. She took off her jacket and hung it on the hook by the kitchen. Amy came slowly down.
“What are you doing up?” Alicia asked as she grabbed a bag.
“I have something to tell you.” she said taking a few more steps down to the ground.
“Yes?” Alicia asked waiting.
“I, I’m…”
“What?” Alicia asked hoping her daughter wasn’t going to say she was pregnant.
“I’m engaged.” Amy said as quick as she could. Alicia widened her eyes.
“That boy asked you to marry him?! I’ll kill him, you two are still in school!” Alicia yelled as she slammed the refrigerator door.
“He didn’t propose to me.” Amy said taking a few steps on the cold wood floor.
“So he took you seriously yesterday when you asked him to marry you? The boy is dumb.” Alicia said.
“Mom, I asked him again. This time it wasn’t just to get you mad.” Amy said as Alicia looked over to her.
“You are going to wait until you’re eighteen, right?” Alicia asked her.
“Of course.” she answered.
“First I want to asked you something, are you truly in love with this boy?” Alicia asked her while still holding some frozen carrots.
“Yes, I want to spend my entire life with him.” Amy said scratching her hands behind her back. Alicia started getting choked up, and ran over to hug her daughter.
“You promise you’ll still live here?” Alicia asked still hugging.
“Yes mom.” Amy said with a sigh.
“You promise me grandchildren, that’s the only way I’ll let you get married.” Alicia said looking at her daughter.
“I promise, mom.” Amy said as Alicia began hugging her again.
“How many and how soon?” she added.
“Many and soon.” Alicia said going back to her groceries.
“Should I tell dad?” Amy asked.
“Nah, wait until you get married. Of course you should tell him!” Alicia said sarcastically.
“Ok.” Amy said walking into her parent’s room. Jason came running down the stairs. Alicia looked over at him and ran over to hug him.
“My son!” she screeched. Kyle came walking down just as she was hugging him.
“Mom! I’m your son!” she shouted.
“Yes, but you aren’t marrying my daughter.” Alicia said going back to her groceries.
“Marrying your daughter, what? You proposed to my sister?!” Kyle confronted him.
“No. She proposed to me.” Jason said walking away.
“WHAT!?!” Beau yelled running out.
“Mom he isn’t happy about it!” Amy yelled.
“I thought you’d be happy? Your daughter is getting married!” Alicia yelled.
“I don’t want my tomboy daughter getting married at seventeen!” Beau yelled.
“I’m getting married at eighteen, dad.” Amy tried to convince him.
“I can’t believe you are getting married to the guy who threw me in a trashcan!” Kyle yelled.
“I don’t care!” Amy screamed. Voices went silent, and Beau walked over to his daughter.
“What?” he asked. Amy walked over to Jason and grabbed him by the neck. She kissed him in front of everyone, what she always wanted. Beau’s mouth dropped as he saw his daughter kiss a boy, what he thought he would never see. As Amy backed away, she stared into Jason’s eyes. She leaned in to hug him. Beau regretted ever saying anything bad about Jason, after all, his daughter is in love with him.
“Mom, can we go upstairs to talk?” Amy asked.
“Yes, me and your father have to talk anyway.” Alicia said walking into her room. Jason followed Amy upstairs.

“I want to be married so badly.” Amy said falling back on her bed.
“I don’t.” Jason said crossing his arms in front of the door.
“What do you mean, honey?” Amy asked sitting up.
“You completely embarrassed me in front of your parents! I honestly don’t think a wedding is a good idea.” Jason said uncrossing his arms.
“We are getting married and that is final!” Amy yelled.
“I don’t want to be married to a person like you! You just want to kiss and hug now, I’m a guy I don’t like mushy stuff. I liked it better when we were just friends.” Jason said as he opened the door. Amy rushed after him.
“I love…”
“I don’t care, Amy. I’m not in love with you.” Jason said walking away. Amy stood in the hallway, Jason had nowhere else to go. If he does go through with the marriage, it won’t be for love.
“You don’t, but.” Amy said crying into her hands.

“Didn’t you see the way she kissed him like that? In front of everyone? She has guts.” Alicia kept saying.
“If I wasn‘t so shocked I’d smack him out of the house.” Beau said.
“It is a good thing she’s turning eighteen next month, I can’t wait to start planning the wedding!” Alicia said for the fifth time. Beau just nodded and agreed.

“So, you were shot and I was hit by a car?” Tyran asked as Courie explained everything to him.
“Yes, I was so worried about you.” Courie said trying to see him.
“Where did you get shot?” Tyran asked.
“Between my stomach and bladder. Sort of.” she answered looking over at her marks.
“And I was…”
“Hit and crushed.” Courie answered.
“Okay. So what is this weird place that smells like soap and dog breath?” Tyran asked looking around.
“This is the vet.” Courie answered.
“What’s vet stand for?” Tyran asked.
“I learned this over the few days of being here, it means Vile, Etc, Time wasting. I could be somewhere else but no, I have to be shot and taken to this stupid place! Are you happy now, Marinca? You got what you wanted you stupid old piece of…”
“Courie!” Tyran stopped her. Courie had quite a bad attitude. She’d lose her temper if he didn’t stop her.
“So far I haven’t seen anything Vile.” Tyran said.
“Wait. You’ll wish you never said that.” Courie said as they began serving food to all the dogs and cats.
“Yuk, what is this?” Tyran asked.
“That’s the Vile.” Courie answered.
“Why won’t that lady over there shut up?” Tyran asked.
“That’s the Etc.” Courie answered.
“Why do I feel like my life is wasting away in this cell?” he asked one last time.
“That’s the Time wasting away.” Courie answered.

Mystic was stomping around his stall, getting so mad at Amy for proposing to Jason.
“Why? Why can’t she see him like I do?” Mystic asked himself.
“She is in love, Mystic.” Celeste answered.
“She is a mere child! It is puppy love, it is wasting her life away.” Mystic said.
“Give it up, she is getting married there is nothing you can do.” Celeste said licking Caramel clean.
“Well, I don’t like it.” Mystic finally just blurted out. Celeste shook her head, why can’t he understand?

Alicia came running downstairs with a notebook and pencil. She always thought better downstairs by the window. All the kids have left for school and she decided to start planning the wedding. Beau came walking down.
“Shouldn’t you go over the wedding plans with both the bride and groom?” he asked.
“I’m just coming up with ideas right now.” Alicia said looking up at him.
“Okay.” he said going back up. Alicia turned her head back to her notebook and began scribbling ideas.

At school, Amy couldn’t wait to tell everyone she was engaged, or so she still thought she was engaged, but rumors of the real thing quickly spread. As Amy walked down to her locker, every girl and some boys, were looking at her. She heard them all whispering different things.
“I heard she’s part of a culture who makes her get married young.” one girl said to another. A girl quickly walked up to Amy with her nose in the air and her hand on a book.
“I heard you’re engaged.” the girl said.
“Yes I am, I’m getting married next month.” she said opening her locker.
“Why the rush? Oh, that’s right.” the girl said twirling her hair and looking the other way.
“What do you mean, that’s right?” Amy asked.
“Well, aren’t you pregnant?” she asked.
“No, who the heck told you that?” Amy asked.
“Some girls over there. They said that you told them that you were pregnant and wanted to get married.” she said.
“I never told them that. I told almost everyone I was engaged, but I never said anything about being pregnant.” Amy said looking over to the girls.
“What’s the real reason then?” she asked.
“I’m in love, that’s the real reason.” Amy said holding her books and closing her locker.
“So, are you sure you aren’t pregnant?” the girl asked one final time…

Alicia’s phone started ringing while she was planning the wedding.
“Hello? Oh hi Mr. , my daughter did what?!” Alicia yelled slamming her notebook down.
“Yes, I’ll be right there.” she said hanging up the phone.
“What’s wrong?” Beau yelled from the upstairs bedroom.
“Amy got in a fight with another girl. She said that she was calling her pregnant and that’s the only reason she’s engaged.” Alicia said grabbed her jacket.
“I say the girl deserved it. No one just goes up to somebody they don’t know and tells them they’re pregnant.” Beau said loudly.
“I know, you stick up for your little girl, but she isn’t little anymore. She has to stop fighting and start thinking.” Alicia said closing the door behind her.

“I don’t want to go to school anymore.” Amy said crying in the principal’s office.
“There is only one month of school left! Just try to take it.” the principal said to her. Alicia walked in.
“What did my daughter do?” she asked.
“She punched a girl in the nose then whammed her head on the ground. The girl is in the hospital right now.” the principal said as he sat his desk.
“You put a girl in the hospital?!” Alicia yelled.
“She said I was pregnant!” Amy yelled.
“The point is that, we may have to kick her out of school.” the principal said.
“What? Why?” Alicia asked sitting down.
“All the girls are saying she is engaged for a specific reason, and we also don’t want married or engaged children roaming the school. Pregnant or not.” he tried to reason.
“You’re kicking her out because she’s engaged? She isn’t getting married while she’s in school!” Alicia yelled.
“We’re kicking her out for more reasons then that, Mrs. Shade. She has gotten into too many fights with the boys, and we would prefer she act less like a boy in class and more like a girl.” the principal said.
“What? Just because I dress like a boy and had rather hang out with boys doesn’t mean I’m violating any school rule that says I can’t. Its not fair!” Amy yelled.
“Well, we will give you a week to clean up or we will have to expel you.” the principal said.
“This isn’t fair! I don’t want to be in school then, expel me!” Amy yelled standing up.
“Okay then.” the principal said pointing to the door.
“You expelled my daughter for the way she acts?” Alicia asked disappointed as she walked out. The principal slammed his head on his desk. What a life.

“I just got expelled.” Amy yelled walking in.
“At least we can plan your wedding now.” Alicia said grabbing her notebook.
“I don’t want a wedding, I want to be married in court like my biological parents.” Amy said taking her hat off.
“You don’t want a wedding?” Alicia asked closing the notebook.
“Wedding dresses are itchy when they’re fancy, if I do have a wedding I want a plain, white silk dress and a little thing outside, nothing big and something that will hardly hurt a budget.” Amy explained.
“But, I thought you…”
“I know you and dad are tight on money now, so I don’t want to have a big wedding.” she said going upstairs.
“But we aren’t on a budget.” Alicia said to herself. Amy went up to her room and opened a notebook. Entitled on the front was Midnight, written in red and blue.
“Where was I, oh yes.” Amy said to herself getting a black pen and started writing.
“Chapter eight. She walked up to him and said with a grin, ‘I can’t marry you, I’m already married.’, he walked away and pulled a gun out of his pocket. ‘Then kill him.’ he said. She grabbed the gun and hurried to her husbands room. Three gunshots later and he was on the floor, dead.” she said as she wrote.
“Amy?” Alicia asked as she came in.
“What mom?” Amy turned to say.
“You know that me and your father aren’t on a budget, why would you say we are?” Alicia asked.
“I just don’t want a wedding, my parents got married in court because they didn’t have money for a wedding. I want the same.” Amy said continuing her writing.
“As long as its what you want.” Alicia said looking over at her notebook.
“What are you writing?” she asked.
“A story.” Amy answered.
“By any chance, do you know what a Antsy Redgabrook is?” Alicia asked.
“Yeah. Its Withers talk for And She Read A Book. Chloe Wither’s started her own secret club for teenage writers who want their books and poems published. First they have to unravel a bunch of little mysteries, and in one you have to find out who or what Antsy Redgabrook is. In the story, she is a woman who was killed by a hardcover book being thrown at her head.” Amy said as she started writing again.
“Your father needs you at the police office.” Alicia said grabbing her hand.

“So, why did you try to convince the world you were dead?” Amy asked. Chloe looked around the room.
“I did not want to be a writer any longer. I wanted for the world to say Chloe Withers is dead, and so they would no longer expect books from me. I spend my death writing tons of bestsellers, written not by Chloe Withers, but by Tara Sword. I start my life over again as Tara Sword, and I die as Tara Sword.” Chloe finally answered.
“Why did you try to get your husband in jail for supposedly killing you?” Amy asked.
“He told me that I was nuts to do such a stupid thing, so I rehearsed my death with a friend over and over until the perfect day. She would come busting inside just as me and my husband are fighting, and then would shoot a gun, hit my husband on the head so he wouldn’t remember, poor blood on the floor, and everyone disappears. Just as in my bestseller, Timeless.” Chloe answered. Amy got up and left, she had all the info she needed.
“Well?” Beau asked her.
“I have it on a recorder, dad.” Amy said giving him the recorder she was holding.

Life is never as easy as it seems for Amy. Her parents both died on the same night, the same time, when she was only a little girl. She and her brother were adopted at five by Beau and Alicia, and they have been together ever since. But now things are changing, she is getting married on her birthday to the guy of her dreams, and she loves it. As of tomorrow, on December 1st, she will be eighteen and married.
“I can’t wait.” she whispered to herself in bed, looking up at the ceiling. She just hoped that Jason will go through with it, they haven’t spoken to each other in a while.
Morning came, and Alicia hurried to drive the couple to get married. Its an odd way to get married, but it’s the way they want to be married. Alicia kept wondering why Amy didn’t want to have a wedding, not even a small one. Not even with a nice, silk dress, not fancy, just a simple plain dress.

Amy came rushing inside, being picked up by her husband, Jason. She laughed as he tried carrying her upstairs. As he fell on the steps she laughed even more, and he laughed, and Alicia just wanted to rest. She has been super tired lately, and a bit achy.
“I hope I’m not pregnant.” she said to herself laying on the bed. As Amy kept laughing she started choking.
“You okay?” Jason asked patting her back.
“I just have a little cough is all.” she said getting over the choking.
“Yuk.” she said patting her chest.
“What’s wrong?” Jason asked her.
“I have this weird taste in my throat, almost like I just threw up.” she said giving an odd face. Her smile quickly switched to a frown as she got up and rushed to the bathroom. She leaned over the toilet, trying not to throw up, but she did.
“Are you okay?” Jason asked running in.
“I’m fine.” she said getting up. Jason starred down at her.
“What?” she asked.
“Nothing, but you look, different.” he asked coming over to her.
“Do you think I’m pregnant?” she asked tilting her head.
“No but, maybe you should, check?” he tried to say.
“I am not pregnant.” she said, “What would even give you that thought, we never did anything.” Amy said gathering herself up.

“So, your sister is pregnant, right?” a boy said as he came up to Kyle.
“No, she got married today and she is not pregnant.” Kyle said walking off.
“She so is.” a girl said walking by. Kyle began to feel a little uncomfortable with everyone saying his sister is pregnant.
“My sister is fine, thank you.” Kyle said walking into his class room. Everyone was talking about her being pregnant, it was horrible. Then he awoke from that terrible nightmare. Yes, that is Kyle’s idea of a horrible nightmare. He looked over at Amy and Jason’s bed. Where were they?
“Amy?” Kyle asked from his bed. He could hear crying outside.
“Amy?” he repeated getting out of bed. He still heard the crying, it sounded like it was in the bathroom.
“I can’t believe it!” Amy yelled in a happy voice.
“What can’t you believe?” Kyle asked coming over to her. She was sobbing with joy by the bathroom.
“I took a test.” she said looking over at him smiling.
“Please tell me it was a school test.” Kyle asked.
“Call it what you want.” Amy said showing him the test.
“You! Your! Preg, oh my gosh.” Kyle said looking down at the big blue positive.
“You just got married today though, how could you be, oh mom is going to freak when she hears this.” Kyle said. He knew you couldn’t get pregnant in a day, he knew what must have happened.
“Don’t tell mom, I don’t know how or why it says I’m pregnant cause I didn’t do a single thing a week ago. I’m waiting a month before I take one again.” she said.
“Won’t it be a little odd to have the baby a month premature?” Kyle asked.
“Cameron and Yasmin were premature.” Amy said throwing the test away.
“Exactly, and when the doctors say it wasn’t premature mom is going to chop your head off.” Kyle said crossing his arms.
“She won’t if I’m not really pregnant, which is the most reasonable explanation.” Amy said walking out of the bathroom.
“Won’t it be odd if she finds the test in the bathroom?” Kyle tried to convince her.
“No, because first Cameron goes to the bathroom and then Yasmin and then dad and then mom, and she is always too tired to ever notice anything so…” Amy paused, “Please take the garbage out for me?”
“Fine.” Kyle said going into the bathroom.

If the test was right and she is pregnant, the only thing that Amy would be worried about was showing too early, if she showed too early then her mom would know for sure. If her mom knew for sure, she’d be really mad, and if that happens then Amy may not be able to live at home anymore.
“Why me?” Amy asked herself. Jason still didn’t know, he was outside the entire time Kyle and Amy were talking. It seemed like just the other day they were little kids, they didn’t care about work or school or marriage, and now Amy is married and may be pregnant, and only one person knows. Amy sat in bed looking up at the ceiling with her hand on her stomach. Did she want a baby so early in the marriage? Yes. She wanted a family of her own to support and love, and to have someone who loves you back and supports everything you do is much better then not. Right?

Jason walked in with Amy’s skateboard. Apparently he borrowed it.
“Honey!” he yelled. Amy felt too weak to get up. Jason rushed upstairs.
“What’s wrong?” he asked as he came into the room. He sat down on the bed and rubbed her face.
“You can’t tell anyone if I tell you.” she said getting up.
“What did you do?” he asked her getting nervous.
“Its not what I did its what you may have done.” Amy said walking around the room.
“What did I do?” he asked. How could he do something this early in a marriage?
“I’m… We’re, I might be pregnant.” she blurted. Jason’s eyes grew wide.
“You can’t be, we didn’t…”
“I know, I took a test and it was positive. If mom thinks I got pregnant before I got married she’ll make us move out.” Amy said as Jason got up.
“Then we’ll have to lie low.” he said hugging her.
“That’s another problem.” Amy said pushing him away and lifting half her shirt up to expose her already showing baby bump.
“Okay, that is a problem.” Jason said looking down.
“I know, this kid wants to be seen.” Amy said pulling her shirt down again.
“How are we going to take care of that?” Jason asked.
“I could wear long clothes.” she said.
“I don’t know, but we have to figure out something.” he said lying down to go to sleep.
“I know you can sleep but I can’t.” she said crossing her arms and sitting down.
“Okay then.” he said getting up. He kissed her on the cheek and rubbed her back.
“Go away.” she said getting up quickly.
“Okay then.” he said going back to sleep.
“I love you.” she said looking over.
“I love you too.” he said grabbing her hand.

“Kyle, what happened to my test?” Alicia asked walking by him. Kyle started to get a hot flash.
“Um, why?” he asked as he stiffened up.
“Because I just went to use it and its gone, the box and everything.” she said crossing her arms.
“I wouldn’t know anything of it.” Kyle said as he quickly started upstairs.
“Kyle.” she said as he stopped, “You know where it is.”
“I absolutely do not.” he tried to say.
“Kyle, you do too.” she said. Kyle tried to keep it in, he couldn’t lie to his mother.
“You shouldn’t ask me, you should ask…” he started as Amy came down, “Her! She knows where it was and she used it.” Kyle yelled and pointed.
“You said you wouldn’t tell her!” Amy yelled.
“You’re the one who’s pregnant!” Kyle yelled.
“Why would you rat out your own sister like that?!” Amy yelled.
“Who’s pregnant?” Yasmin asked coming down.
“Is Amy going to have a baby?” Cameron asked jumping up from playing with his dominos.
“You’re pregnant?” Alicia asked, “Everyone, go upstairs.” Alicia said. it’s a good thing Beau isn’t home.
“Amy, you just got married a day ago, you can’t be…”
“I am.” Amy said nervously.
“No, Amy, you did not…” Alicia said as she grabbed her face and began sobbing.
“Mom, I… I have no idea how or what but, I swear to you I did nothing.” she asked.
“I just can‘t believe you. You can’t just get married and automatically be pregnant.” Alicia kept on crying with one hand holding her up on the counter and another on her face.
“Are you mad at me?” Amy asked.
“I’m pregnant.” Alicia said.
“You are? I thought I took your only test…”
“I went to the doctors office while everyone was still sleeping. They said that since my family has a history of twins that I should be expecting two. I was hoping you weren’t pregnant because we need all the room we have right now. We’re going to have to move.” Alicia said holding her stomach. She looked over at Amy with a smile.
“You scared?” Alicia asked.
“Yeah.” she said.
“I should be too, I was passed out when they did a C-section on me with Yasmin and Cameron. And I adopted you. I never really had a baby naturally.” Alicia said.
“I never had a baby.” Amy said leaning up against the wall.
“I hope you never did.” Alicia said.
“How far along are you?” Alicia asked.
“I have no idea.” Amy answered.
“Do you have a bump yet?” Alicia asked.
“Yes.” Amy said lifting up her shirt.
“Showing already? Hopefully you don’t have twins.” Alicia said scaring Amy.
“I don’t want twins.” Amy said going back up to bed. Alicia couldn’t believe her and her daughter are pregnant at the same time.
“What a life.” she said giving out a sigh.

Tyran and Courie decided to escape last night, and are now roaming the street again.
“Tyran?” Courie said looking over to him.
“Yes?” he asked quickly looking over to her.
“I don’t think we were meant to be.” she said walking away.
“But you are the only female Drafox I could ever meet!” Tyran exclaimed running up to her and nudging her fur.
“I found a new boyfriend.” she said with a sigh.
“What do you mean?” Tyran asked turning his body to the side.
“A black lab named Ahab, he was in the vet too and taught me how to escape. He said for me to meet him here after I get rid of you.” Courie said roaming off.
“That’s it? You’re just leaving me?” Tyran asked confused as Courie began getting further and further away.
“Goodbye, Tyran, I’m sure we’ll meet again!” she said as a black shadow came up from behind her. She turned to see her new boyfriend Ahab, and she roamed off with him into the night. Tyran felt heartbroken, he waited too long to make Courie queen, and now she’s found a new guy who will probably treat her better then he ever did. How will he win her back?

Alicia looked out the window of the living room, watching Caramel and Pepper play in the fields. Everything seemed so perfect, she’s going to be a grandmother, and she’s having a new baby. Now if she could only convince Kyle to begin dating. She saw Kyle coming out of the stable with a huge bale of hay that he was putting out for the horses. Kyle loves horses, and he’d only date a girl who likes horses and animals as much as he does. Alicia rested her head on a pillow and faded out into her dream world, and then that forbidden morning sickness kicked in. She rushed to the bathroom, Beau came down the stairs getting ready for work, Jason went out to help Kyle with the horses, and Amy was staring into the mirror in her room, looking at how fast her baby bump is growing. She constantly feels the little one moving, up and down, left and right, but recently she hasn’t felt the little one move much. Since everyone thinks that she’s still early in her pregnancy, she hasn’t seen a doctor yet, and doesn’t plan to. Turning to her side, she notices that it isn’t as big as she thought, but she knows that she’s barely on her third month.
“Why me?” she asked herself. She knew why it was her, she fell in love and now she’s paying the price.

Amy had decided to take a nap to forget about the world around her for a while. Everyone else decided to go out, even Jason.

Midnight came, everyone was just on their way home, three hours away. Amy woke up when she felt stomach pangs. As she laid there half asleep on her back, she noticed they weren’t getting any better. She couldn’t take any medicine to sooth the pangs since she’s pregnant, and they were too strong to be hunger pangs.
“Don’t let me have a miscarriage.” she prayed over and over as she hugged her stomach.
“Maybe I just ate something bad, I’ll take a bath.” she said getting up and rushing to the bathroom. She collapsed in the tub with her nightgown still on, but the pain was too extreme to even let her stand a few more seconds. She grunted as the pain became even worse, tears fell from her eyes as she grabbed her stomach. She could feel something moving around her baby bump.
“I couldn’t be going into labor, could I?” she asked herself gasping for air. She leaned over to turn on the water, trying to make it warm. Once it was shallow and lightly warm, she put both her legs up and pushed. Gasping for breath she stopped, and started again. One last push and she looked down at the bloody water surrounding her, with her baby boy in the middle. She immediately grabbed him as he started to cry.
“You’re full term.” she said looking at him. He cried and coughed and squirmed around, moving his arms and legs and head, the signs of a full term, healthy baby. Amy couldn’t just sit here with him, she gathered up all her extra strength and got out of the bloody bathwater. She grabbed her mothers sewing kit and grabbed some string to tie off the umbilical cord, and slowly cut it with scissors. She wrapped him up with a towel and hugged onto him as she wondered for a name for him. Her biological father’s name was Kale, and her mothers was Lucille.
“I think your name should be Luck. Luck Lucille Kale Shade.” she said putting him down on her bed.

When everyone arrived home, Amy rushed downstairs holding her new born Luck. She had him wrapped up with cloth and towels, so far now no one knew what was happening.
“Mom, dad, Jason, and everyone else, I have something to show you.” she said coming down the stairs unwrapping the towels revealing Luck’s face.
“Jason, meet your son.” Amy said bringing him down. Everyone gasped and rushed to see if it was real.
“But, you are only a month pregnant! This baby can’t be yours!” Alicia exclaimed looking over at him.
“I don’t know how or why but he’s full term and healthy. And trust me, I didn’t do anything nine months ago.” Amy explained.
“We have to take this baby to the hospital, it can’t be yours.” Beau said taking the little baby.

The family rushed to the hospital quick as they could. Running red lights and stop signs was only the half of it. When they got there the doctors rushed to get the little baby in as quick as they could.
“This baby was born eight months premature!” Alicia said as a doctor grabbed Luck.
“Impossible! This baby is full term!” the lady doctor said rushing into a room with Amy following.
“I was only pregnant a month and I gave birth at home in the tub.” Amy explained.
“It just isn’t possible, unless.” the doctor paused looking over to Amy. “When you were younger, did you ever come in contact with a purple fox?” the doctor asked.
“Yes, actually. Why would that…”
“What was your name, before you were adopted?” the doctor interrupted.
“Amy Deluchi, how did you know I was adopted?” Amy asked backing away.
“Because, Amy…” the doctor paused again. “I am your mother.”
Amy’s mouth dropped, her mother died in a car wreck. How could this doctor be her mother?

“My mother died in a car wreck when I was a little girl, you can’t be my mom. It isn’t possible.” Amy said going to grab her baby.
“I had to cover up my identity, to protect you, from that purple fox.” the doctor said.
“Is my father alive too?” Amy asked as Luck began pulling her hair.
“Everyone from that so called accident is still alive, they are all serving as teachers in Quatrana, teaching horses how to be Quatras. I decided to come back to the real world because I heard my daughter got married.” Lucille said walking over to her desk.
“But none of that explains why I was only a day pregnant.” Amy said.
“You are a Chosen Child, Amy. This is why you had your baby so early. When two Chosen Children have a simple kiss, the girl is automatically pregnant, and only has to be pregnant for a day or so.” Lucille said sitting down. Amy became intrigued and sat down.
“So Jason is a Chosen Child too, but I kissed him a while before I found out I was pregnant.” Amy said trying to find out more info.
“The Pregnakiss, so I call it, only goes to work when both Chosen Children are married.” she answered.
“Does this make my son a Chosen Child?” Amy asked.
“No, Luck is a Abny. He will grow much faster then any other child ever born. By tomorrow he will already be talking and walking. And in a week or so he will already be a teenager. Two weeks from now he will have to be sent to Quatrana to be approved at the academy. Once he goes there for about a year he will be given a choice, to either be a Quatra or to be a human. If he chooses to be a human he will start his life over again as a mere newborn.” Lucille explained. Amy looked down at her child, he had to have already grown an inch or so, and his thick dark hair is growing in already. His blue eyes are fainting out to green, and his tiny hands are getting a real grip on her hair.
“You have quite the bully on your hands.” Lucille chuckled.
“He takes after me.” Amy said. She was still amazed that her parents and grandparents are still alive and well.
“There is one condition, Amy.” Lucille said.
“What?” Amy asked as Luck grabbed a string on her shirt.
“You have to keep this a secret, Alicia and Beau cannot know a thing. You can tell Kyle and Jason but not your parents. If they find out anything I just told you, the war will start.” Lucille said grabbing a book.
“What war?” Amy asked. Lucille opened the book.
“The war between Drafoxinia and the human world. Humans, regular humans, have an automatic link between Drafoxes and themselves. Your mother, being a regular person, can’t even hear you discussing this, or else the Drafoxes will know that an Abny child has been born. Luck contains enough power in him right now to destroy the Quatranas forever, and that is just what they want.” Lucille said opening the book showing drawings of horses and foxes and humans fighting.
“I know what Drafoxes are, my horse Mystic told me stories of them when I was little.” Amy said.
“When you go out of my office, tell your parents that Luck has a disease that makes him grow fast.” Lucille said putting the book away as quick as possible. Amy hurried out.
“Bye, mom.” she said looking behind herself. Lucille waved.

“So the doctor said that Luck just has a rapid growth hormone and its perfectly natural?” Beau asked driving.
“Luck is fine.” Amy assured him. She looked down to see that Luck’s eye’s were now completely green, and his hair was growing out quicker then the speed of light.
“Jason, I have something to say.” Amy said whispering to him.
“What?” he asked.
“Its sort of private.” Amy said.
“How private?” he asked leaning over to touch his son’s head.
“Like, how come you didn’t tell me you were a Chosen Child?” Amy whispered getting cross.
“Can we talk about that when we get home? Your parents are in the car.” Jason whispered back.
“Fine then.” Amy said leaning on the side of the car.

When they got home, Amy immediately ran up to her room. Jason as always, followed her.
“There is a reason why Luck was born so early and is growing so quickly and its because of you.” Amy said opening her door and putting Luck on her bed.
“What on earth did I do?” Jason asked.
“You didn’t tell me you are a Chosen Child. Jason, you knew that this would happen.” Amy said.
“I had no idea. My parents told me everything about the Chosen Children and how I was so special to be one, but they never told me about the Abnys until they kicked me out.” Jason said sitting down next to Luck.
“Tomorrow our baby will be walking and talking, the day after that he will be ready to start first grade, two weeks from now he’ll be older then us. How are we going to hide that? His eye color alone changed from blue to green in less then an hour!” Amy said looking over at Luck as he crawled on her bed.
“We made a mistake, Jason. We can’t reverse it.” Amy said sitting down on an old rocking chair.
“You have to tell them.” Jason said looking over at his son.
“Jason, if the Drafoxes find out…”
“They are going to figure it out anyway. Luck is a newborn baby and he’s already crawling. Soon his hair will be longer then my moms.” Jason said looking as Luck began growing at least another inch.
“Sooner or later, right?” Amy asked.
“Even those rapid growth kids don’t grow an inch every half hour. How big was he when you gave birth to him?” Jason asked.
“About the size of a cantaloupe. And now he’s the size of a preschooler.” Amy said looking at him as he fell over to sleep.
“Wow. Your parents will surely find out tomorrow when they see a kid the size of your younger brother walking around the house.” Jason said. Amy stretched out yawning and came over to go to bed. Jason picked up little Luck and showed him around the house. He soon fell asleep on the couch, and dreamt of him and Amy, and of course Luck too.

‘Boom! CRASH!’ was all Jason awoke to. The sound of metal things in the kitchen, dropping. He quickly got up and rushed to see Luck, at least four feet tall now, searching the kitchen for something.
“Hi daddy! I made you a sandwich!” Luck said pointing to a fancy white china dish with a messy sandwich on it. Jason rubbed his eyes, he wasn’t dreaming still, this was life.
“Wow, Luck, that looks pretty good.” Jason said trying not to unleash his bad kid attitude. Alicia awoke and sleepily walked into the kitchen for her coffee. She walked right pass Luck and Jason, grabbed her favorite cup, and poured her favorite coffee.
“Good morning, Mrs. Shade.” Jason said trying not to make her notice the four year old child on the ground playing with her cooking utensils.
“Mrphgoom.” she mumbled as she drank. Jason bit his lip, it was a habit of his. Whenever he’s nervous, he doesn’t chew his nails, or chew a pencil, he bites his lip.
“What is all that noise?” Alicia whispered with her eyes barely open.
“Oh, nothing.” Jason said looking away. Alicia opened her eyes and looked down. As her blurred up morning vision quickly became clear, she backed up and put her coffee down.
“Who’s kid is that?” Alicia asked pointing as she gabbed her coffee again. Jason turned around looking for an explanation.
“Its yours, Mrs. Shade. That is Cameron playing with your cooking utensils.” Jason quickly lied, he knew that Alicia believed anything early in the morning. Beau came in from outside. By the look on his face, everyone knew he had bad news.
“Pepper isn’t doing well. Old age is getting to the poor girl.” he said cleaning his hand with a washcloth. Jason looked down in sadness, he liked Pepper.
“Is she outside?” he asked looking up at Beau.
“Yep. On the doorstep, she won’t even move.” Beau said going over to greet his wife.
“Who’s kid is this?” Beau asked looking down at Luck in the kitchen.

Jason opened the door to greet Pepper. She raised her half dead head up, as saw Jason’s wonderful face.
“BARK!” she yelped getting up and running to greet him. Nothing was wrong with Pepper, she was just suffering from Jason-withdraw!
“Mr. Shade, there’s nothing wrong with your dog.” Jason said coming in with Pepper all revved up.
“Daddy a doggy!” Luck yelled running to his dad.
“Daddy? That’s Luck? He grew up real fast.” Beau said getting very suspicious.
“He’s a Abny, okay?” Jason blurted out.
“A what?” Beau asked grabbing his coffee.

Meanwhile, in Drafoxinia…
“Headmaster! A human link just gave us the location of the newborn Abny Child!” a Drafox told the army headmaster Drafox.
“Really? We begin war tonight! I don’t care how many of you I have to use, but I will even throw myself into the war to find the Abny Child!” he said.

The Drafox army set up their best soldiers to enter into the human world. They weren’t familiar with it, but they soon adapted. Once the Quatra’s heard of the soon to be destruction, they set up their army of soldiers too. Again, Luck grew at least a foot by night. He slept cuddled up next to his mother and father, unsure about what was happening, but dealing with it like a normal child would each day.
“Amy?” Jason asked as he pushed her a bit.
“What?” she asked giving out a whimper.
“Do you hear something outside?” he asked. She nodded no.
“Should I?” she asked.
“No, I just heard like a crash or something.” he said putting his head back down on his pillow.
“There it is again!” Jason yelled in a whispering voice.
“I heard it.” Amy said looking over to the window.
“Oh no.” Amy said as a red fox with yellow stripes crashed around the yard. It yelled to two more foxes, a green one and a blue one.
“They’re back.” Jason said looking out the window with her. Suddenly they heard banging on the door downstairs.

Lucille sat in her office holding her head, she knew what was happening.
“Protect the boy, Amy. Keep the boy safe.” she repeated. She grabbed her book that she had pulled out that day with Amy.
“Its happening. Protect Luck, Amy, don’t let them get him!” she yelled pointing to a picture. A bluish green Drafox jumped through her window. Lucille raised her head from her desk.
“I’ve dealt with you before, Kink. Remember?” she said getting up.
“Where’s the boy, Lucille.” Kink asked coming towards her.
“You aren’t getting him. He is my daughter’s son, and my grandson.” Lucille said turning to him.
“Oh please, your generations could never destroy a Drafox, let alone an army. Don’t tell me where the boy is, we have thousands of soldiers all over Pennsylvania. He’s not going anywhere safe.” Kink said leaving out the window. Lucille hoped nothing would happen to her grandson, he may be the only thing that can save their world.

Everyone was hiding from the Drafoxes in the basement. They were busting everything in sight, plants and vases, dishes and lamps. Then suddenly, Luck grew around a inch more, his voice began changing, he was going into his third day of life, but for him it was around his twelfth year or so.
“Mom, they’re going to destroy the world if they don’t find me, just let me go.” Luck said trying to convince his mother to let the Drafoxes take him.
“No, Luck, they want you so that they can use you to destroy the world.” Amy whispered.
“Then I’ll go into enemy forces and destroy them from the inside out, I don’t know why but I feel like I know they’re entire operation, like they say, know your enemy!” Luck whispered.
“Luck, we are protecting you. We aren’t sending you out into enemy forces.” Jason said grabbing Luck’s hand and pulling him back from the door.
“So, you are trying to tell us that you both are Chosen Children, and Luck is an Abny child, and that’s why he grows so fast?” Alicia tried to understand.
“Pretty much, that’s all you have to know.” Amy said trying to restrain her child from running out.
“Please let me go!” Luck yelled. Jason covered his mouth and listened. A Drafox came over the top of the basement. He began scratching at the top, and went down to bite a handle.
“They found us, be quiet.” Jason said grabbing a knife from his pocket. He went to the basement door, waiting for it to open. Kyle followed him from behind and put his hands on the top, ready to push it open.
“Its Me!!!” Tyran yelled jumping back as the door slammed open. Kyle jumped out grabbing the fox in his arms.
“What the, what are you doing? That’s a Drafox, you moron!” Jason said coming out of the basement.
“Its Carl, we were best friends when I was going through my, depression.” Kyle said as he paused before saying depression.
“Your depression?” Jason asked.
“Yes, a guy like me went through a state of depression.” Kyle said letting Tyran go.

Mystic, Celeste, Caramel and Joey decided to have a meeting in the stable about what they are going to do to protect their human friends.
Joey jumped up on a haystack so that he could get a good view of his audience. He cleared his throat and began speaking.
“As you all know, we are about to enter a world of demise, and I have decided to come up with a simple solution, we all run like mad quacks until it passes over.” Joey said grabbing his ears and pulling them over his head.
“We have to save our friends not abandon them!” Caramel yelled. Joey let go of his ears and gave a tough look.
“Lets face it lady, them foxes are gonna roast our insides!” Joey said grabbing his ears again.
“We won’t die if we have an army of our own, if we can make a army of forest creatures and group together with the Quatra’s we are sure to win this battle!” Mystic said standing up.
“Oh please, what are a bunch of tree huggin’ fleabags gonna do against an army of Drafoxes?” Joey asked grabbing his fluffy tail.
“Size beats power, right?” Celeste asked.
“Not when the power is better then the size.” Joey said crossing his arms.
“Its number beats power. And it will if the number also has power.” Mystic said.
“Keep me out of this, I want no part with forest creatures.” Joey said grabbing his ears and pulling himself to the ground.
“We’ll give you the grenades.” Mystic said turning to him.
“All the grenades?” Joey asked still on the ground.
“Yep.” Mystic said. Joey jumped back up.
“Okay then! Lets kick some Drafox butt!” Joey yelled punching the air.
“Joey! You look so cute as a little army man!” Caramel said as she played with his hat.
“I ain’t cute, now give me my hat back!” Joey yelled grabbing his hat from Caramel’s mouth.
“Can I help it if you look adorable?” she replied just to get him angry. He grunted and hopped off. Mystic grabbed one of the hats himself and marched off to find some forest animals whom would be willing to save their human world.

“Why would we save a bunch of stupid humans? Good riddance if they all go extinct!” a deer said as Mystic gave his speech about the group he wants to assemble.
“They’ve done nothing but shoot us and hang our heads on walls.” a moose said.
“But, some humans are good…”
“Name one reason why we all shouldn’t start a war with the humans!” a grey rabbit said.
“Because they need our help, the humans I want to save are good people, you’ve seen them! And right now my owners grandson needs our help, he’s an Abny child and they want to take him. Plus, if we don’t stop the Drafoxes, we all die.” Mystic finally shushed the forest, hoping he got through to them.
“We will all die in time anyway.” the deer said walking away.
“That guy Beau is your owner? He has a gun!” the rabbit said walking up to Mystic.
“I know, and he will let us use it if we all work together to save his family.” Mystic said. The forest animals liked the sound of that.
“Can we use it to shoot a human and hang their head on a wall?” the moose asked.
“No, but you can use it to disrupt a local city, just don’t shoot any living object unless its trying to shoot you.” Mystic made an agreement.
The animals were all ready and equipped to take out the Drafoxes. Joey and the deer headed into the Shade family house. Joey jumped on the back of the deer, holding his grenade in one hand and another in his other.
“Come out you sissy kitties.” he whispered searching for one.
“Could you not whisper that? It freaks me out.” the deer turned over and asked.
“Would you rather me throw the grenades at random?” Joey asked getting ready to throw one.
“No.” the deer answered as she continued walking.
“Okay then.” Joey said getting back to his old plan. The deer flinched as she heard a noise from the kitchen. Joey threw both his grenades as fast as he could. The deer ran out of the house as quick as possible.
“You nut! You could have gotten us killed!” the deer yelled throwing Joey off her back.
“I’d say the opposite, that cheap grenade didn’t even go off!” Joey yelled looking at the house. It should have been on fire now.
“Did you activate it?” the deer asked.
“Activate what?” Joey asked turning back to the deer.
“You have to activate the grenade before throwing it you moron!”

the deer yelled turning back to see the house perfectly fine.
‘BOOM!’ a small explosion could be heard from inside the house.
“Sounds like a Drafox activated one and ate it.” the deer said as a small puff of smoke came out from an open window.
“Dumb animals.” Joey said turning to the deer.
“What’s your name anyhow?” Joey asked leaning on her leg.
“Diana.” she answered walking away.
“Diana and Joey, Joey and Diana, nah. Wonder if that Courie girl dumped Tyran yet.” Joey said hopping off. Being a Bink in Drafoxinia he naturally saw them on dates and such.

Suddenly, barks and short howls could be heard coming closer to the house. It was Courie and her new husband Ahab. Tyran jumped over the fence to see them coming in the distance.
“Oh no.” He whispered to himself.
“Hello, Tyran. Meet my new husband.” Courie said as she showed him off.
“Ahab. We meet again.” Tyran said as Ahab showered him with guilt that he hadn’t proposed to Courie when he should have.
“Ahab is taking me to the Dog Kingdom tomorrow for our honeymoon!” Courie said showing off her new diamond collar. How could a mere mutt get Courie a diamond collar?
“So, you both are happy together, right?” Tyran asked trying to be a good sport.
“Oh, certainly.” Ahab said showing off his tough dog body.
“Well, you know Courie, if anything ever happens I’m there for you.” Tyran said giving her a happy grin.
“I’m sorry Tyran, but you and I just can’t be together any longer. Even as friends, I’m married now.” Courie said about to turn away.
“She’s married now, Tyran.” Ahab interrupted as he walked her away.
The Quatras arrived, and the war began. Thousands of animals died, Drafoxes and forest creatures. But the Quatras didn’t lose one soldier.

“This war has been going on for days now, Luck is already an adult.” Beau said as he paced around the basement. The only time they left was to get food, which has become hard to find since the entire world has been in demolishing condition.
Most of the humans have tried to flee by going in airplanes and helicopters, hoping to stay alive until there is a safe place to land. But of course, they run out of gas, so they land on boats and yachts set out to sea. Others are hiding in their homes, like the Shade family.
Alicia looked over to her daughter, Amy, then to her daughter Yasmin. How sad it seemed that time flew by like a bird. Amy just days ago, was married. The next day she became pregnant, and the day after that she had her baby. The end of Alicia’s journey seemed to be coming so fast, after her twins are born, they will be the last of her future. Amy and Jason will move out, and start a bigger family. Kyle will meet the girl of his dreams too, and Yasmin and Cameron will be off to college. Beau will retire, their new children will go off to high school, Alicia will come down with some simple cold, and it’ll turn into some new disease. She’ll fade away, then Beau will, then their children.
Kyle looked up.
“Do you hear that?” he asked listening.
“Ow, its like some annoying eerie screaming.” Jason said covering his ears.
“It’s the end.” Yasmin said running to her mom. From outside, Mystic was running to the Shade home as fast as he could.
“Terrence!” he yelled as a bomb came from above and headed for the house. The explosion could be seen for miles. Fire spread throughout the entire yard. Amy slowly opened her eyes, looking around she could only see smoke.
“I have to get out of here…” she said coughing up dust. Opening the door to the basement, she looked around and saw the entire land covered in fire. She looked around for Mystic, but he didn’t show up anywhere. Finally, she walked over to a big black lump on the ground.

I know what you are all thinking, The End? Yes, sad to say I’m ending it here. Not the entire story though, I’m leaving a gap for everyone to fill in, and hopefully you all will. No previews, no reviews, no special interviews, I’m just ending it. Goodbye, the end. And don’t forget to buy the LAST book of the series to find out what happens next!

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