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Yo Ho, Anna Sun

July 16, 2012
By Wearing_Westwood GOLD, Cary, North Carolina
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(A small village (presumably somewhere on a secluded bay in Scotland) somewhere in the early 1700’s Small is an understatement, the place is tiny. With a population of just under 67, mostly consisting of farmers and the elderly, with the occasional drunk. However, one of these citizens is Anna Sun, a young girl of 17. She’s pretty even by today’s standards, fair skin, and long reddish brown hair neatly braided, with dainty red lips and large grey-blue eyes. We’re on the main street, if you could call it that, of the town. It has seven shops; a market, a butcher, a tailor, a cobbler, a bakery, a bank, and a pub. Anna exits from the bakery, a basket of freshly baked bread hanging from her arm. She looks down at her list, muttering to herself slightly before nodding and folding it away, begins to walk off the right before her friend, Tish, runs up to her.)
TISH: (excitedly, jumping up and down waving from the left) Anna! Anna Sun! Hello!
(Tish runs to center stage, meeting Anna with a big smile)
ANNA: (With a bit of surprise, but warmly smiling back) Oh, Tish, hello.
TISH: How have you been? I haven’t seen you in a while.
ANNA: Oh, you know, okay. A lot of hard work taking care of Mother while she’s been ill and helping around the house. (Under her breath, more to herself than Tish) In fact I really should get back…
TISH: (Ignores the aside) Well, we should really get together soon. It’s been far too long.
(Suddenly, we hear shouting from off stage. Old Sig’ lurches from out of the pub, a bottle still in his hand)
TOWNSPERSON 1: (from inside the pub) Hop’fully this time you’ll STAY OUT!
OLD SIG’: (Tries to take a swig from a bottle, but it’s empty, he throws it at the pub, and you hear it shatter.) ‘M a-tellin’ ya idjits! (Hiccups, words slightly slurred) Them pirates are gon’ come. They gon’ raid ‘r shores an’ steal ‘r whiskey!! (He turns to Anna, grabbing her shoulders and shouting at he, a wild and frantic look in his eye) An’ ya know what, Missy? I bet they gon’ take ya too! Right out from un’ner ‘r noses! Ohhhh yes (hiccups again) that’s wha’ th’ Pirates gon’ do.
TOWNSPERSON 2: (From off stage) get off the streets you old coot!
OLD SIG’: Min’ yer own bi’ness, ya nosey nelly! (Turns and stomps off stage right, grumbling something about how he needs a drink. Anna collects herself and then turns back to Tish)
ANNA: (somewhat shakily) Oh, um, yes. Get together. I’ll see what I can do, maybe when Mother gets better. (Starts walking to exit stage left) I’ll see you later Tish!
TISH: (Awe-struck by the drunken display, she blinks a few times before waving goodbye) Oh-Oh yeah, um, s-see you around Anna!

(Anna’s house. It’s a small cottage close to the coast. You can see the ocean from the small window in the kitchen. It’s drawing close to evening. Anna stands in the kitchen, preparing food for her Mother. The kitchen is small and well loved. Flour has permanently settled into the grain of the wood floors, a spot in front of the small iron stove sags from hours spent standing in front of it. Anna’s mother is laying in a small straw bed off to the left side, moaning every so often. A cloth is over her forehead. Anna sets the groceries on the counter before going to check on her mother.)
ANNA: (Softly, masking the concern underneath) How are you feeling, Mother?
MOTHER: (coughing in between words) Okay I think
ANNA: You don’t sound too well... (Holds hand to Mother’s forehead) You’re still burning up.
(Anna grabs a small golden cross on her neck. She closes her eyes for a moment and her mouth starts moving in prayer, but you don’t hear anything.)
MOTHER: (moans)
ANNA: I’ll make you some soup, yeah? That should make you feel a tad better.
(Anna releases the cross necklace and walks back into the kitchen, pulling vegetables out of the basket and setting them on the counter. She reaches into the basket, but looks confused. She pulls the basket closer to herself, looking around on the inside.)
ANNA: Carrots... I forgot the carrots. (Smacks her palm against her forehead) Sorry, Mother. Soup will have to wait.
MOTHER: (groaning slightly, coughing) that’s fine, Anna
(Anna grabs her basket and runs to the door.)
ANNA: I’ll be back shortly, don’t worry. Just stay in bed. Love you! (She calls the last part from right outside the door)

(Back in the town, Anna is nearly jogging, grabbing at her skirt and pulling it up to her knees. The basket bounces against her side. She is nearing the Market.)
BAKER: Hello again, Anna!
ANNA: Hello! (She slows down, catching her breath)
BAKER: (Turns his head slightly, a bit of concern showing on his face) Is everything alright? Your Mother doing any better?
ANNA: Everything is fine, I just forgot the carrots (she smiles weakly) She’s not so good. Still has that wretched fever and a horrible cough.
BAKER: (His mouth is drawn in a tight line, worry spread clear across his face) I’m terribly sorry. You know, if you need anything, I’m always here to help.
ANNA: Yes, well I really mu-
(Old Sig’ comes running in from stage left. His eyes are wide and scared, and he’s out of breath, like he’s been running for a while.)
OLD SIG’: PIRATES! (His words are clearer than earlier, terror showing in every syllable) I swear t’ ya I saw ‘em! Th’ boat was huuuuge!!! With cannons an’ a jolly roger an’ everythin’!! (People ignore him and go about their day) Ya got t’ believe me! (His eyes search for someone, anyone listening. He spots Anna, looking at him slightly concerned). You! (He runs over to her, not touching her, but getting uncomfortably close). Ya got t’ believe me! There r’ Pirates ‘n th’ bay! I saw ‘em!
BAKER: (Sighing, pulling Old Sig’ away from Anna) Sig, go home, save all your crazy pirate-talk for somebody who actually cares.
(Suddenly, a cannon booms from stage left. Everyone on the street looks around, growing scared. Shouts are heard from off stage, and people start backing up to the right or locking themselves in shops. A crew of about 20 pirates runs on stage, but the shouts continue on and there are more to come. Anna had the sense to hide behind a flower cart after the cannon blast. Swords are unsheathed, and the village is defenseless. It descends into utter chaos as blood begins to stain the streets. Anna is too petrified with fear to move. She watches as the horror unfolds, not noticing the pirate that had spotted her.)
PIRATE 1: (With a wicked grin revealing yellow rotted teeth on his face and sword drawn) Arghhhh
ANNA: (Screams, but is unheard amidst the chaos) Please! D-don’t kill me! (She brings an arm up in front of her face and looks away from the Pirate, closing her eyes.)
(The pirate cocks his head to the side, his eyes looking over Anna)
PIRATE 1: Oh no, I’ve got something ELSE in mind for you, pretty (Grabs the arm that Anna had up in front of her face, smiling at her evilly before shouting out to the other pirates) BACK TO THE SHIP!
(Pirates rush off stage left, you hear Anna screaming for her Mother. Townspeople slowly emerge from their hiding places, crying and shaking and scared. Some people comfort others; other people just stare in shock. People are recovering from the chaos of the attack)
OLD SIG’: (stumbles in from the left) I told ya so…

(Aboard the ship. The pirate is still roughly holding Anna by her arm. Her hair is messier than before but she’s still trying to pull out of his grasp on occasion. After a few tries the pirate holds a sword to her neck. She looks defeated then, knows that one more tug and she dies. She holds back tears, however, not willing to give up so easily. The other pirates have gathered around, Anna, the pirate, and Captain Dread all stand in front of the hoard.)
DREAD: Now, wha’ ‘ave we got ‘ere? (Begins walking in circles around Anna, keeping his eyes locked on her, chuckling darkly under his breath) Such a pretty lass, shame you got yourself wound up in all this pirate business. Wha’ should we do wif’ you then, eh? What good will a delicate lit’le flower like you be to me?
(Anna doesn’t say anything, just looks down. Dread stands in front of her, grabbing her chin and jerking her head up towards him. Anna gives a small yelp, but shuts her mouth quickly and looks at him in the eyes.)
DREAD: What good are you? Prove yer worth, lass, and you might not die. (Looks over Anna again and spots the gold cross necklace. He grabs it and examines it closely, releasing her chin. He chuckles under her breath, snapping the chain and dangling it in front of Anna) This’ll get me somethin’ nice. Thanks for so willin’ly sharin’ it… (Captain Dread turns around and starts walking away, but he only gets a few steps)
ANNA: (screams) NO!
(Captain Dread whirls around with a dagger in one hand and the cross in the other. The dagger slices Anna’s cheek, causing her to scream again, but she doesn’t dare to move away. Captain Dread’s voice is dark and nearly a growl)
DREAD: Listen, lass, you do NOT act out. You do NOT even try to slip away. I will find you if you do. (Puts the cross in the pocket of his coat before slowly backing away from Anna, a wicked grin on his face. Anna cups her cheek and bites her lip to keep herself from crying. Captain Dread looks at Pirate 1, the one who was holding Anna) You! Get ‘er a mop!
PIRATE 1: Yes Cap’n (walks off to the right, returning moments later with a mop and bucket, shoving it at Anna)
DREAD: Good. You (points at Anna) Start cleanin’. N’ don’t try anythin’ either or I’ll slit yer throat. (To the rest of the crew) Get back to’t then! Th’ threat’s the same fer you!
(Most of the pirates wander off stage, one, a young boy, shifts his weight from foot to foot nervously, gazing at Anna who has her eyes squeezed closed and is trying not t cry. Captain Dread watches Anna for a bit longer before realizing one pirate hasn’t started working again.)
DREAD: Daniel! Boy! Get t’ work!
DANIEL: (Snaps his gaze up to the captain and hurriedly replies) y-yessir. (runs off stage left)
(Captain Dread walks off stage right, still grinning smugly. Anna collapses to her knees, the mop clatters o the floor beside her as she holds her head in her hands and begins to sob.)

(Still on the boat. Anna is in a storage room, mopping and cleaning. The bottom of her dress is slightly tattered, and there’s dirt smudges on her face so we know that some time has passed. She stops mopping for a moment and rests one arm on the mop, wiping her forehead with the other hand and taking a little break. Daniel pokes his head in from stage left, looking around nervously. Anna doesn’t see him.)
DANIEL: H-hello?
ANNA: (scared, she holds the mop in front of her for protection) W-What do you want from me?!
DANIEL: (backing away slightly) Oh! Um, I uh, um, nothing. I just- (Walking further into the room he reaches into his pocket and pulls out the cross necklace) Um, th-this is yours, right?
ANNA: (Slowly lowers the mop. Her eyes tear up at the sight of her necklace and she rushes up to hug him.) Yes, it is. Oh, thank you so much!
(Daniel is shocked by the show of affection, but cautiously hugs her back. Anna backs away after a moment and she’s smiling)
DANIEL: I fixed the clasp as best I could… seemed important to you…ah…what’s your name?
ANNA: Oh, thank you so much. I’m Anna. Anna Sun.
DANIEL: Don’t mention it…I’m Daniel, by the way. (He blushes slightly, not quite sure what to do next. He shifts from foot to foot, not making any active effort to leave.)
(Anna turns and brushes her hair off to one side)
ANNA: Would you mind- ah- would you mind clasping it on? It’s hard by yourself…
DANIEL: Oh-uhm- y-yeah. (He cautiously steps forward, reaching around and gently clasping the necklace around Anna’s neck.)
ANNA: (turns back around to face him) Thank you, so much. Now…I really uh- really should get back to work
(Anna begins to mop again, but Daniel doesn’t leave)
DANIEL: You really don’t have to, you know. He never comes down here.
ANNA: (looks at him skeptically) Oh really? And how would you know this?
DANIEL: (laughs slightly) ‘Cause he sends me down here instead.
ANNA: Well how do I know you won’t rat me out?
DANIEL: ‘Cause I dislike him as much as you do. (Sits down on a barrel) Your accent, I can’t place it…
ANNA: Oh, um, well, my mother is British. And my father was Scottish from what I’ve heard.
DANIEL: (confused) From what you’ve heard?
ANNA: Yeah... (Awkwardly) I never really met him. He left my mother right after I was born. I uh- I don’t remember a thing ‘bout him.
DANIEL: I’m sorry… (There’s an awkward silence as he thinks of what to say) I’ve got a few dad issues of my own, so I can relate.
ANNA: (Intrigued, but not wanting to pry) Really?
DANIEL: (laughing slightly, avoiding Anna’s curious gaze) Yeah…He just wants me to be something I’m not. I don’t have a choice but to obey him…
ANNA: (Sympathetic look on her face, she moves and sits next to Daniel) I’m sorry…why can’t you just- I don’t know, run off and be your own person? Do what you want to do.
DANIEL: (Scoffs) I’m afraid it’s not that simple…
(They sit in silence for a bit before calling from the upper deck grabs their attention)
DANIEL: Oh Um – (shouting) BE UP IN A MINUTE! (to Anna) I’ve got to go back up there… (gets up and starts to walk offstage) It was nice talking to you (smiles) Anna Sun.
ANNA: You too- (Daniel leaves) Daniel… (Smiles to herself, touches the cross necklace, and then continues mopping)

The author's comments:
"Fine Flowers in the Valley" is an 18th century Scottish folksong I DID MY RESEARCH

(Meal time on the ship. There’s a long table on the stage and pirates sit around it. Fish, gruel, stale bread, and ale are all set out on the table Daniel sits on the end, picking at his food while the other pirates jeer and laugh and be generally obnoxious. Captain Dread walks in from the right)
DREAD: ‘urry up n’ finish yer meals! I need all hands on deck; we’ll be at a port soon!
(cheers from the pirates as the last scraps of their food are eaten and they leave along with Dread, but Daniel lingers behind. Anna cautiously enters from the left with a bucket for collecting used dishes in, she’s singing “Fine Flowers in the Valley” under her breath as she collects dishes)
ANNA: She sat down below a thorn, fine flowers in the valley, and there she has her sweet babe borne-
(Daniel recognizes the tune)
DANIEL AND ANNA: And the green leaves they grow rarely.
(Anna laughs and Daniel smiles as Anna continues cleaning)
ANNA: (jokingly) I can’t believe a rugged sailor like you actually knew that song.
DANIEL: I’m not really the rugged sailor type I guess.
ANNA: I also can’t believe you got to eat real fish.
DANIEL: Why is that so…shocking?
ANNA: (wiping her forehead, setting the bucket down on the table) Captain Dreadful- I mean (giggling) Captain Dread only gives me the gruel. The slop. The leftovers of… (Gestures to the pot of gruel) this.
DANIEL: (laughing) Captain Dreadful? He has a lot of names on this ship, but I don’t think I’ve heard that one. (walks over to stand next to Anna, wrinkling his brow slightly) That’s terrible, I- I’m sorry…
ANNA: (shrugs, trying to be dismissive even though she can practically hear her stomach growling) It’s bet’er than nothing.
DANIEL: So? (getting angry) He shouldn’t be able to starve you like this! Look at yourself! (he wraps her in a hug, continuing to speak, Anna looks shocked and doesn’t really hug back) The first time, when you hugged me, you felt real. Human. Now you’re just skin and flesh. (backing up) I can’t let him do this to you Anna, it’s not fair.
ANNA: (returns to cleaning without arguing, continues to sing) Smile nay say sweet, my bonnie babe-
DANIEL AND ANNA: Fine flowers in the valley, an’ ye smile say sweet, ye’ll smile me dead, and the green leaves they grow rarely.
(Anna looks at Daniel, her eyes suddenly growing wide as she remembers something)
ANNA: Captain Dread said we- you were going to be at a port soon, right? (reaches around in a pocket on the apron she has on)
DANIEL: Yes…why? Something you need?
ANNA: If you could- (pulls out an envelope) That is- I don’t want to get you in trouble. But I need this letter delivered. Please, it would- it would mean the world to me…
DANIEL: (smiles warmly) Of course I can, (takes the letter) anything el-
DREAD: Son! Get up here NOW! (Daniel’s eyes grow wide and he looks at Anna, backing towards the door.)
ANNA: (shocked) Son?!
DANIEL: (Smiling weakly, very nervous) I-I told you, I under- I understand dad issues. (exits)
(Anna stands there dumbfounded for a moment before returning to cleaning)
ANNA: She’s ta’en out her little penknife, fine flowers in the valley, and there she’s buried her sweet babe in, and the green leaves they grow rarely…

(Back in the village. its midday, a courier is running down the main street of the town, Tish stands center stage, checking over a list)
COURIER: Are you- (looks at an envelope in his hand) Tish Mallory?
TISH: Y-yes…what is it?
COURIER: Let’er for ya, miss. From Anna Sun. (Hands her the letter)
TISH: (stunned, she slowly reaches out and takes the letter) Oh my god…Anna…Th-Thank you. So much.
COURIER: No problem, miss. (Takes off his cap expecting a tip of some sort, but Tish has already started to walk off towards Anna’s house. Lights fade to black and when they come back up, you see Mother lying in bed and the Baker is seated on a stool beside her. Tish walks in waving the letter above her head)
BAKER: Shhh… (gestures towards Mother, who only coughs and moans in reply to the noise)
TISH: (whispering) I’ve got a letter from Anna!
MOTHER: (weakly) A-Anna? Where is she? Sh-She said she was getting carrots and- and she never came back…
(Tish looks at the baker, her eyes wide and slightly angry, pulling him aside into the kitchen, they speak in frantic whispers)
TISH: You never TOLD her about the….the P-I-R-A-T-
BAKER: No! I couldn’t! It would break her heart to know Anna got taken by them…
TISH: But look at her! She thinks Anna just got lost! She needs to know.
BAKER: Give me the letter, and then I’ll decide.
TISH: Fine. But you’re just hurting her more by letting her believe your lies.
(The baker ignores her and opens the envelope. He begins reading, but his voice slowly transitions into a voiceover of Anna)
BAKER: Dear Mother, Tish, Whomever else decides to read this. I’m doing well, don’t worry. I mean, I’m trapped on a pirate ship probably thousands of miles away, but considering the circumstances, I’m doing well…
ANNA: They don’t feed me much, but at least they feed me. I’ve been doing a lot of cleaning to prove my worth. Frankly, I’m lucky to be alive. There’s this one boy on the ship, Daniel. He’s sweet for a pirate. When I first got taken, the captain had taken my necklace, but Daniel got it back for me. He’s quite handsome too, now that I think about it. It’s a shame he’s a pirate. I don’t have much space left to write, but I just wanted you to know that I’m alive. I miss you all so dreadfully, hopefully I’ll return…
BAKER: Home. Anna. The date is from a month and a half ago.
(Tish and the baker stand there in silence for a bit, until the baker speaks)
BAKER: I know what I’ll tell her- (Walks back over to Mother) Victoria, hey, are you alright?
MOTHER: Where’s A-Anna?
BAKER: Anna’s not here, love. She sent you a letter.
MOTHER: (moans)
BAKER: She says that she loves you, but she met a boy, Daniel. She says it was love at first sight and they have run away together. She says she’s sorry she had to leave you, but she knew that Tish and I would take care of you. She’s happy, Victoria, she thought you’d like it if she were happy.
MOTHER: As l-long as Anna is okay…
BAKER: I hope she is, Victoria. I hope she is…

(On the boat. Several months have passed, as Anna’s hair has gotten longer and messier. Her dress is in tatters and her once pale skin is now almost grayish with dirt. She’s sitting in the storage room with Daniel)
ANNA: What’s it like?
DANIEL: What’s what like?
ANNA: You know… being a pirate? Do you ever feel bad storming villages and killing?
DANIEL: I only speak for myself when I say yes. The other’s, they could care less. They’re in it for the gold
ANNA: That’s…somewhat reassuring at least.
ANNA: Well, to know that you still have a conscience. You’re not like the rest of them.
DANIEL: Oh… (they sit quietly for a moment) Do you miss your home?
ANNA: Terribly. It’s so calm, peaceful, except for Old Sig’. But other than him it was really quite lovely. Mother and I lived in a little cottage on a cliff. I’d climb down some days and walk on the big rocks at the bottom, listening to the waves crashing against the shore. There was one time that a big wave came, knocked me off my feet. Nearly drowned that day. (sighing) Mother never let me go back; I’d sneak out though, early in the morning and dip my toes in. I miss it so much…
DANIEL: I’m sorry… (thinking) What if… What if I could take you back?
ANNA: (scoffing) Really? You think we could sneak past the captain and all of his men and row our way back home?
DANIEL: We’re not too far off, actually. (Takes a map out of his pocket.) See your village is about there. We’re here. (Points to places on the map) If we can sneak out on a life boat, well, it wouldn’t take too long.
ANNA: (growing hopeful) You-you really think we could make it?
DANIEL: I don’t see why not. (Grabbing Anna’s hands and pulling her up so they’re both standing, he’s excited) Why couldn’t we? Just wait until the dead of night, grab some provisions and leave! We could run away together, Anna, you and me.
ANNA: You’d do that? You’d- you’d abandon your father and everything you’ve known, to help me?
DANIEL: I want off this prison of a ship as much as you do.
ANNA: (very excited) When can we leave?
DANIEL: Tonight, it should be tonight. If you can fit some food and water in a crate, we can load that onto the boat and then run away in the darkness.
ANNA: (laughing) It sounds perfect! Daniel- We can leave together! Finally, I just- (stands on her toes and kisses him, pulling away and giggling some more)
(Daniel is surprised by the gesture, but he doesn’t hesitate long before pulling Anna back to him by her waist, He kisses her and she drapes her arms around his neck. They don’t notice the door open. Pirate 1 peeks in through the door, he slaps a hand over his mouth when he sees Daniel and Anna. He stands there stunned for a few moments before backing away and closing the door quietly. Fade to black)

(Anna is in the storage room alone. A single candle flickers and she’s writing.)
ANNA: Dear Mother and Tish, I love Daniel, I really do. He’s promised that he’ll help me escape. We’re going to leave this wretched ship together. Oh, if only you could know how much I love him, and he loves me too! I shall see you all soon, we’re running away tonight! Love, Anna. (She folds the paper and puts it in a pocket on her apron. She gets up and starts packing food into a small crate. There’s a knock at the door) Daniel?
DANIEL: (nervously) Y-yeah Anna. It’s me.
ANNA: (Laughing) Okay, I’ll be there in a minute, just packing up. (finishes running around and walks to the door. 5 pirates rush in, surrounding her with their swords drawn. Anna screams. Dread follows in, he’s holding Daniel roughly by the shoulder. Daniel’s hands are tied behind his back, he has a black eye and several cuts on his face. Dread pushes him into the circle with Anna) D-Daniel? (Anna holds Daniel’s face gently, wiping away some of the blood from the cuts)
DANIEL: I’m so sorry Anna, they found out, I tried to-
DREAD: Shut up, both of ya! There is no room on this ship for a couple o’ lovebirds. (to Anna) Especially when you’re a lowly servant stealin’ away my son.
DANIEL: But she’s not-
DREAD: I SAID SHUT UP! (to the pirates) Tie ‘er up and bring ‘er onto th’ deck.
ANNA: (Grabs onto Daniel) NO!
(The pirates pull the apart. Two of them bring Daniel up onto the deck, the rest stay behind and tie Anna’s hands behind her back and put a gag in her mouth. She kicks and screams the whole time but the pirates overpower her. After she’s tied up, the shove her off stage right to the deck)

(on the deck of the ship. There’s a plank leading off of it, several pirates stand around with torches, two hold Daniel and keep him from fighting, the other three emerge from the right with Anna who is tied up. Dread stands by the plank, a smile slowly spreading on his face as he hears the pirates come up with Anna. The pirates who are restraining the two stand near each other. Anna and Daniel move close together, not knowing what will happen. Anna is crying, Daniel is trying to comfort her but to no avail)
DANIEL: Anna! Shh, Anna it’ll be alright, okay? It’ll all be fine I promise. Shh, calm down, love.
DREAD: Oh shut up, boy! And you, wench, stop your snivelin’! (Walks over and slaps Anna. She calms down, knowing that far worse pain would come if she continued crying, but her breathing is still shaky.)
DREAD: (turns to Daniel, enraged, he grabs him by his shirt collar) Don’ you even think for a moment I’ll listen to you. You may be my son by blood, but in heart, you’re a coward. An’ I want nothin’ to do wif’ cowards. (he tosses him aside. Daniel nearly falls over, but remains standing, however, he doesn’t move back beside Anna. Dread pulls Anna’s head back by her hair and she lets out a scream) As for you, lass. I’ve got somethin’ fun in mind for you. (he lets go over her hair but pushes her towards the plank, grinning wickedly)
DANIEL: NO! ANNA! (runs over to where Anna is, tears are welling in his eyes, he turns to Dread) Please, please don’t- don’t do this! Just let us leave, you’ll never have to deal with us again, PLEASE!
DREAD: No. You need t’ be taught a lesson, and she needs t’ learn ‘er place. Which very soon (chuckles) will be at th’ bot’om of th’ sea. (Pushes Anna onto the plank) Walk.
DANIEL: ANNA! Anna I- I love you!
(laughs and jeers from the crowd. Anna stands at the end of the plank and looks back at Daniel, tears streaming down her face. She closes her eyes and faces forward, stepping off the edge. All the pirates cheer)
DANIEL: NO!! (He uses one of the pirate’s swords to cut the ropes from his hands. After they realize he’s free, pirates lunge after him, but he’s running toward the side of the boat)
DREAD: Come on! Don’t just stand there, get ‘im!
(Daneil manages to escape the pirates, he steals one of their swords and slices some ropes that had been holding a lifeboat, you hear a splash as it hits the water. Daniel jumps off the edge himself, you hear a smaller splash as he hits the water. All the pirates rush to the side and look over the side of the boat. Fade to black)

(In the water, Daniel is soaking wet but in the life boat, he’s rowing around and looking for Anna)
DANIEL: ANNA! ANNA, WHERE ARE YOU! (He spots Anna to his left. She’s struggling to stay afloat and sinks under multiple times before Daniel can get close to her. When he does, she’s floating on her stomach and not moving) ANNA! (Daniel brings her into the boat and unties her hands and the gag around her mouth. He begins doing chest compressions. Water mixed with blood sputters out of Anna’s mouth. She’s shaking badly, freezing) Anna, Annaa are you alright? Can you hear me, love?
ANNA: D-Daniel (coughs again, more blood comes out of her mouth) Everything i-is fuz-fuzzy…
DANIEL: (Holds Anna to his chest) Shh, it’ll be alright, just stay awake. Focus on me.
ANNA: C-Can’t. Too c-cold. I n-need to s-sleep…
DANIEL: No, please, Anna, no! (tears mix with salt water as they begin to stream down his face.) Anna, you need to stay awake!
ANNA: Can’t… Daniel I- I l-love y- (coughs again, breathing heavily)
DANIEL: Anna, please…please stay awake
ANNA: I love you t-too… (Breathing is slowed and she coughs again, blood sputtering from her lips before her breathing stops entirely. Daniel holds her close to his chest, rocking back and forth slightly, crying)
DANIEL: (shakily, through his sobs) Sh-She howket a gr-grave by th’ light o’ the m-moon, fine flow-flowers in the v-valley. And th-there she’s buried her sw-sweet b-babe in, and th-the green leaves th-they grow r-rarely…

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