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Living With The Petersons

March 20, 2019
By KARABEAR0127, Pingree Grove, Illinois
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KARABEAR0127, Pingree Grove, Illinois
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Chapter 1:

I stare down at my feet as I board a plane, tears slightly falling onto my shoes. I hate having to leave my home, more like being forced out of it with my twin brother Shay, the place where we were born and raised, I hate having to leave Kentucky, sure it is small and all but I love the tightness that our gang had us feeling. I take a seat and put on my headphones, wishing my music could take all of my stress and pain away, but sadly it couldn’t. I listened to my music as memories of this past day flash through my mind.


“Come on Shay! Were gonna be late to practice”! I yelled up to my brother, for the gym we go to kickboxing, does not take well with tardiness. “Shay I swear to god you’re beautiful and no one cares what you look like”. “Thank you very much but I care, unlike some people I know”. Shay says while looking me up and down. “Oh whatever, Princess”. I say as we ride on our bikes to the gym.

Our practice was going pretty good at least for me I took down Shay and a couple of new recruits, Shay did get me a few times. Until all hell broke loose, my trainer pulled me aside, “you got a phone call Red”, red is my nickname for anyone i’m close with, hence reason of my bright red Ariel hair, that I am also named after. My mom was on the phone

“ Ariel honey is that you? Well I have to hurry up, I don’t think me and your father are going to make it but Reign of Terror just some of our men, them damn bastards betrayed us, anyhow me and your father fled the house and their men are on as at the moment, Austin will fill you in on whats to happen, please my stubborn, beautiful, brave girl listen to Austin, tell your brother we love him and that we me and dad are both very proud of him and no matter what ever believe this is your fault and don’t be afraid to lo-”

And with that there was a loud bang and then a crash and the phone went dead.

And that was it I grabbed Shay, hopped on our bikes and sped away back to our hideout, all I could think about this is all my fault. I also filled Shay in on what happened. We got to our hideout and instantly hands were around my waist, I was being thrown into the car by my very best friend Razor who is also Austin’s son. Shay got in next to me with our bags, Razor in the passenger seat and Austin driving.

“Okay kiddos this is what's gonna happen you are going to be living with your parents good friends the Petersons in  California , I am driving you two to the airport. The Petersons already know what happened and under no circumstances are you allowed to come back here”. I was beyond pissed for basically my second dad is leaving me “No why can’t we stay here’? “Because Ariel those traitors are most likely to come back and this is what your parents wanted”.

“That's such bullshit, if the Reign of Terror are coming me and Shay should-”

“Ariel goddamnit listen for once and not let your anger get in front of your common sense”. And with that we got dropped at the airport, I got one last hug from Razor “please listen to my dad and try not to get in too much trouble out there and once you get something call me.” And with that Razor gave me a kiss on the cheek and hugged Shay.


All I could think about when getting off the airplane, none of this would happen if I never never fell in loved with a member of Reign of Terror, to come to find out that he used me.

“Ariel! Shay! Over here!” A bleached blondie who was petite and beautiful with the brightest smile on her face. “I could just tell it was you since Ariel’s hair is just like the princess and oh me goodness your eyes are so blue and has a cross of green in them and of course Shay is just like your father described you, black ebony hair bright green eyes and very muscular. Alrighty lets go guys”. As headed us towards her car. “

So how did you know my parents”? I bravely asked.

“Well actually me and my husband were bestfriends with them way back, and we were also a part of the gang, but we also had this one other friend but he was killed, me and my husband, Rob, begged Dakota and Ethan to leave with us, but they insisted to stay. So we me and my husband made a pact with your parents for if something was bad to happen, we would take their kids and protect them”.

So you trained in kickboxing”? I asked looking at her curiously, with her being small, doubt she did, but then again I’m only 5 ft soo…

“oh no my husband, Ethan, and Austin all loved to fight, your father was the best, so me and your mom watched and cheered them on, also that reminds me to tell you something, actually two things…”

“And what would that be exactly”?

“Well you will not be allowed to go to a gym, for me, Rob and Austin all fear that somehow the Reign of Terror will hear something about it and connect the dots, but we have a gym our house, that you can workout in as much as you want”. She looked back warily at me and Shay.

“What do you mean?! Why not?! That's such bullshit”! I exclaimed.

“Ariel watches your mouth and if you are too unhappy with that I can always take away gym privileges”.

She said this as we pulled up into a massive driveway and pulled up to a house in the middle of the forest and saw an enormous white mansion that had a wrapped around porch out front. And accompanying that porch? There were about 8 or 9 boys just standing around all either close in age or different.

‘Oh my god, why are there so many guys that's kind of freaky”? I gaped out loud.

“Those are all my sons and I have 1 daughter who is a year old with a twin boy”. Cindy said while getting out of the car.

“Boys come meet our newest addition, Shay and Ariel”.

I looked at all the boys and the one boys who were older where like gods, that's how hot they are and the little ones are adorable. But the one thing that caught my eye was the little girl who had bleach blonde with an almost silver tint to her hair and her big baby blue eyes, this must be Dakota the child named after my mother...  

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