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The Bestfriends

October 22, 2019
By Anonymous

Author's note:

Im a 13 year old girl that loves to read about romance. In this story I just poured my heart out and made it my best.

My heart races as I enter the hospital doors in the icy chill of the night. I sprint in the waiting room to see Nico’s mom and sister already sitting tapping their feet in anxiety. When their eyes catch on me they jump and run to me glad to see my safe. I break down in their arms, “I'm so sorry this is all my fault i shouldn't have im really sorry”. “Oh sweetie” Nicos moms gasps, I promise you this is not your fault, everything happens for a reason we will all be ok. 

Two years earlier freshman Juliana and Nico would never look ahead and think this would be their future. Yet they also thought they would ever have each other in their future. Juliana was the type of girl that everyone liked. Always caring, sweet, and had such a kind heart while Nico was the same way to just nobody knew him well enough to know it. 

Nico lived in a beat up apartment with his single mom and little sister. They were the type of family that always had each other yet sometimes they weren't enough. They had always struggled with money and barely kept their head above the water. While Juliana was almost the opposite.

She lived very comfortably with a little brother, older sister, and mom and dad. They each had their own room and lived in a townhouse in the rich part of town which is one of the reasons why it was so unexpected to see those two together. 

Nico and Juliana went to the same school and soon ended up being grandfathered into the same highschool. Throughout the years Juliana hadn't taken much notice into Nico all though was never mean. She always just seemed too busy for a relationship while Nico had always looked at Juliana with hearts in his eyes which was why he thanked god their first day of freshman year when they got seated next to each other. 

“Juliana Hargett and ...Nico Hart, you two will be next to each other” echoed Mrs.Smith after going through the new seating chart for the first of many times that day. They both quietly take their seats as the first day of school never tumble up inside of them. All through Juliana feels comfortable sitting next to Nice knowing he has been to her school before Nico is anxious. He has butterflies welled up in his stomach from excitement knowing he will be sitting next to her for the whole first quarter of the school year. 

“I hope you like your seating partner because you will be with them for the whole first quarter of the year” says Mrs.Smith. “Now take a minute and introduce ourselves to each other before we start class”. 

Juliana speaks first after a long moment of silence. “Hi im juliana hargett”. “Oh I know” Nico says “Oh- Uh i don't mean that weirdly- we were in the same science class last year”. Juliana giggles “That's right! You're the smartest funny kid that always ran away from me when I tried to talk to you. “I don't recall doing that you are probably thinking of some other smart funny kid in our class” Nico stammers smiling. “Nope pretty sure your the only one” Admits Juliana. Then they click. As simple as that. Nico Hart and Juliana Hargett became known as the best friend duo. 

Freshman year came and went with Nico’s love for Juliana slowly growing. The summer came with movie nights and pool days for the duo until school started. Sophomore years homecoming came extremely early in the year and Nicos love for Juliana was still extremely present. Nico ended up making this brave decision of asking Juliana to go with him and if she declined he would turn it into a friend asking a friend. 

When the day Nico’s plot came into place it was chilly, icy almost. A cold October morning with Nico walking into school with a huge painted sign saying, “It’d really be sweet if you went to hoco with me”. Yet Juliana was nowhere to be seen. 

Little did Nico know that Juliana had came to acustom the same feelings as for Nico as he had for her. She had told her friends about this and they all thought Nico would never be brave enough to make the first move and encouraged her to do it. As a result, she planned to ask Nico out for homecoming which turned out to be the same day Nico asked Juliana.

“Hey Nico, I'm in the courtyard. Where are you?” read the text Not received from Juliana. “Be there in a few” He responded.

When Nico first caught eyes on Juliana he became puzzled. She was holding a sign already. Nerves ran through his body scared she had already accepted somebody else's offer. As soon as Juliana saw Nico she ran up to him in jubilee while pulling out her sign. Nico was confused i learned momentary that the sign read, “Hey Nico! How does hoco sound?”. 

Nico stood still for a solid minute until his mind became functional again. At the same moment Julianas nerves aroused scared he would reject then she noticed a sign in his hands. A million thoughts rushed through her mind at once. “Had he been asked already!?”. 

Suddenly Nico stepped out of his trance and a wide smile spread across his face. “Juliana, i would do anything to go to homecoming with you,” he explained. “Oh Nico i thought you were going to say no, or...or had already been asked…” she stammered.

Later that had gone to homecoming and finished sophomore year. Then went through another summer together and started Junior year, then prom came. This would be their first of two proms together so they wanted to do something special. 

Julianna had picked out her dress earlier and Nico already had a tux in store. By the time of their Junior year they were both able to drive yet Julianna was still new to the roads. 

Nico picked Juliana up at her house around 5:15 and went out for a nice dinner. After their dinner they drove to the location site and found a parking spot then walked in together. When everybody saw Nico and Juliana enter the room together they weren't surprised but everyone started to whisper.

“What's going on” replied Juliana confused. Just as sudden as it started it stopped. They figured to just brush it off as if nothing had happened and went to go dance the night away.

By the time the night had ended they were both a sweaty mess. Their hair was messed up everywhere and their legs were worn to the bone. The night was almost over until the school decided to announce prom queen and prom queen. The head principal walked up to the front of the stage and set up the microphone ready to announce the royals. 

“I am pleased to announce this year's prom queen and prom king winner” she exclaimed. “Now for the prom queen first, Julianna Hargett.” Juliana stood astounded for moments 

Until she regained enough strength to stand up and go claim her crown.

Moments later the principlasvouc filled the students ears again saying, “Now time for our Prom King, Nico Hart!”. 

To nobody's surprise Nico stood up to go join the lovely girlfriend in front of half of the school. “Please give the Prom queen and king a big round of applause” Announced the principal.

Later that night when everyone had begun leaving Nico and Juliana were sitting alone in the corner both thinking of what happened that night. “You know, I don't think this night could have been any better. Well except if you let me drive home tonight” said Juliana. “Well then, I guess your driving home” sighed Nico scared of her being on the road.

Moment later they were in the car with Juliana in the driver's seat at 10:45. The ride home was smooth so Nico was thinking there would be no problems. Juliana turned the music to full blast thinking they could have a little fun before the night ended yeet Nico was at nerve. “Juliana don't focus on the music just focus on the road please” he mumbled.

“Oh c’mon Nico, Live a little will ya!” she exclaimed. Seconds later she lifted her hands off of the wheel flowing her arms to the music when BOOM. She was slowly screeching off of the side of the road right into a pit of dirt. 

The rest was a blur. Flashing lights everywhere and panic attacks. Nico was rushed into an ambulance with Juliana at his side yet unharmed. When they arrived at the hospital Nico was carried off and Juliana rushed into the waiting room where she there saw Nico’s mom and little sister waiting for them. 

“Please Mrs.Hart, I am so sorry this Is all my fault. I'm so sorry, `` she said in between tears. 

“Juliana sweetie it's okay, we love you and Nico will always. None of this is all your fault.”

Two days later Nico was released from the hospital with a broken pair of ribs and a limp in his left leg but everything was healable. Nico and Juliana ended up being okay as long as Nico’s family. Even though Juliana was still fine, she always wondered, what would have happened that night if I had just listened to nico.

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