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Ariy: Wherewolf and vampire?

January 12, 2011
By Margurite, portland, Oregon
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Margurite, Portland, Oregon
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It was three am and I could not sleep I was so mad. how can she have move me away from what I know, who I am, right when I am going to high school. It is not like I did not want a brother or sister but could I have that with out leavening my life behind and boy friend behind, I promise him I will call him every day and email him too and how can I live with out Stacey my best friend ever sent the 4th grade I hope I can live since I am in the Beverly hills now. Well I have to sleep unless I want to go to school with bags under my eyes.

As I tried to fall asleep I couldn’t stop my mind from wondering. will it be nice here or are all the people here mean and I will be a out cast? Will I through school a out cast the rest of high school just because my mom and dad are going to have a baby and we need the space so they made me move out of my beloved New York, to here. I know I will not fit in with all of the preppy girls I cant stand pink. I am more a wear jeans and baggy sweater with a pair of tinny shoes kind of girl.

When I fell asleep I was dreaming about some girl laying in this white room and looking at a boy with these bright blue eyes they were so beautiful I couldn’t help myself from looking at them either. I never seen him before and then I heard the boy say my name it was faint but I heard it. He spoke my name with such clarity. when he said my name it was more like he was telling some one my name and then I saw who he was talking to but the person look like she was a mannequin so flawless and beautiful. the boy and her look smellier like they were we related. Both so flawless, his plastic skin glistened in the hanging lights above.

Then everything went black I could not open my eyes and I heard crying of a baby the wine sounds like the baby was very young maybe just born. I was lost in the sound of the pain screaming and people talking. until I started to see it was a young girl maybe sixteen she was dying I could see it in her eyes that she was in very bad pain but at the same time she was having her baby? She was screaming and squeezing the beautiful boys hand, but there was no color difference the girls hand was more reddish pink then his. It didn‘t make since.

the young girl she look so familiar, but not like some one I have seen before she looked not like the others but more casual less up tight and perfect. The girl had life to her face and color to her flesh not plastic but radiant sunshine glow. she had reddish brown hair that was curling around her face her green eyes were blood shot and full of tears, her skin had sweat dripping off of it as if she was in the shower. then there was the boy he was holding her hand comforting her and wiping the tears and sweat off of her cheek. I saw his eyes look down into eyes, studding them hard. The expression on his face was like he was losing her forever and he knew it.

The beautiful boy opened his mouth and for a minute he just sobbed. “we will be together aging with are babies I promise, I promise you Airyonna. I love you. You are my soul mate my dear.” the boy sobbed even harder and kissed the girls forehead. Then holding the first baby witch was a boy he began to speak “look at this beautiful son you have he is so wonderful he loves you , you‘ll make through this I know you will.”

The baby had blue eyes and brownish hair. The boy with the beautiful eyes stared saying something I could not hear but I could see the boy was freaking out the girl was dead. Sound found my ears again a heart monitor was beeping, the fast tune he was scared of.

“help her my baby girl is in there get her out!” The beautiful boy was screaming. I started choking it was my name loud and clear “"help Airyonna is dying help her! Airyonna no I love you, you cant leave me" the boy said with tears falling off of his plastic skin. He was crying so loud it was muffling everything else the boy was trying to say. then a woman walked in to the white room it was my MOM!

My eyes shot open I was drench in sweat. I was griping my blanket so hard my hand stared to cramp, like I would when I would have a bad dream but I got over them when I was ten. I haven’t had such a bad dream.

“Good morning Hun?, I thought you would be sleeping I was coming in here to wake you up.” My mom said with a smile on her face.

“Yeah well I am up .“I said rolling over to see her.

“Hun you look horrible did you sleep good? “She said coming closer to me.

“no I am ok I just had a bad dream that's all.” I said trying to remember it.

“Okay Hun love you.” Then she shuts the door and said “well breakfasts will be ready soon.” I pulled the covers over my head and yawned. “Airyonna come down stairs I have someone for you to meet.” my mom yelled from down stairs.

“ Ugh Ok” I rubbed my eyes and sat up. I got up brush my hair really fast and slip some jeans on and a sweater I walk down the stairs. some girl talking to my mom to young to be a friend of hers maybe a girl scout they might be selling cookies around here.

“Hey there.” a girl said with a smile. her teeth were so white I needed sunglasses. talk about trying to hard.
“Hi.” I Said blankly.
“Airy baby this is Julie satin she lives here on this block maybe you and her can hang out at school” my mom said. She always tries to make things seem better when she knows I will not like it. I just go with the flow.

“Yeah sounds fun.” I said trying to be nice, but it was hard the girl had on a pink shirt with a jean white skirt and socks that go up to her knees that were pink as well. Her hair was up in a haft pony tail and curled but the bottom. She had on light pink lip gloss and she had a blue tooth that was pink too. You could tell she was trying to hard. She was not what I would hang out with at home but, here she seemed as best as I could get. I bet every one here was prep so why not hang with the nice one. I think she is nice at least.

“Ok so lets go to school I have a ton of people that want you to meet.” Julie said pulling my arm to the door.

“Bye sweet heart” my evil mom said picking up her coffee to take a drink.
“yeah bye.” Grabbing my school bag on the way out of the door to the car.

Julie got in to a hot pink sports car and said “I know it is nothing like me but my mom said that it will attract boys so I got it.” She said with a ashamed look on her face. The funny part was she and the car was a spiting image of each other. The seats were pink leather and she had fuzzy dice hanging from the mirror in her car. she even had some one drive the car for her that wore a hot pink suit and he was a boy. He must get a lot of money. We stared to see the school and every one had a nice car and were preps wow I felt so different. the car came to a stop

“Well here we are Damon high.” Julie said with a cackle on her last word. She opened the door and fixed her skirt and grabbed her bag from the back seat where I was sitting. I opened the door and stepped out and as soon as I looked up every one was laughing and whispering. I turned around and grabbed my bag from the seat.

Then I heard some one say "she will so not last with those pants on"!I blushed and put my bag on my shoulder.

“Julie!.” Some one screeched and walked over to us. “Why are you hanging out with that new girl that like has no style.” The girl said and pointed at me.

“Oh well, she lived right next to me so I thought to be nice and give her a ride.” Julie laughed it off as if she didn’t care I was standing right next to her. I guess she wasn’t a nice one after all.

When the bell rang I sigh with relief and started walking to the front door to go to the office to get my schedule. I reached the door so many people hitting and pushing to get in to the doors. Is this even worth it? I do not think so. as I walk in the doors it was so neat and nice inside there was posters up every where and lazy boy chars in the halls by each front door of a classroom. I went to the office the lady there look like she just got out of school her self but her name on her read Mrs. Butterson and behind her she had pictures hang up of her kids i think. four of them all girls and wearing pink. When she gave me my schedule her nails were done and had Diamonds on it also was pink with white tips. Just being in this room made me realize I look like crap, even a “old woman” looks better than me.

“Thank you.” I said and turn around to leave.

“Your welcome dear.” Mrs. Butterson replied. i walked into the crazy halls of hell.
First class on my list was art. oh this should be good it is in room 154 on the third floor the teacher is mrs. Floodin. When I walk to the room I still had my back pack with me, but at home I would of put it in my locker. I do not have one yet.

I sat down at a table that no one was sitting at. Then as soon as I could think I got a good set all by myself. I was wrong along came this guy that looked so familiar but I did not know why he sat down right next to me and then two more guys came in and sat next to him.

“Hey Vlad“. One guy said and slapped the boy hand that look so familiar to me. I guess his name was vlad?

“Hey man how was the party with shilla.” Vlad said.
“It was cool we- hi Steve” .some girl cut him off.
“Hey shilla.” The boy who I thinks name is Steve said.
“Class sit down now we have a new student here with us today her name is Ariyonna Mackenzie please stand up.” Mrs. Floodin Said looking around the room. I stood up and every one look at me and then it started the whispers every one was but Vlad he was just staring at me.
“ok you can sit now” .Mrs. floodin said and sat her self down at the desk in the front of the room.

I sat and then I could not help but to look over and read this paper that vlad and Steve were passing back and forth it said "dam shilla is hot". "No I think that A…"then I could not see what it said Vlads hand was covering it. Then he pass it to Steve and Steve look like he was very happy.
vlad turn around looked at Steve and then smiled and said “how old are you Airyonna?” Then I new he was the beautiful boy in my dreams how he said my name with such love in his voice like he was not human. now my dreams were playing in my head the screams and the pain in the girls eyes. But how could this be if the older girl in my dream was me it could not be that the beautiful boy loving "me" couldn’t be him. it just did not add up right. i just met him well not even met him really.
“well how old are you?” Steve said and the vlad look more seriously.
i snapped back to life in the class room and out of my crazy mixed up mind. “I am 14.” I said in a small voice. “How old are you two?” I ask hoping that they did not here me but i had to be nice acting like i cared at this moment.
“I am 14 and vlad here is 15.” Steve said and chuckled. Then wrote some thing down on that paper and pass it to vlad who was still looking at me like I was dead or something like he had so much to say but could not say it. Steve pushed Vlads arm and vlad looked at the paper.

I could not see it but I knew that if I did I would not be in it, it was most likely about shilla or that "A" girl that vlad likes some much.? shilla was beautiful she had straight blond hair that hung passed her hips, her eyes were this golden brown with thick lashes. she had the perfect shade of lips. she was very skinny and had well big boobs.

“Yes I think so.” vlad said to Steve then Steve passed a piece of paper Then vlad passed me the paper that said will you go to the fall ball with me ? Sav. I look down the table and there sat "Sav" he was not ugly but he was so not my type he look like he was dark and he had purple hair not like that was bad but I was just not attacked. i Wrote "sorry I cant dance" . And then I passed it down to him and then I heard laughing. Next minuet I know I have the paper back it said "good then were are perfect together I can not dance either." I was just about to write then vlad turn around to face me.
he said you know if you do not want to go with Sav then just tell him because it would be better for you trust me he is so not the one for you sweet heart any ways you can dance there is no need to said like he new me forever And then he grabbed his stuff and rush out of the door.
Mr. black where do you think your going. Mrs. Floodin said in a stern voice. But he did not answer he was gone..?
when I got to lunch I realized every one had a group and if you did not have one that means you must be very very...Different. I got my lunch and sat down next to this girl she was weird she was wearing a black shirt with a white X on it and it said preps should die she had a jacket that was black and had a band name on it I could not read it . She had pixie cut green hair and had all of these people similar to her around her I guess I stick out. i should get used to this...
when the lunch bell rang I did not see vlad at any wear all lunch. I entered my class after lunch and it was P.E. I hope I get to play something I need to do something I am use to. Ok class we have a new student her name is airyonna. Airyonna please stand up. I stood and every one waved and said hi. hi. I said. Ok now we are gonna play tennis now go team up. I went over to this boy he looked like he liked this game so this will be fun. Hey I am onna. I said to him. I am Eric. Oh do you mind if I am on your team. Sure.. Do you know how I am? Yeah your Eric. yes but do you know my brother? No who is he? he is Benny Dennis you know the "crepe" every one think i am just like him just because i am his brother so i really do not have any friend especially some one that looks like you. I do not care who your brother is truly and why is there something wrong with the way i look?. No there is nothing your a mega hottie people would say but what ever... Ok now lets play some tennis. P.E. teacher said. Ok lets play. We won it was 7 to 10. All the other classes moved fast. I think it was because all I was think about was Vladimir and his ways...? i was also thinking about how Eric said i was a mega"HOTTIE"
When I got home I went state to Julie's house.
my mom did not ask because she was happy me and Julie are friends...,yeah right..! mom said that it was two houses down and I was white. When I got to her house I knock on her door and some lady answers it . Hello what may I do for you? the lady said. I was just wondering if Julie was here? Said with a smile. No "Julie" lives here . The lady said with a grin. Then my face got red hot and I felt like running away . but there is a Julienne . The lady said fixing her shirt. Miss. Scot who is at the door? Julie said. Ma'am it is some one looking for a Julie do you know her ? Let me see . Commanded Julie. So mis. Scot opened the door to let her see me. I said I would come over after school remember. yes this is my friend Ariyonna she is new she dose not know my name I am sorry to trouble you miss. Scot go back to what you were doing. Julie said and grabbed my arm and pulled me up stars.
My name at home is julienne ok not Julie my mom gets mad when people short in my name so dose every body parents are full name is more respectful so we get called it ok. Julie said so fern that I thought she was my dad for a minute. Ok I will call you julienne or what ever ok .? I said hoping I will get time to talk. Ok so you never said that you were gonna come over so what the deal..? can I ask you something . Ok shoot. At school you know vlad is he into girls like me.? You mean Vladimir? I guess. Well he only dated one girl and she died about two days into there said with a sad face on...
Oh why? We do not know for sure all we know is that she stared hang out with Vladimir a lot and then gone her parents said to the school that she was is a car accident in Utah some where but I think there is more to that story.. So why did you want to know do you like him..? no I just sat next to him in art so I wanted to know about him. Ok...? so I got to go to heather do you want to come she is having a party to night and i think it will be fun anyways vlad will be there. I guess but I will have to tell my mom first. Ok here call her . But I should go home to get dressed for it . No just call her and I will deal with the clothes. Ok?
Ring ...ring...ring...hello? Hi mom can I go to a party with julienne . Who ? Julie .oh yes...yes be back before dark...! well can I spend the night over at her house because i do not know what time we will be back and so yeah. Well you have no closes over there and do you have school?. I can where hers and yeah but i was going to go with her in the morning any ways. Ok I guess call me when you get up in the morning. Ok love you. Love you to hon.
now for your outfit...? ok but not to pink. I said hoping she heard me. Yeah yeah I will try how about this. It was a tube top it was neon green and she had a mini skirt that was jean with some saddles that were black. Ok? If you want me to look like a fool. I said with a smile and laughed. you well not look like a fool you will look hot. Julie said walking into her closet. And I am wearing this. It was a pink mini dress that only went to her keens well three or fore inches above her knees and some tan heels. if you do not like what i picked you can wear what ever you want. ok. i said as i walked over to her closet and pulled out a tank-top that was light blue and cut down really low with the same jean skirt that Julie picked before with some small heels that were black.
hey wear this. Julie said giving me some black hoops and a black bracelet. ok thank you? i put them on and i looked in the mirror i looked so weird the last time i wore earrings was in 6th grade for the first day and i hated it. come here. Julie said pointing at a chair that was in front of her. as soon as i sat down on the chair she stared doing my hair. she just moved it a little then said ok you look good now put this lip gloss on then your good. i put some of it on. it was light pink i think it was the kind she was wearing this morning.
Julies mom said she will drive us there and we can get a ride by heathers mom can drive us back. When we got there I could hear music from the car down the block. Ok bye mom love you. Julie said and opened the car door to get out .I opened the car door to get out to as soon as we stepped out Julies mom speed off. ok here we are now please do not act like a dork ok. Julie said. Ok I will try not .I said. Good now here we go. Julie said and knock on the door. Come in . Some one at the door said. We went in and there was so many people I did not know.

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Werewolf is not spelled with an h. This is good, but you should have someone look over your work before you submit it.


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