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A Dangerous Thing Called Love

March 18, 2011
By Anonymous

Author's note: What inspired me is that you go through challenges on a day to day basis. Sometimes you will have more challenges than others but that’s okay. What I hope people will get from this is that life is hard no matter what you're going through and everybody understands. Fact is, they probably went through the same thing too, or they know someone else that has. And if someone leaves you behind, its okay, it just means they weren't meant to be in your life.

It was a dark, stormy night of September in the middle of fall. There was a man named Brian and a woman named Abigail who was just married that afternoon and on their honeymoon in the mountains. Brian was a tall man who was a bit on the skinny side. He had blonde hair and light blue eyes. Abigail was average height and had light brown hair with some red and blonde highlights in it as well.
Abigail and Brian had made reservations at the nicest cabin in the mountains you could ever imagine going to. The cabin was beautifully decorated and had a personality all it’s on. The walls were a golden color with deer and other animal heads and skins mounted on the walls for everyone to gaze at. The small clear glass doors of the cabin lead to the outdoors and were decorated with light brown curtains. The kitchen floor was hard wood that blended well with the walls and the appliances were brand new. The appliances were stainless steel and the cabinets almost looked like they were carved by hand, matching the walls and flooring, yet the handles on them matched the appliances. The countertop was black granite to match all the appliances. The kitchen countertop even had a built in cutting board made out of wood that matched the cabinets.
In the living room, the walls and the floors were the same. There were big, long, and tall windows that went from the floor all the way to the ceiling where you could look outside and see almost anything you would want to. There was a big size couch on the left side of the room that was formed an L shape in leather. On the right side of the room were recliners to lay in that matched the couch. On the wall, beneath the stairs in the living room, there was a TV that looked like it was the length of your arm span. Underneath the TV was a hand carved shelf that matched the walls perfectly. The person who made it had carved the front of it to where it looked almost beveled and curved shaped. The shelf was decorated with electric candles on the left and right sides that not only looked like real candles; they smelled like real candles too. In between the two candles, were a few books that appeared to be just for decoration.
That night, everything took a turn for the worst. Just as Brian and Abigail had their suitcases in hand and headed for the bedroom to sleep for the night, the lights started to flicker. Without warning, the room went dark. Brian set down his suitcase to go and find a flashlight, yet when he did the batteries were dead. This is when Abigail started to panic. Brian knew that he must stay strong and comfort Abigail through the darkness. Brian remembered that in the closet there were some candles packed away. Finding them, would be his true test of patience. After a several minutes, Brian finally found the candles hidden in the closet. He took out the candles, placed them in the living room and found a lighter; in no time he had those all lit. The candlelight was just enough for Brian and Abigail to see one another in the darkness.
Brian then thought it would be a good idea to call for help, so he tried the house phone. It was dead. Someone had cut the phone line wire. Brian couldn’t dwell on it as every second mattered. Fear was setting in. They needed to get help. Brian sat with Abigail on the couch and watched the storm outside through the big, tall glass windows of the cabin. All of a sudden, lighting from the storm lit the whole room with light. It was in that moment Brian and Abigail both to realize they were not the only ones in the room.
In the light from the lightening, they saw a man standing right in front of them about a few feet away from them. He was about six foot four, with brown hair and brown eyes. They also saw that the man had either an ax or a gun of some kind in his right hand. Worst part of it all was that the weapon in the man’s hand was pointed toward them both. Now Brian and Abigail both understood why the lights suddenly went out, and how the phone line was cut. Their worst nightmare was about to come true, that someone would kill them, and that no one would know until it was too late for them both. Brian knew he had to do something so that at least one of them would come out alive. He knew that the guy wanted one thing, he wanted their blood.
In the darkness, Brian whispered to Abigail something important that she needed to do.
“Abigail go find one of our cell phones, go into another room, and call for help but be quiet, so no one can hear you except for the person on the phone. Okay?”
Abigail did exactly what Brian told her to do; she got her cell phone and quickly went into the bathroom and hid in a corner farthest away from the door. She called 911 as quick as she could dial it.
“911 what’s your emergency?”
“Me and my husband are in a cabin up in the mountains. The power went out due to the storm, we tried to use our house phone to call for help but the phone line was cut. The lightening lit up the room and we saw a man with a weapon in his hand.”
“So there is a man in the room with a weapon maam?”
“Not in the room I am in, he is in the living room with my husband. My husband was the one who told me to grab a cell phone and go call 911. I am in the bathroom, in a corner. Please hurry, I have reason to believe the man is here to kill me and my husband.”
“Maam the officers are on their way now. Stay on the line with me until they get there.”
“I can’t, the man might notice I am gone and kill my husband.”
“Maam you have to stay on the line with me until they arrive.”
“It will take too long, the man will notice I am gone before they arrive.”
“Maam do you want to stay alive?”
“Then stay where you are and on the line with me, the officers will be there soon, just stay calm.”
Abigail knew she couldn’t just stay in the bathroom corner while her husband sat in the living room with a man that could possibly kill him at any second. But Abigail knew she had to as it was the safest place possibly to be if she wanted to live. Abigail stayed put while Brian kept talking to the man who could kill him at any moment he chose to.
Brian asked the man, “Why are you here?”
The man then yelling, “Be quiet or your dead!”
Brian then responding back to the man, “I understand what you’re saying completely. Please just do not hurt me and my wife. We just got married not even six hours ago.”
“Look I don’t care about you or your wife. I am here to do a job,” the man then responded.
Brian responded to the man, “A job? Did someone hire you to kill my wife and I?”
The man then told him, “Yeah, someone hired me. One of your wife’s ex-boyfriends hired me in fact.”
Brian responded, “One of her ex-boyfriends? Abigail never said she had a boyfriend except for me.”
The man then said, “Yeah. Abigail is not her real name, its Sarah.”
Brian started to look shocked and said, “There must be some mistake. You must have the wrong person. Her name is Abigail, not Sarah.”
The man then started to wonder, but he had a picture, so he pulled the picture out of his pocket and showed it to Brian and said, “Is your wife in this picture?”
The picture the man showed Brian was someone who did look a lot like Abigail, yet the woman had long blonde hair that went to her elbows. Abigail’s hair was light brown toned with a little bit of red and blonde. Her hair was shoulder length. Brian started to think, Abigail was actually Sarah. Once Brian did, the man realized Abigail was not there. As soon as the man did, everything went haywire and the guy knew she was probably hiding or she could have taken one of their cars and drove off. He guessed she could have possibly called 911 and they would be at the cabin any minute. At that moment, he knew he had to get out of the cabin and down the mountain as quickly as he could.
The man that was going to kill Abigail, or so called Sarah, knew he did not have enough time to kill them both, make sure there were none of his fingerprints and still have time to dispose of the weapon before the cops got there. The man told Brian that he had to go and he would not kill them or hurt them in anyway. He also told Brian that he had better not say anything to anyone. He did not want Brian to give the police any descriptions if Brian and Abigail wanted to live. If Brian did, he would come find him and his wife and kill them both, and make sure no one could find their bodies. So Brian promised the man that he would not say a word about what he looked like and that he would describe somebody else that looks completely different. The man then thanked Brian for that in advance, and also said that Brian would not regret it. Yet, Brian knew that one day, it might be he would. Sadly, the danger for Brian and Abigail was far from over and the worst was yet to come. Till then, Brian told himself not to worry that everything will happen like it should. So he found where Abigail was, and told her what he had promised the man and that she had to do the same when the cops come if she wanted to stay alive.

That night, the cops came they were not familiar with Abigail and what all she had gone through to be alive today. But the cops, they were just about to find out exactly what all that was from her. So, the cops took Abigail to a room and Brian to another. In the past three years, they had never been apart from each other. Now that they were, it felt like they were apart from each other for almost a lifetime. Only this time, it was different, they were with cops, facing the hardest challenge yet.
Abigail’s Interview
“So, why were we called out here Ms. Abigail? There seems to be no crime in progress of what you stated on the phone.”
“There was, and you just missed the guy. Yet of course, safety comes second to you cops”
“Lady what do you got against us cops? We’ve never done you any harm.”
“No but cops have made it a whole lot easier for people to hurt me in the past.”
“Lady, what are you talking about?”
“A few years ago, I was married to a man. He used to beat me in the past, and I think he is coming after me now that he knows where I am.”
“So you’re saying that your husband beat you, and is going to come after you and kill you?”
“Yes. I know I may seem crazy but it’s the truth. I now have a different name, and a new identity, new everything actually from what I had in the past.”
“But you think that your husband that you had before found all that out, found you and is going to kill you now since he knows you’re still alive?”
“Yes. I don’t know what else to do. Now that he has found me, if I go anywhere he could just find me again.”
“Well there is not much we can do Ms. Abigail.”
“I understand officer. Thanks so much for no help. So what do I tell Brian? Should I tell him you’re not going to do anything about it?”
“You should tell him what you think he should know. Maybe he can protect you from him better than we can.”
“I understand officers I will do that.”
The cops leave the room they were interviewing Abigail in, while Abigail stays in the room and starts to cry.
Brian’s Interview
“Okay Brian, lets get down to business. Can you tell us what happened here tonight causing your wife to call us?”
“I honestly do not know officer. I just know my wife called the cops sometime tonight.”
“So your saying you have no explanation for why the lights are out, and all you have for light are cheap candles?”
“Yes officer. There was a storm earlier, so I think that must have knocked the power out, unless your saying I had something to do with it.”
Then the other cops enter telling the cops interviewing Brian to go, that Abigail said everything they need to know. That was when Brian started to get worried, and decided to go and find Abigail and get her so say what she say to the cops. For what she said to the cops could eventually kill them both. Soon, Brian finds Abigail, with the help of a candle in his hand. He now starts to ask her many questions at once.
“Abigail what’s wrong why are you crying?”
“Oh I am just stressed out trying to figure out what to do right now.”
“Okay, since it’s just that would you mind telling me what you told the cops just now?”
“I did not tell them what happened earlier tonight if that’s what your wondering.”
“Then what did you tell them Abigail? We are married now, you have to tell me everything.”
“Okay well it’s a long story. Please do not freak out, it is the truth I promise you I will never lie to you.”
“Go ahead I am ready whenever you are ready to tell me what it maybe.”
“Okay well, before I met you I lived somewhere else. I had a different name. I was married once before, to a man who beat me very badly. I got help, and I faked my own death to get away from him. So I got a new name, new identity, new everything actually. The guy that was here earlier I think my husband that I ran away from may have hired him to kill me.”
Brian is shocked by what his wife is telling him. He can’t believe that someone so sweet, kind, and beautiful could ever have a husband that beat her. He was so surprised at what she told him he had to sit down.
“So your saying he’s coming after you, and is going to kill you no matter what?”
“Yes. Thank you for understanding. I hope he never comes to kill me. He knew exactly what to do to make me obey him in anyway shape or form. I risked my life by faking my own death to be here with you today.”
“How can a woman like you be beaten by a man like that? It just doesn’t seem right to me. Your so beautiful, sweet, and kind. A woman like you never deserved that for a life.”
“I know Brian. So now that you know everything that transpired in the past, I need to ask you something very important.”
“Whatever you may need just ask me and I will do it for you.”
“I need to know that you will protect me from him. Since he may come here I need to know that.”
“Of course I will. Please do not ever doubt that. I will protect you with my life always.”
“Thank you so much, that means a lot to me that you will do that for me. I haven’t been able to trust anyone since I had to fake my own death and disappear. You’re the only one so far that I know I can trust with anything in life.”
“Don’t worry, you can trust me. I would do anything for you. I will guard you with my life till the day I die.”
Abigail is so touched by what Brian had said that she gets up from where she is and goes to where he is sitting. She decides to hug him very closely to say thank you to him in her own way. Brian soon hugs her back, to tell her don’t worry; I will always be here for you whenever you may need me. They sit there for what seems like hours, then they go to the bed without even putting pajamas on, and they went to sleep. They were so tired from everything that had transpired in only a few hours that they were sound asleep in five minutes. They had no idea; they were going to be like a chicken with their head cut off trying to get out of the cabin the very next day.

The next morning, Abigail and Brian woke up it was about two o’ clock in the afternoon. All of a sudden, Brian remembered that he and Abigail had to check out of the cabin in almost an hour. He told Abigail they had to hurry and get out of cabin right that very second. So they both started running around to get of the cabin, trying to get everything together that they brought. They had only been there about a day or so since that was what they could afford after all of the wedding expenses. They tried to put their clothes in the suitcases, yet clothes that were balled up and tossed in a suitcase wasn’t going to work all that well. Abigail tried to sit on her suitcase to get it to close while Brian tried to zip it. Unfortunately, Abigail must have not weighed enough for it to close; she even tried to jump on it, nothing would work.

After about fifteen minutes, Abigail gave up on trying to make the suitcase zip up. She decided she needed to take everything out of it, and fold all the clothes. She started to do that, Brian didn’t know what she was doing.

“Abigail what are you doing?”

“I am going to fold all the clothes so that the suitcase will actually close without me having to jump up and down on it.”

“Oh okay. But um Abigail, why did you not just ask me to jump up and down on it? Since I do weigh more than you it would have made much more sense.”

“Oh well, I guess you’re right about that. Sorry I just thought if I took everything out it would close. Besides you probably would not be heavy enough to force it to close. It probably would have taken something that weighed a ton for it to close.”

“I guess your right, but then it would break the bed and the cabin would fall down the mountain. That would be really bad.”

Abigail and Brian soon start to laugh, since what he was saying was probably true of what would happen. Abigail had never laughed at something that true yet funny in a very long time. She never knew a guy like Brian could make her laugh like that. Brian was a truly comedian in Abigail’s eyes, and she couldn’t help but laugh at him whenever he made a joke.
“Brian, you are such a comedian, that should be your job.”
“I would never do a thing like that Abigail. Hurry up with the packing we need to get out of here now. We only have about ten minutes till we have to be gone from the cabin.”
Soon, Abigail finishes the packing and gets the suitcase to finally close for her. So then Brian lifts the suitcase off the bed and runs to go put it in their car. They soon after about five minutes, they rush to get in the car to leave and go to their house. They make sure everything they had when they got there just a day ago was in the car with them. Everything looked like it was in the car that they brought so they rushed to start the car and leave. The car would not start.
“Oh no this is definitely not good.”
“What is it Brian? Is everything okay?”
“Not exactly, the car does not want to start for some reason. It must not want us to leave”
At that point, Abigail’s eyes got bigger. She was so scared that her husband that she left three years ago did that and was hidden in the car waiting to kill her at the right time. She was so scared her hands started shaking so badly, and she had tears in her eyes. She looked at Brian like she was saying goodbye to him.
“Abigail what’s wrong?”
“You said the car would not start right?”
“What if he did this so we can’t leave and he is hidden in the car waiting to kill us?”
“Abigail you’re going insane. Don’t worry; everything is going to be alright I promise. We are going to get home no matter what I have to do.”
“Okay well turn the key again, this time with more force. That may get it to start.”
Brian does what Abigail says, and the car finally starts for them so they can leave. Abigail was so relieved that the car started for them. Now if only they can get out of there and go home safely that would be great. Abigail had her doubts, since after what happened the night before, anything was possible. She doesn’t know what to expect to happen; she just knows it will be bad if it came from her husband of the past. She will have to prepare for the worst. For it may come first like always.
Soon, they get down the mountain. Brian thinks it would be good for him and Abigail to get some food in their stomachs before they leave. Right across the road was a restaurant that was still serving breakfast, so he decides to drive across the road and get some food for them both. Abigail was not so happy about his idea.

“What do you think your doing?”
“I am going to drive across the road and we are going to go in, and eat some breakfast.”
“I don’t think so.”
“Aren’t you hungry? We won’t be stopping anywhere on the way back home. I thought it would be good if we got some food in our stomachs.”
“I am hungry, but can we not just go somewhere that has a drive through and get our food there?”
“We can but I thought you would like this better. They are still serving breakfast and you can’t miss breakfast.”
“I know but what if he’s in there and sees us? He could kill us.”
“Abigail you’re getting crazy. He isn’t going to be in there.”
“Okay maybe he isn’t but you don’t know he could be in the car behind us and when we get out he could shoot us dead.”
“Okay that could possibly happen. But next time think before you speak, there are no cars behind us at all. We are going to go and get food.”
“Fine we will get food. But don’t you go blaming me if we are shot dead in there alright?”
“Fine. By the way, you should be the comedian not me.”
“Yea right, just go and get your food. No need to try to compliment me on something you’re better at.”
Brian soon gets across the road to the restaurant and pulls into a parking spot. He had to practically pull Abigail out of the car and hold her hand to make sure she would run back to hide in the car. They soon walk in, and sit at a booth with Abigail on the inside. Brian is holding her hand ever so softly trying to get Abigail to relax and not be so tense. Just when he does, the waitress comes and Abigail tenses back up. The waitress just so happened to be her first husband’s younger sister who had seen Abigail many times before. After Brian asks her for more time so they can decide on what they would like to eat, Abigail soon starts to whisper to Brian.
“Brian please ask her for more time again when she comes back. I know her; this is not good I am serious about this. Please ask her for more time.”
“Alright, but are you sure you know her?”
“Yes I am sure.”
Brian asks the waitress for more time once she comes back, and she walks away giving Abigail enough time for her to tell Brian what she needs to.
“Brian, that’s his sister. She’s seen me before when I was married to him many times. She can’t recognize me. If she does she will tell him and I will be dead for sure.”
“Okay so what do you expect me to do? I can’t just put you under my jacket and hide you. She will notice if you are gone the next time she comes back. Don’t worry, if she asks you if she’s seen you before just say no and it will be alright.”
“Okay but are you sure that will work?”
“Yes I am positive. If you do that everything will be fine.”
“Okay I will. Besides she probably won’t even recognize me. Each time she saw me I was all bruised up.”
“Okay. Then we should be fine.”
“I guess.”
The waitress then comes back to their table asking them if they have chosen what they would like to drink or eat. Yet before she does, she recognizes Abigail from when she has seen her in the past. They are in serious trouble, and Abigail knows it for a fact that they have to get out of there now and fast. Only Brian doesn’t understand why Abigail is trying to push him off the seat, he is unaware of the danger that could come at any minute to him, and to her.

Abigail was right. The waitress aka her past husbands sister recognized her. It wasn’t going to be too pretty that’s for sure. Who knows what could come next now.

“Excuse me, but do I know you from somewhere? You look so familiar to me.”
“No I don’t think so. Maybe you think I am someone else perhaps.”
“No I am pretty sure I know you from somewhere. Is your name Sarah Elizabeth Bonnay?”
Abigail was startled. She knew her past name exactly. How was she going to get herself out of this mess now? For her that was a question no one, not even herself could answer. She had to think of something to say soon. Or else the lady would get suspicious. She had nowhere to run, or hide now. The clock was ticking fast as it could for her to answer. Tick tock, tick tock.
“Um no my name is Abigail Daniela Smith. I’m sorry I am not who you thought I was.”
“Are you sure that’s not your name? It did take you a while for you to answer that question.”
“I am sure that it is my name. It just took me awhile to answer since I got married recently.”
“Oh congratulations!”
“Thank you. Just to make sure you understand, I am not Sarah Bonnay”
“Oh well you look so much like her kind of like a twin almost. But I guess your not. It’s just that she’s been missing for almost three years now. She is supposedly is dead to the cops, but I don’t believe that for a second. Neither does her husband, he says he found her somewhere but I hope not. She was beaten by him so bad I couldn’t believe it.”
“Oh I’m sorry; I hope nothing bad has happened to her. What would you do if I was her?”
“I would probably tell you to watch your back as best you can. He could be anywhere now. He’s crazy in a dangerous way he would kill you in a heartbeat. If you were her I’d get out of this town and into hiding as fast as I could.”
“Oh, so you wouldn’t tell him if I was her?”
“No I would help you get out of here. If he finds her she will be dead as soon as he can kill her.”
“Well I have something to say. I am Sarah Elizabeth Bonnay. How’s that for a shocker?”
“Are you serious?!”
“Yes I am serious. Hello Nicki Leah Bonnay. I haven’t seen you in awhile you look good.”
“Oh my gosh! It really is you! You look so good!”
“Well thank you. Just please don’t tell your older brother. I know how close you and him are.”
“Are you serious? I wouldn’t tell him a thing. But girl you need to get out of here now.”
“Why? We should talk; we didn’t do much of talking that wasn’t about my face being all bruised.”
“I know. But he is going to be in here soon. He comes in here for lunch about two thirty. Its two o’clock right now.”
“Oh then me and Brian need to get out of here. Don’t we Brian?”
“I guess we should. It was nice to meet you Nicki.”
“It was nice to meet you too.”
Brian shakes Nicki’s hand to say goodbye, while Abigail hugs her like two sisters would hug. This would show Brian how close those two were, and how hard it must have been for Abigail to let a friend like that go when she had to disappear. It brought tears to his eyes he was so touched by it. He would have to get them two together again soon, even if it meant giving them his credit card to go shopping, and them spending a few hundred or so bucks.

Abigail and Brian get in the car to leave right when Abigail’s ex pulls right in beside them. Abigail practically jumped out of the world it scared her so bad. Luckly she had her hood up on her shirt. He couldn’t see any part of her, even if he wanted to. Abigail was starting to love that shirt Brian gave her as a gift on their first date.
So they get on the road, heading back for Waxhaw, North Carolina. Where those country people live all around you and watch your back. It was a safe haven for Abigail of course, a good country home. This is what Abigail loved about Brian; he was a good country man of 28173 that sure could love her right. And not beat her like some gangster of the south like her old husband would all the time no matter who was around them. Brian sure could love her right, well in her opinion he could.
Then, when they get to their one bedroom home, there was a strange car in their driveway. One that Abigail recognized almost immediately, it was none other than her ex. What could he want now? Oh yeah, he wanted to kill her. They were going to have to run. But run where to? There was nowhere to run, nowhere safe now. Life was going to be over for poor sweet young Abigail. Or so she thought.

Abigail notices that her ex-husbands car is in their driveway. She never expected this to happen, and she was terrified. The worse thing that could happen for the newlywed couple was not near being over, it had just started. Then, Abigail’s first husband gets out of his car headed their way; he has a loaded gun in his right hand. He then yells at them to get out of their car or he will shoot and kill them. Brian and Abigail quickly say their goodbyes since they both have no clue when and if they will ever see one another again. They then get out of the car hoping that this wouldn’t get any worse. Sadly, it did.

Abigail gets out of the car, as soon as she does; her ex grabs her putting his left arm around her neck so she could run. His right hand, holding a gun to her head ready to shoot if she tried to get away. Brian falls to the ground, and begins to cry since Abigail could die at any moment right in front of him and he could do not a thing to stop it. Abigail’s ex then whispers to her, making the hair on the back of her neck stand up. She will have to talk to the one person she is terrified of.

“You should have never ran away from me Sarah. You should have known I would find you and kill you as punishment for it.”
“I never knew it would be this soon Dave. I felt like I was safe here.”
“You’re never safe. Do you not know anything? Are you really that dumb to think that?”
“Just do what you’re going to do Dave. I’m done waiting for you to kill me.”
“As you wish.”
Dave then let’s go of Abigail, then jerking Brian up to his feet putting him in his car. He then drives off, leaving Abigail where she was. Only now she’s in tears fearing Brian will be killed and she will never see him again. The last memory she will have of him was when Dave forced Brian into the trunk of his car.

Dave takes Brian to what looks like a little underground room and then ties him to the wall by his hands. Dave then begins to beat up Brian, now swinging from side to side uncontrollably. He then gives Brian a cell phone, telling him to call Sarah and tell her it is over. He does what Dave had asked him to do making him start to burst into tears. Abigail knows her new husband is in danger and in need of help, so she drives up to save him hoping he will still be alive, and not dead.
When Abigail gets to where Brian is, she becomes afraid of what could happen. But she overcomes her fear and goes in. Dave is nowhere to be found, Abigail runs to Brian who is covered and sweat and bleeding severely.
“Brian your okay!”
“Not exactly, I am hurt really bad. How could you be married to a man like that?”
“It doesn’t matter now. Let’s get you out of here.”
“Okay, but hurry.”
Abigail finds the keys to unlock the locks to get Brian freed. When he is unlocked, he falls to the ground. Dave had broken Brian’s leg severely. He and Abigail walked out, and got in the car. Sadly, Abigail forgot to get the keys for the car, and Brian decides to go back inside since he doesn’t want to risk losing Abigail. Abigail then sees the key in what she thought was Brian’s hand. Only it’s not, it is Dave’s hand. Dave then pulls Abigail out of the car, dragging her back in. Abigail soon sees Brian lying on the ground hurt. Dave then pushes Abigail making her fall to the ground; she then goes over to Brian to see if he is okay.
“Brian honey, are you alright?”
Abigail hears no response from Brian, she feels he is dead. Abigail then starts to blame Dave for Brian’s death.
“What did you do to him?!”
“Easy. I hit him and he just fell to the floor, I may have also shot him as well a few times. I will never be able to figure out why you fell in love with such a wimp. He couldn’t even throw a punch at me if he tried.”
“You’re a monster! How could you kill some one so sweet, kind, and gentle? He would never hurt a sole, and yet you still kill him!”
“It shouldn’t matter, you’re about to join him soon. See, I am going to kill you. So you can join him if you would like.”
“How could you kill me? I see no gun in your possession; I know you can’t kill me with just your fists Dave. You’ve tried too many times. I am already immune to your abusive ways.”
“Follow me if you would like to find out.”
Abigail follows Dave; he picks up a rat and then a bottle of unknown clear looking liquid.
“Watch this.”
Dave soon pours the liquid on the rat; it then starts to look like it is burning away. Its flesh and bones are burning from acid. Abigail then looks around to see why he is pouring acid on the little rat, she then spots a tub of what looks like the same liquid right behind them. She knows he will be putting her and Brian in it to burn away.
“Now if you will be a good little girl and get in the tub and burn away, all this will be over for you.”
“I’m not going to do anything you say, I never will.”
“Oh yes you are, it’s your destiny.”
“Says who?”
“Me. I say when it’s time for you to die. I say it is right now.”
“You can’t control my destiny Dave. I am not your wife, I am Brian’s.”
“You were my wife first, you pretended to die. Since you really did not die you are still married to me. So I can control what happens to you, I am sure to do it right.”
Dave then tries to pull Abigail towards the tub full of the flesh burning acid. Abigail starts to resist trying to get away and find a gun as soon and as quickly as she can. When she does finally, she runs from him since she might not have enough time to shoot him dead before he gets to her.
“Come back here!”
Abigail is running as fast as she can away from Dave, she’s pushing over buckets and anything else she can to slow him down. Nothing seems to be working to stop him. She puts the gun on her waist, grabbing some kind of rusted chain from somewhere. Once Dave is close enough to her she starts to hit him with it. After about maybe three times of her hitting him with the chain, he grabs it from her and throws it down on the ground. She runs to where she was before she ran to get away from Dave. It was where Brian was, she had a feeling he would do something to help her; she just didn’t know what it could be.

Abigail quickly points the loaded gun right at Dave ready to shoot him dead. Right before she does, Brian gets to his feet and hits Dave with a crowbar. Dave then falls to the ground, but he’s not dead yet. He is only knocked out for a short time. Dave will still try to kill Abigail, he will if it is the last thing he does the day he dies.
Abigail and Brian try to get out to escape. Only Abigail sets the gun down, not thinking that Dave could reach it. Right when they get to the door, Dave shoots Brian in his leg; he then in response collapses to the floor. Abigail goes down with him to the floor to make sure he is okay. Dave did not like that too well. So he pulls Abigail to her feet, again trying to put her in the acid.
“Get in the acid!”
Abigail manages to get away, only for Dave to shoot her in the back of her right leg. She falls to the ground injured; Dave then walks over to where she is and stands on top of her. She then rolls over to look up to see him and what he was going to do.
“It did not have to end this way Sarah, you could have stayed with me.”
“Then you’d eventually kill me Dave.”
“Maybe I wouldn’t have if you didn’t make those stupid mistakes.”
“I never made those mistakes Dave. You made up stuff so you could hurt me.”
“Maybe so.”
“So why can you not just kill me right now?”
“Because, I am going to offer you a deal. If you accept it, you will live.”
“Tell me the offer and I will decide.”
Dave then proceeds to pick Abigail up off the ground to tell her the offer as nice as he could so she might accept no matter what it was.
“If you come with me Sarah, and live with me till the day you die, I will not kill you today.”
“I wouldn’t live with you even if you were the last man on Earth that owned a house! Besides even if I did, you would still end up killing me for some silly reason.”
“Fine have it your way then. Any last words before I kill you once and for all?”
“Well then say them you at least deserve that, after all you’re the reason why you’re here right now about to be killed.”
“You’re never going to get away with this. Some one will find out what you did, and they will tell the cops.”
“You’re wrong about that Sarah. You see, I have already gotten away with it. No one will ever remember you, you’re already dead.”
Dave then points the gun at Abigail to shoot her, just when he was about to; Brian gets behind him with an ax in his hands. He could barely hold it, it took all of his strength to hold it up. But it was worth it when he stabbed Dave in his back, killing him instantly. Abigail is in shock, she never knew someone so sweet and kind as Brian could do something so heroic. He saved her life, she could never thank him enough, once she knew how to thank him for something so big. Just then, Brian fell to the floor. He used all of his strength to save Abigail.
“Brian! Are you okay? Say something!”
“I am fine. I just lost my balance.”
“Brian, you saved my life.”
“I know but you were worth it.”
“Brian how did you do that?”
“I know I can’t believe it either, but at least it’s over and done with.”
“Not exactly, there’s something that needs to be done.”
“What do you mean?”
“We need to get rid of the body so no one will ever know what happened.”
“Okay, how do we do that?”
“Help me carry Dave’s body to that tub over there and you’ll see.”

Brian helps Abigail carry the now dead Dave over to the tub. He’s still a little confused at what Abigail means by taking Dave to the tub. What are they going to do? They can’t exactly put him down the drain; he’s too big for them to be able shove him down in it. But once they get to the tub, Brian knows what Abigail was saying, they were going to put Dave in it. The liquid looked like it was boiling to Brian; he knew that what ever the liquid may be it would do something to the body that wasn’t too good. But Brian just did not know what, so he had to ask.
“What exactly is this going to do to Dave’s body?”
“It’s going to destroy it completely.”
“How is it going to do that?”
“It’s acid; it will burn his whole body till it is nothing. All his organs, flesh and bones all over will burn away.”
“It can do all that?”
“I’m pretty sure. Earlier, Dave tried to put me in it; before he did he picked up a rat somewhere and some of the liquid and showed me what it would do to a body if it were ever put on it.”
“That sounds really gross.”
“It was, but we need to hurry. You never know, the cops could come here for no reason. Or somebody will come in and get the cops, either way we could be in some serious trouble for what has happened.”
“Your right, lets burn his body till it is nothing. Wow I never thought I would say that, it makes me sound like some criminal.”
“I know, I know. Let’s just hurry and get this over with already.”
They then put Dave’s body in the tub and watch it slowly burn. They watched it burn till all his flesh and bones were burned completely. They go to their car, leaving that place with no plans to ever return. They go back to their house, and go to bed even though it is only three thirty in the afternoon. After all, they did have a stressful day, and they were exhausted.

A week passed until there were any people out looking for Dave. The news reporters said no one has yet found a body or even parts of the man’s remains. Only Abigail and Brian knew the truth of what happened. After all, they were the ones that killed him with an ax and then put him in the tub of acid to burn every part of his body.

A month passed after the couple killed Dave, which was when Abigail and Brian received some exciting news. They were expecting their very first child. The couple could not be any happier about the news they got. They immediately started to call all of their friends, and everyone the ever met in their lives to tell them the exciting news. All of the people the had called could not be any happier for the couple.

Then about a year passed before Abigail and Brian heard anything more about Dave. Then one morning when Abigail went to go get the mail, there was a letter. It was from Dave’s younger sister Nicki; Abigail opened it anxious to find out what it was. Once she had opened it, she noticed there was just a newspaper clipping inside of the envelope and nothing more. The clipping said local man Dave Bonnay still missing, officers now believe he is dead. Abigail ran inside to show Brian the newspaper clipping that was sent to them. She wanted to know what his reaction to this would be, since they no longer have to worry about people coming to their door asking them if they know anything about Dave and where he might have gone.

When Abigail got inside, Brian was holding now one month old Elizabeth Anne Smith. She was the cutest little baby girl the couple had ever seen she looked almost like an angel. She had light blond hair and blue eyes, she was so sweet. Baby Elizabeth was always happy; she never seemed to cry, not even once. The couple was so happy they could call her theirs. After all, she was their little angel, and no one could take that away from them.
Then when Abigail got to show Brian the newspaper clipping that Nicki had sent to them, he was overjoyed. The cops did not even have a single clue on what may have happened and who may have done it. The cops had closed the case, never to look at it again. The case would soon become an unsolved mystery to everyone and be forgotten. Everyone except Abigail and Brian, only they knew the complete story. They vowed to never tell a soul, no matter what would happen they would never speak of it to each other even. Just in case if someone was listening in on every word they said to one another. Because you never know, someone could be watching you while you’re in the bathroom now days. Anything is possible, Abigail and Brian knew that for sure since so much has happened to them yet they are still madly in love just like the day when they first got married. Abigail and Brian were meant to be together, they are each other’s true love, and nothing that could happen to them would ever destroy that. After all, they went through all that stuff with Dave. If Brian didn’t love Abigail, he would have been gone way before that ever happened.

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