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Magical Love

June 21, 2011
By Ridwana BRONZE, Khulna, Other
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Ridwana BRONZE, Khulna, Other
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Don't worry be happy

Author's note: I am very romantic, romance runs in my veins that's why I wrote a romantic story.

The author's comments:
Abhay Raichand- a rich,stylish good natured guy, whi loves his family, completed studies from abroad. Piashree Jaiswal-a sweet and simple girl next door.She lost her mother at a very young age. She has dad, stepmom and a step sister

Panchi Dobrial is a very famous producer/ director and she was making an extraordinary love story named Fanaa she chose fresh faces for the show the main lead were Abhay Raichand and Piashree jaiswal.

It was the 1st day of shoot on the sets of Fanaa . The crew was really excited and busy Panchi reached to the shoot and started shouting "Whats going on its almost 12 pm of the noon and u have not started a bit of it? where is the cast?"
Theassistantdirector came and told that "mam everything is ready Pia mam is getting ready but... "Panchi-"but what"? Assistant D-"Abhay sir has.."
before the completion of his sentence they all heard the the sound of a speedy car thrashing its speed.Everyone turned to that sound and after that they heard footsteps and toeveryones surprise it was Abhay Raichand. Panchi -"what the hell? is this the time to come on a shoot?Abhay - " ups sorry Panchi"
Panchi-"never mind lets start the shoot. Assistant call Pia" Panchi ordered.

Panchi -"Abhay,Pia is our female lead , she is very sweet I know u two will be good feiends."
Abhay-" lets hope for the best." After saying this he turned around and saw a beautiful girl was coming towardshim he had never seen such a beauty in his 22 years of life he became stunned and could not even blink his eyes just kept looking.

Pia was also looking at him in the same way she came closer and their eyes met. Both were silent and kept looking at each other.

They just kept looking at each other and forgot everything around them.After some time Panchi came and and her words broke the wonderful eye connection between Abhay and Pia.
Panchi: "so silly of me Ihaven't introduced u guys to each other?Abhay she.." oh I kept the camera on plzexcuseme." By saying this Panchi rushed to the camera.
They both did not knew how to start then Abhay decided to step ahead and introduced himself and gave his hand .Pia took that hand shyly and Abhay gently pressed it. They felt a spark by touching each other maybe this is the spark which aroused some emotions in them.

Panchi called them for shooting and they went. After the pack up Panchi announced "today's shooting was good but tomorrow we are going for an outdoorshooting to Dehradun so be prepared for that." Pia and Abhay were standing next to each other. After hearing the announcement Pia became really excited as she had never gone to that place before, she onlyheard from her friends that it is a very beautiful and romantic place. Within her excitement unknowingly she hugged Abhay . Abhay was really shocked he was not able to move a bit of himself he froze and the unknown feeling caused him to close his eyes.

Suddenly Pia realized what a blunder she did and she stepped back. With much of regrett in her eyes she said sorry to Abhay. It took time before Abhay could get out of that beautiful feeling that he was having. But somehow he managed himself and replied to pia. Abhay: "its no problem , u dont need to be sorry." Pia gave a little smile (filled with hesitation) and got out of the studio. Abhay also went to his home.

All night Abhay did not get even a pinch of sleep, as he was too busy thinking about pia, her innocent eyes, sweet smile and above all the hug. He just closed his eyes and the image of the beautiful moments he passed with Pia came before his eyes ,and he was waiting impatiently for the night to get over as he was about to see Pia in the morning

He kept thinking about Pia and does not realized when he felt asleep.It was 10 am in the morning when Panchi called him. Abhay was still sleeping as he had notslept for the whole night.He picks up the phone with much of disturbance.Panchi:" Abhay where are u? do u know what time is it? "then Abhay looked at his wristwatch and saw that it was 10 am he jumped out of his bead and told Panchi that he will be there within a moment. Saying this he rushed to the washroom took a bath and quickly headed to the location

At the location, everyone was busy in grabbing seats in the bus. Panchi offered the cast to go in the car but they told that they would like to enjoy the bus journey.
Pia was standing alone at a side looking around for Abhay. Maya and Misha saw her standing alone and they went to her and introduced themselves. Within a moment they became good friends. Panchi informed them that Abhay is late and they should make themselves seated in the bus as Panchi does not wanted to waste any further time.

Maya,Pia and Misha headed towards the bus , suddenly Pia's phone rang and she stopped to receive it. After sometimes when she entered into the bus she saw that Maya and Misha were sitting next to each other so she grabbed an empty seat ,sat down and started reading her favorite novel

After a while Abhay entered into the bus and saw that Pia was sitting alone, his heart jumped in joy and he sat next to Pia.And the journey started.

Abhay looked at Pia and just kept looking.She was looking so pretty in a purple top and blue jeans her curly hair was left open.As the wind blew down a curl came on her face she became irritated and removed it, she was looking very cute while doing it Abhay smiled and Pia's gaze shifted to him.She was shocked and surprised to see him there and uttered "Abhay". Abhay:(smiling): Hey relax I am Abhay not any kind of ghost or something so no need to be scared.Pia:(raised her eyebrow) "Please, I am not scared I was shocked to see u by the way why are u so late?" Abhay:"actually I had not slept the whole night so...". Pia:(with a concern in her voice)" why what happened are u alright?" Abhay: (happy to se her concerning for him)" nothing just could not sleep well that's why I woke up late." Pia :" oh." Why I am so concerned about him? Why everytime I look at him my heartbeat increases? What is this unknown feeling"? Pia was lost in thought. Abhay waved his hands in air. Abhay: what happened? Pia took a deep breath and uttered nervously "nothing" then she looked away. Pia in her mind " why is this guy affecting me so much?". Abhay:"oh god i think i am in love, I hope she feels the same for me"thought Abhay.Both were silent as they were hesitated to talk.

After travelling for some kilos the bus stopped. Panchi yelled at the driver but stopped when she saw T (along with her 2 chamchies) and Ruhi entering the bus. Panchi:" What happened to you guys?why are u catching the bus from here? " . T: actually we went to the parlour. Panchi:"ok please be seated,driver lets go." T looked at Abhay and was attracted at the same time disturbed to see Pia beside him.T: "hey handsome, I am T." Abhay: (casually)Hi. T: "wow you are so smart but lookat her you two does not match at all."Pia became sad by hearing this. Abhay:(saw that and had an urge to punch T) Panchi is a great director and she knows better she always makes perfect match so u don't have worry about that". T: (disgusted) "whatever". T went away. Ruhi introduced herself and was staring at Abhay she adressed Pia as cute girl. Pia was comfortable with her.

Everyone was in the bus Danish, Panchi, Ruhi, Angad,Maya, Misha etc. All were sitting with a frowned face as they were getting bored it was a long journey and they had nothing to get entertained. Misha: "iss boreness se koi mujhe bachao". Maya laughed and suggested that someone should sing a song. Maya(looked at Misha):Misha yaar sing a song for us.
Danish:lol. Misha showed her tingue to him. Misha: "Maya are u out of your mind? mere saat pushton e kabhi gaana nahi gaya and I dont want to do any harm to your ears so please excuse me". Everyone laughed. Ruhi :(who was continiously looking at Abhay) asked Abhay to sing. Abhay:"what? singing and meee do you know my music techer ran away due to my bad singing." Misha:(giggled )"dude you are just like me ", and they hi fived each other. Danish:"what is this yaar eveyone is refusing no Abhay no excuse u have to sing." Abhay:"sorry yaar".

Then Pia looked at him and said in a sweet tone "Abhay please sing". Abhay looked at her and those sweet words melted him. Abhay:"ok, I know u will regret it". Pia: "I can never regret it."Those two were lost in each others gaze. Everyone did not paid any attension to this eye locking sessin but Misha understood that thereis something fishi. Then Abhay got up Abhay: "u asked for it now u just have to endure it". Danish: "dide stop talking and just sing it. Everyone chered for him and T and Ruhi were doing over. Abhay started looking at Pia ( he was lying he has a wonderful voice) " oos boondo mein tu hain, aankhein moondu mein tu hain , dishao das tu hain, tu hi hain bas tu hain, dil ka shaher tu hain, acchi khabar tu hain,fursat ki hassi tu hain jo bhi thi kami tu hai, tu hai mera, tu hai mera, dil ne kaha itna bas mujhe pata hai , I am in love, i am in love tu hi bata jaane kya mujhe hua hai.

When he ended the song everyone clapped for him, T and Ruhi were complementing him continiously but his heart only wanted to hear Pia's complement. He sat beside Pia. Abhay:so, how was it? Pia: (talking without thinking just blurting all that in her heart) it was superb, I lovedit u have an wonderful voice I jist love.... (before the completion of her sentence). Abhay:(mischiviously) "LOVE WHAT"? Pia:( came into sense,nervously ) I mean I liked the song. Pia looked away feeling embarrased by her own emotions. Abhay smiled and thought "i wish u said i love u".

They all were laughing, singing cracking jokes on each other but Pia was in tension she was not able to keep her mind off from Abhay she knew it was wrong as her marriage was already fixed. She was not happy with the marriage as she always wanted to fall in love with someone, she totally adored love to her love is the most umazing feeling, when someone cares for other she always believed in fairy tales and wanted a prince charming to come into her life but her dreams got vanished when her fatrher begged to her to marry Kabir rathod,who was the son of a zamender in village Ranvir Rathod they were very rich and powerful person of the village they always talked with guns. Pia's father Arnab Jaiswal was also a successfull business man, but their business had ruined and they had to take loan from Ranvir Rathod.The business was in such loss that Arnab was not able to repay the loan. Kabir always loked Pia but Pia always hated him cause he was not a nice guy he was illiterate and gunda. Ranvir Rathod was aware of his son's liking towarsd Pia so he told that" u don't have to pay the money just get Pia married with my son". At first Arnab did not agree but Pia's step mom forced him to agree. (Pia also has a step sister Anushka ,who hates her). Seeing such condition of the family and a danger to her father Pia killed her heart and agreed for this marriage.

Pia was lost in those thoughts and as she was tired she felt asleep on Abhay's shouldiers without even realizing. Abhay was shocked at first then he looked at the sleepy Pia " u are so innocent and beautiful Pia how can I take my eyes off you." He just kept looking at her suddenly the wind blew and a strand of Pia's loose curls felt on her face, Abhay removed it affectionately.

The bus stopped as they had reached in one of the well known hotels of Dehradoon. Pia woke up and realized that she had been sleepng on Abhay'a shouldiers. Pia: "sorry! I did not realized when I felt asleep " Abhay:"hey no need to be sorry u were just sleeping."
Pia was nervous and she got up from the seat but comeone collided with her and she felt on Abhay's arms. Abhay held her gently and they were lost in each other's eyes. Pia recovered fro the intense eye lock and quickly got out of the bus. Abhay:"oh god this girl is driving me crazy".

Pia was too busy enjoying the beauty of the place and clicking pictures.Suddenly she realized that the cast and crew had went to their rooms so she went to the reception but there was no one around so she asked the bellboy, and the bellboy mistakenly took her into Abhay's room. The lock was open and Pia got into the room.

Pia kept her bags and went near the window to get some fresh air.As the wind blowed down her face she closed her eyes and she started thinking about Abhay.Her mind was distracted by the sound of water coming from the washroom, she thought that maybe the tap was open and she rushed there( she did not knew that Abhay was taking shower in there). She opened the door and saw Abhay wearing nothing but a towel she closed her eyes turned around and started to scream. Abhay too started screaming. Abhay: "Pia what are you doing here?" Pia : " the bellboy took me here".Abhay:" that idiot showed u the wrong room, this is my room. Pia: "oh I am sorry". Abhay:"plz dont need to be sorry it was not your fault." Pia smiled nervously and tried to get out of there but she slipped because of the wet floor. Abhay saved her from falling by supporting her by the waist and they both were lost in each others eyes. Pia looked into his deep brown eyes, there were something in his eyes that Pia had never seen before .His eyes were hypnotic and Pia was totally hypnotized. Pia was so lost that it felt that there was no one in the world, except the two of them. Pia forgot everything even the fact that she was totally imbalanced and was supported by Abhay, otherwise she would fall. Abhay looked at her in a way that he was seeing her for the first time. Pia raised her hand and touched Abhay's face gently with so much affection. The warmth of her affection caused Abhay to close his eyes . Suddenly the eye connection was broken by Pia she came into senses, balanced herself and just ran away from there.
Abhay felt guilty because he thought that Pia does not like him and maybe his gaze towards her is making her feel uncomfortable.Abhay decided to control his feelings for Pia. Pia ran away from there rubbing the a droplet of tear that came from her eye. The receptionist came to her and handed the keys of her room. When she entered the room she saw that her luggage was already there and the bellboy was standing there. The bellboy told her that Abhay has sent this luggage as Pia left it in his room and the bellboy left. Pia started thinking about Abhay and the feelings that were aroused in her due to his closeness.She felt that there was something between them a very special feeling, the most beautiful feeling in the life of a girl her first love. She realized that she had fallen in love with Abhay.
8th update:

Pia was very sad so all day she remained in her room.Abhay looked everywhere but there was no sight of Pia,he asked Misha but she told that she dont know. Everyone was having fun but Abhay kept thinking about Pia. Again it was time for shooting and everyone was there except Pia. Panchi told that Pia is unwell and she will do her shots later. After the shoot Abhay was not able to control his worry about Pia and he decided to go to Pia's room.

With much of hesitance Abhay went to Pia's room, but he was too nervous to knock the door. Then he told to himself" come on Abhay Pia is just a girl, you can do it be a man".His concern for Pia enabled him to knock the door. After 2 or 3 minutes Pia opened the door. Pia was both surprised and happy it was a kind of mixed emotion.She could not believe that it was Abhay .It seemed to her that it was an illusion. Pia raised her hand and touched Abhay's face and uttered "Abhay" in a very weak tone. Abhay saw that Pia was really weak her hair were all messed up, her eyes were red and her hand was shaking. Pia was in a very miserable condition.

Abhay asked "Pia are you alright?" Pia realized what she had done and became tensed and this feeling combined with weakness gave a sudden spin to her head and she was about to fall.Abhay held her strongly and looked down at Pia's face. Abhay's eyes were watered to see Pia in such condition. He touched Pia's face and was not able to control his feelings he hugged Pia.
His strong arms were over Pia's waist .Pia felt something which was out of this world. She closed her eyes and felt the true emotion of Abhay's heart by keeping her head on Abhay's chest.

Those two were completely lost in each other. Pia was so weak that she was not able move an inch of herself. Abhay lifted Pia and lied her on the bed. Pia was still looking at him.Abhay sat on Pia's bed,just next to her. He moved the curl from Pia's face and gently waved his hands upon Pia's head. Abhay could feel that Pia was crying for a long time, by seeing some tears under her eyes.Abhay asked " Pia why were you crying?" Pia nervously answered that she was not crying.Removing the tear from her eyes Abhay told "yes u r rite, ye toh barish kii boond hain jo tumhare aakhon ke niche hain". Pia became tensed which Abhay realized. Abhay: "Pia u r ill, u need a doctor I will just go and call one" by saying this Abhay was about to move from his place but Pia held Abhay's hand and told "Abhay plz dont go from here,mujhe darr lag raha hain."

Abhay got close to Pia, looked at her and said" Dont worry Pia I am not going anywhere, I am here with you".Pia held Abhay's hand tightly. Abhay took her hand close to his lips and gave a soft kiss. Then Abhay called the room service and ordered some soup for Pia. The door was open so the waiter took the order without any disturbance and he went away. Abhay; Pia you need to have something, Pia : no, I dont feel like eating anything. Then Abhay took the soup and, it near Pia's mouth and told "plz give it a sip for my sake." Pia could not refuse him and ate it.Abhay looked into Pia's eyes and with much of emotion he told that "Pia plz take care of yourself u dont know how I am feeling too see u in such condition".Abhay's eyes were watered when he told this to Pia. Pia was totally mesmerized by Abhay's emotion it was so pure. Pia told " no one has never cared for me so much" teardrop poured from her eyes and she hugged Abhay.Pia was totally breathless and she was not able to say anything just crying. Abhay took her face on his hands and said " Pia plz dont cry, what happened? did i say anything wrong?"Pia was not in a state of saying something she kept on crying. Abhay told:"ok dont say anything but plz stop crying plz. Abhay took his face near Pia's and Pia closed her eyes. Abhay slowly kissed Pia's cheek and the teardrop sticked into hid lips. Abhay licked his lips. Pia opened her eyes she could still feel the emotion of her first kiss, it was so special she thought. Pia forgot the whole just by looking into his eyes.

Abhay lied beside Pia ,and she kept her head on Abhay's chest. She closed her eyes and felt asleep. When she was fully in sleep Abhay thought that it would not be a good thing if people come to know that they were together.People would say bad things about Pia. So he slowly removed Pia's head from his chest and put that on a pillow he did it very safely so that Pia is not disturbed. He covered Pia with the blanket and slowly kissed her forehead.His heart did not gave him consent to leave Pia alone in such condition but he had to do it for Pia's sake only, for her reputation. Abhay did not want people to say bad things about the pure love connection between them as he loved Pia more than anything in the world. He looked at Pia before closing the door and said in his heart " love u sweetheart plz get well soon."

The sweet chirping of the birds caused Pia to open her eyes. She smiled as the sweet moments she spent with Abhay were visible before her eyes. She could still feel Abhay's warm touch, his kiss and each word he had told her.She closed her eyes to feel that moments again as they were so special to her.Suddenly her phone rang and she became happier thinking that it was Abhay's call. With no further delay she received the call and said "Abhay" . But soon her happiness turned into grief by hearing Kabir's voice over the phone.

Kabir: "Abhay who is this Abhay? I am kabir you forgot me in 3 days?
Pia: no actually.....
Kabir: If u try then also I would not let u for get me do u remenber ur father's promise?
Pia: yes I do.. and u dont need to warn me I will marry you.
Kabir: that's like a good girl....(he was about to say something but pia cut the phone). Kabir was disturbed by Pia's attitude and he decided to find information about Abhay because by Pia's tone he understood that Abhay is someone special.

'Pia get out of your dream , Abhay can never be yours you can not break his heart , you have to stay away from him". Pia thought.
Then Pia got ready and headed for the shoot. At the location everyone was happy to see Pia. Misha hugged her and said" look at you, u r alive,,," Pia laughed and Abhay came, Abhay looked at Pia with lots of love in his eyes but Pia looked away ignoring him. Abhay felt weird and whole day Abhay tried to talk with Pia but some how she managed to ignore him. Abhay felt a pain in his heart and was sitting alone with his head down. Misha came to him , Misha: hey dude what happened ? koi mar gaya kya? Abhay: Its nothing. Misha; dont hide u r upset coz Pia is ignoring u.Abhay was shocked to hear this from her and his eyes widened. Misha: ab aise mat dekho ke koi bhoot dekh liya hain . By seeing u guys a child also can understand that something is going on.Abhay: she is behaving weird what should I do? Misha: dont sit like a fool go and talk to her in private, clear out all the problems. Abhay became happy he hugged Misha and went to Pia. Misha said" love birds".

Pia was sitting alone along the pool side. Abhay went to her and said" Pia" in a very sweet way.

Pia's heartbeat became faster by hearing Abhay's voice from behind."My name sounds so good in your voice Abhay" she thought. Abhay was coming closer, Pia did not looked at him because his eyes would made it impossible to ignore him. Pia got up and started walking she was acting like she had not heard Abhay's voice . Abhay called again "Pia" but this time also she kept walking. Abhay became angry , he walked towards Piya held her hand tightly and pinned her against a tree.
Abhay: What's wrong with you Pia? Why are u behaving like this?
Pia: (swallowing her emotions.) behaving like what? did I misbehave with you? you are just a co-star, what else do you expect?
Abhay: (his voice became down) just a costar Pia, and there is nothing between us?
Pia: there is nothing personal between us.Just a professional relationship.
(Saying this she tried to go away but Abhay held her by the waist.)
There was a deep pain in Abhay's eyes when he looked at Pia. And Pia felt the same pain in her heart.
Pia: let me go.
Abhay: No, first you have to give me some answers.
Pia: I am not bound to do that.
Abhay: yea you are, tell me Pia if there is nothing between us then what happened last night , the emotions, the love that we both felt what was that pia?
Pia: (hiding her eyes from Abhay's) I don't know what are you talking about besides I was very weak last night almost senseless I did not knew what I was talking in fact I dont remember anything, maybe I said something and you thought something else I think u misunderstood. I am sorry but I dont feel anything for you.Hearing this Abhay's clutch became weaker and Pia ran away from there hiding her tears and Abhay was totally frozen.
Pia was running and suddenly she collided with Misha.
Mish; hey Pia what's up?
Pia:(wiping her tears) nothing , just not feeling well. (saying this she went away)
Misha held her head and said "hey bhaggu I will get mad , one time mr. Romeo (Abhay) says that he is not feeling well now juliet (Pia) is also not feeling well. Lagta hain romeo se hi baat karni paregi. " And she started calling out mistakenly "Romeo" T and her chamchies heard it and stated making fun said " look Misha, poor girl apne romeo ko search kar rehi she is like super despo." Misha heared it and she had to give an answer to T she told" sabko apni tara samjha hain kya ? look main tumhe despo hone ki symptoms bolti hoon everyone please gather,Misha ki and answer me plaese. everyone gathered 1st symptom: Despo all the time lipstick or makeup paint kati hain. Who does it? Everyone answered "T "
OK 2nd symptom: a despo always keeps staring at boys. Aganin Kaun karta hain. Everyone shouted "its T,T. Then she sees Abhay and tola" thnx guys I think itna definition is ok baki kal bye all bye despo." Saying this she rushed to talk to Abhay.

Pia ran to her room and buried her head in the pillow crying.The pillow was wet by her tears.Abhay's words were still echoing in her mind and she was feeling a disgust pain in her heart because she had hurted the most special person in her life Abhay, who loves her with all his heart and soul who cares for her, who cant see her in pain."Abhay please dont love me so much I dont deserve your love, I caused u pain" she uttered in a loud voice with much of pain. Then her voice became weaker and she closed her eyes and her lips only uttered"I love you Abhay I want to be in your arms till the last minute of my life."

Abhay was very angry and sad by Pia's behavior for a moment he could not believe his ears.Why Pia why did u made fun of my love I had never forced u to love me Abhay growled in anger and started hitting his sandbag, his eyes were watered and he was too much hurt.

After making fun of T, Misha went to look for Abhay but he was no where around so she called her but Abhay did not answered her call .
Misha went to Abhay's room and knocked the door saying "hey mr.romeo, dont try to be mr.india now open the door dude."
Abhay opened the door and Misha stepped in. For a while they both were silent and Misha told "dude u can talk yahan koi silent film ki shooting nahi chal rahi hain" Abhay was still quiet.Then Misha understood that the matter is serious.
Misha: Abhay did u talk with Pia?
Abhay: (turned around) Misha I dont want to talk about it plz.
Misha:But why?Whats wrong Abhay? (Misha shifted to Abhay's side)

look Abhay, I know that I am no one to interrupt in ur personal

matters and we dont know each other for long but somehow i

feel a strong bond with u and pia . you are like a brother to me

and Pia she is a very good friend. So i cant see u guys in such condition u guys are

in love.
Abhay:(touched by Misha's words) Misha u are not stranger I also think of u as my little sister. I told u that I love Pia but she does not love me, maybe she thinks i am not the right guy.
Misha:(almost shouting) what do u mean by she does not love u and u r not the right guy, dude are u blind or what from the first day I have noticed the love in her eyes she feels shy around u and she looks at you in dreamy eyes, she cares for u . Even a child can understand that she has completely fallen in love with u.
Abhay:I also thought that she loves me, but ....
Misha:but no buts she loves u ok if u cant see it in her eyes then I will prove it to you .Just wait and watch.
By saying this Misha went away from Abhay's room closing the door. Abhay said in his heart"I hope u r right Mish."

Misha is in her room, biting her nails and walking from one end of the room to the other."come on Misha think ,think of something to unite them par kya? ab keh diya hain to kuch to karna hi parega" she thought. And suddenly her gaze was attracted by a shining envelope which was kept on her bed side table.Misha opened the envelope and found out that it was an invitation for the new year party. The party was thrown by the hotel for their guests. Misha's wicked brain caught its gear and she thought of a plan to get Abhay and Pia closer.

Soon it was time for party, the party hall was superbly decorated and everyone had reached there except Abhay . T and her chamcies were painted wits lots of make up and Ruhi was busy in attracting some guy. Angad was smiling at a girl wearing short skirt but the girl was not paying attention to him. Pia was looking very pretty she wore a red dress which was sleeveless and f lowing. Abhay entered the party hall he was wearing a black shirt ,black jeans and a black velvet blazer which complimented his fair skin . He was looking very handsome all the girls were going gaga over him.T came and hugged Abhay ,Pia was very disturbed too see this she got jealous and went away from there. Abhay noticed that and it bought a smile on his lips."Misha you were right , she loves me." he thought..

Piya went away from the party hall "pia what are u doing ,u stay away from Abhay and now when he is happy with T why is it bothering u why r u so upset"? this thoughts had taken over her mind and she collided with Misha (who had lots of clothes in her hand) .
Misha: "hey watch out"
Pia: sorry Misha why are u dressed like this aren't u going for the party?
Misha : I want to but I lost my invite and they wont let me enter(she lied).Oh shit pia
Pia: what happened.?
Misha: I lefi my invite on the laundry room from where i bought this clothes.
Pia: dont worry misha u go to ur room and change I will bring the invite from laundry .
On the other hand Misha called Abhay and told that she is in a problem and she needs his help and she told him to come to the laundry room which Abhay went.

So, Abhay was already in the laundry room when Pia entered she was shocked to see him there.
Pia: Abhay are u following me?
Abhay:(irritated) what? why would I follow u?
Pia: because...
Abhay: u always keep imagining things right? I came here .....( before the completion of his sentence they heard a sound of locking the door and they both rushed there.)
Abhay tries to open the door but realized that it is locked.So, he steps away without panicking ,takes out his phone and tries to call someone.On the other hand Pia was struggling with the door and patting it.
Abhay: its of no use it is locked from outside.
Pia:(quarreling with him) I am not going to relax like u i will try because I dont want to stay locked up with u.
Abhay;(angry at pia ) am i enjoying this?( voice louder than usual)
Pia:(mischiviously)I dont know.
Abhay: (replying with an angry tune) what do u think I did all these purposely to take advantage of u? No, Miss u r wrong.
Pia: (hurt by hearing those words, eyes were watered, her tone becoming weaker and she comes closer to Abhay) I did not say that ,Abhay how could u think like this ...(unable to complete her sentence)
Abhay was looking at the other side but now looked at Pia's side he saw that tears were welling down her cheeks.He felt a pain in his heart and went closer to Pia. Those two were facing each other now, Pia looked into Abhay's eyes and forgot the world around.
Abhay: ( touching her face and said in a very loving way)Pia
Pia: Abhay I know u hate me
Abhay: hate u.. I can never do that
Pia (looked into Abhay's eyes very lovingly, and she felt that this was the true love she had always imagined) Abhay...
Abhay holds Pia in his arms leans forward and slowly comes closer ,Pia closes her eyes and Abhay puts his lips on Pia's trembling soft lips he then gently kisses her, for a moment Pia was totally frozen then she feels Abhay's warm lips on her lips she kisses him back but very shyly.This goes on for few moments and Pia was completely lost by the warm affection of Abhay's arms and his tender wet lips.
Suddenly the door bangs and those two comes into the real world. Pia realized what she had done and moves away from Abhay. They both looked at the door which was opened now and a smiling Angad enters the room.
Angad:(shocked to see Abhiya inside) Hey guys , the door was locked from outside but what are u doing here?
Misha comes there running she was very angry at Angad as he had opened the door this was Misha's plan she had locked the door from outside .
Pia ran away from there and Abhay was speechless for a moment.
Misha: "Angad ka baccha , tujhe to main he comes forward to beat Angad but Abhay stops her and takes her away from there.
Angad was shocked and said " maine kya kiya?"
Abhay: Misha u did all these right?
Misha: aur kaun ho sakta hain.
Abhay: smiled
Misha: Did my plan work? Did u guys had any conversation ? say na I am dying to hear.
Abhay: u r rite she loves me.
Misha: (jumps) yipee i told u Misha can't be wrong.
Abhay: But I don't know why she tries to distant herself from me, I really don"t know is she confused or what.(pauses for a moment) No problem If she is not sure I will make her sure, I will show that How much I love her and I will prove her that I am only the right guy for her(said with much of confidence) .
Misha: ( smiles) all the best I am with u.
Abhay: Thnx u helped me a lot.
Misha: Always at ur service bro.
and Abhay hugs her.

Abhay was near the window at his room looking at the moon and remembering the moments he had spent with Pia. The moonlight was falling on his face, he was looking like an angel and his eyes were shining with happiness. He closed his eyes and the image of Pia appeares before his eyes he smiled but suddenly the smile faded away and some questions start bothering him. "Today I felt the warmth of your love, I know u love me Pia, but what's wrong? Why you always ignore me and try to stay away from me?" He thought and was very much concerned.Then his phone rang and Panchi's number flashed on it. He received the call.

Abhay: Hey Panchi
Panchi: Abhay tomorrow we have to go near mountains for shooting so be prepared for that. We are going to leave early morning.
Abhay: ok no problem.
Panchi: Sharp at 7:00 am no late comers allowed.Ok Gudnite.
Abhay: Gudnite.

Abhay went to sleep and dreamt about Pia.

On the other hand, In Pia's room she was throwing things and struggling with her emotions. " I have no control over my feelings, what happens to me when I look at him , this will killme, How will I face him tomorrow oh God." she was blabbering all these. After a while Misha called her and informed her about the shoot. Pia was thinking about a way to get eveything sorted and she felt asleep.

Next morning,everyone was very excited to see the hills, greenery and lakes of their shooting location.Tracker jumped in joy , hugged Misha and said" Mishu ye place kitna romantic hai shayad yahi mujhe apna dream boy mil jaye.
Misha: Why shayad? surely u will get him he is right there in the forest.
Ruhi; AWWWWWWWW how do u know?
Misha : everyone knows him he is a monkey.

Everyone was laughing except Pia she was very tensed and her tension doubled when she saw Abhay coming towards him she closed her eyes and started praying " God help me, what will I do what will I amswer him if he asks about the kiss" She opened her eyes but Abhay did not come to her instead he was clicking some pictures with his phone. Pia was watching him with dreamy eyes when T came and hugged Abhay from behind. Pia felt a disgusting pain in her heart , Abhay saw the expression on her and sensed the jealousy in her. But he decided to play along so he started flirting with T. Pia could nor resist it long and she went away from there Abhay smiled and thought" and u said that u don't love me" . When Pia was out of his sight he quickly excused himself from T. T was confused.

Pia was very angry , sad , in a word jealous. She was talking to herself " Abhay how can u do this? u were so close to T, u said u love me but , are u a player, oh god i thought i was hurting u but u.... , I thought u were my prince charming but she was crying. After sometimes she came inti senses and realized that she was surrounded by tress, and was in a jungle she screamed but there was no one to hear her.

Abhay was reading his scripts when Misha came to him, she was very tensed.
Misha: Hey mr. romeo where is ur juliet?
Abhay: I dont know I thought she is with u guys.
Misha: no she was is not with us, infact i have scarched everywhere but she is nowhere.
Abhay: Have u tried calling her?
Misha: there is no network.
Abhay was very tensed hearing this,"oh god pia, where are u? is it because of me?" he thought feeling a huge amount of guilt i his heart. Misha saw this tensed face of Abhay and tried to reassure him by patting on his soldiers."hey dude, dont worry she is fine, maybe she has left. I am going to Panchi I am sure she knows about ur juliet." and she left.

Abhay was not satisfied his heart told him that Pia is in trouble, he looked for her eveywhere then he looked at the jungle path and thought " Is it possible that she has gone their and lost her way." He was thinking this when he felt a touch on his arms he turned back and it was Ruhi.
Ruhi: Hey handsome, mujhe dhoond rahe the.
Abhay: no , actually .... do u know where is Pia.
Ruhi:(got dissapointed) no, but i saw her here an hour before.
And she left. Abhay understood that his thinking was correct and without thinking further or wastig any time, he rushed into the jungle to find his love.

Pia was in the middle of the jungle crying , she was very scared as the sun was about to set. Pia looked at her cellphone and tried to call Misha but it was invein as there was no network. She decided to find a way out and kept roaming here and there, she got confused as all the paths looked similar. She sat down under a tree feeling dissapointed.She was praying to god for help when she heard some sound, she thought that it was some kind of animal she got afraid and screamed loudly, closing her eyes shegot hitted by a stone on the leg and was about to fall when she felt strong arms around her waist. she opened her eyes and was shocked to see Abhay. She uttered " Abhay" and hugged him tightly as she was too scared, tears start to well down her cheeks " Abhay, thank god u r here, I was so scared, I thought I would never be able to get out of here, and some animal will kill me" her head was on his chest and she was breating heavily.

Abhay sighed in relieve as he got Pia near his heart. Abhay too was breathing heavily, he kissed her head and stroked her messed up curly hair. She was crying, Abhay tried to pacify her very sweetly "shhh , I am here with u, nothing will happen, trust me Pia please stop crying". His words gave courage to her and she stopped crying. Abhay parted himself from her,he cupped her face and wiped the tears out of her face very gently, she closed her eyes and kept her head on his chest.Abhay smiled.

They were walking through the jungle. Pia was very scared and had grabbed Abhay's hand tightly. Abhay sensed her fear and

said " Don't worry Pia we will be out of here soon don't be scared." Pia quickly swallows, she was scared indeed, but not ready to admit it. Pia:(nervously) "who said I am scared? I am a very brave girl" . Abhay: (with playful eyes) all right , u r brave then why u were crying, and u hugged me, i guess that was a welcoming hug ?" Pia did not knew what to say and looked down.

After few moments of silent walk , there were two ways Abhay said : "we should go right ". Pia: no, i think it's left.
Abhay: Pia i came from there only, i know it .
Pia: Don't try to be so smart Abhay Raichand , i think its left and i am going there, u can merely go to right, i can find my own way.
She said and went to the wrong way.Pia to herself " what does he thinks of himself , i hugged him so what? I was scared ,he knew it then why he had to embarrass me by saying that? she was walking and suddenly realized that the path she had taken had no ends." Oh god, u r so stupid Pia , he was right, he is definitely smart and u r so dumb, what will i do now , he has left ." She sat down on the ground holding her head. " so miss smart jaiswal , i think u love to talk alone " she looked up and saw a smiling Abhay looking at her. She sighed in relief, "Abhay ". Pia: Abhay u came here because of me and I ... I am such a ..He put his finger on her lips and said " Shhhhhhh, u r too innocent and sweet Pia . He said lovingly. Pia: (shocked)"After all these u r saying this". Abhay smiled. Pia: and now u r smiling, u should be angry at me, I am really sorry to cause u this pain Abhay (her eyes were tearful). Abhay: ( looked into her eyes deeply) Pia, plz dont be sorry, its ok. Pia was taken back by his attitude, she comes closer to him and hugs him tightly as if to never let him go and rests her face on his chest, sobbing slowly.Abhay felt a pain in his heart and hugged her back. Abhay:Pia what happened? For a moment she was completely lost, she forgot the world around, she was breathing heavily and uttered his name with so much of passion in her voice." I love u so much, more than anything and i don't have the strength to stay away from u anymore, dont ever leave me alone Abhay , u r my everything."

Abhay could not believe his ears, his most beautiful desire of hearing those 3 magical words from Pia had came true. Abhay smiled and was gently stroking Pia's hair. Abhay: I love u too , Pia. Pia looked up into Abhay's eyes and he cupped her face, I will never leave u alone, i will be with u forever.His eyes were conveying the same promise as his words and it was so real, Pia could feel it. Pia went close to him, so close that their noses were touching, she was standing on her tip toes and she gently gave a peck on Abhay's lips. Abhay held her by the waist and kissed her passionately with so much love and hunger. Pia closed her eyes feeling the ectasy of his warm lips, she kissed him back trying to match up with his passion, her hands were over his back stroking it and both of them were all over each other felling the emotions completely.

Abhay parted himself from her a little and looked at her, tears were welling down her cheeks and her lips were trembling,and her eyes were still closed.She was too weak to stand on her own but Abhay was holding her tightly his one arm was wrapped around her waist.He raised his another hand and gently wiped out the tears caressing her cheek as if he was removing a dew drop from a rose petal.Then he traced the shape of her trembling lips with his fingers, her heart beat had increased beyond the limit and his too. Abhay moved his face close to her lips and kissed her again his lips moving over hers urgently and hungrily he sucked her lips and and she was breathless. Her hand landed on his broad shouldiers and then to his chest exploring his muscles.He leaned his mouth down by her ear and his clean shaven cheek brushed against her then he placed a sweet trail of kisses from her ear down to her jawline, her cheeks, her chin and then her neck she was shivering .Abhay suddenly realized that he was going a bit too far, it was hard for him to control his emotions but he somehow managed it. He removed himself from her gently . Pia opened her eyes and looked at Abhay who was staring her with loving eyes. She was blushing and looked down. Abhay came close to her and gently removed a strand of hair from her face. Pia blushed harder and he embraced her in his arms. Pia smiled and buried her face on his chest. Abhay leaned his face down to her ears breathing the scent of her hair. He said "Pia, you are mine forever, I love u with all my heart and soul and every inch of me belongs to you, only you. Pia smiled and uttered his name lovingly.Abhay looked at her and she too and both were lost in each others eyes.

In the hotel, everyone was very tensed as there was no sight of Abhay and Pia. Misha was dialing their numbers but the network was busy.Panchi was helding her head. Angad suggested that they should call the police. Suddenly something striked Misha's mind and she thought " maybe they are together and mr. romeo is busy in romance". Her lips curled in smile and she told "guys i think before reaching down to any conclusions we should wait for them."Everyone agreed and they went to their reapective rooms.

In the jungle, Pia had rested her head on abhay's shoulders and his arm wrapped around her waist, they were walking .Pia's eyes shifted to a hut which was about a mile far.Pia released herself from Abhay and ran there she was overwhealmed to see that hut in the middle of a jungle. Pia: wow ! look Abhay a hut that too in the middle of a jungle, seems like I am in a fairytale , I can't believe it. She said with lots of innocence and huge astonishment.Abhay just kept looking at her innocence. Abhay:"u r a fan of fairytale, right Pia" . Pia smiled and went inside the hut Abhay followed her. The hut was small but bright by the moonlight which was coming from the window, it was made of palm leaves and dried grass . It was cold , but somehow it looked very nice to Pia. Abhay:ok , are u done, it is getting darker, we should get going. Pia's smile faded. Abhay: "what?" Pia: "I am too tired , I cant walk anymore she said sitting on the ground.Abhay: "Pia, just a few miles and we will be out of here. Pia:(still in her dreamland) I dont want to go there, look at this hut, we can spend the night here and go back in the morning, Abhay i want to be with u.He bent down on his knees and reached Pia's level his lips curled in a smile and with a playful tone "hmm alone with me ,in this cozy hut, at this hour in the jungle, what are your intensions miss Pia" he said coming closer to her and looking into her eyes. Pia's cheek went red as she blushed by hearing those words from him. Pia:(parted herself from him, a little and smiling shyly)" my intensions are very wise but it looks like someone is naughty enough to take them in another way". Abhay:( smiled ) Pia but it is not it's not comfortable, (touching her cheeks) u will have problem . Pia held his hands, placed her head on his chest."Abhay , I feel safe with you, and who cares about comfort when u r with me". Abhay: Pia but..., Pia looked at him and said "please"( very sweetly) Abhay: ok, then bear with me.

Pia was staring at the moon through the little window of that hut. She was happy to be with her love,Abhay whom she used to see in her dreams. Her lips were dancing with a pleasant smile that reached her eyes. Abhay on the other hand was staring Pia with those loving eyes, he was very happy to see her smile like this, it was a special one and it was real Abhay felt it. Abhay went next to her. Abhay: (staring her intensely) u look so beautiful when u smile. Pia :(blushed and drowned in his intense gaze ) this smile is all because of you Abhay, you are the moonlight in my life I love you so much. Abhay touched her face gently caressing it I love you too Pia. Abhay: Pia if you loved me so much then why were you avoiding me, why u were behaving like a stranger to me, is there anything wrong? please tell me Pia I don't want anything to come between us.

Pia's smile faded and she started to palpitate by being hitted with the reality because for a moment she forgot everything just listened to her heart. Abhay:( sensed that and with a concern in his voice and holding her hands ) Pia .. what is happening to you are u ok? Pia was breathing heavily she held Abhay's hand tightly. Abhay embraced her in his arms. Pia hugged him tightly and buried her face in chest. Pia: Abhay please, i dont want to talk about those things right now i promise i will tell u eveything, i dont want to hide anything from u i will tell my problem to u, but not now. Abhay: (cupped her face, looked down at her) ok Pia please calm down eveything will be fine, I will be always there with u whatever the circumstances be u r the most precious thing to me i will never leave u alone. Pia(touched by Abhay's words) that's why you are my prince charming. She went on her tip toes and kissed Abhay's cheek , he came closer till their noses meet. He rubbed his nose with her's. Abhay(smiling): and you are my beautiful princess.Pia smiled she started to rub her arms as the chilled air blew down. Abhay parted himself from her took out his jacket and put it on her bare arms. Abhay: just wait here i will be back. Before Pia could say anything he got out of the hut. Pia wore Abhay's jacket and sat down on a bunch of dry grasses that were spread here and there all over the hut. She smelled the scent of Abhay in his jacket.

After a while abhay was back he was carrying some branches of old tress which he put together as a pile , he also had some stones with him.
Pia: Abhay what are these and what are u doing with these stones?. Abhay: Applying theory to practical sweetheart, he told as he rubbed the stone and lighted a fire.Abhay sat on the dry grass, now you will not feel cold, Pia (reaching for the fire and waving her hand upon the flames, taking the heat) wow Abhay ! how did u managed to get all these, u did all the hard work for me. Abhay:it's nothing Pia, there was no hard work. Pia came closer to Abhay sat beside him,her eyes were watered. Pia: I did not even say that i was feeling cold and u did all these. Abhay :(wrapped his arms around her) u dont need to say anything to me, ur eyes say eveything . He went clser and kissed her gently on the forhead, Pia sighed and placed her head on his chest inhaling his scent.

Suddenly Abhay's phone rang and he parted himself from Pia to receive the call.It was Misha. Misha: Abhay , thank god the network is ok i have been calling you since.. what ever how r u? where is Pia r u guys together? r u guys safe?
Abhay: ok..ok take a breath rajdhani express yes, Pia is with me and we are safe don't worry.
Misha: owwwwwww I was right see so, back to your original name mr. romeo where are u guys?
Abhay:(smiled) we are still in the forest.
Misha:(shocked) what? in the forest ? u chose forest for romance? (Smiling) and i thought u were romantic (Giggles).
Abhay:Misha, Pia was very tired so we decided to spend the night here we will be back by tomorrow morning and Mish plz...
Misha: Don't worry no one will know that u guys are together have fun but plz no hanky panky.
Misha:(giggles) nothing just be safe. Bye.

Pia: was that Misha? Abhay: yes, she was really worried about us.Pia was tensed and she bited her lip. Abhay: what is wrong Pia?
Pia:(nervously) Abhay what will all of them think about us.. i mean we are together and if the media come to know about it it will be a disaster. Abhay:(holding her arms, giving a reassuring look) Misha will not tell anyone and tomorrow we will separeately go to the hotel and will make some story, there will be no problem Pia, trust me. Pia:( sighed in relief) thank god. Abhay:( takes her into his arms) I will not let anyone to make cheap stories about our sacred relationship,our love is pure and I will proudly tell people about it once we are married and I promise the day will come soon.Pia:( lost in his gaze and knitting dreams, looks at him eagerly) Abhay will you love me like this forever? Abhay:(looking at her intensely) till the last minute of my life and after that also. Then he leaned forward to kiss her , Pia felt shy and moved away she got up from ground and started to walking towards the door of the hut . Abhay(with a playful tune): this is not done after all these romantic lines i deserve a kiss at least.

Pia was blushing and smiling when Abhay came closer and held her arms then he raised her face with his thump and made another attempt to kiss her Pia smiled and pushed him away she got out of the hut her heartbeat had increased and she rested her head on a tree still smiling.

Pia was scared by the sudden sound of thundering which indicated that it was about to rain she ran into the hut where Abhay was standing,he did not notice that Pia had come in. Pia was scared ,she hugged Abhay from behind . Abhay:(smiled) I know u cant stay away from me, (turning to her and looking iinto her eyes) I am so hot.

Pia:(smiling shyly) I came to u coz I was scared by the sound of thunder. Abhay: (coming closer) are u sure? Pia:(looking down) very
Abhay:( kissing her nose) think again. Pia:(closed her eyes and sighing ) Abhay ..........

Abhay: (smiled and moved away from her) see u can't resist my closeness.ok its getting very late u should get some sleep .
He moved towards the bundle of dry grass when Pia caught his grip, Abhay looked at her and she looked at him (eye lock). Pia took a step ahead and closed the distance between them. Abhay moved a strand of hair away from her pretty face and caressed her face gently .Abhay: The truth is that I can not stay away from you, you are like a drug to me, so much addictive. He gave up all his urges and kissed Pia passionately on the lips sucking it then he deepened the kiss pulling her closer and holding her by the waist he bite down on her lower lip lightly.Pia was too weak by the sensation she came on her knees and sat on the ground, Abhay followed her . Pia hummed in pleasure her hands were on his face stroking it.Both were lost in the ecstasy of the sweet kiss and raw passion burning inside them.They kissed until they needed to breath. Abhay broke off the kiss and moved away from her Pia felling very much regretted. He looked at the window . . Pia:(reaching to him) Abhay u have not done anything wrong , (she cupped his face) I love u . Abhay:I love you too Pia. Then he lifted her and lied her on the dry grass and closed her eyes with his hands. He then leaned forward and gently kissed her on the forehead. Pia was lost in Abhay's thoughts and she felt asleep.

Abhay went away from her sighing and looking at her I have to control myself but how ? You are so beautiful so loving he swallowed and closed his eyes.

These two were lost in the love of each other totally unaware of the trouble which was making route towards them. (kabir).

Kabir was already aware that Pia liked someone as he had already heard Abhay's name while talking to her over phone. "There was so much in her voice when she took his name she never did this for me, she feels disgust while talking to me who is this guy ? I have to find out about him " Kabir thought. He called one of his friends and ordered him to find all the information about Abhay. It was easy to get all the information as Abhay was a famous figure. Kabirs friend called him and told" sir I have found all the information about him, His name is Abhay Raichand , the only son of the famous businessman Chand Raichand he has completed his M.B.A and was working with his dad when Panchi Dobrial offered him a role in her serial,he was very fond of acting so he accepted it , he is a very good looking boy every girl is mad on him, he is the new hearthroab but he is single." Kabir : "ok you have done a good job". Cuts the phone." Ok so that's why Pia likes him so much no problem this love story will never be completed because I am there.Do what ever you want to I will strike at the end by marrying her.

In the jungle,the sun's gentle rays peek over the little window of the hut and falls on Pia's pretty face, she opens her eyes slowly and yawns then she sits up and looks around the hut was brighter by the golden sun rays it looked so beautiful, she remembers the feeling when Abhay kissed her, took her in his arms and said that he will be always with her, she felt so secured in his arms. Suddenly she noticed that Abhay was not there she became worried and started calling out his name but there was no reply. She grabbed Abhay's jacket and went outside of the hut she looked everywhere but there was no sight of Abhay".Abhay, Abhay " she called his name repeatedly, she was shaky and sweaty tears start to gather in her eyes and she cried by taking his name she was too weak and came on her knees still crying ."oh god Abhay where are you? are u alright please, please come back " she said in a broken voice as tears well down her cheeks and she was too weak and restless.

She felt a warm touch on her bare arms and looked back it was Abhay. Abhay was very worried to see Piya like this. Abhay:(with much concern in his voice) Pia wh.. before he could say anything Pia got up and hugged him tightly, her arms around his back, her head on his chest pressing herself as close to him as possible . Abhay was thrilled by her response at the same time he also felt that she was scared as he left without telling her , he was feeling guilty and sad to cause her such a pain. He hugged her back with a feeling to never let her go , he stroked her back and whispered in her ears " I am sorry, please calm down I am here with you, how can I ever leave you alone, u r my life".His lovely words and the warmth of his body had calmed her down, she stopped crying but was breathing heavily his scent and touch awaked the passion in her and she started to kiss his chest softly through the unbuttoned shirt her fingers brushing his chest she raised her head to reach his neck and kissed him there then she went on her tiptoes and gently nibbled on his earlobes.

Abhay was completely breathless he sighed and cupped her face he looked down at her eyes which were full of passion and love. Pia:(breathing heavily, uttered in a weak tone) Abhay,why did u leave me alone ? Abhay:I am so sorry Pia , I thought you were hungry so i picked up some fruits for you but you got up....and were crying u know how i felt seeing u like that ? I will never leave u alone I promise. Then he came closer and kissed her on top of her head then embraced her in his arms stroking her hair.

After sometimes in the hotel, Panchi: Misha I think we have waited enough we should call the police now said Panchi reaching to her cell phone.Suddenly Misha shouted "look who is back its Pia" she ran and hugged her. Panchi and everyone reached to her with lots of questions in their eyes. Panchi was very angry . Panchi:" what the hell? where were you? do you know how worried we were?" Misha was about to say something but Panchi stopped her by raising her hand. Pia:"guys I am sorry I went to visit my aunt I thought iwill be back by night so i did not inform u , but she stopped me she loves me so much".Everyone seemed convinced by this story but Misha was giggling ,her hands on her mouth. Panchi: its ok, i can understand even there was a problem with the network. its ok , now go and rest we have only 2 days to complete our shoot so u guys have to hurry." Panchi left. Ruhi reached to Pia and took out a drygrass from her hair. Ruhi: in a puzzled way, showing the dry grass to Pia) does ur aunty live in a stable ? Pia was very tensed she did not knew what to say.Misha : (took that grass and dropped it ) are u from CID? it may have blowed in wind and reached her hair u go and get a manicure ur nails are dirty. Ruhi: looking at her nails, really Mishu ok bye guys. Pia sighed in relief.Misha held her hands and took her away.

Misha:(mischiviously) so aunty ha, nice story who made it mr. romeo ? Pia:( confused) mr.romeo? Misha:arre ur boyfriend Abhay Raichand. Pia felt shy and looked away. Misha:awww shooo sweet. but where is he ? . Pia : he will come after sometime. Misha: yaar ur bf is really smart. So miss juliet are u missing him? Pia: stop it misha and they both laugh.

It was evening when Abhay reached the hotel he got out of his car, took his shades off and walked in style . Pia Misha and Ruhi were chatting they noticed Abhay, Pia blushed and Misha pinched her. Ruhi was looking at him continiously without blinking her eyes. T saw him and quickly throwed herself on him. T: "awwww Abhay I missed ur handsome face". Abhay:( moved T away from himself) I had some business dealings I already informed Panchi about it in the morning. He asid and walked away.

Pia's face had dropped by seeing T hugging Abhay she went away from there. Misha reached to Abhay. Misha:( humminmg someone is in trouble)
Abhay:what? Misha:"someone is upset by seeing the public display of affection i mean the warm hug that u received from T." Said Miisha humoring him. Abhay:" oh god! Pia ". Misha shooked her head in yes. Misha: mr. romeo time for some action go! and convince ur juliet . Abhay patted on her head and went away. Ruhi:(confused, placed her hand on Misha's forehead) Mishu tu theek to hai na tu kabse shakespear ke novels parne lagi. Misha:(irritated) aaaaaa . Misha wnt away, while Ruhi witha confused look said. "Misha pagal ho gai hai."

Pia was bending and twisting one end of her pink silk scarf. She was upset, angry disgusted, actually it was a combined feeling. She can't tolerate the closeness of any other woman to Abhay because she thought Abhay was only hers and no one had the right to get close to him except for her. Pia in her mind "why Abhay was hugging that stupid bimbo, he is such.........." then Pia calmed down and her anger vanished she can't stay angry with Abhay for long "he is so cute and loveable. Why I am getting jealous of that T, Abhay only loves me and that T she always throws herself over Abhay ahhhhhhhh.. it feels like killing her." Pia's gaze shifts to the wall clock which clearly showed that it was 8 pm. She thought "Abhay, u reached hotel at 5 and now it is 8 three hours passed and u did not got the time to see me, u saw that I went away from there still u did not came to console me" she was sad. She picked her phone to see if there were any missed calls of Abhay, but again she was disapponted.

Suddenly Pia's phone rang, a smile lit to her gloomy face as she thought it was Abhay's call, she even did not saw the number just picked it up. Pia:"Abhay where are u?" Voice of the unknown caller:sorry mam, are u a relative of mr.Abhay Raichand ? I have some information about him. Pia:(curious to know) I am his friend u can say it to me. unknown caller:"ok.Miss I am calling from a hospital Abhay Raichand is injured and is admitted here, he is unconcious , I got ur number from his phone u r Pia, he is calling ur name in unconcious state, his driver is coming to pick u up plz come soon." With this the unknown caller cuts the phone. Pia's phone slipped away from her trembling hands, her heartbeat increases and she quickly runs to the main gate of the hotel. She saw Abhay's driver was waiting for her and without wasting anytime she got into the car and the driver drove away.

Tears were welling down her face and she was consoling herself "nothing will happen to him, he will be just fine. God just can not snatch away everything from me, Abhay is my life. God please please get my Abhay allright ."

The car stopped and Pia got out of it as ahe stepped her feet on the ground she realized that the ground was filled with rose petals and the petals were leading to a direction. Pia was confused as there was no hospital she turned around to talk to the driver but he was not there. Pia was scared now ,her mouth becoming dry "oh God where am I?" She looked around but it was dark , she looked down and saw that there were little candles fitted around the path of the rose petals it was so beautiful, she was amused to see the twinkling of the lights and she follwed the path of rose petals. The path leaded her to a place where there were mountains and lake and a bridge she saw that there was a canopy at the end of the bridge where one could enjoy the sccenery of the beautiful lake and mountains it was so romantic.She stepped ahead to explore the canopyit was surrounded with white and red silk curtains, there was a table for two all in white.Her jaw dropped as everything seemed like a dream to her she got inside the canopy. There were candle stand placed with beautiful scented candles in a contrast of red and whilte whhich looked umazing.The table and chairs were covered with white silk and at the middle there was a booket of red roses embaded in a vase. It was so beautiful so dreamy that all her fear went away.There was soft music floating in the air.

Abhay was looking at her from distant it was his plan to surprise her.He was looking at her affectionately with so much love in his eyes."oh Pia I love u so much, u can't imagine how it feels to look at your beautiful face,to take you in my arms" he sighs and utters "Pia" sweetly.Pia's heartbeat increased by hearing his voice from behind she understood that it was Abhay.Pia turned around and saw his dream man. Pia's eyes became watered , she ran and hugged him. Abhay embraced her in his arms gently stroking her hair. Pia was crying and hugging him tightly as she had gone through the fear of loosing him.Abhay:shhhhhh Pia, stop crying see I am here,I did all these to surprise u not to see u crying like this. Pia parted herself from him her eyes were narrowed now ,she was angry. Pia:(in a louder tone than usual) what it was a joke? Abhay u know how it felt,i was crying so badly and u... Abhay tries to touch her but Pia stopped him by raising her hand. Pia:(sad and broken)I don't want to hear anything, I am going, I hate u. Abhay pulled her by helding hand and placed it on his shouldiers and held her tightly by the waist their noses almost touching then he wiped out the tears from her face gently caressing her cheek.Pia was not looking at him she was struggling to get out of his cluthes but he held her tightly.Abhay:(smiling ) u look so beautiful when u are angry (raising her face with his thump and making her look into his eyes)I am sorry,please forgive me now say u love me. Pia's anger had vanished but she was too stubborn to give it up. Pia:(closed her eyes) no I hate u. Abhay:(moving his lips over her cheek and pulling her closer) I know u love me. Pia:(getting weak by his kisses and trying to stop him from kissing, in a weak tone) no..I don't. Abhay:(kissing her ears) Pia I love u so much. Pia:(defeated and sighing) I love u , I love u so much. Abhay:(smiled cupped her face,and looked down at her ) I know, I am really sorry.Then he bent down and pressed his lips softly into hers then he starts to kiss her passionately sucking her lips making her go weak totally.Pia was breathing heavily but she kissed him back with a feeling to never let him go, she wanted him with all her heart and soul.Pia was running her hands through his thick soft hair. Abhay pulled her closer and continued kissing her nibbling on her lips
and then he let her go.

Pia blinked her eyes at him he was looking so handsome
in a white shirt, blue jeans and cream jacket.Pia thought "today is our 1st date, he is looking damn good in formal and me.." she looked at herself she was wearing a fuchsia salwar kamiz with deep pink dupatta ,her curls were left open . Abhay looked at her gazing her from top to botom, Pia's heartbeat had increased and she was blushing she tucked one of her loose curls behind her hair. Abhay:(smiling) Pia u are looking so beautuful. Pia:(raised her eyebrows) are u making fun of me? Abhay:(confused)Pia, I am admiring ur beauty and u are saying I am making fun? Pia:"ya right, Abhay I know I am not looking good at my 1st date and all thanks to u." she said in a childish way. Abhay got close to her,looked into her eyes and gently caressed her face gently.Abhay:Pia u are so gorgeous that u look divine in evey attire,u are the most beautiful girl I ever met."Pia: Abhay please ur doing too much now. Abhay:( cupped her face ) It is ur simplicity, ur smile that makes u the most beautiful girl in the world u don't need to wear expensive clothes to make u look good, clothes become gorgeous when u wear them. Pia was blushing and Abhay hugged her.

Abhay streched his hand forward to Pia , Abhay:(smiling sweetly)"come". Pia smiled and gave her hand to him Abhay held it gently and took her to the canopy. Abhay: so, did u liked my surprise? Pia:(smiling) Abhay, I loved it eveything is so perfect, so dreamy. Abhay bent down on his knees. Abhay:"so, miss Pia jaiswal will u dance with me." Pia:(smilig shyly) ok if u insist. Abhay took out a remote from his pocket and pressed it suddenly the soft music changed into a romantic number which was Pia's favourite song. Pia: Abhay, u
know this is my favourite song. Abhay:I know I heard u humming it once. Pia was amazed by this "I hummed it once and u remembered it, you are so nice and caring , u love me so much and I am hiding the most complicated side of my life to u, no I will tell u everything". Pia:" Abhay...actually...". Abhay pulled her closer to him , her hand on his chest and his hands on her waist. Abhay:(looking at her lovingly)"so can we dance now?" Pia smiled shyly and shook her head.They started a slow close dance. Pia thought " I will tell him later I don't want to spoil this romantic evening." Abhay sensed her tension. Abhay:"Pia, what happened?" Pia: "nothing Abhay:"Is everything allright?" Pia kept her head on his chest. Pia:"everything seems like a beautiful dream when I am in your arms,If this is a dream then I don't want to wake up". Abhay:"Dreams just comes and goes it is reality that stays with us forever, this is not a dream I love you now and forever, we will always be together." Abhay kissed on her forhead and they just kept looking at each other.Then they dined together enjoying the view of the lake and mountains.

They were so lost in each other that they even did not realized that it was 12 o clock of the midnight.Pia's gaze shifted to Abhay's wristwatch. Pia:"Oh God, Abhay it's too late we should get going now". Abhay:(smiling) "relax Pia, I told Misha about it and she made some excuse,and my surprise is not over yet! Pia:now what Abhay? Abhay smiled mischiviously and sweept her off her feet in his arms. Pia: (blushing and smiling shyly) Abhay... what are u doing? Abhay: Trust me Pia. Pia kept her head on Abhay's shouldiers and hugged her." I trust u, more than myself. " And she closed her eyes.

After a while, Abhay:(moving a strand of hair away from her face ) Open your eyes. Pia opened her eyes and was amazed to see the beauty of the place, they were on top of the mountain from where everything looked so beautiful, the lake and the candle lit path, the canopy. Then Abhay made her sit on a bench which was well decorated with white and red roses. Abhay went on his knees and and took out a beautiful round shaped pearl box. Pia: Abhay... what is this? . Abhay:shhhh. He took out a beautiful diamond ring from that box and said in a very loving way" my life seems totally incomplete without your presence, will u complete it by taking it in your embrace? will you marry me?".

believe that it was real ,all seemed like a dream to her, it was the most special moment of her life, she felt that her life is complete.Abhay was still on his knees holding that ring, Pia blushed and was about to say yes when they heard the sound of footsteps they looked back and it was none other than kabir.
Kabir: (with an angry tune) how dare you propose her?
Abhay: excuse me who are u ? and who gave u the right to interfere in my life ?
Kabir:I dont have any interest to interfere in your life , but who gave u the right to propose Pia, don't you know that Pia is my would be wife. Abhay: ( angry and grabbed Kabir's collar) just stop this nonsense of yours and leave.
Kabir: u don't know with whom you are dealing? (jerking away Abhay's hand from his collar) but I will forgive u this time, u are not in your senses.If u don't believe me then ask Pia, she will tell u everything. Pia darling please just clear this out. Tell him about us.

Abhay looked at Pia who stood frozen out there. Abhay:(angrily) just stop it! Pia is not going to answer ant of your stupid questions u are lying Pia loves me not u just get lost. Abhay was about to hit Kabir when Pia grabbed his hand. Pia:(tears welling down her face) Abhay please stop it, Kabir is right our marrige was fixed by our parents( coming close to Abhay) but... Abhay was totally stunned by hearing this he jerked away Pia's hand from his. Abhay:Pia what are u saying? are u out of your mind ? If he is your would be husband then what are u doing with me? oh god ! all these while I was thinking that u love me but was I just a toy for u Pia? Answer me why did u do this to me? why?

Pia: Abhay please ! I love ... Abhay: (with an angry tone) stop it Pia stop! it just stop it for Gods sake don't insult the word love by taking it out from your mouth. U only love yourself , u want that all the boys should be after you trating u like their godess but u are wrong I am the wrong guy for this. His eyes were watered and he was too much angry, disgusted, sad and broken. He looked at the ring Abhay: how stupid of me, I planned all these, bought this ring to propose u , I thought that we will get married and will be together for the rest of our lives. He threw the ring away angrily. I hate u and I hate myself more for loving u. With this he started walking. Pia grabbed his hand Pia:( crying) Abhay please, please let me explain don't leave me ... Abhay putted her hand down and looked at her his eyes were angry . Abhay: "this tears wont work this time" and he left.

Pia was totally broken crying uncontrollably. Kabir: Oh! what beautiful decorations, how romantic, u chose a nice guy. But he left u alone , how sad. Kabir:(angrily) so, u tried to ditch me , now u saw what can I do, you are going to marry me ,only me. And this will be soon. Pia: I will not marry u. Kabir: then, whom will u marry Abhay ?who hates u and does not want to see ur face, he will never come back to u never, and u forgot ur father's promise I will kill him if u think of running away from this marrige. Kabir left by humming a tune.

Pia came down on her knees crying , God! why did u gave this life where nobody loves me, nobody, I am just a need for my family my father.There is no one in this world who understands my pain. I accepted all these as my destiny but why did u sent Abhay in my life? why? With him I forgot all my pain I was happy and with in a jolt u snatched away eveything from me. I f u were about to snatch it then why u gave me? Her eyes caught hold on the beautiful shining diamond ring that was fallen on the ground she picked it up and started to cry more.Pia looking at t

Pia was sitting by the side of window in her room, she was not crying anymore as she understood there was no point in crying she just lost everything. She was looking outside the window with a sad expression. Suddenly she felt a familiar touch on her arms , she looked back and was much surprised "Abhay" she uttered in a broken voice. Abhay sat down beside her Pia was about to say something but he put his finger on her lips "shhh" , he traced the shape of her face and lips with his long finger, she closed her eyes , he cupped her face and kissed her forehead, her closed eyelids, her cheeks. Pia: I love u Abhay, say u love me Abhay. She called out his name twice but there was no answer. She opened her eyes and realized that there was no Abhay it was her illusion. Tears gathered in her eyes " what are u thinking Pia, Abhay will never come back to u again, never he hates u". She thought.

She heard a knock on her door, for a moment she thought it was Abhay but it was Misha. A smiling Misha entered in Pia's room singing "lejayenge lejayenge dilwale dulhania le jayenge" Misha was too much excited. Misha:Pia I am so happy for u, so Abhay propoesd u tell me everything don't skip a detail. Pia was looking at the other side silent. Misha: uff Pia itna bhi vao mat khao say na.
Misha jerked her and Pia looked at her. Pia( crying. not able to stop her tears) : what should I tell u Misha, what do u want to hear, eveything is finished Abhay left me he hates me he doesnot want to see my face again. Misha was totally shocked by hearing this. Misha;what?but why how? Pia please calm down just say me eveything, please. Pia stopped crying and told her eveything about her life.

Misha was very sad hearing all these, she hugged Pia and assured her that everything will be fine, though she herselfdid not knew how.
Pia's phone rang and it was Panchi. Panchi told Pia to collect her pay check from the reception. Misha's expression changed Misha: Pia your 1st Pay check after the huge success of the show the amount must be good. Pia: Misha, what are u saying. Misha: oh u dumbo! I mean u can return ur father's debt. Pia( smiled) : right Misha I can go and return the money to them and I can also request Kabir's father to break this marriage, maybe he will listen. Misha: at least u can try Pia, I hope Kabir's father is not a jerk like him and this kabie I will break his bones . Pia: but what about Abhay he... . Misha: mr. romeo? he loves u too much , I will talk to him don't worry. Pia:( smiled) ok I will be leaving now, thanks Misha. She kissed Misha's cheek and went away.Misha":ok now mission mr.romeo"

In Mumbai, Abhay had left dehradoon, saying that he has to do some errand for his dad. He was sad and very angry at Pia. He was in his car driving with much speed.He was about to hit someone when he came into senses he pressed the break.He got out of his car to see if eveything was ok. To his surprise it was his cousin Siddhaart Raichand, he was elder than Abhay. Abhay was much regretted. Abhay: sorry bro. Sid: Hey its ok . They both hugged each other. Abhay:when did u come to Mumbai? Sid: oh I had a business meeting but what about u? why are u looking so pale? is everything allright i mean.. u always drive car calmly but today...
Abhay: its nothing I am just a bit... leave all these lets go home mom and dad will be happy to see u. Sid: ok lets go.

At the Rathod Villa:

Pia was finally on her way to freedom, she had reached the Rathod Haveli. A servent lead her to the hallway and requested her to wait till the arrival of Mr. Rathod . she made herself comfortable on a couch and looked here and there. The house was very big and old. It looked like some ancient house as all the decorations were very old fashioned. "They need a good interior decorator" thought Pia.Finally, Mr. Rathod arrived and Pia was very nervous and tensed. She took a deep breath and thought about Abhay and all the fear just vanished. Mr.Rathod: Pia, tum yahan kaise? Pia: I wanted to discuss something important. Mr.R: Ok, beta just sit down and tell me, dont worry about anything. Pia handed over the cheque to him. Mr. R: what is this beta? Pia: this is all the money with interest, that my dad took loan from u. Mr.R: BUT...
Pia: ya I know what u and my papa decided but uncle the truth is that I dont love Kabir and this marriage is against my will. Mr. Rathod: are u out of ur senses ? ur father promised me now u are just disagreeing it how dare u? Pia: (her eyes were tearful) dare? I never dared for anything, from childhood only I accepted eveything as a part of my fate, the taunts of my stepmom, the pain she used to give me all the time and everyword my father told I never argued just nodded my head.
Uncle, if I were u daughter then would u do this to me? Uncle don't I have the right to love, to be happy what is my fault?
Mr. Rathood was taken by the truth and Pia's pain. Mr. R: ok, I set u free. Pia: what? Mr.R: u also deserve to be happy and this marriage will ruin urs and Kabir's life too.
Pia: (much relieved and happy, smiling) Thank you so much uncle u don't know what u have given me.
Mr.R;(put an affectionate hand on her head) just be happy.

Pia left the Rathod Villa and was super happy she felt that she was set free she called Misha.
Pia: Misha, Misha Misha... I.
Misha: Ok take a breath, and let me guess the problem is solved.
Pia: yes! but Abhay... did u talk with him
Misha: no, he is not receiving my call hey dont worry I will go to his house and talk to him face to face. (Misha lied she did not knew the aress of Abhay's house but she did not wanted to spoil her happiness)bye
Pia:ok bye.

At the Raichand Mansion:
Mr and Mrs Raichand warmly welcomed Sid and Abhay. Mrs. Raichand had tears in her eyes seeing Abhay. Abhay hugged her and reassured her that now he will not go anywhere they had a nice family dinner. Abhay was not in his normal avatar of joking, laughing he was very silent Sid noticed it as he knew his brother too well. Sid asked Abhay about the matter several times but Abhay was silent.

Abhay's phone was ringing continiously but he was not receiving it. He just threw his phone and went away. Sid noticed it and he received the call. It was Misha
Misha: Thank God u received the call, Abhay please talk to Pia for once give her a chance to explain, pleease.
Sid: Excuse me who is this?
Misha(understood that it was not Abhay and was disappointed): who are u? and why did u received Abhay's call? meri kitni energy waste karva di u stupid jerk.
Sid: wait a sec I also do not have any interest in talking to u, tumhari awaz bohat hi bhayanak hai
Misha:aaa or tumhari awaz to bilkul kawwe jaisi hai
Sid thought " maybe this bhooti knows what is wrong with Abhay". Sid: ok who is Pia?
Misha: Main tumhe kyon batao who are u?
Sid(calmly): I am Abhay's cousin, he is upset nowadays and I can't see him like this so plz tell me everything may be I can help.
Misha: ok so Pia...( Sid interrupted her as he saw that Abhay was coming)
Sid:can we meet and discuss about it. Talking over phone is not safe, Abhay can come anytime .
Misha: ok we can meet at the coffee shop but how will I recognize u?
Sid: I will save ur number and will call u
Misha: ok, (cuts the phone)
Sid: by... ufff mere chote bhai ke liye iss bhutni se bhi milna hoga.
Misha: friends ke liye kya kya karna parta hai ziski awaz hi kawwe jaisi hai oh dekhne mein kaisa hoga.

At Dobrial Residence:
Madhu , Arnab and Anushka were chatting when Pia arrived. Arnab was very happy to see her daughter after such a long time. Arnab's eyes gets misty as he hugs his daughter.
Arnab: I missed u beta, how are u?
Pia: I am fine and I missed u too.
Arnab: but beta u look so tired
Madhu and Anushka gave a not so interested expression on their faces.
Anushka:what tired? she was in a flight with all those facilities ...
Arnab: stop it Anu
Madhu steps into the arguement why u always make her shut up?
Arnab feels irritated.
Pia( tries to change the topic): Papa today I got my 1st paycheck and I have cleared ur debt to Mr.Rathod.
Madhu: what? u got so much money that u repayed the loan?
Pia: yes mom our show is a huge success and the best part is I don't have to marry Kabir.Mr. Rathod told that I am free to marry anyone I like.
Arnab did not knew how to react and he finds tears welling down his cheeks,
Arnab( keeping hand on Pia's head): u don't know what u have done, now I don't have to be small in the eyes of my friend thnx beta.I am proud of u
Anushka was jealous but she was also happy because she loved Kabir and wanted to marry him but Kabir liked Pia and now their marriage is broken she can have a chance.She smiled.
Madhu was also happy .

At a cofee shop:
Misha is sitting at a table ans looking here and there "o sadu type ka ladka ayega bhi ya nahi?, usi ne mujhe text kiya tha ke iss coffee shop pe milega, kawwa kahika" she was talking to herself and the waiter was looking at her in a confuses way. Misha: kya kabhi ladki nahi dekha kya.? Misha's phone rang and she saw Sid's number flasing on it. Misha picks up the phone. Misha( in a disturbed voice):kahan ho tum, main kabse wait karrehi hoon or yahan ke log mujhe ghoor ghoor ke dekh rahe hain. Sid:(laughs) shayed tum itni wierd ho ke sab tum he antic piece samajh rahe hai. Misha: stop it u fool, just cme at table no 12. Sid:ok I am coming just wait a sec. Misha was putting the phone in her pocket when Sid came. Sid: hi. Misha looked up and saw Sid he looked so handsome, tall, sharp features , like a hollywood hero. Misha was totally stunned as she thought that he would be a totally mess.
On the other hand, Sid found Misha rather cute in her casuals she was not a bimbo Sid liked her.
Misha: Hello.
Sid sat down on a chair. Sid: sorry I am late actually, I had some work.
Misha: its ok now that u have come, we can discuss about the problem.
Sid: ya please tell me everything
Misha told Sid about all the complications.
Sid: oh that's why my little brother is so upset nowadays. Ok I have a plan tomorrow there is a party in the Raichand Mansion it's uncle and Aunty's anniversary Abhay will be there and I will send the invites to u and Pia. Eveyone will be busy in Partying and Abhay and Pia can have a private talk.
Misha: but Abhay does not want to see Pia, ok we can lock them in a room talking is the only solution
Sid: what u want to lock them? What are u a kidnapper?
Misha: haahaaa so funny but mr.stud this plan had worked before trust me
Sid: there is no other way left I guess I have to trust u, Oh god plz save my brother.
Misha: just stop it, if u are so smart then think of a other way
Sid: no ur plan is fine so we are on.

Pia's room, Dorial Residence:
Pia closed her eyes and imagined all the sweet moments she had spent with Abhay and her eyes ger misty. She took out a ring from her handbag, it was the same ring that Abhay held at the time of proposing her. She could not threw it she kept it witth her" Abhay I love u and I f my love is true then one day you will put this ring into my finger". She said holding the ring.Suddenly Misha comes to her room and gives her the invites of the Party. Pia: Misha I am not in the mood for going anywhere. Misha: U dumbo ye party tumhari sasural main hain I mean Raichand Mansion. Pia: Mish... but Abhay. Misha: uff Pia we have a plan iss party mein tumhe tumhara Romeo mil jayega just trust me yaar. Pia: Abhay will not like it. Misha: just shut up and listen to me this is the only way out. Pia: are u sure . Misha: very.

Party, Raichand Mansion:
Raichand Mansion was superbly decorated with black and white decorations as the theme of the party was 'Angels and Demons". All men were dressed in black and women in white. The hall was superply decorated in a contrast of black and white. The lawn had tables arranged and the table cloth was black and the chairs had white covers. There was centerpieces with black roses and white lilies. Chand and Haseena were welcoming the guests . Abhay had work in office so he was late, he was getting ready in his room he was not in the mood for any party but he had to do it for his parents. Sid was waiting impatiently for Misha and Pia.

Misha and Pia entered into the party Sid sighed in relief. . Misha wore a white kneelength dress .Pia wore a white strapless long evening gown with beading trims on the bust line and waist as well and a low cut back.Her curls were left open on her shouldiers and back. She had a white beaded bracelet on her hand. She was looking divine and eveyone looked at her in admiration. . Sid's gaze was fixed to Misha she was looking different and beautiful. Suddenly he realized that he was looking at Misha and he looked away"dude what's wrong with u ? why are u staring that bhootni , just foccus on your work, u have to get them together". Sid went to them and introduced himself to Pia he also assured that everything will be just fine.

Pia liked the decorations of the party and she told it to Misha. Misha: haa tumhe to accha lagega hi tumhara would be sasural jo hai. Pia: Misha u r too much. Sid introduced Pia to Mr and Mrs Raichand telling them that she is his friend. Mr, and they liked her simplicity. Haseena praised her and they were comfortable in chatting with each other.

Sid and Misha were dancing and lost in each others eyes. Pia was gazing them and she found it very cute.Finally Abhay showed up his face into the party he was looking hot in formals all the girls were going gaga over him. Pia looked at Abhay ,felt sad and looked down, Abhay congratulated his parents he kissed his mom's cheek and hugged his dad. Abhay's eyes cought hold of Pia who was looking very divine in white, he became angry and went to her.
Abhay grabbed her by her arms and cornered her. Abhay( with an angry tone): what are u doing here?, don't u understand that I don't want to see your face don't u have any shame? You are not even invited in this party. Pia's eyes get teary as he heard those harsh words from Abhay, she was frozen words were not coming out from her mouth. Sid noticed it and immediiately reached there. Sid: Hey Abhay I invited Pia , she is an old friend of mine. Abhay left her arm and went away while Pia broke into tears. Pia: he hates me, this is not going to happen Sid u guys are wasting your time. Sid: Pia please don't loose hope, u saw his hatred but I saw the love in his eyes he really loves u Pia and he will come to u soon. Now wipe out this tears I have another plan, let me show u his love. Pia: Sid, Abhay...
Sid: Pia will u dance with me. He did not gave her a chance to speak just pulled her to the dance floor.

Now Sid and Pia were dancing and Sid requested Pia to smile though Pia felt like crying she managed to put a smile on her face. Abhay saw that and he was very much jealous. Misha saw that and decided to put some ghee in the aag. Misha: Hi Abhay. Abhay: hi( sipping from his drink) . Misha: ur big bro is really smart look he is dancing with Pia, they look so good together na..
Abhay was angry and within his anger he pressed the drink glass so tightly that it smashes and Abhay's hand was bleeding Abhay threw the glass .Misha:Omg! Abhay u r bleeding. Abhay: it's ok Mish . And he went away giving an angry look to Pia. Pia saw that Abhay was bleeding and she ran to Abhay. Misha was really tensed. Sid came to her don't worry Abhay will be fine. Misha closed her eyes and did a silent prayer" God plz reunite them" And Sid just kept looking at her.

Abhay's room, Raichand Mansion:
Abhay banged the door of his room and entered there he was fuming with anger as the image of Pia dancing with Sid appeared before his eyes, Sid's hand on her back and smiling face of Pia gave him more pain than the bleeding. Suddenly, Pia arrived and reached to Abhay. Pia( held his bleeding hand);"Oh God Abhay the cut is so deep. Abhay jerked his hand away from her. Abhay (with an angry tone ):" Why are u showing this fake care Pia ? just go away dance with some other men". Tears rolled down her cheeks. Abhay( harshly):" why are u crying Pia, are u not satisfied with Kabir and Sid , some of my friends are down there I can introduce u to them maybe u will like their company". It was the limit for tolerance, Pia raised her hand and slapped Abhay. Pia(angry at the same time feels a lump in her heart and broke down into tears) stop it Abhay, just stop it I have had enough! what do u think of me just because I am quiet it does not mean that u can say me anything, u say that u love me, but even for once u did not listen to me u did not gave me the chance to explan. Do u just can think for a while beforre reaching any conclusions? From childhood only I have only cried there was no one who could understand me, my dad had taken loan from mr. Rathod but there was a loss in our business so he could not return the loan.Mr. Rathod told dad that he does not have to return the money instead of money he had to get me married to the son of mr. Rathod , kabir. I never liked Kabir but for the sake of my family I had to agree. I never felt anything for anyone that I feel for u, I love with all my heart can't u just feel it. Why I am saying all these to u,why am I explaing u hate me na then hate I am going and I am never coming back, maybe u r too god for me and I dont deserve u. Sorry for wasting ur time.

Pia was about to leave when Abhay grabbed her hand and pulled her into his arms. Abhay( ashamed of himself, his eyes were misty): I am sorry Pia, i am such a fool this anger, please don't go away from me, u are my life. I can never hate u I was just angry and blurted out those words I did not meant them. Abhay caressed her face gently removing her tears.Pia I can't stand anone getting close to u, because no one has the right to touch u, u r mine, only mine. And If anyne dares to come close to u I will beat him black and blue. I love u . Pia: was taken back by Abhay's closeness she burried her face on his chest . Pia: I am only ur's Abhay forever,please don't ever misunderstand me again I will just brake down If u go away from me. Abhay hugged her tightly embracing her in his arms. Abhay: I am sorry and I will not let anything to come between us never, I love u.

Abhay's room, Raichand Mansion
Abhay and Pia were sitting on a couch , Pia was bandaging Abhay's bleeding hand carefully with a deep concern in her eyes, she kept asking him repeatedly "does it hurt? is there any pain now?" . While Abhay was watching her affectionately. Abhay: "Pia, I am not a child, I can tolerate the antiseptic". Pia: but u do behave like a small kid sometimes, like the way u broke the glass, Abhay u need to control your anger u just get angry at the slightest things and make stories of your own u don't give the chance to explain anything." Abhay knew where Pia was getting at, he also realized the same thing and his expression changed in to a sad one. Pia noticed that she smiled and touched his face with her hand. Pia:(smiling and lovingly ) Abhay I know u have a clean heart and you love me, Abhay was looking down as he was really ashamed of himself . Abhay: Pia, I am really sorry I behaved so rudely with u, you were crying and I just ... (he got up and punched the wall with his bandaged hand) damn it! He was angry at himself. Pia:(shouting and running to him, held his hand) Abhay what are u doing? Abhay: (eyes were misty) I am sorry. Pia: Abhay i told u it's ok. Look now u are angry again. Pia went close to him but u look so cute, she kissed him on his cheek . U know Abhay when u are angry it feels like... (felt shy). Abhay looked at the blushed Pia and his lips curled into a smile as his anger was gone by Pia's kiss. Abhay: (mischiviously) Feels like what Pia? Pia moved away towads the window her cheeks were red with blush. Abhay went to her and moved away the curls baring her back , he fingered her bare back with his fingers, making her shiver.Pia closed her eyes and uttered his name, she was sighing. He kissed her , putting a sweet trail of kisses all over her back then he turned her towards him and looked at her. Pia's eyes were closed . Abhay cupped her face his gaze shifted to her trembling lips and he kissed her lips passionately biting down her lower lip, lightly.Pia kissed him back gently and shyly. Abhay held her by the waist pulling her closer, his hands were all ober her body and his slightest touch made Pia shiver down to her spine.

Outside Abhay's room:
Misha and Sid were standing and ware trying to hear what was hapeening inside. Sid was very tensed and was biting his nails. Misha saw that and was unable to control her laugh, hey bhaggu u are a girl. Sid :(amazed) what did u say? Misha: the way u r getting all tensed and biting ur nails, usally girls do this kind of stuff. Sid: how do u know? u are not a girl. Misha:(irritated) hahaha so funny ! loser. Sid: hey don't call me looser. Misha:then what should I tell u khatron ke khiladi? girly kahike. Tumhe to ladki hona chahiye tha bhagwan ne galti se boy bana dia. Sid: just stop it varna? Misha:(laughing) varna kya kar doge ro ro ke mummy ko batao ge "mummy mummy Misha ne mujhe girly kaha lolz. Sid: u think u r too funny? ye to mere chote bhai ke vaja se tumhe bardasht karna parraha hai varna tum jaise baddimag(unable to complete, Misha interrupts him). Misha: tum bad dimag. Sid:(shouting loudly) tum . Misha:(matching up with him): tum... Pia and Abhay's romance was interrupted by the sound of this quarrel and thaey rush to the door thinking that something big had happened they got out of the room and and saw that Misha and Sid were quarelling.
Abhay: hey guys, what happened. Misha: Itna batamez insan maine aajtak nehi dekha. Sid: kyon kabhi khud ko ayene mein nahi dekha kya. Mish:you ...( trying to hit sid) Pia grabs her and tells her to calm down. Msha and Sid both calmed down and looked at Abhay and Pia in shock.

Misha was confused and was cursing sid" iss ke vajai se ye dono bahr aa gaye pata nahi sab patch up hua bhi hoga ya nahi, puchu ke nahi puchu." Sid also had this confused expression on his face. Then Misha grabbed Pia's hand and took her aside. Misha:(nervously) Pia what's the news? Abhay ka gussa thanda hua kya? Pia just smiled shyly and looked down. Misha understood and she jumped in joy. Misha:(shouted loudly) yipee. Sid was irritated by this sound he made an irritated face and looked towards Abhay. Sid:little brother kaise kaise friend banakar rakha hain. Abhay: (smiled) hey u dare not talk anything bad about her she is like a sister to me. Sid:ya, ya... so u and Pia patched up? Abhay:(confused) u knew about all these. Sid: ya u should be thanking us, me and Misha together are the cupids of ur love story. Abhay: awww u and Misha, kya chal raha hai bhai? Sid: plz main kya tumhe koi wild amimal lagta hoon jo us jungli ladki ko pasand karunga she is sth.

Later, At a Lonely Road:
Abhay was in his car smiling and thinking about Pia. He had drove her home and Pia kissed him on his cheek. Abhay was lost in his thoughts suddenly a speedy microbus out of nowhere came tried to run down on his car. He pressed his brakes quickly otherwise there could have been an accident. Abhay was angry he got out of his car. Abhay: (angrily) don't u know how to drive? who gave u licennse? To his surprise a smiling Kabir got out f the microbus and 5 other men who carried hockysticks with them followed kabir. Kabir:(stepping towards Abhay) oh god! itna gussa, itne gusse ke sath Pia se romance kaise karte ho? Abhay: What is ur problem Kabir,u had almost runned down the car at me. Kabir:(almost shouting, his eyes were showing a different emotion) u are my problem. I love Pia, we were about to get married, everything was just perfect but u... came out of nowhere and snatched her away from me. Abhay:(smiling) she was never your's Kabir, she never loved u, she agreed to marry u because of her family, she only loves me. Kabir:(controlling his anger)why? why does she loves u? what charm do u have? Kabir can't be defeated she will be mine. For that I can do eveything, I mean eveything (smiling and holding Abhay's soldiers) go away from Pia otherwise...
Abhay: otherwise what? Already u have played ur dirty tricks on me but this is not going to work now, I love Pia and I am not going away from her. Kabir:(laughing alaoud) Then I think u just have to die my sweet Abhay. Kabir raised his voice to his men "KILL HIM", and all five of them rushed towards Abhay and started beating him with their hockysticks, chains etc. Abhay knew boxing and he tried to kick them away but he alone was no match to them as they were professional goons. Blood was rushing from all over his body ,he was sereaming in pain and he passed out.
Kabir, who was turning back forwarded to Abhay and sat down on his knees . Kabir; see this is the result of snatching away Kabir's things. Now Pia is all mine. He laughed aloud and got in his microbus his men following him and they drove away, leaving an unconcious Abhay lying on the steet with blood flowing all over his head and mouth.

At a Hospital:
Sid was waiting outside the I.C.U., When Misha arrived there. she noticed that Sid was sitting on a chair with his head down. Misha went to him and kept a reassuring hand on his shouldiers. Misha:(softly) you love him so much. Sid:(almost crying) why dont I? He was always on my side when I needed him the most he is my best buddy. Misha: don't worry he will be ok. Thank god u saw him and bought to the hospital. Sid: Misha thnx you came at this hour actually I did not knew what to do that's why I called u at this hour. Misha:don't be mad Sid, Abhay is my brother. Misha: Where is Abhay's parents? Sid: they don't know anything about this accident yet! Misha:oh I see, have u informed Pia. Before the completion of Misha's sentence Sid's phone rings and it was none other than Pia. Sid picked up the phone.
Pia:(tense)Sid where is Abhay? Is he allright? I have a very bad feeling that maybe is is... in danger ...
Sid:(words are not coming out from his mouth) Pia ummm (Misha snatches away the phone)
Misha: Pia, u r rite Abhay is in danger, he in hospital
Pia:(crying) what? how is he? what happened to him?
Misha: he is in I.C.U. I am sending my car u just come here and dont worry he will be fine, just pray for him (cuts the phone).Sid: what have u done? Pia will be so much worried. Misha: she deserves to know the truth hiding this will just make things worse. Let her come I will handle her. And u call mr. and mrs. Raichand they should be here.
Sid( got up from the chair): are u out of your mind? Haseena aunty will just ... can't do this. Misha:( going close to Sid) Sid, u are scared to call them thinking what will happeen now but think about the time when they will come to know this news from others which will make the situation worse. Sid called Mr and Mrs. Raichand. After a while Pia arrived and the Raichand couple. Chand was calm but Haseena had so much love and tears in her eyes when she saw Abhay from the glass of the I.C.U. door. Pia was praying for Abhay, tears were welling down her cheeks continiously. Haseena saw the concern in Pia's eyes and she understood that Pia loves Abhay . Haseena went to Pia and waved a her hand on her head affectionately. Haseena: nothing will happen to him, he will come back for us, for u. Pia:(crying uncontrollably) Aunty, I will just die if anything happens to him, he is my everything. Haseena melted by Pia's words and she hugged her. Pia \got the motherly love with Haseena which she had never experienced from her entire childhood. Misha and Sid were happy to see this and Misha had tears in her eyes. Sid saw it. Sid: u are getting senti, with tears and all. Misha: stop it! something mist have gone into my eye. And she went away. Sid smiled "Misha u r so sweet" he uttered.

After two hours
Doctor came out and informed that Abhay was out of danger but lot of blood has been lost from his body so he was too
weak. Doctor also told that now they could meet Abhay. Everyone was relieved hearing this. . Haseena, Pia and Misha went to see Abhay. Abhay was lying on the bed so weak that he was not able to raise his head also Pia'a heart arched seeing him in that condition . Haseena went and kept an affectionate hand on Abhay's forhead, Abhay looked at her. Haseena; " Oh God, what has happened to my son, I can't see u like this, where is my naughty Abhay who used to shout and keep the house messy all the time? " " Don't worry he will be fine soon, afterall he is our son." Said Chand by keeping his hand on Haseena's shouldiers. Haseena smiled "ya he will be fine". Abhay opened his eyes slowly and was looking around to find Pia. Misha noticed this, she came closed to Sid and called him slowly but he was so lost in this family moment that he did not paid attension. Misha was angry and she pinched Sid. Sid got hurt and screamed loudly "aooo". Chand:"is everything ok wity u". Sid nodded his head and looked at Misha, he was very irritate. Misha: what? Mujhe tumhari najook body ko touch karne ka koi shock nahi hai, mai bas yahi kahna chahti hoon ke uncle or Aunty ko yahan se bahar le chalo . Abhay wants to see Pia and... Sid: its ok I understand but ye baat tum well bahaved logon ki tarah bhi kah sakti thi instead of being a jungli. Misha showed her tongue to him. Sid: uncle we whould go to the reception to complete the formalities. Chand : ok come on. Haseena understood she should also leave and let Pia talk with Abhay. She went to Pia. Haseena: beta, tum Abhay ke paas ruko I have to go outside . Misha sighed in relief and she left with Haseena.

Pia went to Abhay and held his hand, Pia was crying so much that she was not able to say anything. Abhay looked at her which bought a smile on his lips in such condition. Abhay(in a weak voice): Pia, I thought I would never be able to see u again, I thought that I will die... Pia:(put a finger on his lips) Abhay please dont say such things, how can u leave me? my love will bind you to me. Pia kissed Abhay's hand u are my Abhay, and u said that u will never go away from me. Abhay: Pia, u r my life I love u so much. Pia: Abhay but how did u get in this condition? U met with an accident. Abhay: Pia actually I got beaten up by some goons of Kabir. Misha and Sid overhears them. Misha: that Kabir did this to u I swear I will kill him u were almost killed how could he? Sid: Who is this Kabir? Pia: all these happened because of me, today Abhay's life was in danger. Abhay: Pia, its not ur fault. Sid: Abhay is right that guy must be a psyco. We should report it to police. Pia: police can do nothing, the rathods are very powerful. I am very scared Kabir can do anything. Misha: u mean he can attack him again? oh god . Sid: we have to think something fast.

At the reception, Hospital
Mr. Raichand gets a call from an unknown person who was none other than Kabir.
Kabir: So sad na, your one and only son is at the hospital
Mr. R: who are u?
Kabir: I am the one who is responsible for ur son's condition and I can kill ur son, if he doies not move away from Pia's life, she is mine. Think of this as a warning If u want ur son alive then tell him to leave Pia otherwise I will have no problem Killing him. (cuts the phone).
Mr. Raichand gets very angry , what? because of that girl my son is suffering all these. I will throw her out of my son's life.

At Abhay's room, Hospital
Misha: I have got a super idea we can not harm kabir by police or something else but we can get rid of him without getting Abhiya separated. Sid: Misha are u joking? there is no other way. Misha: stop it i dumbo. We have to ger Abhay and Pia married then Kabir can do nothing. Pia: Misha but... Abhay: awesome plan Mish. Sid: I hate to say this but this is a nice wat out. Chand aand Haseena comes there. Chand: sorry, for breaking ur dreams but this can never happen. Abhay is our only son and I don't want to put him in danger because of this girl. Haseena: Chand, Abhay loves her. Chand:stop this foolishness Haseena. Abhay u have to forget her. Pia: uncle is right we are not meant to be together. And Pia leaves. Abhay tries to stop her but his voice does not reach Pia. Sid and Misha remain frozen there.

Outside the hospital
A sad and tearful Pia was coming running towards the exit door of the hospital, suddenly a familiar voice stopped him "hey love, where are u going?" said Kabir. Pia turned around she was so much angry with Kabir Pia:(angrily)Kabir... how dare u Kabir, how dare u touch my Abhay, u know he could have died? Kabir (coming closer): Pia, I did all these for ur love. Pia: u will never get my love Kabir, because my love is only for Abhay, I love him with every inch of my heart and soul. Kabir, I will marry u but do u know why? not because I love u I will marry u to save my Abhay. Saying this Pia went away from there making Kabir totally stunned by her words. After a while Misha came running looking for Pia, followed by Sid. Misha saw Kabir standing there, as she does not know him by his face she asked him about Pia. Misha: Hey mr. Have u seen a girl passing by? her name is Pia. Kabir: Pia, she just left . Misha:who are u and how do u know Pia? Kabir: my name is Kabir ... Misha lost her temper by knowing that he was Kabir she shouted" I will kill u , u jerk, u gunda," Sid stopped him. Sid : calm down Misha. Misha: u are telling me to calm down he tried to kill Abhay I will just kill him. Sid:(giving an angry look to Kabir) Misha no we are not like him, we can't kill anyone for aur revenge lets go. Sid takes her away.

Misha was sad a droplet of tear welled down her cheek . Sid looked at her and he was surprised to see her crying like that. Sid(holding her by the shouldiers) : Hey are u ok? Misha:this is not done why Pia has to go through so much pain? she never did anything wrong with anyone then why? I have seen her love for Abhay, he is her life and all the problems were seemed to be solved and again this Kabir and Chand uncle I can't take this anymore .Misha broke down into tears and Sid hugged her unknowingly as if his heart wanted Misha. Sid was surprised by hus own action he patted Misha's head and reassured her that eveything will be fine. Misha felt the comfort and warmth in Sid's arms and she hugged him back, for a moment those two felt something that seemed unusual to them.

Late at Night, Pia's room , Dobrial House
The room was comletely dark and Pia was lying on her bed, she was crying and gasping for air . She thought " I met Abhay some days earlier and within such a short time he became the most important part of my life, I can not imagine my life without him". Pia closed her eyes and said" i love u Abhay"." I love u too Pia ". Pia was shocked to hear Abhay's voice she got up and swiched on the light. Suddenly, she noticed that Abhay was sitting on the window. Pia thought that it was her imagination so she went towards the window , but he did not dissapeared. Pia:(touching his face) Abhay, is it really u? Abhay:(kissing the palm of her hand) ya sweets, I am here with u. Pia : but u r too weak , how can the doctor discharge u? Abhay:(smiled) I ran away from there. Pia: what? And u climbed ur way to my room, in this state? Abhay are u mad or what? Abhay:(holding her hands) yes I am mad, mad for u. Pia moved away from him. Abhay went close to her and turned her around. Pia looked at his eyes and was taken back by the love inside them, she hugged him tightly, and he enbraced her in his arms.Abhay: Pia our love is true and nothing can come between us I would rather preferdying than loosing u. Pia: Abhay, please don't talk about death, I... (unable to talk). Abhay: (putting a finger on her lips) Pia, marry me so that we can be together forever, forget eveyone forget the world around just listen to ur heart. Pia: I want to listen to my heart but Kabir... Abhay: uff Pia, can't u see my craving for u? can't u just feel it. I will deal with that Kabir, trust me. Pia looked down. still in tension. Abhay( in a louder tone) Fine, marry Kabir . Abhay was about to go away but Pia hugged him from behind. Pia: I can't fight a lost battle, I need u in mt life to complete it. Abhay smiled and turned to her. Abhay:(cupping her face) I knew you would say yes! so tomorrow we are getting married at the registrar office, mom is with us she gave me this idea and she spoke to our lawyer it is totally legal. So. my would be bride just be ready, I will pick u up at 8. Pia: my parents? Abhay: Mom talked to ur dad and he is with us. Pia: u guys planned eveything? Abhay: yes, we are fast. Abhay winks at her and Kisses her forhead and goes out through the window, while Pia watches him thinking that her most beautiful dream was about to come true but she was also very scared of Kabir.

Dobrial House

Finally the auspicious day had arrived when Abhay and Piya were about to get married.Pia was in her room,lost in thoughts. She had a mixed feeling firstly she was happy that she was about to get married to the love of her life but at the same time she was felling a guilt inside her that because of her Abhay will disobey his dad, and on the other hand Kabir,he can do anything. Pia was scared thinking all these suddenly Misha got into her room. Misha(smiling):hey! would be bride what are u thinking about your suhag raat? Pia was kind of relieved to see Misha. Pia:Misha thank God you are here actually... and Mr. Dobrial got in there. Mr.D: Pia beta I got your wedding saree and jwellery, Mrs. Raichand has sent these. (went to Pia, and put an affectionate hand on her head) I am very happy that my daughter will marry the one she loves you have seen so much at these young age, I could not be a good father, could not give u anything. He was nearly in tears. Pia:Papa plz don't say all these u r the best papa in the world u gave me everything. Mr.D:that's so sweet of u, I gave u tears only but now my child u will get all the hapiness with Abhay, he really loves u. Madhu and Anushka also came there Anushka: wow Pia u r really smart 1st u got Kabir woo over u and now this Abhay, he is very handsome and rich, more rich than Kabir that's why u trapped him right? how do u do this? u are such an expert. Mr.d: stop it Anushka. Don't start all these not at least today, she is going away from this house. Madhu:we will be relieved she was such a torture for us and they left. Pia was cryingby hearing all these, from childhood she searched her mother in Mahu and sister in Anushka but they always hurted her. Mr. D: Don't cry Pia forget all these think about ur future life where there are only happiness. Pia hugged her father and they both had an emotional moment.

Raichand Mansion
Chand was out of town for business purpose, so Haseena chose this day for the marriage. On the other hand in Abhay's room, Abhay was lying on his bed as he was a little weak, Sid was choosing from Abhay's wrdrobe that which suit Abhay should wear. Sid: hey little brother get up and get dressed, otherwise you will be late in your own wedding and Pia will find someone else. Abhay:( got up from his bed) what?no Pia is only mine. Sid: hey I was just kidding. Abhay let out a grin i know bro. Abhay: Pia will look so beautiful as a bride, can't wait to see her. Sid:(teasing) u will only see her, aww little brother at least be wild in your imagination. Abhay:(raised an eyebrow)really? seems like u have much experience about wild things. I mean u Misha... and... Sid:(interrupted him) stop it! Misha is not so much... I mean she is very sweet. Abhay: it means u like her. Sid: um...ya... ok stop all these and get ready u are the one who is going to get married not me. Abhay: ok bro i am going but i think i heard a yes Abhay winked at Sid and went to the washroom. Sid (in mind) I also think that i like Misha.
Dobrial House

Pia wore the saree and jwellery given by her would be mother in law. She really liked Haseena's taste it was sober, simple yet beautiful. It was a scarlet red designered saree,with a little stone work done at the pallu , it had sleevelesss gorgeous blouse .There was a diamond and Rubi set matching with the saree and damond bangles. It was really elegent and pia liked it very much. She was looking very beautiful when she wore all these. Misha let out a whistle wow Pia Abhay will be full lattu over his bride. Pia : stop it Mish, say na is everything ok? Misha: Don't worry everything is just perfect.Arnab and Pia were all set to go to the registrar office Anushka was very jealous of Pia she refused to go with them then Arnab asked Madhu she too remained in the house. At last Misha handled the situation and Arnab, pia along with Misha headed towards the registrar office.
Outside the Registrar Office
Haseena, Abhay and Sid were there. Haseena was inside as she was talking to the registrar, Abhay was very nervous and moving to and from. Sid:(smiling and teasing) hey tum itne nervous kyon ho? relax tum shaadi karne ja rahe ho koi jung ladne nahi ja rahe ho, oo vaise bhi ye shaadi koi jung se kam nahi hai. Abhay:bro tum himmat de rahe ho ya dara rahe ho? Sid laughed . After few moments Pia's car arrived Arnav misha and Pia got out from there. Abhay looked at pia and he was totally spellbound by her beauty, she was looking so pretty in the red saree Abhay could not remove his eyes from her. Pia gazed Abhay from top to bottom shyly, he was looking very dashing in the black Armani Suit there was a special glaw in his face.Misha noticed this, Misha:ahemm ahemm Pia u have all the life to gaze Abhay and get lost in his hypnotic eyes now get going. Abhay went to Arnab and touched his feet. Arnab: god bless u beta, although i don't know u much but my heart says that u are a good boy and i have full confidence over my Daughter's choice.She has gone through so much plz keep her happy, I know you will right. Abhay: uncle Pia is my life and I will try to give her all the hapiness she deserves. Haseena came and blessed Pia and all of them went inside the registrar office.
After sometime
A happy newly married Abhay and Pia came out they were taking the blessings of their parents. Suddenly Panchi, Ruhi, Angad and Danish arrived there. Panchi congratulated the newly wed couple and told that she was upset as they haven't told her about anything. Ruhi (almost crying):Pia this is not done, tumhara aur Abhay ka affair chalraha tha or tumne mujhe bataya bhi nahi. Misha:(laughing)hey trackey agar tumhe batate to pure sheher ko pata nahi chal jata. Danish:whatever dude, i am really happy for u guys u two make a lovely pair. Panchi:absolutely right . Pia: Panchi since, Iam married now I will not be able to work in your serial anymore. Abhay:ya panchi me too there are so many problems and we just have to deal with it. Panchi:its ok guys I know there must be some serious problem, I will manage, for your sake. Pia:thnx a lot Panchi. Abhay and Pia apologised to everyone for not telling anyone and not giving a proper party but they all understood their problems. Abhay told that once everything is sorted out they will throw a grand party. Arnav blessed them heartily, he had tears in his eyes. Abhay promised to take care of Pia and said that he would be always with her. Arnav and the gang happily went home.

Suddenly Chand arrived there. Chand: wow! what a scene the newly married couple is taking blessings but you forgot me. Abhay this girl became so important to u that u disobeyed your father's decision? Haseena tried to interrupt. But Chand stopped him. Chand:(angrily gazing towards pia)what spell did u cast on my son? that he does not care about his family, his dad even about his life and u how u claim that u love him, is this ur love that u want to create a barrier between him and his family? Abhay: dad why are u accusing her,she did not wanted to get married I am the one who did all these. Sid:uncle actually... Chand: I don't want to hear anything... Abhay be happy with ur newly married wife because from now on u r not my son, and u and ur wife does not have any access to my house. Haseena:Chand u can't do this he is our son, forget all these plz. Chand did not responded to any of these words and he left. Abhay tried to talk to him but all was in vein. Pia was in tears, Misha and Sid did not knew what to do. Abhay was sad at Chands words Abhay: dad all u care is about ur dignity your laws not about me, my heart. Haseena: Abhay plz don't be sad and dont worry he is your father now he is angry, but once his anger has melted he will forgive you belive me son. Sid:hey little brorther be tough, everything will be sorted out. Sid hugged Abhay.

Haseena noticed that pia had tears in her eyes and she was feeling guilty. Haseena went to Pia and Kept a comforting hand on her shoulder. Haseena: u know what Pia, life is never too easy there are so many problems and difficulties but we can't just accuse ourselves and start crying we have to act bravely. Pia u and Abhay love each other and u got married there is nothing wrong in it ya Chand is behaving irrationaly but he will accept the fact soon. think of this as an exam and just deal with it beta be brave, u and Abhay have to support each other in this tough time. Pia wiped out her tears. Pia:aunty, mom always used to give me strength like this. Haseena: I am your mom only beta so listen to me. Pia(wiped out her tears):u r rite I need to be strong. Pia(sweetly):mom can I hug u? Haseena:offcourse beta. And they hug each other like mothe and daughter. Abhay, who was watching this scene from far had a pleasant smile on his face. Misha:hey dude! just chill u have a super mom and super wife. Abhay: not to mention super friends.

Sid: Abhay u and Pia can stay at a hotel since, currently u r not allowed in your house. Haseena : my son is married and instead of going home he will stay in hotel. Abhay:don't worry mom, your son and ur daughter in law willnot stay in hotel.I had purchased a bunglow I thought I will surprise Pia but now for some days we can stay there. Misha:wow! Abhay not bad. Haseena: I am so happy beta u two now goto your new house and Abhay plz attend office regularly and we will think of something very soon. Haseena hugged Abhiya. And Abhay, Pia headed towards Abhay's car.
Hill View Road
Abhay and Pia were in Abhay's black Porche, Abhay was driving and it was raining heavily. Pia was looking at the window silently. Pia thought "today even the rain is not making me happy, how should I be happy ?there were so many ups and downs today. Abhay clicked his fingers on Pia's face, Abhay: Pia what happened? koi mar gaya hai kya, hmm tum itni bhi lucky nahi ho look I am alive he says grinning. Pia(with a confused look): how can u be so cool after all that has happened today? Abhay(looking at her): because I know my dad, he gets angry too soon but the fact is he loves me, so he will forgive me soon he winks at her. Pia: I hope you are right Abhay, I don't want to be the reason for the separarion of u and ur Parents. Abhay( putting his arm around Pia): u are my life Pia how can u be the cause of our separation. Everything will be fine soon I promise, trust me. Pia(keeping her head on Abhay's shoulder): I trust u more than myself. Abhay Kissed Pia's forhead.

After sometimes they reached the bunglow which Abhay had bought for them. Pia was overwhelmed in joy to see the bunglow it was so beautiful and romantic. It was near the see it had a garden where there were beautiful flowers. Pia: wow! Abhay this is so beautiful. Pia hugged Abhay in joy. Abhay(tucking a curl behind her ear and caressing her face): I want to see this smile always. Abhay kissed her cheek. Pia:I love u Abhay. Abhay:hmmm ok then save some love for inside also, I mean...Pia: Abhay... Abhay:(grinning) lets go inside.Holding each other's hands they step into the new chapter of their life.

31st Update

Abhay and Pia entered into the bungalow, it was a duplex building. Abhay opened the door for Pia but before she could step in Abhay told her to stop.Pia was shocked to hear this and she looked up to Abhay Pia:(in a confused tone)but why Abhay...what happened? Abhay :just wait here don't come in... saying this Abhay quickly rushed inside.Pia was confused and she looked inside, there were marble flooring and white sofa's with antique paintings in the wall Pia wanted to see more but Abhay had forbidden her to go inside. Pia was tired of waiting Pia:Abhay what are u doing? I am coming. From inside Abhay:I said no just wait for a minute sweetheart. After a while Abhay came, he was carrying a mug and he put that mug on the entrance of the house. Abhay:now, my beautiful bride kick this mug of rice and step in. I know usually a mother in law welcomes the new bride like this but sweetheart please understand the situation.Pia smiled and kicked the mug.Pia:Hmm so from where did u learn all these? Abhay;from hindi films . And they laugh. Abhay :come my love let me show u our house. Pia felt nice thinking that this was her house, her and Abhay's here no one would hurt her, from childhood she has only heard taunts of Madhu.Madhu always told that they are doing a big favor by keeping her in that house, all those flashbacks come infront of her eyes and she stats to feel heavy. Abhay sensed that something is bothering Pia. Abhay thought ''Pia plz don't be sad, I wan't to give u all the hapiness". Suddenly, Abhay's lips curled into a smile and he swept Pia off her feet. Pia:what are u doing Abhay? Abhay:hmm i wan't to show u the most important part of this house. Pia:what Abhay? Abhay got his face close to Pia, and rubbed his nose with her's. Abhay:(seductively)hmm our bedroom. Pia blushed and her face turned bright red. .Pia: Abhay plz put me down u are still very weak, your wounds... (Abhay interrupted her) Abhay: Pia u are very light I can pick u up with no effort. And Abhay carried her to the first floor through the stairs.

It was a beautifully decorated room with perfumed candles, rose petals, flowers and classy interiors. Pia:wow! Abhay how did u do this with in such short time? Abhay:Pia I don't know who did this, it is not me. Abhay put her down and he his eye shifted to a big rose bouqet with a note attached to it "this is for your first night, with love mom". Abhay shows the note to Pia. Pia: Abhay your mom is a sweetheart. Abhay:hmm correction our mom. Pia smiles. Abhay:so u liked it. Pia: it's very romantic ,ok now I know from where all these romance comes. Abhay comes close to her and his clean shaven cheek brushed against her cheeks, his closeness was affecting her and she closed her eyes. Abhay(huskily):trust me Pia, you have only seen a bit of my romance, there is more to come. Pia blushed and moved away from Abhay,biting her lips. Abhay smiled , he went close to her and pulled her into his arms. Pia felt the blood in her veins go thicker as Abhay held her by the waist and his hand on her naked waist.Abhay pulled her closer, so close that their nose were touching. Abhay(his voice as a whisper):u r so beautiful Pia, u don't know how much i crave for u. As the raw passion took in Abhay, he started to kiss her passionately, first her forhead, her closed eyelids, her cheeks making Pia sigh and go breathless at each of the touch of his lips on her skin. Abhay,then took her soft trembling lips into his, he softley tendered her lips kissing it passionately and hungrily. Abhay's hand was stroking her back, he unzipped her blouse and fingered her back up to her neck making Pia shiver he kissed her neck line teasing her,Pia moaned then he removed her necklace and pallu from her shouldiers . His mouth shifted to her cheeks and her ear and he took out her earings with his teeth. Pia unbuttoned his shirt and kissed his chest softly, he growled . Pia:I love u so much Abhay. Abhay looked down at her and caressed her cheeks moving a strand of hair away from her face. Abhay:I love u too Pia, and I can't live without u. Abhay hugged her tightly and they both responded to the passionate need of each other.

In the morning, the sweet chirping of the birds disturbed pia's sleep as she was sleeping peacefully in Abhay's arms. She opened her eyes slowy. She smiled as she look at Abhay, he was looking so cute white sleeping,this is the first time she saw him sleeping.Pia touched his wounds and felt a pain in her heart,she kissed his forhead shyly and then got up fro the bed wrapping the bed sheet around her. She took a shower and got dressed. She wore a blue salwar kamiz and left her hair open she was looking fresh and there was a beautiful glow on her face. She went downstairs, to the kitchen and made breakfast for Abhay like a good wife.

Rathod Villa:
Kabir was out of town for some work, he was sure that Abhay got scared of him and he would never marry Pia. But his dreams got crushed as he heard about Abhiya marriage and saw the pictures. Kabir was fuming with anger, he was braking and throwing the things of his house, yelling loudly at his men. Kabir(looking at Pia's picture);ye tumne accha nahi kia, mere dil torne ka bohat badi kimat chukani hogi tumhe. Main tumhe aise nahi chorunga.

Abhiya's bungalow:
Pia entered into the bedroom to wake up Abhay, but to her surprise he already woke up. Pia heard the sound of water running through the bathroom and realized that Abhay was taking shower. Her lips danced with a smile as she remembered that at Dehradoon she turned up into Abhay's bathroom and Abhay was wearing nothing but a towel and how both of them shouted and how she fell into Abhay's arms. Her thoughts got interrupted as Abhay called her from the bathroom. Abhay: Pia are u there? Pia: ya Abhay what happened? Abhay: sweety I forgot to take my towel can u pass it to me. Pia giggled. Abhay:u don't need to giggle just help me. Pia:(mischiviously)what if I don't give the towel? Abhay: hmm ok then I will come out like that only... on 2nd thoughts why I am feeling shy from u, u have see.. Pia:stop it Abhay u r just too much wait don't come out I am giving the towel. Pia went and knocked the bathroom door. Abhay opened the door and pulled Pia inside. Pia fell on Abhay's arms her hand on his chest and he held her tightly by the waist. Pia was lost in his gaze. Abhay was all wet and he was wearing nothing but a towel was wrapped around his waist. Abhay: hmm so what were u saying u will not give me the towel, no problem I don't need to hide anything from u. Pia:(blushing)so u had the towel then what was the need of doing all these drama. Abhay got close to Pia and kissed her neck. Pia was breathing heavily. Pia:(in a quivering voice) Abhay please... Abhay(huskily): I did all these to get u in my arms. Both looked at each other and had an intense eye lock. Pia got on her tiptoes and came close to Abhay, her warm breath caressing his shouldier, Abhay closed his eyes. Pia took the chance she freed herdelf from Abhay's grip and ran out of the bathroom giggling. Abhay caught hold of her hand and pinned her to the wardrobe. Abhay looked into Pia's eyes there was such intense passion in his eyes that Pia forgot eveything. She touched his face with the palm of her hand and she slowly caressed his face. Pia went on her tiptoes and softly kissed him, her soft lips on his wet mouth, Abhay deepened the kiss and his hand went on Pia's waist exploring her curves, while Pia's hand were impatiently stroking Abhay's chest. Abhay swept her off her feet still kissing her , then he made her lie on the bed, he lied beside her. Both looked at each other, Pia came close to Abhay and lied on his bare chest kissing and stroking it. Abhay growled, he rolled her so that he was on top of her and suddenly all the barriers between them vanished and they became one.

After sometime
Pia and Abhay were sitting on the garden table, having breakfast , Abhay had held Pia's hand across the table. Pia was looking at him shyly. Abhay (naughtily): it is nice but the breakfast that I had earlier was just awesome. Pia:(sweetly) what breafast Abhay? Abhay:my dear innocent Pia, I mean in the bathroom then bedroom u and me.. together ... breakfast. Pia:(cheeks red by blushing) stop it Abhay u are too much. Abhay l don't mind having more of it. Pia: Abhay please... Abhay laughed. And Pia looked down biting her lips. Suddenly Misha arrived there. Misha:hey newly wedded couple, so how was the suhag raat? She gazed at Pia Misha:(whispering Pia) Abhay ne puri raat sone nahi dia kya? Pia: Misha u r too much. Abhay:hmm saali ji kya baat chal rahi hai, mujhe bhi bolo. Misha:actually I was saying that kal raat .. Pia put her hand on Misha's mouth and took her away from there. Abhay smiled shaking his head as he had heard what Misha had told.

Pia:Misha tumhari akal kya ghas charne gayi hai tum kya bol rahi thi. Misha:what Pia maine kaya kaha. And they both laugh, Misha:I am so happy to see u guys together, u r a perfect couple. Misha: Pia I have a problem. Pia: what problem?Misha:tumhare saath kabhi aisa hua hai ke jo nahi hai woh dikh raha hai or jo hai wo bhi dikh raha hai. Pia: Misha what are u trying to say? Misha: uff mujhe har jaga Sid kiun nazar aa raha hai. Pia: kya kya kya? hmm to jiska shak tha wohi hua. Misha: kya. Pia:pyarr tumhe Sid se. Misha: pagal ho gayi ho kya? muhje or pyarr kabhi nahi . Saying this Misha went to the garden where her mouth fell open by seeing Sid chatting with Abhay. Misha: Pia kya tumhe Sid dikh raha hai? Pia: offcouse mai blind nahi hoon. Misha showed her teeth to Pia. Sid noticed Pia and Misha coming. Sid: hey Abhay tune bataya nahi ke Misha is here, Abhay: I thought u don't like her but... Sid: is mei liking or disliking ki baat kaha se ayi. Abhay winked at Sid as Pia made Misha sit beside Sid. Sid looked at Misha and Misha looked at Sid both got lost in each other's eyes. Pia sat beside Abhay and Abhay pulled her closer Pia rested her head on Abhay's shoulder. Pia: kitne cute lagte hai na dono ek doosre ko stare karte hue. Abhay: hmm but we are cuter. Abhay kissed on Pia's forhead and Pia closed her eyes.

Raichand Mansion
It was morning, Chand came back from his walk and got ready for office. Then he went to Abhay's room to pick him up( he forgot that Abhya had left home) Chand knocked the door and found it open so he stepped in calling out Abhay's name, but soon he realized that Abhay no more lived with them. His eyes caught hold of a large image of Abhay , he went there and fingered the image. Haseena entered into the room and found Chand looking at Abhay's image with a teary eye. Haseena put her hand on Chand's shouldier. Chand turned and went away from there without looking at Haseena. Haseena:(to herself) kitna pyarr karte ho apne bete se par... tumhe uska pyarr bhi samajh na chahiye.

Sid was sleeping on his bead peacefully,when misha came she was wearing a white salwar kamiz. Misha waved her hands on Sid's forhead and he woke up. Sid was surprised to see her. Sid: Misha... tum.. yaha... Misha went close to him and hissed his forhead. Sid closed his eyes and tried to grab Misha but he fell on the floor. He opened his eyes and realized that it was nothing but a dream. Sid was very worried he went to the bathroom and let the water fall on him Sid :(to himself) come on dude accept it u love Misha and u want her badly.Par kya woh mujhe like karti hai? kisse baat karu Abhay... no uski already bohat problems hai or woh mera maszk udaye ga par Misha ki dil ki baat kisse janu oh god Pia hmm woh Misha ki best friend hai or woh mujhe help karegi mujhe usse milna hoga.

Few days had passed Abhay and Pia were living hapilly but Abhay was missing his dad. Haseena visited them several times and she assured that everything would be fine. Abhay started to attend office regularly and was serious in his work he got contracts for the company and though Chand did not congratulate or talked with him but was very proud of his son. As Abhay was off to office for the entire day Pia was left alone in the home so Misha purposed her to join college again and complete her studies, so Pia and Misha were attending college together.

At College gate:
Pia and Misha were gossiping suddenly a car stopped at their side and Sid came out of it. Misha was looking at Sid continiously,pia saw this and smiled she pinched Misha. Pia: wow! dekho Sid tumse milne aaya hai. Misha stop it pyarr ki chehek ti hui chidiya. Pia was laughing and Misha hitted her. Pia:ouch. Sid came to them. Sid: Hi Pia (softly) hi Misha. Misha : hello. Pia:(mischiviously) Sid tum yaha kaise? Misha se.. mi (and Miisha hitted her with her leg)Pia:ouch. Sid : what happened Pia are u ok? Pia: nothing u tell. Sid :Pia mujhe tumse kuch baat karni thi. Misha got a call . Misha: so tum dono bat kora I have to go Mom ke saath kisi party mei jana hai ita booring par jana padega varna mom mera halva bana degi. All of them laughed and Misha went away giving galnces to Sid and he also did the same thing. Sid: Pia chalo mai tumhe ghar chod deta ho raaste mei baat karenge. Pia:ok chalo.

In the car:
Sid: Pia plz help me bohat musibat mei hoon. Pia: kya hua ab bolo bhi. Sid: mujhe lagta hai ke mujhe pyarr ho gaya hai. Pia: wow that's great . Pia:kaun hai woh ladki? Sid: (blushing a little) Misha. Pia: wow so cool mujhe pata tha. Sid: par kya woh muhse pyarr karti hai? Pia:ye jan ne ke liye tumhe apni dil ki baat usse kehni hogi. Sid: par kaise or yeh bohat riski hai agar woh mujhse pyaar nahi karti to woh to mera khoon hi kar degi. Pia laughed. Sid: tumhe hassi aa rehi hai. Pia:(keeping her hand on his shouldier) sab thik ho jayega bro don't be so worried mujhe lagta hai that she also loves u. Sid: really. Pia: u take her out on a date and confess ur love bako god pe chod do. Sid: brilliant idea so i have to plan a romantic date. Pia: all the best. Sid:(smiled) thnx Pia u r a sweetheat. Pia:its ok. And thaey reached home.

Abhiya's bungalow:
Pia entered and saw the door open and lights on Pia jumped in joy Pia" wow Abhay aaj jaldi ghar aagaya". Pia ran into their room. She opened the door and found Abhay working on laptop. Pia: Hi Abhay . Abhay(did not loked at her): hi.Pia; tum aaj jaldi aa gaye . Abhay: hmm socha pending kaam katam kar du. Pia went to the couch and sat beside Abhay. Pia:Abhay do u want something. Abhay:(not looking at her) no dont bother. Pia got up and murmured "iss sadu to kaam ye ilava kuch dikhta hi nahi". Abhay heard it and smiled.Abhay pulled her hand and made her sit on his lap. Abhay:hmm to kya keh rahi thi. Pia:(with a frowned face) tumhe usse kya aaj kal tum kaam mei itne busy ho gaye ho ke mere liye time hi kaha hai tumhare paas. Abhay made her look at him. Abhay: I am sorry actually woh naya contract... Pia put her finger on his lips . Pia: I know u were busy tumhe mujhe explain karne ki zaroorat nahi hai. Abhay pulled her into his arms. Abhay: I love u. Pia :(hugging him tightly) I love u too. Abhay: hmm ab mai free hoon to hum... u know.. Pia ( blushed and got up from his lap): Abhay tum bhi na... Abhay hugged her from behind and kissed her shouldier making Pia breathless then he turned her around . Abhay:(kissing and teasing her neck line his finger following his lips) mai kya.. Pia. Pia : I love u so much. Abhay carried her in his arms and made her lie on the bed and thay both got involved in each other passionately.

Abhiya's bungalow
Pia was lying on Abhay's chest cuddling up to him. Abhay was stroking her hair. Pia: Abhay tumhe pata hai aaj mei Sid se mili. Abhay: hmm woh to aajkal mujhse milta hi nahi. Pia: tumse mai hi nahi mil pati to woh kaise milega? Abhay (laughing);So kya kaha usne?Pia: usne kaha that he likes Misha. Abhay (got up from bed): what he really told that. Pia: hmm or mujhe lagta hai ke Misha also likes him, to maine use idea dia ke undono ko date pe jana chahiye what say? Abhay: nice idea so a new couple, they both look nice together. Pia( hugged Abhay) I am so happy for them. Abhay: me too.Par iska matlab kal tum bilkul akeli rahogi, Misha and Sid are going for date and I have to go for meeting. No Pia Kabir is in town or woh kuch bhi kar sakta hai. Pia:Abhay to kya hua mai akeli hoon, humare ghar ke samne tumne security guard laga dia hai he will not dare to come here. Abhay(caressing her face):Pata nahi kuch ajeeb sa feel ho raha hai tum kahi bhi akeli mat jana . Pia: Abhay tum tension mat lo mai kahi akeli nahi jaungi. Abhay hugged Pia. Abhay to himself"itni ghabrahat kyon ho rahi rahi hai aisa lagta hai kuch galat hone wala hai."

Next morning:
Abhay went for the meeting kissing Pia goodbye. Pia was left alone in the house. She was reading some magazines and the landline phone rang, it was an unknown number. Pia:hello. Agirl's voice: are u Mrs. Pia Raichand? Aaap ka handbag mere paas rah gaya hai kal aap college mein bhul gayi thi. Pia:(realized that her bag was not with her) woh thnx for keeping it mai aapse bad mei le lungi. The girl: nahi actually mai kuch dino ke liye London ja rahi hoon so aab abhi mujhse collect kar lijiye. Pia:par mai... The girl: mai hotel blue diamond mei hoon, room no 103 aap plz mujhe is bag ke tension se bachaiye, agar mere paas time hota to mai khud aa jati par I have to catch the flight and its really urgent. Pia to herself" Abhay ne mujhe ghar se bahar nikal ne se mana kia tha par, ye hotel to nazdik hi hai mai ja kar le ati hoon Abhay ko bad mei bol dungi." So Pia hired a taxi and went to the hotel.

At hotel blue diamond:
Pia went to room no 103 and knocked the door. But the door was open so she stepped in. Pia:excuse me koi hai. She heard the door locking from behind so she turned and was terrified to see Kabir there. Pia( scared): Kabir tu...tum yaha. Kabir:tumne kya socha ke Kabir se peecha chut gaya, mai kuch dino ke liye bahar kya chala gay tumne to Abhay ke saath apna sansar hi basa lia. Kabir was stepping towards Pia and pia was stepping backwards. Pia was very scared she started to palpitate. Kabir was coming closer. Kabir: mera dil todke tumne accha nahi kia, iski kimat tumhe chukani hogi. Pia: ka... Kabir plz don't d this tu...he came closer and grabbed Pia's arm tightly Pia was struggling from his clutches. Pia:(crying) Plz leave me. Kabir tried to grab her but she shouted and was struggling, Kabir came closer . Kabir;aaj mei apni har dard ka badla lunga. Suddenly the door banged and Abhay came in. Kabir was shocked to see him . Abhay Pulled Kabir away from Pia. Abhay(too angry) : dikha dia na tune apni aukad Pia se pyarr karta hai na is this love ? (Abhay punched him on his face and he started to bleed) Abhay: tuni meri pia ko haat lagane ka socha bhi kaise? tujhe kya laga mai Pia ko akela chod dunga or tu... mujhe pata tha ke tu bura insan hai par maine kabhi bhi expect nahi kia ke tu itna niche girega. Abhay beated him black and blue. Kabir: mujhse galti ho gayi mujhe maaf kar do. Abhay: mai teri jaan le lunga.The manager came along with the security guards they stopped the fight and took Kabir to the police Station.

Pia was very scared she was shaking and crying to much. Abhay came to her and gathered her in his arms stroking her back. Abhay: shh Pia kuch nahi hua , mai hu na yaha, tum mere paas ho. Pia hugged him tightly. Abhay: lets go from here.

At Abhiya's bungalow:
Abhay bought her home but she was still shaking.Abhay made her sit and handled her a glass of water but her hand was shaking .Abhay put a strand of hair away from her face , wiping her tears. Pia:(in a broken voice ,crying) Abhay...thank god tum aa gaye varna Abhay:(cupping her face) shhh kuch nahi hua, mujhe lag raha tha ke kuch bura hone vala hai isiliye maine meeting postpond kardi or maine tumhe hotel mei enter karte hue dekha and I followed u. Pia:Kabir ne mujhe dhoke se bulaya tha. Abhay: I guessed that or tum itni voli ho ke tumne ... leave it now everything is fine mai tumhe kabhi akela nahi chorunga. Pia hugged him, she was still shaking. Abhay looked at Pia's arm which was red now as Kabir had hurted her. Abhay held her arm and Kissed it gently, Pia closed her eyes sighing.Abhay:Pia dard ho raha hai? Pia: abb nahi. Abhay sweept her off her feet and took her to the bed room. He made her lie on the bed and tucked her with the blanket and was about to go but Pia held his hand. Pia: Abhay plz mujhse door mat jao. Abhay sat beside her and stroked her forehead. Abhay: mai to tumhare paas hi hoon. Pia: or Paas.Abhay bent down a little and kissed her forehead. Abhay:ab thik hai. Pia: nahi or paas. Then Abhay lied beside her and kissed her cheek. Abhay: or Paas? Pia: hmm. Abhay then Kissed her lips gently, pressing his lips onto hers, tendering her lips. Pia closed her eyes and just felt his warm affection. As the passion took in him, he started kissing her hungrily over her neck Pia moaned and wrapped her arms around his back. Abhay gently undressed her by his feather light touches. Abhay kissed her all over making Pia forget everything.

Next morning, Abhay woke up and was getting dressed for office, he wore white shirt and black pants, his shirt was unbuttoned and he was combing his hair. Pia woke up from her deep slumber and looked at Abhay and she just smiled. Pia to herself" tumhe dekhti hi apni sari takleef bhul jati hoon, aisa laga ke kal tumne mera sara daar le liya by ur love, how could I get so lucky Abhay". She woke up from bed and hugged Abhay from back her hand on his bare chest and her face resting on his back. Abhay: good morning sweetheart par tum itni jaldi kiun uth gayi u need to rest. Pia : I am fine Abhay,tumhare paas rahugi to apne aap thik ho jaungi. Abhay held her hand and made her face him. Abhay:(cupping her face) u know kal tumhe waise dekhke mai to dar hi gaya tha. Pia: Abhay Raichand or darr? Abhay made a frowned face and moved away from Pia. Pia went to him smiling, she hugged him her face on his chest. Pia : sorry mai to masak kar rahi thi tumhe sata ne mei bohat maza ata hai. Pia fingered his chest and started to kiss it. Abhay sighed. Then Pia removed his shirt and kissed his shouldier. Abhay (cupped her face) u drive me crazy Pia, I can't resist ur closeness. Finally, he gave in to it and Kissed Pia, teasing her with his teeth.

Sisha date:
Sid had planned a romantic date for Misha at the beach. There was a table set for two, with some guys playing violin, . Sid was dressed in a black suit and was waiting for Misha. Sid had called Misha an hour before, Sid told her to meet him as he had sth important to say. Misha was nervous by his call. Misha to herself" mai itni nervous kiu ho rehi hoon, Sid se hi to milne jana hai, I have met him before also, but mere pet mei gudgudi kiu ho rehi hai, kya pehnu Oh God why am I thinking like this?This is not a date, Sid does not love me...wait wait ye love kaha se aa gaya oh God kya karu Pia ko phone karu no woh mera masak urayegi. Misha stop acting like a bimbo jao us sadu Sid se milke aao woh tumhe kha nahi jayega."

Misha reached there a bit late, she wore a white top and jeans, totally casual. She was surprised to see all these arrangements, and she was freezed for a moment,figuring out why Sid had done all these.Just then, Sid came to her and clicked his fingers onto her face. Sid:hi Misha
Misha: hello, Sid par tumne sab I mean...
Sid did not knew what to say. Sid: plz come. He held her hand and offered her to sit . He even pulled out the chair,total gentlemen style. Misha:Sid...(Sid handled her a bouquet of red roses). Misha sneezed. Misha:plz take it away, mujhe red roses se allergy hai.
Sid's face turned gloomy. Sid in mind "oh no, roses se allergy mera date ruin ho raha hai, do sth Sid) . Sid threw the flower. Sid: are u ok Mish? Misha: ha .Sid instruted the violen men to play music, as they started playing the violen, Misha stopped her ear with her hands.Misha: plz stop it hey bhaggu my head will burst out. The violen men went away. Sid to himself "ye kya ho raha hai sab galat ho gaya maine kya plan kia tha, I am a looser, but mai ye plan flop hone nahi doonga I will purpose Misha, Sid himmat kar). Sid: Misha actually i wanted to say sth. Misha: tell na. Sid: Misha I... (and it started raining) Misha ran away and they both took shelter under a tree. Sid to himself" I am a fool, monsoon season mei koi open beach pe date plan karta hai kya oh god sab ruin ho gaya". Misha was enjoing the rain and Sid could not just take his eyes off her and the words just came out from his heart. Sid: I love you.
Misha's mouth fell open, her heartbeat had increased. Sid: I don't know when but.. Misha: Sid i also have an unknown feeling towards u, but I am not sure that it is love.Sid: then we can be sure about it once we get to know each other and spend some quality time. Misha: hey bhaggu ye bimbo wala thing mujhe bhi. Sid laughed:I promise may tumhare saath bimbo wala lines or totallly filmy date plan nahi karunga. It would be ur style casual yet elegant. Misha: thank god and they both laughed.

Late at night, Abhiya's Bungalow:
Abhay had returned home from office and was taking shower. Pia was sitting on the bed watching t.v. Abhay came out from the bathroom wearing a black pajama only. He was searching for his black vest. Abhay:Pia have u seen... Pia:(teasingly)ha Abhay I have seen ur everything. Abhay:(a naughtly smile lit on his face) really... he came closer to Pia and leaned in front of her their noses almost touching then he took out the vest,which was under the pillow. Abhay(huskily): hmm I guess u don't want to see any clothes on me,that's why u hid it. Pia:(blushing)I hid it to annoy u not to see u... Abhay:( got close to her and whispered in her ears) not to see u what?...Pia stop lying i know u want me. As his warm breath caressed her face Pia was forced to close her eyes. Pia:Abhay... (put his finger on her lips) shhh. And both were lost in each other.

Raichand Mansion:
Haseena got a call and was very worried. Chand: what is the matter? Haseena: ur Mom is coming to visit us, she is very angry as she was not informed about the marriage she is coming to see her bahu...
At Breakfast table, Raichand Mansion:
Haseeena: Chand we have to do something ur mother is coming and if she came to knew about ur problem with Abhay and Pia she won't be able to take it. She loves u both and she is too old anything can happen to her by hearing this news. She is expecting to see a happy family we can't dissapoint her.

Chand(stood silent for a moment): U r rite Haseena. We have only one solution get them back but don't expect me to do anything.
Chand went away.Haseena was happy that finally her son and daughter in law would be home.Haseena immediately called Abhay and told them to come back. Abhay was feeling hesitant to come but Haseena explained her everything and assured that Chand will forgive them if they stay close to him and this was the best way. So, Abhiya was finally going to Raichand Mansion.

Misha's House:
Misha was missing Sid, so she decidec to call him. Misha: Hi Sid.Sid was very happy to get her call. Sid : hey Misha! hmm missing me ? Misha:(did not knew what to say,as she was actually missing him) Don't drool over urself okay I just called u to know about Abhay. Sid:oh really then why did n't u called him. ok jokes apart I have a good news Abhay and Pia will be staying at the Raichands.
Misha: wow Sid what a terrific news I love u man! Sid: I love u too. Misha I did n't mean that actually... Sid:yeah yeah I know (cuts the phone) and Misha is left blushing.

Raichand Mansion:
Dadi had arrived and was very happy to see Abhay but at the same time she was angry coz she was not invired for the wedding. Later Haseena explained the situation to her and her anger was vanished by seeing Pia. Dadi liked Pia. Dadi was not satisfied with this paper marriage she wanted this marriage to be held with all the rituals and all of their relatives should be invited. Non one had the right to put a second opinion to Dadi's orders , not even Chand.Dadi called the pandit and fixed a date for the wedding,all the relatives and friends were invited. The wedding date was fixed after a week and till that time Dadi told Pia to stay at her Father's house as she wanted this marriage to look real to people. Abhay was very sad hearing this but under everyone's pressure he had to accept it. On the other hand Chand was getting impressed by Pia, as she was taking care of Dadi and the house very nicely, His anger had melted but he wanted that Abhay should apologize to him and Abhay was feeling hesitant to go to him. Sid and Misha's love was blooming day by day.But Abhay was missing Pia as Dadi had forbidden him to meet her coz she considered it as a bad omen. Finally, the day before the wedding had came everryone was busy in preparation so Abhay got the chance and he went to meet Pia.

Pia's room, Dobrial House:
Pia was sleeping peacefully when Abhay came through the window. He went to Pia and gently caressed her face, giving a soft kiss on her forhead. Pia moaned in her sleep and opened her eyes. Pia: Abhay are u really here, or am I dreaming? Abhay (smiled): no sweetheart I am here. Pia: but how did u came here I mean... Abhay: I escaped from them and entered through the window I was missing u too much. Pia: me too par ab zyada der nahi kal se we will be together always hai na. Abhay smiled and hugged her. Pia closed her eyes and suddenly she remembered how Kabir attacked Abhay. Pia started to palpitatate. Abhay looked at her and cupped her face. Abhay: Pia are u ok? Pia: Abhay mujhe bohat darr lag raha hai agar Kabir aa gaya to woh.. Abhay: shhh kuch nahi hoga, Kabir mei or himmat nahi bachi hai or agar aa bhi gaya to I will deal with him. Trust me. Pia: I trust u Abhay and I love u,I can't satay without u. Pia hugged him tightly. Abhay caressed ger backand assured her that everything would be fine, then he sweept Pia off her feet and lied her on the bed, he put her to sleep and went away.

Finally Abhay and Pia got married infront of the whole people, everyone blessed this charming couple. Chand was tired of being angry and he forgave Abhiya and accepted them with open arms. Madhu and Anushka realized that they behaved very badly with Pia,and Pia has a big heart so she decided to forgive them.In the jail Anushka went to meet Kabir and Kabir developed feelings for Anushka, So after he got rid of jail they were happily married.As Kabir had realized his mistake he was forgiven.

One year later,
Misha and Sid are married and the whole house is disturbed by their fights and chaos. Abhiya has a 6 months old baby boy, named Abheer, he is the jan of the house and he is the carbon copy of Abhay.And they Lived happily ever After.

The End

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Ridwana BRONZE said...
on Sep. 17 2011 at 11:04 am
Ridwana BRONZE, Khulna, Other
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Favorite Quote:
Don't worry be happy

thnx oh sorry about the names, next time I will try to put names which can easily be pronounced.

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Favorite Quote:
"Education is when you read the fine print. Experience is when you don't."- Pete Seeger

"I didn't quit because I wasn't strong enough to live through it, i stopped because i was strong enough to move on." -Unknown

One thing: The names. The totally through me off! I hate to read stuff i cant pronounce, and the names were HUGE.


Other than that i really liked the plot line, a little corny but completely and undeniably romantic :)