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Magic Of Once

July 3, 2018
By CreativeCiara2005, Liverpool, Other
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CreativeCiara2005, Liverpool, Other
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''I am a tree but not like others you see I have a core of silver and a heart of magic you may know many trees in your world you think you know all of the trees that live now but let me tell your wrong yes of course there's Ash Oak Birch and Spruce Willow Jungle and many more but there is also the Erwin tree a tree of healing the Remione tree a tree of time and wisdom and so much more to delve into but I will not bore you with such no instead I will tell you the tale when magic was discovered''.


The day was bright and welcoming as a sapling I needed the food of light to give me strength for life of a sapling was hard and brutal no matter what season everyone fought to survive trying our hardest to get a slither of sunshine at least I and my family lived in the Yellow Eye Wild Woods were the thorns of roses grew wilder and longer owls had there time spent with us now and again delivering messages and offering favours to the Elder Trees now the Elders of my time were not openly friendly to strangers because of how humans cut us down to build there houses ,stables, shelves, chairs, beds and so much more they relied on our streak of existence to help them survive the dangers of nature I myself did not understand one day on October the 1st (to be honest I skipped to this month for may reasons 1 because life of trees can get boring and two this is when an old wizard and witch discovered magic) I spoke to Lijo the leader of the Elder Trees ''Why do they cut us down and take spirits and people of our village to help them not us''?Lijo was a kind and wise tree and knew when to be stern ''Little one I know how much this bothers you but be thankful you're in the Yellow Eye Wild Wood's where no human enters because of there fear of the dark and possible stupid death somehow because they do not know the means of stay away from the wolves ''.I stared at Lijo with total shock I knew humans could be stupid sometimes but I didn't know they were this stupid .''There coming there coming''.whispered the wind gently''Oh great scot the time has come thank you wind''.said Lijo with saddens and shock ''Sir what's going on? I'm a bit confused''.Then POOF out of thin air a man and a woman appeared wearing black hooded cloaks and talking very quietly walked silently toward us the earth gave a tremble of anger as the witch and wizard came close to me ''Well Sycorax look here a young Renomion tree he could help us on our quest''. ''I think not ''.The humans turned quickly to see Lijo in his finest way the wizard trembled '' your your greatness I did not see you there ''.the witch Sycorax came forward ''Lijo we need this tree why do you deny us of what we need''?Lijo scowled scornfully his eyes as solid as ice and as cold ''How dare you try to take a young soul away from his family and make him your potted plant ''! Sycorax apologized and pulled a pixie curled inside her hands (now perhaps is time for a explanation).

Pixie or Pixedora

is a well known magic bringer and a pollinator for the unusual trees in our part of the woods but it can attack aggressively if threatened it can heat it's whole body till it becomes like molten lava and shoots after the human that has harmed us. pixedoras are very quick and they come in all different colours :Misty Grey, Blue , Green , Aqua, White, Red, Lilac,Indigo. And magic runs through their veins so they no need of a wand . They have very small wings to match their very small bodies.

A very small thing it was too the Pixie was losing it's colour fading to a transparent glass colour you could also see the broken wings and how much the poor creature was shaking violently Lijo was saddened at this depressing sight ''Ahhh so this is why you need him to find to help this poor Pixie with some medicine suitable for something so small ''. Sycorax bent her head in saying yes ''There is a way of this young tree being in both places but not at the same time it's an ancient skill known as MAGIC...''! Sycorax looked astonished ''And what is magic''?Lijo smiled ''Something I shall teach you''.

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