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The Hidden World

May 10, 2019
By chein523, Winter Park, Colorado
chein523, Winter Park, Colorado
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Eva has never known her father and has lived a fairly mundane life until she discovers a mysterious rainbow bridge in her backyard. Instinctively, she follows the bridge and arrives in Crascovia, a land where dwarves, dragons, and goblins are the norm. She doesn't fully understand her illogical level of comfort in the new world until she finds out she quite possibly has Crascovian blood, resulting in powers within herself she never knew existed. 

Encounters with conniving leprechauns and perilous dragons help Eva to realize her full potential as well as her deep desire to find out who her father really is, and it seems as though Crascovia holds that truth. A sarcastic and spunky teenager, Eva embarks on a journey that she never knew she needed--but finds exactly what she is looking for. 

Chance H.

The Hidden World

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