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Is it Hell or Heaven

May 12, 2022
By Kc_kiki_12, Canutillo, Texas
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Kc_kiki_12, Canutillo, Texas
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I remember waking up on the couch. As I stood up, I felt my cheek stuck on the couch. I looked across and I saw a blonde lady working in the front desk. I go to the front desk and I ask the lady, “Umm…hi, um not to bother or anything, but, where am I?” She looks at me with a full smile then goes back typing to the computer. It seemed that she was ignoring me, so I had to ask again. “Um, ma’am, where am I?” She replied with a big smile on her face, “Hello, Emma! If you may, please enter the door on your right.” I look to the right and see a yellow door. As I open the yellow door, I see a guy standing wearing a white tie with a gray suit. He turned and gave me a bright smile. He was about 5’8, had gray hair, and wore glasses.  

“Hello, Emma!” 

“Um, hi? Where am I?”

“Oh, my, you don’t know? You’re in Heaven!” He says with gesture. 

“What?! Theres no way that I’m in Heaven.” 

“Well, you died.” 

“Died? How did I die?” 

“Well, follow me.”

He started walking to the left side where there was bookshelves. The bookshelf disappeared and the wall opened magically. He walked in and said, “We’ll this is where you’re going to find out!” I go follow him, and then he turned around and said with a big smile, “I believe I haven’t introduced name is Fred Jackson, please call me Fred.” As we were walking, big screens started to show and they were showing all the memories I had since I was a baby till now. 

“This doesn’t answer my question about how I died,” I said questionably.

“Well, we just got here!” 

 I look up, and it shows how I died. I was in Walmart getting ice cream after my huge break-up. I got chocolate that had cold brownies in it. I start heading to my car, and a lady behind me starts arguing with me, because she wanted my ice cream and I told her “no.” Then a corvette comes speeding and runs me over.  “Well, welcome to Heaven,” said Fred with a smile. 

“Oh, poop,” I said disappointed. 

“Oh, and cussing is forbidden in Heaven,” he said. 

     He looks at me just standing. Then he just said, “Well it’s time for me to show you around Heaven, and introduce you to people, and take you to your new house!” He started taking me to mini stores that they had, and showed me beautiful places that I didn’t think I was ever gonna see this early.

   I enter this big modern house that was light yellow,white, and had big windows. Fred opened the door for me and the house was so decorative my favorite part was the kitchen. It was really modern. A girl named Lisa came and introduced herself. She was really pretty, she had black hair, hazel eyes, bright white teeth, and had a very nice style. As Fred left, because he said he had a meeting, Lisa took a big deep breath. 

“Emma, there’s something you need to know.” She said in a serious tone.

“What is it?” 

“Well, how do I put it…” She started looking at me worriedly. “You’re in hell.” 

“What?!” I asked furiously. “Are you trying to scare me?” 

“I know it sounds hard to believe, but I’m being serious. There are two parts of Hell there’s the good part and the bad part.” 

“Well….which one are we in?” She looked at me as if I just asked a stupid question.  

“Isn’t it obvious? The good part.”  

   I still didn’t believe her. But, one day a big rat came out of the ground and destroyed all houses and mini stores. I asked Fred why he would destroy Heaven and he completely ignored my question. As four months have passed and I found out so many secrets. I started feeling worried. I also found out that in order to leave this “good” hell, I’m going to have to do obstacles in order to get into Heaven.


I enter Fred's office and I see him working on the computer while taking a sip of coffee. I noticed that he reorganized his belongings except for the bookshelves. I came into Fred’s office, because I wanted to ask him about the situation that happened four months ago. But, I wasn’t sure if he was going to tell me just like how he ignored my question. So, I’m going to keep asking him until he tells me the truth. 

“Fred, I have a question,” I asked. 

“What is it?” He said 

“I want to talk about the situation that happened four months ago.” His smile faded and I knew right away that he didn’t want to talk about this. 

“Why is it that you’re so curious?” He said with a serious tone 

“Why is it that you don’t want to tell me? Is there something that you didn’t tell me, Fred? That the town doesn’t know?” I said confidently. “Fred, why did the big rat destroy the towns?”

“Well...I can’t tell you, because it’s not something for you to actually worry about. Besides, be glad that your house is fixed and happy that you’re still here.” He walked up from the chair, passed me, and was going to exit the door. 

“Are we in hell?” I said. He stopped walking and we both turned around. 


“Are we in hell?” I said again. 

“Don’t say such nonsense. God will be disappointed in you for saying that.” 

  I walked past him and said, “Fred, I will find out. And I will find my way out of here and go to Heaven.” Obviously I don’t know how to find my way out of here. But, I remembered that Lisa told me I was in Hell. If Lisa knows then she must know how to get out of here. As I walk in the house I see Fred and Lisa. Lisa was on the ground looking at Fred with anger and Fred was looking at her angry and worried at the same time. They face their heads towards me.

 “Emma! Whatever this evil guy tells you, don't listen to him!” Yells Lisa. 

“Shut the demons up! Emma, yes, you are in hell, but I will help you get into Heaven just don’t listen to this disgusting demon here!” said Fred. 

“W-whats going on here? And, Fred, how did you get here before me?” I said with a shaky voice of fear.  

“Teleportation.” He said

     Lisa pushes Fred and turns into a red demon, has pointy horns, black wings, has a white eye on the left and a red eye on the right, and has two scars on both her eyes. She wasn’t the pretty girl anymore, she was the devil's sister. “I’m going to kill you one day Fred!” She said with anger. “What the fork!” I said with a high pitched voice. 

    I woke up on the couch and had a headache. Fred told me that I fainted. I remembered what happened earlier. I later noticed that Fred was sitting on the white couch that was across from me. 

“Finally you woke up, it's been 3 years already.” He said.

“Really?” I said with shock. 

“No. It’s only been 2 hours.” 


“Emma. About, earlier…about you finding a way out. I decided to help you, because I want to go to Heaven too.” He said with sincerity. 

“Either way, I don’t deserve to be here.” I said

“Well..I’m pretty sure you were supposed to be here.” He said “If you want I can show you the memories of what you did wrong.” 

“Actually forget it.” I said with a chuckle. “Look, I don’t want to be here too, so let's find a way out of here. Together.”

    Fred explained to me the rules we had to do to be accepted to Heaven. It was a lot to process, but I was motivated. I was ready to start my journey.  


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