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December 22, 2010
By Lletya BRONZE, Aurora, Colorado
Lletya BRONZE, Aurora, Colorado
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All we ever wanted you to be, is to be yourself! If everyone leaves the show that night feeling better about themselves, then we did our job. Its a social experiment, slash art project. We're trying to change the world and help alot of people. MCR


On her way home from school on the last day of school, Carter sees some things that were very wierd to her. The rest of her night goes as it usually does, but when she wakes up the next morning, she is in a different place. Four cloaked people come to her and explain where she is. She is a Traveler, someone who can go to different worlds and live many different lives. She has to choose a partner, she decides to choose a boy named James instead of Danny. James and his friends, Kevin and Sarah, become really close to Carter. Danny tries to flirt with her, but James always pulls her away in time. Carter and James learn how to be a Traveler. When they are taking their final test, they each learn they have different abilities; James can fly and Carter is a telepath. They become Travelers and leave to go to their worlds.



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