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Angelic Devil part 1

December 31, 2010
By BadWolfGermz SILVER, Dallas, Texas
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BadWolfGermz SILVER, Dallas, Texas
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"Desire is poison"

Author's note: product in the making

When one starts to think of death its usually nothing but their religious views, in where they take there whole life into consideration.
Considering whether their Lord, God would either punish or reward them. When I came face to face with death I took nothing
in consideration except, "what was the next stage?" "would I be left here to die?" My mind began running on high and sent
messages to my whole body like "Fight back; kick him off, punch, scream for you life, you idiot." And I did nothing but ignore them
and laid there dieing, just wondering why I was chosen for this, to die, why was it like this, why me, why oh why me? I stared
into my killer's eyes and saw nothing but sorrow as if he was sorry for this, as if it was the only way, and all i could think about
this death I was about to enter into was "Finally". I could barely remember how life was in the beginning for me, the small
flickering lights I used to know as memories had started to fade. Life to me now had just been nothing and being dead, well undead
wasn't that good either but at least I didn't have to worry about death now.

"Um yes, i would like a double chocolate chip frappichino please, and um a double chocolate fudge brownie." I told the girl whose name was Noemi, so said her apron. "Yes that will be $8.50." I took out my wallet and took out a twenty. "Um go ahead and keep the change." I told her as I put away my wallet. "Thank you sir." I just nodded and grabbed my stuff and headed farther into the Barnes & Noble bookstore that I frequently visited after i cashed my check. I headed past the book shelf labeled "Twilight Saga." I always thought that those movies had poorly depicted vampires. "Sparkling vampires, absurd." I mumbled as i headed for an empty table near the farthest window of the store. I sat down and placed my drink on the corner and reached for my messenger bag in which my laptop was in and placed it on the table and opened it. Once it was open I heard the little IM chime sound, i clicked on it to see it was my friend who lived in Detroit. I was reading his IM that said he had a hard day at work and needed someone to talk and relax with. I typed and told him "Naturally, you pick me huh?" he responded saying yes and wishing me a happy fourth of July. I spent an hour or so talking to him when he said he was gonna go to a park and watch some fireworks. I closed the chat page and open my email. "The store will be closed in forty minutes, so if you have any items you wish to purchase please head towards the front entrance." I looked up from my laptop screen and saw that it was forty till nine. I closed my laptop and put in the bag and headed out the door. I walked towards the street when I heard a noise come from behind me, I quickly turned around and saw no one. "It was just the wind Jeremias, calm yourself." I continued to walk towards the street when i passed an alleyway and saw a dark silhouette asking for help. "Sir spare some change?" a beautiful voice came from this dark shadow that seemed to glide towards me. "Um sure." i reached for my wallet when I saw the shadow disappear and re-appear in front of me, my reflex moved me and the shadow ended up falling forward. "Whoa what was that?" I asked myself, I had never moved that quick and the shadow was thinking what i was too because i could see it in it's dark face. I loud bang from a fireworks screamed and made me jump, and then all I saw was the shadow jump at me and again, instinct activated inside me and made me move like a blink of an eye and the shadow fell forward again. "This is gonna be fun." the beautiful voice said. I turned and ran down the street as fast as i could not realizing i had dropped my messenger bag with my laptop that had next weeks presentation. "Oh well" I thought, I rather keep my life than try to save that now. I ran straight not knowing exactly where i was headed,dodging obstacles that came into my sight. I looked back to see how far away i was. I stopped and looked around and was out of breath, panting and sweating. Right when i started to run again it started to rain, "Oh great, now even if i had a chance to go back and get the laptop it was too late."I had got distracted for a second and when i looked up i ran into an arm poised to hit me. "You thought, you had escaped huh?" It was the shadow with the beautiful voice. "But, but." I stammered, i couldn't find the words in my head. I quickly kicked the shadow off and ran again, this time as I ran i took out my cellphone and dialed my friend who lived a few blocks of where i was. The line rang about three times then a voice. "Gracie, yes it's me Jeremias, unlock your door I should be there in a few." I yelled into the phone. "Wait what, why?" "Don't ask me why, just do it, some crazy psycho is chasing me and i think I'm a few blocks away," i yelled again frustrated and running out of breath. "Wait is this a joke?" "Does this sound like a joke, please just..." I fell down on the ground and the phone slid away from me. "Germs, germs you there?" I reached for the phone when out of nowhere someone steps on my arm, "No, please no." I knew it was the same shadow that was following. "Germs?" Grace my best friend, was now starting to scream. "Where exactly are you, I'll come pick you up." The shadow walked towards the phone. "Grace, grace a porale estoy un poco lejos de la tienda de libros." i started to yell quickly in spanish, which i usually did when i was in a hurry. The shadow looked at me as if he understood what i had said. He walked closer to me and kicked me in the face. "F***!" i yelled touching my busted lip. The shadow picked up the phone. "Is this Grace?" the psycho said into the phone "Who the hell is this? Where is Jeremias?" I head her yelling. "Oh a feisty one, here's the deal Grace, if you hang up I'll kill your best friend." The shadow walked closer to me and bent down to his knees. "No please don't." I heard her frantic yells, i could tell that maybe she started to cry. The shadow bent down closer to me and i saw his face. A beautiful pale face, with the palest blue eyes that had green around the iris. I gasped at how beautiful my killer was, he didn't seem to be baffled that i had gasped at his looks, he grabbed me by my hair and pinned me against a brick wall that was close to where i had fallen. "This won't hurt a bit." he tilted my head and i saw from the corner of my eye that he bared his teeth, he had very sharp canine teeth, the only thing that had came to mind was the word "Vampire." When that word slipped out of my mouth he smiled, a smile as if he was glad that this world still knew about them.I yelled to the phone. "Grace, he's a vampire, a vampire..." I yelled loud and fast and when i did, he bit me I felt his fangs pierce my throat and i could feel my blood flow into his mouth, i could hear it going down his throat, I could hear and feel his thoughts. I saw the sorrow in his thoughts, how he rather have made this consensual, but he couldn't stand it anymore, how much he needed to feed off a human, how much he needed to feel the thrill of the "hunt". That's when i could feel my heart slowing, slower and slower it started to beat. "Finally" I said out loud. I was an inch from death when the vampire stopped at what i had said. He grabbed my neck and made me look him in the eyes. "You are inches from death and your last words are 'finally'?" He bit his finger and rubbed the blood onto the puncture wounds and i felt them close. I looked straight into his eyes, his beautiful pale eyes that i could drown in. I could see he was miserable, he was alone and when i closed my eyes thinking i was gonna die, he was gone. I fell to the ground gasping and withering, as i laid there on the floor and i saw the phone. I reached for the phone, it was only inches away but to me it felt like miles, "Grace he's gone come help." I lay there dieing and that's just what i wanted, death to arrive soon. I looked up at the falling rain when out of nowhere i felt him on me again. "You think you want this? You think you know all about us? But, drinking your blood and feeling that bond and feeling your memories sink in, i know you do. i know you are ready, that this life was hell for you and i want to give you a better hell, i will regret this but, i am lonely and i feel sorry for having to have chosen someone with the potential to do anything in life, but i decided i want you, and so i will take you." After those words i felt him bite my wrist draining the last bit of life out of me. I felt a burning inside my veins as the blood flowed out of the bite. He then walked over to me and bit his wrist and bent down towards me and picked my head up a bit. "Drink it, drink my blood." I was dieing anyway, so why not go ahead and turn into something else. I grabbed his wrist and pulled it to my lips. "This is so cliche" i said as i started to suck on his beautiful red blood, I drank, and drank, i could feel it killing the cells inside of me, the burning inside my throat. He pulled his wrist away from me and vanished. I could feel the pain, the burning pain inside me worsen. I lay there screaming and yelling from pain when all of a sudden i see Grace over my head yelling frantically. "Save him, don't let him die!!" I still felt the burning sensation inside me but i tried to hold in the pain, till i could hold it no more, but when i tried to scream i couldn't. I felt trapped within myself, i could see what was happening but i couldn't scream or move. I couldn't keep my eyes open and the last thing i heard was "Code blue, hurry he's flat lining!"

I opened my eyes and saw nothing but darkness, I tried to breath in, but all i felt was something cling to my nose and it was
suffocating me. "Help, help me" i screamed as i tried to pull off whatever was on top of me. When all of a sudden i feel something
pull me down and i hear a quick zip. "Hello there." The vampire that bit me was standing over me. I quickly sat up and saw i was in
the morgue. "What, why am i here?" I looked down and saw i was in a body bag naked, and by nature i covered myself up. "Your
dead Jeremias, don't you remember?" I looked around where i was and saw an old Dr. sitting there in his chair knocked out. "
dead?" I pointed over to him. "No he isn't, well he's about to be since he's your dinner." The vampire said it as if it was the funniest
thing ever. "Wait, you can't be serious." "Well what did you expect?" I searched my mind for an answer. "I don't know, isn't there
something else i can do?" I was scared not for me but for this poor old stranger. "Trust me, if i could have given you a nice juicy
plump little rat i would, but to complete the process it has to be human blood, so go ahead and drain him." He pushed me like a little kid
heading for the bus for his first day of school. I cared less about the bag covering me and let it fall, as i walked towards the Dr. i saw
him wake up. "What in gods name, aren't you the one that just came in the bag?!" The Dr. stood up and yelled. "Do it now Jeremias!"
The vampire hissed at me. "Do what?" I walked towards him still as slow as can be, thinking what he did to deserve this, how
bad he must have been. "Don't be silly Jeremias, he didn't do anything, it's just like this." I turned at him amazed that he knew my thoughts.
I walked closer to the Dr. when i could finally smell him, and hear his old heart beat fast like a race track. I grabbed him by
his shirt and bent his neck, i had done this so quick that it had snapped it in the process. "You'll need to work on that." The vampire
that appeared next to me said. "Just go ahead and bite him, he's dead already." I leaned towards his neck and i could see the blood
running through his veins. The heat emitting off it was ecstasy, made me mad with thirst. I though of nothing else and bit into his neck
my teeth pierced his skin quickly and within seconds his blood flooded my mouth and i began to suck it down. I could feel the heat
replenishing inside of me, till he was empty and i let him fall like a jointless doll.

"Wait," I grabbed the vampire i had been following blindly. "Yes?" he said like a perfect gentleman, with his beautiful
voice that sounded like a beautiful harp. "What's next?" I asked him looking into his wise eyes. As i stood waiting for an answer
I began to take in this beautiful monster. He was a tall slender man, who didn't look much older than twenty or so, so he must have
died young. He wore nothing but ordinary blue tattered jeans and a black shirt. His hair was pitch black and covered his left eye a bit
and wore a beautiful necklace of a heart stabbed by a dagger. "Well now, we sleep." He answered with a very patient voice. "So the
rumors about the sunlight killing you is true?" I asked as we continued to walk. "No of course not." he chuckled at my question as if it
were immature and stupid. He turned around to face me and said to me. "Lets clear up all these rumors before we go on okay?" I
just nodded at him and asked all that i had ever wondered about vampires. "You really don't have a reflection? Does the stake of wood through
the heart kill you? Do you have to be invited in a house to be able to enter? Do you have any super powers? Can you turn into
a bat? Do i have to sleep in a coffin?" He crossed his arms and laughed as he looked down on the ground. "Yes we have a reflection
how else would we know what we look like with certain clothes, No the stake of wood does nothing but slow us down, No we don't have to be invited
in, yes we can read each others thoughts, the speed, the strength and also we could have extra ones not every one does, and no we don't turn
into bats, that's absurd and no you don't have to sleep in a coffin, unless you want to." I looked at him as if he was crazy. "How do i know whether
or not this is a dream?" "Well death sure does seem like it when you have all of eternity but if it was a dream, you'd be awake by now don't
you think?" I just nodded and continued to follow him. The only question i was afraid to ask was his name. "It's Richard, my name is
Richard Rose." He looked at me from the corner of his eye. I guess he had read my mind. "I did." he said to me again.

I woke up again in a strange place but this time in a bed. "Oh yes it was a dream." I said to myself. "I must have gotten drunk
and ended somewhere else. "Sorry to disappoint you Jeremias, it wasn't a dream." Richard who was standing at the end of the bed came closer to me.
"Are, are you sure?" I was desperate for it to be a dream. I sat up and saw I was in a huge bed with heavy covers that had huge rose prints on it. I looked
up and saw Richard in front of me. "You were asleep for at least a week my precious." he whispered to me caressing my cheek,
the cold of his hands against mine felt so good. "So was i like entering the final steps of the process?" i asked looking away from him
letting him know that i was uncomfortable with him touching me when i actually wasn't. "Yes, you died and then you just slept, so
i let you, but the weird thing is, I can't read your mind anymore, it must be since i created you." It seemed to me he was talking
to himself. "Really? Well that's good then because i didn't like having you rifling in there like you lost something." He just laughed
and patted my head. "So you must be hungry huh?" He asked getting up and walking away. "Um by hungry you mean thirsty right?
Or can i still eat food?"I asked getting up and looking around at the huge bedroom i was in. I turned around and there he was with a
bottle of wine. "What?" i asked as he poured some into a wine glass for me. Then i noticed the smell that it wasn't wine but blood. I
took the glass and drank it in a gulp. "Is this like a joke or something, in a wine glass?" I asked handing him the glass again. "If you
liked to see it like that, then yes but, i fill these so i won't have to kill a human every day, i just steal it from the blood back and fill
these up." He poured me some more. "I think two of these should fill you up for now, hold this while i go get the other one.

He came back a minute later and i just took the whole bottle. "Just let me drink it from here." He just laughed and sat on a
recliner in front of me. In minutes i had finished the bottle. "You are quite interesting my dear." "Excuse me? I don't belong to you."
I told him walking away then realized i was still naked. "Um do you mind?" "What, oh yes um the wardrobe next to the window
is yours, i took some stuff from you house." I ran over there with my vampire speed and put on a pair of red and black skinny jeans and
a tight black shirt. "Wow, you sure knew how to dress." Richard said to me. "Look who's talking tattered clothes." He shot a glance at me
and disappeared. "Better?" I gasped and turned around to see him wearing black jeans and a black shirt with black shoes. "Is there a funeral?" I asked.
"Yes, yours" he said walking away. "That's so not funny!" I said following him. We ended up in a
huge room with a big flat screen T.V. "So what's next?" "Oh calm yourself my young padawan." he said to me as he sat in a plump couch.
"Come, sit, sit" He patted the empty space for me to sit there. "Now we have to see if you have any talents." "And how do we do that? Do you
have a special machine that takes my pulse and blood pressure? Oh wait it can't since I'm Dead!" i yelled in his face. "Ha funny," He looked
at me with a sarcastic face. "No i just need to drink a bit of your blood to tell." And with that i felt a small pinch. "Hm you can control anything
possible with your mind, sort of like telekinesis except stronger" I got up and walked away from him. "You are just crazy!" "Calm
yourself we don't want a tornado now." He walked closer to me and put his hands on both sides of my face. "Just trust me okay?" I suddenly felt
calmer and i nodded. He turned around and turned on the t.v. "Wait what just happened, i just gave in like nothing." "It's called compulsion, an
ability to make someone do what you want, think what you want, with just a concentrated stare." I started to think maybe this was all a mistake,
maybe i should just have him let me die for real this time. "Jeremias, I know this may be hard to accept, it will take some time and trust me, you
have all the time in the world, all until this world ends." "Maybe you made a mistake choosing me," I walked away back into the other room we
where before. He appeared right before me, "Stop doing that!" I waved my hands in the air and turned around. This was all to weird to me, it felt
so awkward considering he was so hot, with his beautiful pale self. He walked closer to me and wrapped his arms around me in a romantic
embrace. "Please don't." I wanted so much to hug him back so much and kiss his shiny cold lips, but i couldn't move my body to do it. "Jeremias, don't be shy,
i know you like me, I've followed you around for a while now." he whispered into my ear. "For a while" i repeated in my head. "How long have you been following me?"
I pushed him off me and turned to face him. "Now Jeremias don't over react." he
walked forward. "No, answer my question." i held my palm towards him. "if you wish,"he grabbed my hand and pulled me back towards the couch.
"I have followed you for at least ten years." "Ten years? Why?" I could feel my anger rising in me and then out of nowhere, it started to rumble
outside. "Jeremias, please calm yourself, you don't have control over your powers, you might cause a tornado!" He walked towards these huge windows.
"Oh shut up, I won't be able to that at all." He looked at me with anger in his eyes. "You still think this is a dream huh?, Open your eyes Jeremias, your
dead, as dead as can be and now you have to accept this, I chose you because you have an understanding decades maturer than your age lets on, you
are the best in the supernatural studies at the University Of Pennsylvania, so much you have made it a major, you have been surrounded by death
your whole life, so why can't you except this, your own death?!" He talked to me now not with the anger i saw, but with sadness as if my stubbornness and
defiance was causing him pain. I felt ashamed of myself, so much i just ran past him and out the window.

The author's comments:
I wrote this half a while back when i first published the first three chapters, i just never had time to fix it and uplaod but now i do. This chapter was a bit personal mainly because it the main character is mostly based on me, and emotions ideals and so on and so forth, but also a lot of the personal experiences that the Protagonist has been scarred with are in fact my own scars.

I knew I’d find your wimpy ass here." An all too familiar voice yelled to me from behind. "I had a hunch you were one of us."I turned around to face him. "Luke." "Aw you still remember my name Jeremias? Have I been in your head?" Luke, my old boyfriend when I was twelve years old. "Of course I have been thinking of you, you stupid son of a bitch!" "Aw don't be like that Jeremias" He walked towards me, I felt this energy emitting in my hand that I thrust it towards him. "Stop right there!" Out of nowhere he was thrown back a few feet from where he stopped. "So you have a special skill?" I looked confused and realized what Richard had told me a week ago was true, a stronger form of telekinesis. "Well guess what babe? So do I!" He thrust his hand like I had did but I felt something electrocute me inside out. "Aaahh, stop it Luke," I felt it move to my brain and the pain was so bad I couldn’t stand it. "Why? I'm only protecting myself, you attacked me first" If someone was watching what happened it would seem like I did. "I hate you Luke, you haven't changed one bit since I left you, except when I did you were still alive." "Yeah I know, you had me put in jail and there I was kidnapped and changed into this, this thing!" The pain had intensified with strength, it grew with his anger. " it!" I yelled so loud that the pain I felt seemed to disappear and I felt it go towards my finger tips and it shot right towards Luke. This energy was different, it burned me until it shot out and out of nowhere Luke burst into flames. I heard him screaming and he started running around. The smell of his burning flesh smelled good to me only because I knew that I had done this to him, I finally had gotten my revenge against the one who raped me, and stolen my innocence. "My revenge is finally complete, I hope you burn in hell." I could see him becoming nothing but dust and ash. I turned around to walk away when I heard an unknown voice. "Ashes to ashes." and another who said "Dust to dust." and a third voice. "Get him."
I turned around and saw three cloaked vampires come near me. "Who..who are you?" I backed away from these beautiful creatures. "My name is Derek" The first voice said to me. Derek was tall and was a bit bulky but still slender and very blonde hair that was cut short, and had blue eyes, and by his accent I would have guessed he was German. "I am Daisy." The second voice said to me, she was a very feminine looking woman who had dimples in her cheeks and had a slender figure to her and a southern accent. "And I am Calum." Calum seemed like the leader, since he was in front of the other two. Calum had beautiful grey eyes that could kill with a hardened stare. He was as tall as Derek, and had the same color of hair but with a bit of black around the bangs that covered his left eye, by what I could see of his face he seemed younger than Derek and Daisy and even me. I would have guessed he was at least seventeen when he died. "What do you want from me?" I asked still backing away from them. "You killed my mate, so now we will kill you" Calum spoke with a ferocious anger. Now that he had said more than his name I heard a hint of an English accent. "Wait, that trash, was your mate?" I put emphasis on the "your" part. "Yes, but he wasn't the man you thought he was." he said to me looking down at the ground as if he saw something interesting that caught his eyes. "I knew him more than you think, I grew up with that piece of trash, he beat me for years after we became an item, he burned out cigarette buds on me when I said no to him, then.. then" my voice broke at the end of my sentence. "He raped you?" Calum asked putting his hand on my shoulders. "Yes," I sobbed touching my eyes to see a blood stained tear. I looked up towards him and then a strong sleep came over me and I collapsed.

I could hear voices around me, I opened my eyes to try to see where I was but I saw nothing, then I realized that I had a black bag over my head. "He's awake!" I heard Derek’s German accent. I felt the bag lifted off me and was blinded by the sudden light that flowed in this room. "Where am I? I asked scared of my surroundings. "No where that matters." I heard Daisy speak. "What happened to me?" I looked around where I was and I saw three other vampires who were drinking white wine. "I knocked you out," I heard Calum's voice come from a shadowed corner. "But... but I didn't feel you punch me or anything." "No you didn't because I didn't hit you, I shot a powerful wave like energy that put your brain to sleep, which caused you to sleep, it usually kills human, but you are already dead so you just sleep." I finally saw that all of my research was right, that there are so many other powers that vampires can possess. "Where is he!?" I heard a sweet voice that I recognized. "Richard?" I called out. I heard a loud boom and saw the wall where the other unknown vampires where and they were sent flying and crashed on the floor. I had realized that it was Richard, who also had a special ability. He quickly appeared in front of me and untied me, I was so caught up with my surroundings I didn't even notice I was tied up with funny smelling ropes. "Why Calum? why with passaflora?" Richard asked as he helped me up. "Pasaflora?" I saw him nod. "You know the rules Richard, we can't just look it over just because he is your mate." "He doesn't know the rules, Calum please, do it for me." I saw the pain in Richard's eyes that tears had started to cloud them. I saw Calum appear in front Richard and slapped him. "NO!" He yelled with voice that made Richard seem like a small child getting chastened from his parents. "The rules can not be forgotten, you taught me that." There clearly was something between them two. Then the three vampires got up from the floor and grabbed me and took me away from Richard. "Richard what are they going to do to me?" I yelled scared for my immortal life. “They are going to let you dry up, literally…” At first I was trying to think what it was, but the only thing that came to mind was anger. Then I started to think what else any other vampire writer had gotten right. I closed my eyes and tried to focus on the voices that were still in the basement that I was dragged out of. "Calum, can't we give him a break?" Derek said to Calum. "Yes, Calum I agree with Derek, he has a potential that could help us with the upcoming situation." That was Daisy. "Yes Calum, we also need him, he could be the answer to this war." Richard pleaded with him but he didn't say anything. "It doesn't matter, we have to follow the rules, even if he was the answer it's too late now." Calum said with a voice so stern that no one else said anything. I was at least a mile or so away now, I could see perfectly in this dark night, they were taking me into the forest. Then I heard Richard. "Calum, what has happened to you?! You aren't the same man I once loved, you are nothing but the devil!"

"I know I am the devil, I am the fifth oldest living vampire recorded, I have seen so much that it would hurt even you Richard, you think I am evil, why don't you
consider who you are?" He took a breath. "We will walk the earth, probably even when it ends, we are the evil in humanity, the evil in this world, and we cannot die!
Accept it Richard, accept it!" "But why Calum, why are you like this? The Calum I knew would never do this!" Richard was furious now. "The Calum you know died!
He died along with Angel, he burned to nothing at the stake along with his angel, and it was your entire fault." "So is this your revenge? Destroying the one I love? The one
I tried so hard to protect?!" "Yes! I picked Luke because I knew that you little love would pursue him if he thought Luke was one of us, I told Luke to show himself to him
even after they found his body and he was happy, I have plotted this for ten years, and now nothing will make me stop not even you!" I could hear every single word they
said, and the only thing I could feel was anger, not because Calum had tricked me and Richard, but because he had caused a pain to Richard, the one person who I had
realized was actually there through all the hard times, memories had started to flood my mind about times that I had realized that Richard was there, he saw me grow
up since I was eleven, I knew that I loved him, not because of what he did for me, but because he had made me into something that I had been fascinated by ever since I
could read, something that would prove I was right and that my parents were wrong, that I was right, and that’s all that mattered now, that I was right and now a stupid revenge
set devil wanted take this, and Richard away from me. I looked forward to where the other vampires were dragging me and I saw it was a coffin covered in chains that had reeked
with the passaflora scent, and a hole that seemed to never end. "NO! Don't put me in there!" I heard my yells echo and then I saw that Calum, Daisy, and Derek were there but Richard wasn't. "What have you done with Richard, you vindictive son of a bitch?!" "I have put him out of his misery!" "You.... killed him?!" I was furious now. "No, I put him to sleep and Derek
and Daisy locked him in a freezer, you see we have a much finer feeling to touch and the environment, so he is in pain, a pain that well weaken him so much he won't be able
to use his air control power to blast out of there, and you will be put in this coffin and locked and buried deep within the earth that you won't be able to dig your way out, no
amount of power that you supposable possess will save you either!" Calum had a devilish sound now, an evil that seemed he was enjoying himself, he was laughing now.
"NO! let me GO!!" My voice was so loud that it started to rumble like it did that day I left Richard. All six vampires looked up at once afraid of what might happen.
"It's him Calum, he is doing this!" One of the vampires who were holding me yelled. "No he isn't, I saw what he can to, it's nothing but telekinesis, that’s how he turned Luke's power against him" He reassured the uneasy vampire. 'Stronger form of telekinesis, which can control anything I remembered the words Richard told me a week ago. Then suddenly, I could feel this energy deep inside me, churning inside my stomach I tried to focus what it was and I saw in my mind what is was, it was a lightning storm. I was trying hard to process how to use it when I felt that I had been let go and tossed inside the coffin. "Let me go!" I yelled again, when I couldn't stand this energy anymore I could see my eyes go white, then I let out a yell. I heard lighting start to strike and the wind started to howl. My vision had gone completely white and I could see everything so clearly I could hear the vampires screaming not to get struck, when I thrust my hands forward and the top of the coffin flew off quickly. I could feel myself levitating, I flew into the sky and could see the vampires getting ready to bring me down. "Derek, Daisy use your sonic claps to knock him out of the air! Calum ordered. "No!" They both yelled at the same time and they both bolted off the place where they were before. I decided not to hurt them both so I drew back a bit of my energy, I shot lightning bolts straight down on the three vampires who dragged me here and they all burst into flames. I looked towards Calum. "You will pay for what you have done to me and Richard." I came back down to the ground and he jumped towards me, I felt his overwhelming strength trying to break me. "I am over two thousand years old, you couldn't possibly kill me!" We wrestled on the ground I could feel him breaking my bones, but my strong energy and vampire life healed me quickly enough to strike back each time.

I kicked him into the air and then I made a tornado form around him, he was trapped in it, his strength was no match now for the angry fury I possessed now. With one hand I held him in the tornado and then with the other I shot out a lightning bolt containing all my anger I had at that moment and all the anger I ever had in my whole entire life and shot it straight at him, he was yelling now, screaming from the pain. "Burn in hell, you son of a bitch!" Then from that moment the tornado burst into flames and exploded. The explosion was so strong it sent me flying backwards at a speed that broke any tree I crashed into. I saw him reduced to nothing but ash and dust, and I was sprawled out on the ground covered with leaves and bits of tree trunks. "Burn in hell, Calum." Were my last words when I started to black out.

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yea they are pretty short for now

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This is some quality work but I wish the chapters were longer!


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