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Reincarnated Fools

December 3, 2011
By graspingreality, Monona, Wisconsin
graspingreality, Monona, Wisconsin
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[Book One]

There is a rumor in Vampire movies, books, stories, and TV shows that never changes. It is that when Vampires die, they go to a place worse than hell and get punished for being who they are. The only problem is that they are wrong. Vampires don't go to a place worse than hell and get punished; they are reincarnated into a human, receiving a second chance at life.

Cass’ Choice; Either become a vampire and run for her life - OR – stay human and die without the one she loves.

Cassandra Blake is a reincarnated vampire. After she died, she was given a second chance to die as a human and spend her years after death in Heaven, but will she use that second chance or will love make it worth never going to Heaven again.

Amanda S.

Reincarnated Fools

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