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Black Phoenix

May 10, 2012
By Anonymous


The world of Temerill is a bleak place. War ravages the land as three superpowers vie for supremacy. Poverty and hunger grip the poor while the rich live in prosperity, planning to backstab and cheat their way into power. The land is a powderkeg, ready for a spark. When a string of mysterious assassinations kill off all semblance of government in each of the superpowers, all hell breaks loose. When the last semblance of order is taken away, only chaos remains. And from the chaos rises a mad prophet promising a future of prosperity… or a future of doom.

As chaos reigns, five chosen find themselves thrown together on a quest tied together by whispers in the night. Aedan Walken, a disgraced general, who finds a city of sex, violence, and crime. Marian Walken, a loyal sister, who scours the land for her lost brother. Keyser Dylan, an exceptional assassin, who searches for answers through blood. Felicia Pamona, a dutiful guardswoman, who seeks a motive for the murder of her mentor. Jalen Vass, a powerful mage, who discovers whispers of a dark secret.

And through the shadows of the multiverse, a looming darkness begins to grow…


Black Phoenix

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