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Behind the Curtain and Through the Veil

October 31, 2018
By TheWeirdWriter, Chesapeake, Virginia
TheWeirdWriter, Chesapeake, Virginia
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Rae is a medium at a traveling circus, contacting the dead in her tent in exchange for a semi-livable wage she can scrape by on. She lives a kind, honest life, except for when it comes to her trick. She can only talk to one spirit, a murdered woman named Isabelle, who helps her pull off her charade by contacting people past the veil and relaying the messages back for Rae to give to the customer. But when fates collide and Isabelle’s murderer visits the circus, Rae and Isabelle must re-examine the meaning of their decades old friendship, and explore the definition of revenge. With a chance to finally move on for the earth-bound spirit on the line, the two of them will need to step up their act.


Behind the Curtain and Through the Veil

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