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Demon that Follows

November 16, 2018
By Greaser313, Saranac Lake, New York
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Greaser313, Saranac Lake, New York
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The Demon that follows

“Today’s the day that changed my life, it was murky, foggy, eerie, and quiet. As the rain came down like glitter and the wind wisped and whispered, I hear my name being called “NIXITH.” I shot around to see no one was there. On my way home i passed through the cemetery like I always do, I heard my name again but instead of turning around I stop dead in my tracks. ”Oh no I’m being followed!!!.” I thought, I finally had enough courage to look behind me to see someone one minute and an animal the next. I turned and started walking again. A few seconds later I heard footsteps behind me so I started to run and they followed. I ran all the way back to my apartment when I got there I found my front door kicked open and my Ex boyfriend Haas Tyler there.

I still couldn’t shake the thoughts/reasons of why he was there so I hollered to him saying “WTF are you doing here Haas.” He shot around and ran to me and replied “Oh thank god you’re alright! I was walking and decided to see how you were doing after our breakup. I heard gunshots form your building and so I ran up here to find your door lock hence the reason it was kicked open and I saw this.” I took a step in my apartment and what I saw caused me to gasp. The next few weeks were weird because I kept seeing the shadow figure everywhere I went and when I wake up in the middle of the night. Haas has came over for the past week and sometimes he would take me out to a pizza parlor and movie. It’s only when I’m with him that I don’t see “it”. Wait! What I saw was Haas with a huge hole in the back of his head. “Then who was I hanging out with this whole time?”  When I got home I got online to see if it’s possible to see spirits that has been dead for two weeks. After no luck with that, I tried to see if there was anything on the thing that was following me and a lot of results came back , turns out it was a Jadyndaemon (A shapeshifting demon that takes on the form of a loved one and there is no way of stopping it. If it follows you for more than a week and speaks to you or comes in contact with you would die within 2 weeks.) so I thought “Bologna, Fudge and Mustard well I’m screwed.” so I closed my computer and got ready for bed praying it wasn’t true.

Later that night Nixith awoke one last time but didn’t see anything so she fell back asleep never to wake again.”

My teacher slammed the book causing us to jump and spoke of our next assignment which was to research anything that deal with  the Gothic Horror/Macabre Esque topic. After class before I left for lunch my teacher stopped and asked me to stay after class and eat in there with him so we could discuss the assignment and I reluctantly said yes, normally I would’ve said no but this teacher was dark,mysterious, and just down right sexy. Mr Joseph Harmony, 6’0, Icy silver blue eyes, Long Black hair, Very chiseled  jaw, very muscular,Amazing taste in music, very eerie but silky voice, and a tannish pale skin that was to die for, asked me if I knew what I wanted to research for my project and I said “The conflict between Vampire, Werewolves, and Daemons, and why High Schoolers use these as negative stereotypes towards others. You know rumor has it you are all three of these.” There was a very awkward silence between us for at least 15 minutes.  


Mr. Harmony moved next to me and spoke “ Well do you believe them?” I felt heat rush to my face and  all I could say was “ I don’t know who or what to believe.” He just looked at me with head cocked and at that moment I saw his eyes change from silvery blue to blackish brown and his teeth receded down causing me to jump back. Once he noticed my reaction fixed himself and apologized. He asked me to meet him at the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame around  7:30 and to wear casual clothing.

When I got there, I found him waiting against his ‘53 Knucklehead, dressed in the same outfit as me: Black leather jacket, Black biker boots, fingerless black leather gloves and a Guns .n. Roses tank top but mine was signed by Axl Rose himself and mine was black where his was white. I then noticed he wasn’t alone and he was kissing him. I cleared my throat and he looked up,laugh and spoke to the person next to him “ I’ll see you later babe.” Once they said their goodbyes he turned to me and spoke “ you ready?” “yeah but who’s that ?” I replied “ My Boyfriend Korain Black” “WAIT, YOUR GAY!!!!!” I screamed causing him to jump. All he could do is lead me away from everyone else and once we were alone he spoke you can’t tell anyone or I’ll lose my job.” “which part?”  I asked “any of it including what happened at school.” He reluctantly replied

It wasn’t till 9:30 that he dropped me off at home. When I opened the front door my mom asked “ How was the dance Liliana and who dropped you off?” “It was good, that was m---” and at there was a knock on the door. My mom went to get the door but I beat her to it and when I opened it, there stood a very bloody Mr. Harmony and Korain. When my mom came to see what was going on she saw them and stole me to let them in.

While she went to get the First aid kit I cleaned up Korain, upon her return she saw that I had already took care of Korain and was now tending to Mr. Harmony. She asked if I needed help and I said “ Korain is OK but Mr. Harmony is the worst of them and I prefer continuing where I was if that's OK?”  My mom asked who Korain was and I said “ the one with the Chester Bennington T-shirt, blonde hair, seafoam blue eyes, black and silver nails sitting in the chair in the corner.” Reluctantly she complied and went to double check Korain .

While I was looking at Mr. Harmony he said “You know you don't have to call me Mr. Harmony outside of school,you could call me Joseph.” I just stared down at the floor where there was blood, when I looked up I noticed blood on his stomach seeping through his shirt. Although it was embarrassing to ask him this but “Joseph could you take your shirt off so my mom could wash it before it stained and so I could look at those wounds?” He replied with “ yeah but you’ll have to help me because I think the blood is causing the shirt to stick.”

So I helped him only to reveal a 8 pack set of abs and bear sized cuts right across his chest, stomach and side. I had to have my mom help me stitch him up. That monday I got called down to the office and when I got there a few police officers greeted me and asked “ are you  Lilana Massey?” and I replied “ yes I am, am I in trouble?” And the sexy cop said “no we just want to ask you a few questions if that’s OK?” And at that moment the principle came back from his lunch break and demands to know what was going on. “That’s what I wanna know.” I replied looking  back at the officers.


Once they told me that my mom was killed during a shooting at the  gay bar where she worked and saying that I was 16 years old I could live alone or be put in Foster Care, they gave me the choice. Then the bell rang and once it did I ran ignoring everyone who told me to slow down to Mr. Harmony’s room waited for everyone to leave then I jumped into Mr. Harmony's arms and burst out crying.

Later that day when I was walking up my driveway I saw two cop cars and two motorcycles (Which one of the two were mine.), when I got closer I saw Korain and two of the four cops approach me and for an instant I saw Korain’s eyes change from Sea Foam blue to Pitch Black and back again. When I saw that I turned around and ran as fast as I could, I ran and ran till I  literally ran right into Joseph and Korain!?!?!? “ B-B-But how? How was he with Joseph and at my house at the same time?” I thought and when they saw it was me who ran in to them and the panicked look on my face they started asking all sorts of questions bamboozling me, so they brought me into their house Joseph sat me down on a replica of Lestat De Lioncourt’s lounge Awning from Interview with the Vampire. While Korain made me some hot tea Joseph slowly started to ask me what had happened and all I could ask was “ Is Korain like you in the Supernatural sense?” and at that moment Korain came out with the tea and put some Linkin Park on and then sat down next to me.  “ I don’t know If he is ?” Joseph said “ What?” Korain asked then I said “ Are You just like Joseph?” and at that moment Korain asked Joseph to come with him to follow him to the kitchen and then Korain yelled “ YOU TOLD HER!!!!!” “ What else would you’ve liked me to do she already heard the rumors and I could trust her, you know the quietists are the most trustworthy.” Joseph said very calmly

When they returned Korain answered “ Yes and no, what I mean by that is yes in the supernatural sense, no because even though I'm a supernatural being I’m not a Demi-Hybrid like Joe, Imma Demi-dark Pixie.” and then I asked Joseph if the story was true and his reply was “ it was rumored to be true but I’m not sure,Why?” “ Cuz I think I saw a Jadyndaemon at my house. That's why I was Running and why  I had that confused but terrified look on my face.” I replied.

Then they looked at each other and nodded,Korain walked me to my house and helped me get clothes together and in the process Korain asked “What did the Jadyndaemon look like ?” and I said “you.”, I swear his eyes were about to pop out of his head.

When we got back to their place I told Joseph what I told Korain and he reaction was very different, his was like calmed but alarmed then he asked “ Did it say anything to you?” “ No all it did was look at me that’s when I ran.” Joe let out a sigh of relief and Korain got up and showed me to the room that I would be sleeping in.



  Everyday was getting more and more like the story and its starting to making me sick to the point where Joe and Korain were starting to worry. If they weren’t worrying about me they were acting weird around me. Then it clicked they were both at my house the one cop that looked very familiar was Joseph and that was Korain at my house and walking to their place at the same time….. Then I heard a noise in my room and I saw three people and their eyes were glowing, I recognised two of the three eyes and they were Korain and Joseph but the other were glowing purple like my moms did sometimes then a car drove by and the headlights flashed through the window and I saw my MOM?????!!!!! I started to scream when Korain covered my mouth while Joseph and a Jadyndaemon that looked like my mom  tied me down then it went black. I woke up screaming with a major headache due to getting hit by a frying pan, when the room came to a focus there was someone looking at me…it was my supposed to be dead mother. I then muttered “mom your dead.” behind me I heard laughing as Korain and Joseph sank their teeth into my flesh and with 3 big gulps I was near passing. I was fading fast and I knew it so I gave one last scream.



All three of them; Caodine, Korain, Joseph looked and laughed then Joseph spoke “ Caod I guess you never told her she was adopted and it sucks we could feed on someone every 2040 years.”

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