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January 20, 2020
By FayJM, Lincroft, New Jersey
FayJM, Lincroft, New Jersey
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Kenny Dunic is absolutely crushed after the death of his mother. Moving from his hometown, Brooklyn, to Upper New York only made matters worse. But that’s not the only thing that upsets Kenny. What upsets him is that no one believes the fact that his mother was murdered by something. Not someone. Something.

Alec and his twin brother Aaron  Hernandez live completely normal lives in Upper New York. They’re popular, athletic, and are living the good life. That is until a newcomer arrives, and their worlds turn upside down.

Danny Garcia knows what it’s like to feel worthless, thanks to years of cold neglect from his young working mother. He also knows what real pain feels like, credits to his drunk father. Harsh beatings from his dad everyday ruined him.  Despite how much everything hurts, he keeps his fear and pain secret so that it can hurt him, and only him. And he has kept it like that for eleven years so that no one had to feel what he felt, including his seven younger brothers.  That is until strange things begin to happen, and his secret becomes harder to keep. And much more dangerous.

Amos and his younger sister Jenny Reynolds are very unlike any other set of siblings. After their parent's divorce, they’ve become closer than any other brother and sister.  When disturbing things begin happening to them and their friends, they must try to stick together all while dealing with their broken family. The question is, will they break, or will their family break even more.

Georgina Coleman had been spoiled rotten by her parents from the day she was born. Growing up in a wealthy household, she was used to getting everything she wanted.  Her wealth caused her to be oblivious to those “below” her and their struggles. That is until she is the victim of a terrifying attack and soon discovers that her fellow classmates are tied to it. But Georgina doesn’t know if she wants to risk her social position to work with these kids… or her life.

Jessica F.


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