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Let Us Out!

December 21, 2010
By BaileyB PLATINUM, Park City, Utah
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BaileyB PLATINUM, Park City, Utah
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As we (Ashley, Madison, and me,) walked up to the old, abandoned, asylum, chills went up and down our spines. We knew something was going to happen in this old place. All we could see were the old, rickety walls. They were about to lock us in, we wanted to. We wanted to be locked into the asylum with the lost souls of those who were killed with experiments and from other kinds of damage. We wanted those who were in the building to speak through us, so we could help them get out of the dark place where people who have investigated here before us have been scratched, pushed, hair pulled, and more harm, even with words.

“Ready to be locked in guys?” Asked KT (our Tech Advisor). I had a fastidious wanting to go into the house just to be reminded of what had happened in this mysterious place... We were ready, I gave KT the sign to lock us in. We got all our equipment, so we could hear and see the spirits, lost souls. We had everything. We were ready. They finally locked us in.

All we could now see was the dim light coming through the window pane. The light still was not enough for us to see anything, we could walk into a wall if we didn’t use our night vision on our cameras. “Well it’s our time to be in your home! If you don’t like that, well then show us.” I said as we were locked in. Never provoke a ghost it will come back and bite you in the butt. We were scared, but we have done this a ton of times.

Well we all took a deep breath, got our digital voice recorders out with our EVP’s. As we finally listened back to our digital recorders and listened to what we heard as I said ‘show us’ we heard “Get ‘em.” In a male voice, angry. He wanted us to get attacked, which made me remember as we took our tour earlier many would say this because of more people coming in, fights, and murders that happened in this asylum. We were ecstatic to be in this place of such paranormal activity.

We talked more, asked more, and nothing. We decided to go to the medical ward. “Is anyone here?” Ashley paused, “Can you give us proof that your in here? Slam a door, open a door, speak to us!” Another pause, “What happened in here? Were you one of the people that needed medicine?”

“Imperative....” Ashley heard it clearly, we all heard it. This was a spirit saying it was imperative that he or she got medicine. We had no idea how this spirit got so much energy to say a long word, we might here little fragments of sentences sometimes but nothing long as in a long word. We knew we were in the right place. There were going to be a lot of activity in this asylum. We weren’t really shaken quite yet, we had gotten a lot of voices on EVP before this one was only a little different. The longness of the word was the only difference.

We were just asking questions throughout the time of our adventure we were really surprised when we got to this room. Where the patients would stay while they were being treated, not the medical ward anymore, but just the rooms. We were getting farther and farther into our investigation. Ashley told me that she knew something was going to happen. Something bad.

All of us could feel it. We felt tingles through out the night going up and down our spines. BANG! “Did you hear that?” asked Madison. It was coming. Coming for us. It slammed the door. We were quiet. We could hear footsteps upstairs. We were the only ones in the house. Tonight, not all of us will come out. I had that feeling. It’s hard to think something like that and then have everything go quiet just like that.

“What happened?” Ashley asked.

“I have no idea! It just all stopped.” I said

“GET OUT!....... RUN!” We heard someone screaming this over and over. This must have been one of the most haunted places in all of the world! Wait, not one of the most haunted. THE most haunted.

It stopped after about two more minutes. We didn’t know how a spirit could have that much energy to say something, no, scream something for two straight minutes. This is one of the strangest things on a ghost adventure! Right then, we turned around to find Ashley no where in sight....

We had to have searched the whole house...... Except for Esther’s room. Esther was a girl who might have been one of the most easily disturbed people.... You could say. You rather not bother her too much. She did end up brutally killing two of the people that either worked there or roomed by her. She also killed herself at the age of 16. We hesitated when we came to the door. We knew she was going to be in here.

We finally got to opening the door, found Ashley in the room sitting on the ground rolling a ball to the wall so it would bounce back to her. “Ashley? Are you okay?” We both asked.

“Who is Ashley?” She asked.

“Is that you, Esther?” I asked, going deeper into the investigation. Finding out what happened to Esther and why she did it could solve so many investigations that end in somewhat not as good as ways.

“Why yes. Who else would I be?” She started to sound angrier and angrier.

“Esther, What happened when you were staying here?” Madison asked trying not to sound scared. We knew many things could happen with Esther possessing Ashley’s body. She could kill us.

“Oh, you want to talk about that? Do you? Well why don’t you just walk away before I make you?” She said almost starting to yell. Ashley yelling was rare. It just never happened, it was just not part of Ashley. Then I remembered this wasn’t Ashley, this was Esther.

She started to laugh, diabolically. All of a sudden, she fell straight to the floor. “ASHLEY! Are you okay?!?!?!?!” We both said in harmony.

“W-w-w-what happened?” She asked, shaking. Ashley had no memory of what just happened.

“Ashley, Esther possessed you...” Madison exclaimed. It was hard to here but true.

“No, you’re lying to me. That can’t be true.” Ashley said almost crying. But it was she would have to try and remember feeling something before, or even during.

“Do you remember feeling anything?” I said.

“Or during?” Madison added. Ashley shook her head. She couldn’t recall one thing that happened during the possession. The old bell in the church down the street was chiming which mean it was getting close to 1 a.m. Which also meant only a couple more hours to uncover the mystery of the asylum. Figure out more about Esther and try not to get possessed or attacked.

I thought twice before provoking another spirit. We could not get everything on EVP, we got some through this device. This device scanned at least two frequencies a second, searching through these to find a spirit talking. We had a conversation with a nurse that lived in the house helping Esther. She was the nurse that found Esther. Dead.

The nurse said things like “...Nurse.... Horrible... Help needed... Can’t... Help... Alone...” We know little things about the nurses that helped everybody but we were most interested in Esther’s nurses. The ones that knew how to help her with medication. The only friend of Esther. The nurse, would help Esther with everything, playing, becoming more social, and school.

We went back over the film from when Ashley disappeared. We saw something. It was a lurid little orb of light. It went into Ashley’s back. That was Esther’s spirit. Right then we were all pushed. “What the hell was that?!?!?!?!” We all said in sync. Then we heard it again. Esther laughing, devilishly. She was doing this to us. Making us go mad. I wasn’t gonna let her do this to us.

Most things were kept surreptitious, so people would not want to leave because of the things that might happen to people in the town. I was going to try not to provoke her but she made it so hard! I was trying not to berate her. Right then I just exploded with hate, “Why don’t you just come out here and show us your power Esther! Come on! Do something to us!”

We could hear her now. “La... La... La... La... I’m gonna have some fun tonight..... La.... La.... La.... La....” She sang. She was coming after us re ran. We couldn’t stop documenting this experience though. Now, we were ascertain that she was going to get us. We ran and ran! It seemed like forever before we finally saw her. It wasn’t like her, it was her spirit. She did not look happy if anything.

She looked like she was holding something... But we were too far away to see it. We were so confound. She found us. She was going to kill us. Here. Right now. This would be our last day breathing. Maybe KT would be seeing what was going on and come in and ameliorate. You never know it could happen. I closed my eyes for what seemed like a millisecond, and she was gone. She disappeared into thin air.

Right then our cameras caught it again. The lurid orb going back into Ashley. She knew she couldn’t have the energy to kill us, so just use someone else’s. We ran to the front door, looking for KT, we had to tell her to run. “KT! Run! Get out of here now!” We screamed, we found her asleep, but we were loud enough to wake her up. She ran, not even thinking twice about coming to get us out.

We turn around to see Ashley, she had the same look in her eyes that Esther had. Hatred. She was about to go on a killing spree as you can call it. I just closed my eyes not wanting to know how I was going to die. She ended up slicing my throat wide open. I didn’t see how she killed Madison, but she is gone too. I am telling you my story from my spirit now. I now haunt this asylum along with the nurses, doctors, and patients. Madison and I still run from Esther every chance she sees us.

She killed Ashley eventually, I didn’t wanna watch how she killed my friend. Ashley runs with us now. Our spirits would live on in the old asylum for the rest of time.

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