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Problems Unsolved MAG

By Anonymous

   Hardly any amongst us can actually claim

That we've not been distaught about how things are.

The deaths of our country should bring about shame.

Our violence and poverty is highest by far.

Are we willing to let our soliders' lives go for naught?

What was it our forefathers fought for and sought?

Freedom of religion or freedom to disciminate?

Justice for all or justice to obliterate?

The havoc created is not on one person to blame.

We all have got to stop playing life as a game.

The troubled need help and the helpful must give

If our country is to be known as a nice place to live.

My young generation is falling to crime.

We must solve this problem before we run out of time!

If our country destroys itself; how will we cope?

We cannot give up and we must not lose hope.

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i love this so much!