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If Socks Could Talk MAG

By Anonymous

   Socks Clinton,

America's so-called "first cat,"

Is always seen, yet rarely heard.

Considering that Socks

Must see and hear a lot

While lingering around the

White House,

I wonder what he'd say if

he could speak.

If Socks could talk,

He'd probably tell Bill

About how the good old

U.S. of A. will end up;

Like a wet hair ball

On carpet,

If we don't start caring.

If Socks could talk,

He'd speak about how

Poverty, homelessness, and hunger

Are worse than dry cat food on a

Humid day.

If Socks could talk,

He'd refer to our

Continuously deteriorating environment

As a litter box

That hasn't been changed

In a month.

If Socks could talk,

He'd ramble on about gang violence,

AIDS, discrimination and racism,

And how they remind him of a small child,

Swinging him by his tail,

And ripping out handfuls of his fur.

If Socks could talk,

He'd comment on the fact

That HE doesn't feel safe

Walking outside by himself,

And the fear

Of shootings and such

Aren't felt just

By humans.

Anyway, if Socks could talk,

He'd tell Bill

A thing or two,

About how our society needs

To help and change

To make America something

We can take pride in.

If Socks could talk,

But, he can't.

Although Socks is unable,

We, as people, can,

And we should use

Our voices and abilities

To the max,

To aid in improving

Our ways.

After all,

If we don't, and things

Continue on the

Way they are,

What would Socks say?

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i love this so much!

on Oct. 13 2011 at 9:02 am
Eshshah PLATINUM, Galloway, New Jersey
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I love the idea!