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By Anonymous

by K. A., Rehoboth, MA

Have you ever noticed that when you want something to go a certain way, it usually doesn't? I mean really. Weather is a great example. If you don't want it to rain, it usually does, and vice versa, if you do want it to rain, it doesn't. In fact, weathermen are one of the few jobs that you can be 100 percent wrong and still get your full pay and get to keep your job. Maybe I'll be a weatherman, or shall I say weatherwoman. That brings up another interesting point. Do people go too far with this gender rivalry stuff? I mean, I really don't think it matters what people say, as long as they don't mean any harm, right? Oh, boy. Oops, or should I say, Oh, girl ... or do I mean Oh, person! Well anyway. Wait a minute. See a perfect example! I was just trying to explain to you how things don't usually go the way you want them to, and look at me, I can't even talk about the weather. Why?

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i love this so much!