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Court Cases From Hell MAG

By Anonymous

   That's it. I can't stand it anymore. It's driving me insane. If I read one morething about court decisions, I'm going to throw up.

Oh no, poor NancyKerrigan, America's new sweetheart. What a tragedy. Tonya Harding, a cruel,disturbed mastermind. She should be arrested. She should not have been allowed inthe Olympics. ENOUGH ALREADY!

Lorena Bobbitt did a horrible thing yet sheis a hero to women, and a devil in the eyes of men. John Bobbitt, a victim ofrevenge. I know, I know ... "It hurt real bad." ENOUGH ALREADY!

And thenthere are the Menendez brothers. Yeah, I've heard. They killed their parents.Abuse, hatred, revenge, new sweaters. ENOUGH ALREADY!

In the last 10 yearsit seems the most popular TV station among teen-agers has been MTV. But, CTV isnot far behind. That's right. Court Television will soon be the hottest channelaround. People will soon sit down with their popcorn and watch as the fate ofalleged criminals unfolds.

Please, somebody shoot me before I become a CTVjunkie!

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i love this so much!