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Girls In Non-Traditional Shops MAG

By Anonymous

   Girls in Non-Traditional Shops

by T. O., Hanson, MA

Girls who go to vocational schools should not be afraid to enter a non-traditional trade area. There are support groups for these girls that allow you to talk about the shop you are in and the kids who are in it. Girls do not have to go only to cosmotology, culinary arts or graphic arts. I am in heating, ventilation and air conditioning. I am the only girl in this shop. This is not a shop girls choose over other shops. The teacher treats me the same as he treats the boys. All vocational schools have an exploratory system that allows you to go through some shops to see which shop you would like to go into.

Some non-traditional shops include: machine shop, automotive, auto body, heating, ventilation and air conditioning, metal fabrication/welding and carpentry. Girls are just as good as boys in these shops. So, girls, think of one thing: people like to see girls in non-traditional shops. So think about going into a non-traditional shop if you are going to a Vo-Tech school. It is good for the economy to have girls in these shops.

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