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By Anonymous

   Rock concerts are great fun, but some of the people who attend need to consider seriously the prospect of attending a psychiatric clinic. While their antics tend to be amusing for the first ten minutes, these juvenile activities soon become as annoying as younger siblings. These people disrupt the concerts and also pose a danger to the people around them.

On August 7th and 8th, the Lollapalooza Festival was held at Great Woods in Massachusetts. The behavior of some of the people there has caused the officials to ban Lollapalooza from being held there again. Mosh pits (places for slam dancing) appeared anywhere possible and people had no choice but to participate or be borne to the ground by one of the howling fans. Some people were lifted off the ground against their will and carried across the lawn to be set down far away from their friends. Since it was dark, those carried were dropped many times, usually on top of someone else. While this may seem like great fun to some, others would have enjoyed seeing the bands instead of the dirt.

These events are expected at concerts to some degree. What caused Great Woods to ban Lollapalooza was the major destruction of property. One of the brighter fans decided it was too dark where he was standing. So this person and some friends ripped down part of the fence and built a bonfire. Soon everyone got in on the act and bonfires were blazing all around. The entire back portion of the fence was burned in one night. These people caused thousands of dollars worth of damage and denied the opportunity for others to see the festival next year.

This flagrant destruction was senseless and dangerous. If one of these fires had gotten out of control, the cost would have risen to include human life. Is one hour of feeling cool worth the risk of starting a disaster? No person could believe this and still be called sane. These people who do take the risk are either stupid, or don't care. Both choices equal danger to others around them. n

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