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Do They Mean What They Say? MAG

By Anonymous

   We all must realize that the platform each of the candidates is campaigning on is not to be taken so literally. Any of the candidates may change his mind after he is elected. We have to weigh their entire past political histories to tell what each candidate is really like and what he or she stands for. We cannot draw a correct conclusion from a couple of debates that are loaded with propaganda.

Each candidate's political history should be stressed to the maximum, including his congressional attendance, the way he voted and what he voted for. Candidates' personal lives are just that: personal. We should try not to decide on a candidate because of things he did "at home." We should get a clue of their character through their political life. For example, Bill Clinton was forced to defend himself against charges of marital infidelity which is none of our business and, I believe, we should steer clear of matters like this. n

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i love this so much!