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   In a time of worldwide political reform, it seems both appropriate and sensible to elect an aware, sincere, moral, and honest person to the highly esteemed position of President of the United States. After watching many debates and interviews on CNN and C-SPAN, I believe that Jerry Brown, former Governor of California, is that person.

Jerry Brown, an eloquent Democrat, is committed to the concept of justice. His true concern for the poor and the have-nots make him an uncommon presidential candidate. He is opposed to the concentration of wealth and power in Washington, which he believes has bred a generation of greedy and corrupt politicians. At this time, when being an amoral and hypocritical politician seems to be a prerequisite for the job, Brown offers a fresh, exciting change. By not accepting campaign contributions of more than one hundred dollars, he sets the example for his peers.

Jerry Brown is also a strong environmentalist. His plans to help save Mother Earth include phasing out nuclear power over ten years, improving technology which deals with solar and wind power, and protecting endangered species.

Taking on the job of president also means facing our nation's state of fiscal disaster. Brown's economic plan is radical, yet the most sensible and fair of all. His proposal is to eliminate all existing tax codes and replace them with a thirteen percent flat tax. This way all Americans would pay equally, and the burden would not fall on a particular subgroup. This plan is the best of its kind, and can do the most for the people of this country.

Lastly, while the other candidates have sunk to the level of negative advertising, Jerry Brown is the sole being who runs no televised political ads. His priorities are on bettering America and its people. He does not run from the big issues. He faces them head-on and proposes innovative answers to hard questions. One major issue that he has not turned his back on is AIDS. He has acknowledged the spreading problem when most other candidates won't even discuss it. He plans to give more money for AIDS research, and to make improvements in health care. Additionally, he demands that Americans have compassion for the people inflicted with the virus. I believe Jerry Brown is the most moral, ethical, sincere, and intelligent Democratic candidate this year. n

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