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By Anonymous

   In response to the article "Youth Lost?" by R. S. in the December issue, I see this subject in a very different light.

I don't see our generation as a group that worries a lot. At the local mall I see most kids my age either smoking, deciding which shirt to get, or just "hanging out." Looking at these kids you wouldn't think they have too much on their minds to worry about. At school some of these same kids do have a lot on their minds such as grades, competing with their friends to do better, and challenges brought on them every day by school. Facing these petty challenges brings this generation into the real world. Many kids enjoy these challenges and would be bored with life without them. If these same kids don't succeed at these challenges, this gives them a motivation to work harder.

What will happen to our generation if we have nothing to strive for? The answer is simple: we'll all become lazy, and, when we take control, the world, most probably, will come to an end.

It's true we are innocent victims of this screwed-up world, but so were our ancestors, and if they had an attitude like the author of "Youth Lost?", I wouldn't be here right now, and neither would you.

I do spend a lot of tedious nights doing my chemistry and history homework, my friends do the same, but I'm also one of those kids who like to hang out at the local mall.

As I finish my chemistry homework, I smile and am pleased with my accomplishments for the night.

Youth is not an excuse to party day and night while accomplishing nothing. It's a time to learn how to achieve your goals in life, but also to have fun.

So in thirty years as I kiss my husband good night, I will have no regrets about my youth, only pleasure with what success it has brought me. For now I know my youth has never been and I think will never be "Youth Lost." n

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i love this so much!