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M is before P for a reason!!

October 20, 2021
By Ihssane SILVER, Fes, Other
Ihssane SILVER, Fes, Other
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The alphabet is way more than just a set of letters in a fixed order to represent the basic set of speech sounds in a language. It is the first thing we learn at school for a reason, other than learning the language itself of course. And I just realized that all the answers I have been looking for are have been in the alphabet the entire time. Let’s take Corona Virus as an example, it confused everyone, and it left us wondering if we are taking proper care of our health. Furthermore, due to its circumstances, many people realized that they have never taken good care of themselves. They focused on working out, having daily supplements, and choosing a salad over a burger. That was all health meant to them, but our friend THE ALPHABET doesn’t agree with this because the letter M is placed before the letter P.Therefore, the hidden message is that Mental health comes before Physical health.

      Additionally, you could look perfectly healthy, with a six-pack, muscular legs but be miserable, depressed, and suicidal all at the same time. Looking healthy, with a🌟 PERFECT 🌟physique, doesn’t always mean being healthy. As health doesn’t mean having these thoughts in your head telling you that you are incapable and unworthy, that you will never achieve anything because life sucks.THAT is called mental health, and it affects you way more than your giggly bloated belly.

      Mental health is neglected because we weren’t raised to consider our perspective on life. We enjoy ignoring these thoughts in our head because it makes us comfortable. We keep lying to ourselves, claiming that someone or something is going to magically appear in our lives and make it perfect. So, we start dreaming about a fake future based on a fake present neglecting our physical health. That is exactly why I believe that biting the bullet and facing your reality is the only way to start taking better care of your health in general. 

       Plus, mental illnesses like depression, and anxiety can be caused by trying to achieve physical health. Because when you are a teen, and you start scrolling through Instagram to see these influencers going live at the gym while you, on the other hand, are eating a bag of chips. You feel guilty for eating, for not being in the gym, for looking different, and finally, you feel disgusted whenever you see your reflection in the mirror. All this leads to mental illnesses, eating disorders, or even SUICIDE!!! To make a long story short, mental health is even more important than your physical health, after all, we are what we think, aren’t we?

      Life is funny because all the answers we thought were impossible to find have been right in front of our eyes the entire time! Guess better late than never is true!

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