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The Man

September 1, 2007
By Anonymous

Can't Stand The Man The government thinks they own us. Well, I won't stand for that. Timberlake can have sexy- but I'm bringing US back. Can't stand The Man and his unlawful ways. These times sure are awful days. Ain't even safe in a bathroom. [Politicians trying to get you with your pants down.] Young boys started with big dreams, all grown up to be a joke. Nowadays, everything isn't what it seems. I can't understand how we went from ‘Promise' to ‘Wonderland.' Yea, can't stand The Man. Look what he's done to the land of the free- turned it into a worldwide mockery. There's a man in the white house who canÕt even read, a war we can't seem to leave, and another scandal in the politically elite. Every country has policies but I say a little anarchy is in need, to give this country a little look-see as to why Americans can no longer stand The Man.

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