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Painting a Picture for you

December 6, 2010
By hahahFOREVER BRONZE, Carrollton, Texas
hahahFOREVER BRONZE, Carrollton, Texas
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Imagine yourself in a room with just white walls. The room is as small as a walk in closet. Everything is white, your sheets, your clothing, and even your furniture. All the room has is a small desk and a bed. You just sit and look at the white walls. This is what you do all day. Any teen would say that is HEELLL!

On the other hand getting to show your color and letting them burst on a paper. Red the anger you show, the rebellion on your peers, friends and parents annoy the hell out of you. Orange the chilled factored. Yellow the happiness like when you kiss a girl or boy for the first time. Green the nature features you have. Blue the depression, our sadness. Purple are transformation form little children.
Teens need to show their true colors. They can’t hold them inside, letting them splat them the wall is what the need once in awhile. Just keeping them inside longer and longer could cause a big explosion. The burst of a teen is much better than keeping it inside.

The forces of keeping them inside, the need to be perfect is not what a teenager needs in their life. The time for them to mess up is now that there are young and would no better what not to do in the Real World. Letting them go out to meet the world of new people can help them experience new things. Experience’s lets them learn from the good ones and bad ones. Teens that keep more things don’t mix well with new people in school. That can cause them to lose real jobs in their adult years. Some teens become suicidal and there are the teens more like that were to them self and people didn’t know so much about them.

Now take yourself back to the small room that’s all white. Your room might be colorful and bright or one whole color and dark. Whatever it might be you are one of the lucky ones who got to show your colors.

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