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Why it doesn't matter if schools have sex education

June 23, 2011
By IDKXmere13 SILVER, Old Forge, Pennsylvania
IDKXmere13 SILVER, Old Forge, Pennsylvania
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In my opinion I do not think it truely matters if schools have sex education. Ethier way kids will find out about sex and sexual acts, Wheter it's parents, school, media, or their fellow peers. School and parents are better then media and peers in most cases. School and parents give more actual information then fake what they want you to believe. They will also tell you about the cons and dangers of sex. Media can give false ideas that the watchers believe is right or okay but in reality it's wrong. People say the younger generations are finding out earlier than their older generation, and it's getting earlier and earlier after each generation. But in reality i believe that teens choose what ever they want but they need to know the dangers. So all teens need to be educated in some way. Some teens find it uncomfortable being taught about such a personal concept in school. There could be a few reasons there crushes being there, the teacher teaching it or even an akward enviorment. I believe that ethier parents should teach their children or an educational website should be used or maybe even the children's doctor. But it's the schools choice if they want to have sex education, but students should get papers to warn the parents in case the parents dont want to have the school teach their children. Then the students have their choice. Ethier way students will find out about sex.

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