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The American Party

May 2, 2008
By Anonymous

Politics today is a pointless practice. If I were to run for president I would not side with the Republicans nor would I run with the Democrats. Also, though, I would not run as an independent. I would simply run as an American. I am a part of the “American Party”. That is right. I’ll elaborate.

When we think of a right winged politician many of us will automatically assume he or she is pro-life. Then if we ponder about a left winged politician many of us would automatically assume that he or she is pro-choice or is against the war in Iraq. Why do we need to label these people as Democrats and Republicans or Liberals and Conservatives? Politicians should not take the “Left Winged Way” nor should they take the “Right Winged Way”. Politicians should simply take the “Right Way”. If genocide is being committed in another country the solution is simple; stop it. If America needs an alternative energy source the solution is simple; do all you can to find one. If the world needs to clean up the environment the solution is, once again, very simple; clean it.

Personally I have always considered myself a Republican until a few months ago when I decided I was not going to take part in any political party. I decided this when because my brother and I, who is a conservative Republican, embarked on a mission to sell as many trees as we could in our community. He basically started the whole thing and I pitched in my time to help. The organization was, and still is, Earth’s Army. In the end we sold over $700 worth of trees in our community and it went very well. But, along that journey somebody said something to me that really struck me funny. I knocked on a door of a house and when it opened a parent I knew from hockey was standing there. When I got done explaining what I was selling they asked me jokingly, “Aren’t you a Republican? This kind of thing isn’t a Republican’s work,” and even though it was more of a joke than anything it really rang a bell in my head. Yeah, sure I’m a Republican. But this is the right thing to do. Regardless of my political party this is helping the community. Why can’t Republicans change the environment?

This is why now I am writing. I do not think we should categorize politicians by Republicans and Democrats but rather we should categorize them by how well they will improve America and then also the world. Our leaders should be good people, not good Republicans. Our leaders should be good Americans, not good Democrats. Our leaders should do the right thing, not the Liberal thing. Our leaders should make the right decision, not the conservative stereotype.

America has had it’s fair share of politics. We do not need another politician. What America needs is a leader. Anybody can play the game of politics but as history has shown not everyone can lead. And our leader should not lead 50% of the population but he or she should lead 100% of the population because the people of America should all believe that when it comes down to it their leader will make the right choice. No, not everyone will be happy with every decision the president will make but a time has come where we cannot have America divided between political parties. In the end we are all serving the same country, so why are we at war with each other? America is divided between Red States and Blue States but ironically we all bleed the same color and our flags share the same color. My name is Ben Levine and I am a part of the American Party.

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