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Eulogy to an Old Friend

April 30, 2009
By Kelsey Lee BRONZE, Elkhorn, Wisconsin
Kelsey Lee BRONZE, Elkhorn, Wisconsin
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You were always so smart, so wise. I smile when I look back at all the times we spent together in school. You had oh so generous ways of helping me using your brilliance. I can never forget the day we spent hours in the library on that homework assignment on Asian culture. You were always so reliable. You always had my back the way you always knew the answers to all my questions. I could always depend on you. I remember we didn’t become fully acquainted until around 5th grade when you helped me with that one question: What’s the capital of Afghanistan? And of course there you were. From that day on I knew I could come to you with any questions I may have. Until that day… that fateful day they killed you. How could they do that to you, you, so full of intelligence? How could they be so senseless? Oh Encyclopedia, how could Internet do that to you!?

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