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Was the American Revolution Really a Revolution?

April 19, 2011
By Brandymj13 SILVER, Cornish, New Hampshire
Brandymj13 SILVER, Cornish, New Hampshire
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Was the American Revolution really a revolution?

In my opinion the American Revolution really was a revolution. I think
that it was a revolution because major changes need to happen for a
revolution. Change happened in the Social, political, and economic
part of the American life at that time. People changed the way they
thought about things, the government of all the colonies changed, and
the prices and the way people bought things all changed.
Social change did happen during this time because after the war people
began to question many things about their lives. People in the north
started to question slavery and some even got rid of their slaves.
People began to question their religion that they got from their
‘mother country’ and poor farmers and many not so wealthy men all
started to become interested in and participated in the government.
After the American Revolution political change had to be the biggest
and most important change. After the war the American colonies broke
away from their Great Britain rulers. America went from being ruled by
a monarchy to being a republic. Everyone was now supposed to be equal.
Everyone and anyone could be part of the government. They wanted to
make better rights for everyone, laws to protect certain things and
get better representation for our country.
Economically there wasn’t that big of a change during this time.
Merchants and any other people were now able to sell what they wanted
without regulations from Great Britain. People could purchase products
from anywhere in America without paying an outrageous tax from an
unwanted king. Taxes were a big part of the reasons for the war and
after it all happened the major taxes were brought down to lower
prices but not eliminated.
Some people do not think that the American Revolution should be
considered a revolution at all. They think that it should just be
called the American War of Independence because it gave us total
freedom from the king of England. They think that when it comes to a
revolution you need all of those three changes and the American
Revolution did not have enough changes to be considered a complete
They probably do no think that this should be considered a complete
revolution because there were only a few changes that happened in the
economic and social part of the American colonies. There were major
changes in the political part but the changes in the economic and
social part of the colonies were very small and could not be
considered revolutionary enough for some.
Some people think that the American Revolution should not be
considered a revolution, but I do think that was a revolution. There
were changes in all the major parts of the colonies like the social,
political, and economic parts. If it wasn’t for the American
Revolution, life in America would be very different.

The author's comments:
I had to write this opinion essay for my Radical Change class.

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