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A Call to Revolution

October 10, 2011
By G.J.Dillon GOLD, Henderson, Nevada
G.J.Dillon GOLD, Henderson, Nevada
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As the 2012 Presidential Election creeps upon us, it’s time for the U.S. people to realize exactly how f***ed we are, and how close we are to true freedom and peace. The man in the White House is an utter failure, the only part of that which is debatable is whether he is stupid or just evil. There’s much talk about the injustices the American people have suffered under the Obama administration or the Bush administration but what we fail to see is the big picture: every president for the past century has been a failure in regards to adherence to the U.S, Constitution.

Whether it’s Woodrow Wilson creating the Federal Reserve and the Federal Income Tax, or Dick Nixon starting the War on Drugs and ending the Gold Standard, throughout the past 100 years of American history, Presidents of both parties have continually pissed on our rights as citizens and desecrated their oath to the United States Constitution. But every election the candidates offer us hope and change and every new man in the white house gets in by our blessing and goes back on almost all of his promises.

This election we’re left with the choice between and incompetent incumbent and a field of potential candidates, almost all of whom are either qualified and part of the old Bush era failure regime, or unqualified and part of a new movement with little hope. Beneath the Gadsden flag this new regime promises to downsize government and bring people more freedom. The problem is their rhetoric is solely fiscal and even that won’t hold up in the long run; much of their cries mirror that of George Bushs infamous “no new taxes” charade. And even if the candidates are half truthful about there economic intentions they still bear the mark of the Christian Bigot displayed proudly whenever they discuss their “social policy”.

While the future looks bleak at this moment, two candidates are a breath of fresh air from the tyrannical norm: Gov. Gary Johnson and Rep. Ron Paul. While I have much respect for Gov. Johnson, I feel Ron Paul has more experience, more support and more potential as a threat to Barrack Obama being reelected in 2012. I’m tired of oppressive leaders suppressing American rights and, in turn, American prosperity, I’m tired of the long reign of the federal paternalism that has landed us in this failed, broken state of affairs.

My only solace is the thought, becoming more affirmed everyday, that other people are as pissed off as I am, and who will not give up or give in to violence, but will instead lead the peaceful revolution that will come inevitably, because the United States of America is a land of free people, no matter what those in charge say, the spirit of rebellion is embedded in our culture, and it’s about time the American people got back to their roots. Find the 1776 patriot in you, research Ron Paul for President in 2012.

The author's comments:
My official endorsement of Ron Paul for President in 2012. Join the Revolution

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