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Stop the LRA (which includes Kony) A.S.A.P

March 12, 2012
By simplyfeel SILVER, Peachtree City, Georgia
simplyfeel SILVER, Peachtree City, Georgia
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Do not assume that I'm trying to rebel against Kony 2012 because I think it's cool. I am not going against a popular cause for the sake of going against a popular cause. I am going against this cause because it is a flawed one. An exceptionally flawed one. There is a far better solution to the problem of children soldiers in Africa and the consequences of the situation than simply stopping Kony.

It's great that they (Invisible Children Foundation) have raised awareness about Kony, but the way they did it, in all honesty, is disgusting. They hardly gave any facts. They mostly used pure emotions. Even the "facts" they presented were vague and gave no real background information. They used pure pathos with little to none ethos or logos. People have jumped on a bandwagon they know nothing about. I have known about and kept up with the Invisible Children foundation and children soldiers in Africa since the 5th grade. Yes, the 5th grade (which is five years ago, FYI). I know my facts. The foundation is not that trustworthy and their strategy is to simplify a complicated issue. To drop U.S soldiers in Africa is not a quick solution to the problem. To give an example which is quite similar (yet of course have some differences), you see what happened when we tried that with Iraq and Afghanistan? We dropped soldiers over there to stop terrorism and help those countries become democracies. Now we have two areas that aren't too fond of us and right back to where they started from. Contrary to what was presented in the video, simply killing or capturing Kony will not end the problem. He may have started it and brought it to the forefront, but his death will not end it. Just like killing Osama Bin Laden did not end terrorism or Al Qaeda. Killing or capturing Kony may weaken the LRA, I'll give you that. However, just like any other organization like the LRA, there's always someone next in line to take his place. You cannot simply take the weapons off of a tank and then not expect the soldiers inside the tank to come out and kill you. By taking Kony out, you cannot sit there and not expect his followers to fill the void. Yes, he should be captured or killed for his crimes, but to let people think this will all end because he is out of the picture is wrong and just purely incorrect.

Instead of "Stop Kony 2012", it should be "Stop The LRA A.S.A.P". Not just the leader, but the whole dang organization. Cut off every supply they have, educate the people on why not to join them (there are people who willingly join the LRA, believe it or not) with balanced yet powerful information, and have more effective political and military training of the people effected by children soldiers. Plus, take out Kony and other leaders of the organization. That's how you stop the entire situation from happening. Not by killing or capturing Kony, but destroying the entire organization. Notice how I didn't give a definitive date to stop the LRA. We must do it as soon as possible to stop the suffering of the people effected by it, but it will take more time than a couple of months to do what I listed out. But in the end, it will be a better solution. Instead of just taking out one evil man who happens to be the leader, we take them all out. Big or small.

The author's comments:
After watching the Kony 2012 video, I felt compelled to write something about it. This article is also on my dA account, simplyfeel.

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