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Feeding the world's poor

November 28, 2013
By Hilton BRONZE, Louisville, Kentucky
Hilton BRONZE, Louisville, Kentucky
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Dear Mr. President,
I write you today in respect to our effort to end world hunger. Today we live in a new world, driven both by greed and struggle towards human dignity. Around the globe, people have little or nothing to eat. Nations waste so much money on wars, but tends to forgot about the dying people. So it is with due respect that I ask you to take strides towards feeding the world’s poor.
Mr. President, if you look at the statistics for every child that goes to bed hungry every night you will be heartbroken. If you look at the statistics for the amount of food that is wasted in America despite the starving children around the world, you will be sick to your stomach. While we enjoy the luxury of life and having Thanksgivings with plenty of food, a child in a developing country starves to death with nothing to eat every hour. While students around the nation waste food in the cafeteria, families in poor countries have nothing. According to “One.Org,” Every year, poor nutrition claims the lives of 2.9 million children. That's almost half of all child deaths in the developing world.” Mr. President, food is one of the most basic human needs; I hold dear to my heart a vision of you working towards an approach that will ensure food security worldwide through the United States department of Agriculture and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).
Growing up in Liberia, I ate one meal a day and I always went to bed with an empty stomach. If I wanted to eat more than once a day, I had to divide my food into smaller portions, still leaving me hungry. This is the same for other children around the world. We didn’t choose to live like this, but our corrupt governments who put their own interests before their people have created these conditions. While we struggle day-to-day to escape poverty and find means to feed our families, our government officials and their children live extravagant lives. But it is now time we hold these immoral officials accountable and end the suffering. It is now time we put transparency as the hallmark of International assistance. It is not only the people that will feel the terrible impact of corrupt officials putting aid in their personal coffers, but those who donate it. In order to ensure transparency, I believe aid centers should be established within the cities of the country, where people can go and receive relief and use it for the intended purpose. If this seem costly for International partners, I believe we need to find an approach that will ensure transparency and progress in the agricultural production and distribution, or otherwise an approach that will feed those who can’t feed themselves.
I support the Feed the Future initiative, “a vision of a world where people no longer face extreme poverty, hunger, and undernutrition.” Let us end hunger and malnutrition, let us end the waste of food, let us conserve and ensure food security worldwide: so every person may live to see tomorrow, Mr. President!

In conclusion, Mr. President, you are the most powerful person on this earth. You hold the authority to the strongest nation this world has ever known. The United States can achieve whatever it sets it mind to and as a “city upon a hill” the eyes of all people are looking up to the United States.


Mark J

The author's comments:
I am inspired to write this piece because I care about people who are dying of hunger. I used to be one of those people. I support the Feed the Future initiative; and the "vision of a world where people no longer face extreme poverty, hunger, and undernutrition." I am moved by this vision and hold it to my heart.

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