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World Hunger

December 2, 2008
By Anonymous

On average 24,000 people die every day from hunger or hunger related diseases. Believe it or not, there is plenty of food to go around; enough for five pounds of food per person each day. Why is world hunger such a problem if there’s enough food in the world? What could we do to terminate this unnecessary problem? There are many ways that world hunger can be avoided. We must all learn how to stop world hunger to prevent death.

A few of the major problems that contribute to the world’s hunger can be easily solved. One problem is that a number of the world’s poorest countries are billions of dollars in debt to several of the more developed countries. That limits the way that governments can spend its money; instead of using the money to improve the counties conditions, they instead have to repay their debt to other governments. Several are asking for the more developed countries to cancel their debt; which would mean the less developed countries wouldn’t have to repay the money owed. Another problem is that many of the large international companies are sending their profits from the less developed regions to their main headquarters. By doing this, it adds to the great inequality of the economic force. Instead, if the companies invested in each of the regions equally and attempted to keep the money in the economy, the less developed countries economies would grow, and would help everyone. These companies need to understand that it is important and invest more money in the less developed regions. Because of all the money leaving the less developed countries, there’s only a small amount left to create an economic path. The lack of basic markets locally requires more money to be sent out of the country. Eliminating this requires a strong investment in the region from companies, governments, and people consisting not only of money, but also time and experience.
The high cost of food and resources is also contributing to the world’s hunger. Reducing the costs is a simple task; either reduce the transportation costs or eliminate them altogether. Also, many countries have very little arable land; land that is fit for or used for the growing of crops. This is caused by the soil being too hard, temperatures being too extreme, or having not enough water in the area. Reducing costs for a simple thing like food would be a big help in the process to stop the world’s hunger.
One way to stop world hunger is by distribution. By sharing the amount of grain that we have on this planet right now, we could give each person on the planet two loaves of bread each day. We have enough food right now to feed 7 billion people; we have about 6 billion people on earth right now, so this shouldn’t even be a problem. The way to solve this problem with distribution would be to persuade governments and state departments to stop buying the food from less developed countries so they can keep the food that they need to stop their hunger problems.
Everyone can help in the process to stop world hunger. Supporting or helping the groups and people who are trying to help those in need is the easiest way to help prevent world hunger. There are many organizations who are donating all kinds of food to the people who need it most. By doing the little things, we can also take part in the fight to stop world hunger. When it’s over of with, we will have made the world a more enjoyable and more peaceful place to live. World hunger is a very unnecessary problem that is going on all over the world; it’s a problem that could be solved at anytime. Let’s make that time now.

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