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Is Social Media Bad for You?

January 19, 2018
By OliviaWebb BRONZE, Wyckoff, New Jersey
OliviaWebb BRONZE, Wyckoff, New Jersey
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The question of is social media bad for you is a very controversial topic with many sides to the story. Some say its good, some say bad, some say both. I myself am a huge fan of social media. Whether it’s snapchat, instagram, youtube, vsco, etc. Social media is one of those things that 40% of the population is doing even when they know it's bad for them. In that way social media acts as a drug. Its addictive; you continue to use it because it's fun and makes you feel good in the moment but the long term effects makes the usage no longer entertaining. Social media is bad for one's mental health.

Have you ever been on instagram and seen a picture of someone lounging on the beach for vacation and suddenly became envious? Have you ever seen a really pretty selfie of someone and thought, why don't I look like that? Have you ever seen a video or picture of a really good athlete, and thought why can't I play like that? Dont lie I'm sure one everyone has thought at least one of these things to themselves at least one time or another. I know I have. Many people don't realize but the whole jealousy factor that comes with social media isn't healthy. The average person spends at least 2 hours of their day on social media so picture all the things I just mentioned taking up a large portion of your day. Can you see how that can be unhealthy? 

Sharing, liking, tweeting, retweeting; a lot of people depend on those things to bring them happiness and make themselves feel better about themselves. For some people social media provides a sense of protection and reassurance. The sad part is no matter how many things you tweet, post, or send and no matter how many likes or retweets you get it will never save you or bring happiness for more than a few minutes.

Social media is not only bad for your mental health but for your time management skills. So many people get wrapped up looking at what everyone else is doing they cant even keep track of what there obligations are. How many times have you been laying in bed scrolling through instagram for what you think is 10 minutes and then next time you check its 12 am on a school or work night? 40% of our worlds population makes out at least 2 hours of their day to scroll through instagram or send snapchats and more.

Many people use social media to vent about their terrible or hard day. In 2015 a study showed that social media creates more stress than it cures or prevents. In a survey 1,800 people reported women being more stressed than men; and twitter was a huge contribution to that.

Social media is a silent killer that many people look at as a friendly and fun thing to do in their free time, when they are bored, or to keep up with friends and family. But it is slowly destroying your mental/ emotional health and time.

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