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Think before you speak

October 15, 2009
By Aitana Libreros BRONZE, West New York, New Jersey
Aitana Libreros BRONZE, West New York, New Jersey
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I know when many people here the word discrimination, they think of African-Americans. Well let me tell you something, it's not always the case.

I was raised in a hispanic culture.l My mom is Mexican and my dad is Colombian. You'll be surprised at how many racist jokes I here on a daily basis. It also might not always be intentional. People might say it just to make their friends laugh! Even though you might think it's funny or will help you impress your friend, it's hurtful to others.

And it's not always non-hispanic people who say the jokes. Actually it's hispanics from different countries making jokes about Mexicans. These are the most frequent:
"Stupid Mexican!"
"Where's your green card."
"Jump back over the border to where you came from."

Every time I here this I feel so angry that I want to attack the person/people who say it. I want just as much respect as you would give a person from your same heritage. If you think about it it's really stupid. You wouldn't want anyone to make a racist joke against your counrie or religion, etc. So don't do it!

As my dad says: " You have a brain in your head. It's not just to make your hair look pretty. So think before you speak!"

If you don't like to have a guilty concience just remember every time your going to say a joke about any ethnic group, county, religion, etc., you might hurt a lot of feelings.

The author's comments:
I was in school and I was getting mad at how some classmates started cracking jokes, knowing I was there. I hope you guys understand that even if you think it's funny it can be hurtful to other people.

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on Nov. 14 2012 at 9:39 am
starrynightangel BRONZE, Muscat, Other
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Nostalgia is a seductive liar.

You are right!!

on Aug. 24 2010 at 8:13 pm
ArtemisOwlfeather SILVER, South Pasadena, California
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"I am evil. I am evil. I am evil. I do not bounce. I am evil."

Oops, replying to Hailey G. Sorry.

Your article rocked.

princess6 GOLD said...
on Jul. 8 2010 at 7:19 pm
princess6 GOLD, Berwyn, Illinois
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"You choose your own destiny" :)

Im a full Mexican so i know how it feels, it hurts but u shudn't let them get to u, bcuz then they hav won. Ur a really gud writer and you've made ur local Latinas/Latinos proud lol btw srry for my bad spellin its done on purpose cuz it's jus faster ;)

on Mar. 20 2010 at 9:10 pm
Hailey Grider BRONZE, Decatur, Illinois
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I think you take people a little too seriously. If u can't take racial jokes then you're on the wrong earth. Every single person in this world has probably been racially slammed at one point. It's when you let someone repeatedly make you angry with their words that you begin to lose yourself. I just laugh and say, "hey good one! You should go into stand up comedy because I think I just pee'd my pants laughing so hard" =]

on Nov. 16 2009 at 3:10 pm
Aitana Libreros BRONZE, West New York, New Jersey
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Thank you so much i appreciate that a lot and as a latina i i want to say that we can do anything we propose ourselves to do.

on Nov. 14 2009 at 4:31 pm
NaTivE_BeAutiE GOLD, Ann Arbor, Michigan
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~a woman looked at me and said, "You know, you really don't look Indian."So I smiled at her and responded: "Well you don't look stupid, but appearances can be awfully deceiving."~

Nicely written, very strong! aI'm totally able to relate to the remarks of "jump back over the border." As a latina i know to hear those stereotypical remarks cuts like a knife. but what you said is es la verdad: it hurts feelings!! but remember we were given the gift of a brain to be smarter and the heart to be stronger than what any person tries to inflict on us. keep it up, your voice is strong and goes a long way. :)

on Nov. 6 2009 at 10:42 am
Aitana Libreros BRONZE, West New York, New Jersey
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thanks. this is the first time I write on teenink and i felt inspired to write.

Chryzel BRONZE said...
on Nov. 5 2009 at 5:15 pm
Chryzel BRONZE, Houston, Texas
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moses tribe

This is a great article. I love the way the author expressed him/her self. Just remember that your race dosnt push you forward, its your charicter that welcomes you to your high horse. So that person who made fun of your race will see you in action one day acomplishing your goals, and their gonna still be in the process of answering their queshtion. "did his/her race determine his/her future?"