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Why Do We Discriminate?

June 12, 2010
By cmCampbell SILVER, Cedar Grove, New Jersey
cmCampbell SILVER, Cedar Grove, New Jersey
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As I go through my daily life, almost every day, I stumble upon a common theme: Discrimination. Discrimination and a serious issue in the world today that runs through the veins of every group of people. People are always pointing fingers at other people who, from themselves, are different politically, racially, religiously, and so forth! It is absolutely disgusting! In English class, no matter what the discussion may be, discrimination always comes up in some way shape or form. There is no distinct group of people exempt from it. I cannot speak for most groups, for I have no real experience with them. However, I can say that many of Christian people do not abide but what their law dictates them to do. They are called to love all people and accept everyone; however, this is not always the case.

I went to a Catholic school from the time I was in first grade to when I graduated eighth grade in 2009. There, I was subjected to hear some of the most foul, offensive statements one could imagine. I remember sitting in the back of class becoming increasingly infuriated by a boy a few rows up pontificating about Jews. Every time turned around someone was yelling out something. I was once called stupid for siding with President Obama’s views. Another time I was called poor for going to public school and saying that when I was old enough I would have to pay for my own car. They were not shy about it either! They would spout in front of their parents and teachers without chastisement! I even had a teacher who made negative remarks against the Democratic Party and public school to her students. The discrimination ran on and on! What I found most ridiculous was that these were the people who go to church every Sunday and whose mothers were Eucharistic ministers! Notwithstanding, I also know a lot of very polite and accepting Christian people, but for now, they are the exception, not the rule.

My point is, that discrimination is everywhere in all forms. I don’t entirely understand it. Every time there is an election of any kind there is a comment about a candidate’s ethnicity. That isn’t necessary! People are people and in an election you are looking for the person most fit to be a leader, not most fit to be like the general population. These leaders are not the general population! President Obama is not the general population! He is an intelligent and gifted man who has been chosen with the trying task of running our country to the best of his ability! How about instead of complaining about him we work to make his job slightly easier by eliminating biases and not making comments about his ethnicity. As Scout said in To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee “Folks are folks.” People are all the same. There are no different species of human being. It is ridiculous to act like there are and you just end up looking uneducated when you voice a discriminatory opinion.

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