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Why care about what they think?

March 15, 2012
By miaq96 SILVER, Karachi, Other
miaq96 SILVER, Karachi, Other
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never run after success,be such a person that success runs after you.

Today in class a girl was singing the national anthem in the class.No one knows the reason for her singing but we all know that she spends at least 12 hours singing during the day.She sings while she is in the gym,during lunch,in her bus and pretty much every where.Its not like it gets annoying because she always sings in a low voice so we can just make out the music.In short singing is her life,but there is only one problem.She is not a very good singer.
Now,another girl in our class who was trying to get her sleep in homeroom stood up and in front of the whole ninth grade yelled at at her to stop singing because her voice "sucked".Now we all new she was no Celion Dion but you have to admit that was pretty harsh,especially because she was so was so passionate about singing.
This incident in class made me realize that it is not necessary that our hobbies and talents have to be the same.It is not necessary that we have to be good at something in order to be passionate about it.For example:just because that girl was not good at singing does not mean she should not sing in public,no she should if that makes her happy and if she is passionate about it.Similarly if someone is not good at art does not mean she or he should not do it,they should if they want to.Obviously they can't make a career out of it but at least they can keep themselves in a happy mood.We belong to a dog eat dog world.Therefore we are so occupied by what people will think of us we limit ourselves to what we are good at and never step outside the box to explore the rest of the world.This is probably the reason half of us can not even figure out all of our talents and capability to do work.Like writing,I discovered my passion for writing in the fifth grade thanks to a particular teacher.Although its my passion I still think I am not good enough,but I know that if I will waste my passion just because of what people will think and say about me,I will never survive in this world which is full of people who will underestimate you at every step of life
In the end my point in this whole passage is that don't let people underestimate you and tell you you can't do something.You can do whatever you dream of doing if you are strong and passionate about it.Oh and by the way,if you are thinking what happened to that girl,well she fell silent after that and will not sing anymore.I wonder if she will after she reads this.Cheers:)

The author's comments:
"When you feel like giving up, remember why you held on for so long in the first place."

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on May. 9 2012 at 3:39 pm
Gypsyroses SILVER, Lower Merion, Pennsylvania
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Yes! This is great! Much more people need to think this way.

miaq96 SILVER said...
on May. 2 2012 at 1:19 pm
miaq96 SILVER, Karachi, Other
7 articles 0 photos 13 comments

Favorite Quote:
never run after success,be such a person that success runs after you.

thank you so much for your feedback.I appreciate it.You are right that if we practice hard we can achieve anyhing.About my writing,thank you so much for liking my work...its just that English is not my mother tongue so I have a little trouble with words for expressing my feeling...cheers:)

on Mar. 22 2012 at 5:41 pm
DaisyAngel BRONZE, Sandy Springs, Georgia
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This is so true, although I do have to disagree with one point. Someone who may not be good at something now can probably make a career out of it later, if they are truly passionate and practice enough. :) There is no doubt in my mind, though, that people will still be discouraged if other people tell them that they are not good at their passion. Obviously, I also agree with the fact that people should not listen to the criticism of others. And what do you mean you are not a good writer? You're great! I loved the piece of yours that I had commented on yesterday.