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Bad Ad

January 6, 2010
By Cassie Machajewski SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
Cassie Machajewski SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
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This Michelob Ultra ad was created to help sell the Michelob Ultra beer. The ad targets the type of people who are: 21 to 30, white, skinny, runners, and women. There is one woman in the ad. She is pictured twice. One picture is of her dancing and having fun, and the other of her running. She is white and skinny.
The picture of her dancing takes up most of the ad to draw your attention and make you want to have fun like her. In this picture, she has a smile on her face, indicating she is having a good time. She is wearing a big bracelet, three smaller bracelets, big hoop earrings, and a necklace. This means she is average, because she doesn’t over use her accessories but she still has them. She is also wearing a tight, small shirt that doesn’t cover her stomach. There are lights in the background. These things show she is at a club. This picture had her blurry, meaning she is drunk because when you are drunk your vision gets blurry. In the bottom left corner, there is her again running. But the picture is blacked out, so only her shape is shown. This indicates that if you get drunk enough you can still go running in the morning. Across the bottom are the words, “Michelob Ultra,” with a picture of the bottle. It had the quote, “You go full speed, or you don’t go,” under the, “Michelob Ultra.” This is saying either you drink the beer and get full out wasted or you don’t drink at all.

The woman is middle class, because she doesn’t have fancy jewelry on, and she is wearing a tube top; therefore, her clothes are not fitting for a woman who would be classy. She seems to value running, and being fit, because she is skinny. But wants to have fun and go party.
The only healthy message is the picture of her running. This could make people who drink the beer want to be like the girl and run. One unhealthy message is the text, “One beer delivers the refreshing taste you want without getting in the way of how you want to live your life-Michelob ULTRA,” meaning the beer won’t ever get in the way of your life. But we all know if you have too much beer, you could do things you regret. The words, “You go full speed, or you don’t go,” is the worst unhealthy message because the ad is indicating if you ever drink beer you have to get full out drunk or don’t bother drinking. Another unhealthy message is the picture of the girl running and the ad being in a running magazine. If someone is a runner they shouldn’t drink beer, because if they do it ruins their body. They won’t be able to run as well, especially if they run the next day after drinking. Also, they could get seriously injured while drunk and end up not being able to run again.
The ad doesn’t say how much beer the girl actually drank. But it does show her and the background blurred, so she is probably drunk. This is an unhealthy message because even when she is drunk enough to have her vision impaired, she is still able to run tomorrow morning unaffected, as shown in the bottom left corner. But everyone knows this is not the case. The other untold story that isn’t being told is how long it has been from when she was drunk to when she is running.

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