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Just say No

October 1, 2010
By SnowFlakeStephyy SILVER, Bloomfield, New Jersey
SnowFlakeStephyy SILVER, Bloomfield, New Jersey
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How shall I start to even talk about drugs and other substances that teens and young adults put into their bodies. Each and everyday you hear people talking about how they want to get high or go to a party. What happens at most of these parties is people get high and drunk. This leads to unwanted sex and rumors and even death. If there are such risky things to happen at a party then why do people attend? In today's society, I feel that movies, TV shows, and even songs promote these kinds of behavior, in the youth of today. But this is only what the naked eye sees, if you take a look in the homes of the victims, you'll most likely find the same behaviors the children are provoking. How does this lead to gun violence, street violence, and joining gangs at such a young age into adulthood. Gun violence has increased numerous times over the years. Statistics say that in the year of 2005, out of 1,012 adults were poled and found that, 47% of men, 13% women, 33% of white people, and 18% nonwhite people own guns. Now statistics didn't say whether or not these individuals had anything to do with alcohol, drugs, or smoking. But as you can tell the guns rates are outrageously high and getting higher. The use of drugs and alcohol leads for a lot of these guns to get into the wrong hands. What will/can the communities do to protect the citizens from gun violence, drugs, and alcohol. I as an individual feel uncomfortable knowing that people in my everyday life are under the influence of drugs and alcohol. People need to look at what is going on around them and say no I don't need to go to that party to get drunk and high. I value my life and the others around me to be safe and not harm them. If more people thought like this or just plainly said no then we wouldn't have so much corruption in our communities and schools.

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