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Do You Know The Truth?

July 7, 2011
By Alicia1998 BRONZE, Elma, Washington
Alicia1998 BRONZE, Elma, Washington
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To hear that someone just died of a drug overdose makes me sad. To think that it could have been a relative or a friend. No family should have to go through that. The fact that I have a small school and almost half of them have done drugs scares me. I’m just in middle school. I don’t want to be around that, I shouldn’t have to smell it. To find out that I am absent one day and they are having a locker check aggravates me. I think that people do it because of peer pressure but you don’t have good friends if they want you to do things that will hurt you. I know for a fact that I don’t want to see any of my friends and family go through that. When you’re a 7th grader and you watch your big brother who you look up to have to go to rehab you cry. You can’t stop you know that it won’t help him and all you can think about is how every day it kills and hurts him more and more. I don’t want to see the day he dies. I sure don’t want to see it soon. What if it was your mom sitting there watching you go off to rehab and crying because she knows that all she can do is hope that someday you might get better. It shouldn’t be that way your mom shouldn’t be crying because you just shouldn’t have done those drugs in the first place. Drugs Hurt. They don’t make you “cool” or “fit in”. Is that it, do you just want to be “cool” and “fit in”? I will tell you something losing your house, kids, money, wife, husband, car, and more isn’t cool and the only place you will fit in is on the street with all the other druggies. That’s what it will all lead you damaging your body more and more each and every day. Think about it when we were all little we dreamt about being vets, doctors, lawyers, baseball stars, and princesses. Did you dream about being a drug addict? Or a Pot Head? I know for a fact that I didn’t. Most people think that “weed” also known as “pot” can’t hurt you. The truth is it can damage your brain and many other parts of your body. Now your dreams of being a doctor or even a baseball star are ruined. You need a smart brain to be a doctor. You need good lungs to be a baseball star. Drugs are more then they set out to be. I’m sure that right before you smoke a joint or shoot up heroin your dealer doesn’t tell you the side effects or how much it can damage your body. They don’t show you a picture of a meth face and say that’s what you will look like in 6 months. They don’t tell you that you’re going to steal from your parents. They don’t tell you that there is rat poisoning or battery fluid in it because the truth is they don’t care they just want the money so they can get more drugs for themselves. I encourage every single one of you to look up what is in it, what it does to you, what you will look like, and what bad things you will do. I hope that by reading this I have helped. If I stopped at least one of you from doing drugs I feel accomplished. Why don’t you do everyone a favor and stay away from that scary that we all know and call “DRUGS”!

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I was inspired by my big brother and my best friend/ cousin Adrianna S:)

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eMiLyP GOLD said...
on Jul. 28 2011 at 5:46 pm
eMiLyP GOLD, Jeannette, Pennsylvania
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Life is short; speak your mind, say what ya wanna say, and do what ya wanna do (as long as you don't get caught!).

This is really well written. I can tell how passionate you are about this from this article. I have lost an uncle to drugs and I know how much of an effect it can have on a family. I'm sorry about your brother. I think that writing this was a great way to express how you feel. : )